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  1. Hi All This is my first topic on the forum, would be open to any advice :) I Have recently purchased a set of Bi Xenon Headlights, which I hope will replace my halogen headlights. I currently have the OEM Bi Xenon Headlights without any bulbs, but with (I think) all the wires, as shown below: There are some parts that I will need to complete the project: Osram D1s Xenaelectron Ballast Osram D1s Xenarc Bulbs Any advice on locating the parts will be welcome I plan on using the elm327 cable and Ff2 Program, as shown in Preee's guide, to activate the headlights and washers if possible. This project will probably encorperate retrofit of the headlight washers too. :D
  2. Hello, I have a late 2007 Ford Focus Ghia, which has pretty much every option ticked from factory, however it has the standard halogen headlights. I was looking into upgrading the headlights to the "Cornering Lamps, fitted as an option on many mk2 ford focus. I've removed one headlight, and I see that the connector from the vehicles wiring loom is a 10 pin and not a 7 pin, does this mean it will simply be a case of plug and play? Many thanks.
  3. Hello everyone! I know I've had the exact same topic post before, but after buying a pair of Philips white vision and having them in for a while and having them alongside 6000k osram 501 sidelights, they do seem rather yellowish, so I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the best h7 light with the whitest light and better light output regarding beam strength... I appreciate what people put in the last topic, just need to refresh it by bringing it up again. Thanks in advance! Cookey.
  4. Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me! I drive a 2007 MK6.5 Fiesta Zetec, with little history of any problems at all. I got in the car late last night and to my shock, the regular headlights wouldn't work. All other lights worked - sidelights, foglights, indicators, full beam, etc. but my dipped beam and rear headlights would not come on. First thing, I checked all the fuses but they all were ok (it would seem highly coincidental for them all to go at the same time), and had a look at the bulbs (again unlikely all front and back went at the same time). I also notice that when I try to turn my headlights on my dipped beam symbol does not appear on the dashboard, but my full beam, sidelight and foglight symbols all appear when they are on. Through a quick search online it appears that maybe the headlight switch mechanism has broken - has anyone much experience in taking these out and replacing them? Is it a case of once this is broken I need to fully replace it? Or is it possible to fix? Any recommended places to purchase a replacement? Thanks in advance for any help provided! Craig
  5. Devil eye headlight upgrade

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  6. Most recent update

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

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  7. Hoping for a little help; after 6 weeks in a petrol focus and an awful lot of customer service errors the garage changed my car for the above focus. It's a 15 plate so 6 months old, ex demo and has the appearance pack (I believe is the tinted windows) I'm clearly paying a bit more for it than the petrol (£15,150 vs the £12,950 petrol) which was a 64 plate eco boost navigator. Anyhow I've noticed a couple of things that I'm unclear on..... It has auto headlamps and yet the auto high beam feature appears to be not working or is missing? - on the steering wheel computer I go to settings and where lighting is the auto high beam is not listed. (And it doesn't work on a test at night unlit road etc....) It also has ambient lighting but the overhead console is missing the controls for changing the colour.... Again on the computer I can turn this feature off and on but I thought if I have ambient I can also control the colour etc.... And I also came across a thing about the car having a parking camera as standard on the titanium? I've got auto parking and sensors back and front but no camera? Is this right?? Really hoping someone is out there who is an expert on the titanium and can offer some advice? I'm really not keen on complaining (yet again) but it feel that since I am paying for all this I should have it!? And I'd like to go in armed with the correct info -and not end up looking like a tit! :) The car also has press button start (but oddly not keyless entry-odd I thought as the fiesta has this!) and cruise control and rain sensitive wipers. (All of which work fine....) Thanks for reading :) New to ford but loving the car despite all the issues so far!! Leanne
  8. Help With Headlights Mk2.5

    Hi guys, Very long time no speak, hope you are all doing well. I have a question to ask that I am sure you guys will be able to help with. I changed the main (dipped) bulbs in my MK2.5 focus the other night but when driving it yesterday I noticed the aim was way out (far too low). Furthermore, the focus (no pun intended) was all wrong with a very bright spot in the middle with a poor diffuse spread of light around, and no sharp cut off when aimed at a wall. I was careful to seat the new bulbs in the same orientation as the ones I took out, i.e. with the little metal tab that protrudes from the base towards the top, is this incorrect? Should that be positioned at the bottom? If someone could confirm for me it would be hugely appreciated. Also, when sliding the bulb holder back in along the guide rail I would have thought there would have been a click when seated properly, but didn't notice anything. I realise I will need to adjust the aim itself but I feel like given the poor beam pattern it is not simply that. Thanks guys Steve
  9. Black & Red Edition Focus

    Hi All, I have seen Ford will be releasing the Black and red edition focuses similar to the Fiesta style. Just wanted to know if anyone knows if these cars will have the projector bi-xenon headlights or the boring halogens? I cant seem to find a specification for the models, apart from what's on the Ford website which only tells me about colour of seats and engine size. Cheers! James
  10. Hi people, Completely new to this site so thought id ask a question. Ive recently bought a 2015 Ford Focus Zetec S. Im looking to have Xenon lights fitted to the front but struggling to find any decent prices/legit places to get it done. What would be the best option for this model, a new set of Xenon headlights or just add some Xenon bulbs to the existing headlights? Which would look the best? Obv getting just the bulls would be the cheapest. Thanks
  11. Fiesta Zetec S Lighting

    I've just purchased a new Fiesta Zetec S (125PS, 1.0 EcoBoost, 2015) and was wondering which are the correct types of lights to replace with. Let's start with the numberplate, I've found 3 completely different shaped LEDs, which all claim to fit? And then headlights, I don't even know where to start. I'd like Xenon (legal) replacements. Anyone able to post links for the correct fittings, I'd appreciate it greatly! Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone I'm new to the club as I've just bought myself a new ZS and thought I'd come to the experts on advice with how to improve it. I've already thought about Lockwood sill plates but can't decide whether or not to buy. The other major thing I'm looking to improve is the horrible yellow lights. I've been thinking about a 6000k HID kit for my dipped beams because I really like the white light, how has everyone else got on with them, have you failed your MOT? Please send pics so I can see how good they look. The kit I've found on eBay sounds pretty good and apparently they're e marked so they should be fine, could you check them out for me because I'm not really an expert aha. If you wouldn't recommend HID's what would you recommend, I'm not sure what to get for all my other bulbs, I'd like to detango my front indicator lights but not sure what to replace the DRL, side lights and fogs with (LED's a good bet?) Final thing I've thought about is a K&N Panel Filter but is it really worth it, will it improve my mpg or performance in any way or is it just a waste of time and money. Please give me other ideas, links and pictures along with your own past experiences to help me improve my car,I'll leave some pics for you to see it
  13. Hello all, what are the best h7 headlights? I'm currently interested in buying either Philips Crystal Vision H7 or Philips WhiteVision H7... For my fiesta zetec mk7.5. Thanks In advance!
  14. Hello all! Sorry I know I've posted endless amounts of topics regarding headlight bulbs but, I've also done endless amounts of research and narrowed it down to four h7 bulbs... Philips crystal vision Philips diamond vision Philips xtreme vision Osram nightbreaker unlimited... I can't decide out of these which is the brightest White and the furthest output distance.... Help!? Thanks in advance! Cookey.
  15. Upgraded Headlights

    Hello everyone, I've bought some upgraded headlights for my fiesta mk7.5, does anyone know how to swap the headlight bulbs, removing the headlight itself? Many thanks in advance. Cookey.
  16. Hi I am driving a 08 ford focus Zetec 1.8 TDCI and a couple of weeks ago i noticed that the passenger side dipped beam wasn't coming on but when i was driving it would come on eventually anyway i put it up to the bulb thought maybe it was on its way out. So today I go to Halfords and buy there Xenon pack with 2 dipped headlights and 2 side lights which cost me 54euro came to a total of 68euro (was going to cost me 80euro until i handed in my 15% off ford owners club card) anyway he fitted it and i turned it on and it came on anyway as i started my car to go to work the light did not come on even when i was driving it didnt come on so i thought the worst it had blown. So i was at my car in work and turned the lights on too see and the two of them were working. Any ideas guys it sounds like loose wiring to me but has anyone else had a similar problem maybe there is an easy fix?
  17. Headlight Bulbs

    Hi All, I was searching for car upgrade bulbs and I stumbled across "Luminics Titanium H7". Has anyone heard of these before and know if they're any good? I don't know much about bulbs might I add... I also want to know if I can install a H7 L.E.D Fog Light bulb to use as headlights? help please! James
  18. Bulbs

    Hi all, just after some advice. I have a completely stock 14 plate zetec fiesta. I was thinking of changing the headlight bulbs to the blue tinted ones. Anybody got any suggestions about a good set, must be road legal! Also I was wondering if I do change them will I lose the day running light capabilities I already have with the stock bulbs? Cheers.
  19. Hi, we have a Mark 3 Ford Focus - purchased in Russia in 2014 and used in Russia ..YES, Russia Their law now says that dipped highlights must be on - like Denmark / Sweden - all the time, when the engine is running - has been like that since 2013 Our car is like a UK spec - you must manually switch the highlights on - and we keep getting stopped by the Police, as we always forget. Is there a simple way the Ford Dealer can modify the car to be like a Danish model - especially - as the law change pre-dated the new purchase or is it something we can do, without invalidating the warranty ? I would ask the dealer, but my Russian is not up to that and I suspect they rub their hands when they see us coming :) Bet you don't get questions like THIS everyday !
  20. Headlights Not Working

    Hi all. Have an issue with my fiesta mk3. My headlights have stopped working. I've changed the fuses and even the relay fuse for it yet nothing. The dipped and full beam continue to work, even the flashing of the beam works on the stick. Can anyone help or advise? Would I have to try to change both light bulbs on them? Thank in advance
  21. Electrical Issues

    im having problems with my s-max, the headlights, indicators and break lights work but my full beam, fog lights (front and rear), dash lights and cruse controll dont work ???? has anybody got any advice please many thanks
  22. I have a 2000 Mk1 Focus and have purchased a pair of New 2004 headlights with the two bulbs and indicator light enclosed in the one lamp. Problem is they have different fittings, the 2000 has a square 5 prong connector and the newer 2004 headlight has a longer socket with 7 prong connector. Is there a conversion kit out there or is it a matter of fitting new sockets to the car?
  23. Bulb Upgrades Wanted

    I'm looking to upgrade headlight bulbs to more of a crisp white instead of the yellow light =\ Also looking to upgrade the footwell lights to a red to match the cup holder red lights , anyone give me a hand with finding the right bulbs and a good price? Thanks in advance :)
  24. Mk2 Electrical Issue

    HI, My cars developed another weird and wonderful electrical problem. Basically the instrument cluster always indicates the headlights are illuminated sometimes. Seems unpredictably random when it decideds to do it. Normally this results in the cluster LCD staying illuminated long after the engine is off (not 100% its the cause, but seems to corrolate). Makes no difference if the light switch is on or off, or even disconnected from the car. There is no bonging when opening the with the lights switched off, and the lights aren't illuminated. Any ideas where to start? I've had the cluster out and double checked the connection at the back. Earth points are my next stop. Unsure where to look for them though. Any input welcome :)
  25. HI Everyone! I have a 2008 Focus Zetec auto, and i am looking to retro fit the auto headlights and maybe auto wipers to it. I know i need to see if i have the correct wiring, however i was wondering if there was anyone they could help me establish this?! Also i will need to change the config for the car, i used to have a vauxhall astra and could do it on there however it's a little different with a ford. Not sure i would like to mod the ELM reader myself, or pay ford £70! I'm guessing that i would need: Auto headlamp switch Auto Wiper stalk Sensor and new mirror? My mum has a 62plate zetec when you open the doors and it is dark it automatically puts the side lights on (also when you unlock it) when you close a door they go off and then when you open on the come on, is this possible also? Not in any rush to get this done however would be cool if i could do it. TIA! Jonathan