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  1. Hello

    Hi everyone Just bought 2009 2ltr petrol focus cc and looking forward to a few years of sunshine now lol ! Regards to you all JohnieG
  2. Hello All! :)

    Hello Fellow Ford Fans! I'm new here, just signed up. Just wondering if someone can advise me how to best upgrade the headlights? I don't want to change the whole units, but was wondering if I can simply get better, whiter and brighter lights? I did this by getting LED's for rear plate area. I was also wondering about the interior lights and whether to upgrade the bulbs there too? I love the car, there isn't much I can think of that I want to change :) But the old style lighting could be better, it was with the rear plate anyway. Easily done for headlights too? Advise greatly appreciated! I have no idea at the moment...
  3. Hello

    Hi I'm Ian and we have just bought a 12reg c-max titanium it's a fantastic car my wife and kids love it
  4. New Member!!

    Hello, I have just joined! My Name is Alex, I am a female! 18 years of age. Live in Aberdeenshire, drive a 13 plate ford fiesta zetec :D Hope to hear from you all! <3
  5. Yello

    Hi all I am shane i have a 2005 2.0 tdci focus ghia and i am in yorkshire ended up here looking for info on fitting a new intercooler rad time for a look around :D :D :D :D :D
  6. Hey Guys This is my first Forum post, want to introduce myself and why I'm here. My names Andrew, I'm 20, been driving 3 years and January 2014 brought myself a beat up 2002 petrol Ford Fusion. I needed a car, it was in my budget, I brought it at an auction (never doing that again). This thing has dents and scratches I got stuck with a garage bill for a leaking steering column and borderline rear shock in the first 2 months. But I like it, it does well for me. Started every time and runs me and all my kit around okay. But I want to make it better! I want to learn how to maintain and fix it myself. Replace the bits I can and just make it so the repair bills are a little less. So that's why I'm here, I want to learn how to fix my ford and make my ride that bit smoother. Currently have a front bearing problem, left side. Read the Hayes manual on how to do it but I don't have a press so anyone got any tips on bearing jobs or is this one for the mech? Well that's me and why I'm here. Nice to meet you all, I hope to learn a lot. Thanks A
  7. A Prodigal Son Returns

    My Greetings to existing Forum members. Although I am a new boy I do have many years experience of driving Ford cars. After a gap of 10 years (during which period I owned a Rover 75), I have returned to Ford by buying a 2014 registered Focus 1.0 Zetec Navigator. Still endeavoring to make sense of text in the Focus Owner’s Manual, (the Rover Manual was no easier to understand!), so you will probably find me popping up again with cries for help in other sections of the Forum. Cheers, Mike
  8. Thank You

    Hi great site thank you for allowing me to join thank you
  9. New Members - Alan

    Hello Thought I would introduce myself am Alan 22 years old from Fife My car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec loving it to bits but it's time to make it even better any suggestions would be appreciate
  10. Hello

    Hi, Just joined the Forum.
  11. First Ford, New Member

    Hey everyone, I'm Matt, 20, from the Eastmidlands. I recently purchased my 14 plate Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci last week, (being white, already in need of a good clean) so I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm really looking forward to being an active member on this forum, so its nice to meet you all :)
  12. Hi All

    Just bought a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.2 72000 miles one owner full service history a few little jobs to do before fully roadworthy, my first car in over twenty year I have driven company vehicles up until now, she is a lovely little motor clean and tidy I hope to keep it for many years to come until it becomes a classic in its own right.
  13. Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone. :) This morning I said a sad farewell to my V6 Cougar :( . She saw me through some good times. But all good things must come to an end as they say (who ever 'they' are). However being as fickle as I am I have now moved in a 2011 Ford Focus Zetec 125, glossy Black with the appearance pack which i've been playing with driving around since Friday B) . I'm extremely pleased and although not built for speed (not as fast as the Cougar at any rate) it's certainly comfortable. I didn't even realise it had speech control, although sometimes asking for CD Player has actually given me the Phone menu and asking for track 10 got me track 3. But it's fun! :D So hello again - I have already had some good advice from the forums so I think it was the right move to join! TTFN.
  14. Hello!

    Just to say hi! Vangelis from Greece. Owner of a mk6 1.4 ambiente! School teacher! Greetings...
  15. Hi there folks! Would just like to greet everyone on this forum as I'm a new member here :) I'm the proud owner of a 2000 (W reg) Ford fiesta 1.25 Zetec. I passed my test only last September but always had family members with Fiesta's so grew up with them so decided to take this route myself once I passed my test! I must admit, I've never looked back! After a bit of work on it and a (finally) passed MOT this car is an absolute pleasure to drive - finding myself becoming more than a little addicted lol :) I'm still learning about cars so would love to hear any suggestions or any tips from fellow fiesta owners :) My kindest regards to you all! :-) gjwilson80
  16. Hello

    Hello everyone intro im dave own a fiesta mk7 1.6 tdci econetic, am here to hopefully learn new things about my ford, and hopefully meet some nice fellow owners,
  17. New Fiesta

    Hi, Just bought my second new Fiesta (Style). Had 10 years with my LX only did 36000 mls. If the new car is as good as the old one I will be highly satisfied.
  18. Full On Newbie

    Hi everyone, As this is the introductions area and I'm a full on newbie to the forums I thought I'd say hello and see who's about. I've owned focuses for most of my driving life having started with the Mk1 1.4 Zetec and a few years ago moving to a 2010 Mk2.5 Zetec S 1.8. Other than a couple of little issues I do love the car despite its poor fuel consumption and high amounts of tax. Once I have them available I'm looking to post some pictures of her just to see what people think and also take any suggestions for further mods that can be done, preferably without breaking the bank too much. Also I wondered if people could help with a little issue I seem to have every now and again. The car 90% of the time is absolutely fine. But every now and again either the engine struggles on start up or cuts out altogether. On starting it seems to just hover around a few hundred rpm and won't respond to me pressing the accelerator until I've pressed it 4 or 5 times and then suddenly springs into life. The second problem I've had is after driving say 200 metres, I've put the clutch down for a junction and the engine has completely cut out. Once restarted it's fine again but thought if anyone may know it'd be you guys. Thanks in advance Alex
  19. Hello

    Hello all, I have just returned to the "Blue Oval" after a 10 year break, having had a 1.8 TD Sierra I have just purchased a 61 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCi, I also own a 2002 MG ZR160 that my wife uses. I am an aircraft engineer with an interest in anything to do with cars, I work on cars for friends and family as a hobby.
  20. Hello Everyone

    Good afternoon. My wife has a 2005 Ford Ka 1.3 Design and I have a 1963 Anglia 105e in pristine condition. All my efforts go into keeping the Ka in good condition - a bit like shoveling feathers . Hope to be of assistance to other members and to pick their brains when necessary.
  21. Hi

    Hi, Just joined having just bought a 62 plate S-Max titanium. Loving it so far apart from an irritating and quite large stone chip/scratch I've somehow picked up at the rear. Smart repair here I come!
  22. Hi There, names Sam. Just popping in to say Hi! I purchased my Ford Fiesta Style in November 2013. Went for the TDCI Econetic model due to needing better fuel economy as well as something with a bit more poke in it than my previous car! I've joined this forum to see what goes on in the ford world and to chat to like minded people! Have attached a picture of my car the day I picked it up, hoping to get a much better quality pic soon!! :)
  23. Hello - New Member / Old Car!

    Hi All, Just thought I'd say a quick hello, I'm a new member to the forum with a metallic blue 1989 Fiesta 1.1 Festival - she's appeared a few times on the net in forums with her previous owner, she was owned for most of her life by a lady called Margaret - so I've named her Margo in her honour! A limited edition spec in original condition with 12k on the clock - she's been in storage most of her life - I'm looking forward to taking her out in the summer! Photos to follow..... Cheers, Dan.
  24. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  25. Newbie In Kent

    Hi everyone!!! So glad to have finally joined a forum where i can discuss my car with people who will actually take an interest! Been driving the ginger ninja for a few years now but mods have only started happening this year. So far: - Debaged back - 50mm lowering springs (couldnt afford coil overs and wish id done 60mm drop instead) - Sportex back box - badgless grill - Team Heko wind deflectors - Cossy wheels (refurbed gloss black) - Painted calipers (Ford Olympic Gold) - gloss black exterior plastics Ive seen a few modded fiestas around kent, are there any regular meets?