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  1. Pleased to say that in the coming months I should officially be able to join Stoney's so called jammy beggars club! :P I have ordered a new 2015 Mk3.5 Focus ST-3 2.0 EcoBoost in Deep Impact Blue, with: Rear Privacy GlassHeated Steering WheelPremium Nav with Sony speakers & Sub.Rear View CameraDriver Assistance PackIt is a factory order, so I do have a bit of a wait, the car is currently scheduled for an unspecified September build, but reading about the delays with the ST (particularly ST-3), hopefully I will get it before my car is 1 yr old and needs taxing and servicing, at least before Christmas! As some of you will know, I was incredibly frustrated with the apparent "design-intent" of the 1.5 EcoBoost I bought last year, so much so I have dubbed it the EcoRattle. After months of trying to get the issue resolved, I have managed to come to an agreeable resolution for changing the car, as I just cannot live with the turbo rattle. I'm still going to loose out a bit financially, but at least I am getting an upgrade out of it. Test drove one a few weeks ago, and now I can't wait to get my own :D Should look like this: Updates Arrived at dealers: Collection day:
  2. Has anyone successfully put a facelift (mk7.5 ) front onto a prefacelift fiesta (mk7)? My question is what parts would I need and how to go about the DRL'S. Also were there any issues or anything else that I should know?  I know it's an expensive job as so far the only advice I have managed to find is that financially it's not worth it. I'm still going ahead with this so any advice would be much appreciated.  
  3. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I've been on these forums for a while and I haven't really seen anyone say anything about the new fiesta. I picked up my new fiesta Saturday. Facelift 62 plate Fiesta Zetec s in panther black I was a bit worried about the new engine…but I really had nothing to worry about, I can't tell you how much fun it it to drive. The sound and drive is so different, now the engine is so much smaller the sound is just of turbo when revving. It's really quick compared to my 61 plate Zetec S and I didn't think it would be. The look is really nice as well, much more aggressive. I'm really pleased. Pictures to follow.
  4. Evening all, I've bought a bottle of Wynns injector cleaner as recommended by a mate at work (I also bought the DPF regenerator fluid too), but due to the excellent security on the Mk4 facelift's fuel filler cap, I can't get the fluid in! I can't push the white cap out the way. The bottles themselves, despite having a long-ish, thin-ish neck, don't push the cap out the way. I've tried pushing it down using a tent peg and a great deal of force but nothing seems to move it. Can anyone help? I hope that all makes sense. Many thanks
  5. Focus Mk1 Coil Pack Failures

    So... I have a 1.6 Mk1 Facelift focus (52reg) which is just burning through coil packs... I have replaced 4 in the last 12 months, and the latest one is starting to develop issues at only a couple of months old. The last one was bought from ford for an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any issues that may cause the packs to fail? Such as unstable electrical current or anything as wild as that? Cheers, A
  6. Okay so just stumbled across this feature and was quite amazed by it ( I know, a bit sad :P ) Some people probably know this anyway so I'll just get on with it. In the mk2.5 (facelift) the armrest can slide forwards and backwards for more support as shown below, it takes a bit of a tug to move it Hope this is useful to someone :D Haz
  7. Has My Remap Worked?

    Hi all I've recently had my Mondeo Mk4 facelift (mk4.5?) remapped having read good things about saving fuel and having more torque lower down. However, following the remap I couldn't really notice any difference at all. *Possibly* a small increase in power over 2,000rpm but certainly not 20% as they claim. After a week or so I decided there definitely wasn't any difference and the wife agreed (she drives it too). So I got back in touch with the guy who did it and he agreed to remap it again, this time with an 'upgraded' map, he claimed. Before he did this though he asked to drive my car so he could see if the first remap had worked (how he'd know though without having driven it before I don't know, but there we go!). He ragged the absolute nuts off of it so said 'yep, it's definitely on there, it goes like stink'. Of course it does! At 2,500rpm in 2nd and 3rd the standard car is no slouch anyway! He agreed to put the upgraded map on anyway. He did this and took it for another thrashing and claimed it definitely worked this time and the new map was much better. I drove it and there is possibly a bit more poke but only over 2,000rpm - not lower down as they claim, and I definitely don't think a 20% increase in power. Maybe 5%, if that. I told the guy this and he just basically said I'm not driving it right - he said I'm a too sensible driver, getting through the gears quickly and not revving it high enough! I don't want to only benefit from a slight power increase at 2,500+rpm. I've never had a remap on any of my previous cars before so I don't know if this is right or not, but having read about the benefits of a remap, I don't seem to be getting any of these benefits. Fuel consumption is about the same as before too. People talk about a noticeable difference, much more boost and lower down, improved fuel economy, smiling from ear to ear etc. I haven't got any of this. I've been driving it with a puzzled expression trying to work out if there's a difference! Has anyone else had their mk4 (facelift - if that makes a difference) remapped? What was the difference like? Does it sound like mine has been remapped correctly and I'm just a bit of a doughnut? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Mk6 St Kit

    I currently own a 2002 Pre Facelift Fiesta and just wondering if its possible to put on a ST bodykit. Can anyone tell me if possible and also if I need to get a pre facelift ST kit or if any one will do. Thanks.
  9. So my first car is. 03 Finesse, it needs a facelift! Where can I buy sporty parts for it, please leave links If you know of any😊 Thanks!
  10. HI Everyone! I have a 2008 Focus Zetec auto, and i am looking to retro fit the auto headlights and maybe auto wipers to it. I know i need to see if i have the correct wiring, however i was wondering if there was anyone they could help me establish this?! Also i will need to change the config for the car, i used to have a vauxhall astra and could do it on there however it's a little different with a ford. Not sure i would like to mod the ELM reader myself, or pay ford £70! I'm guessing that i would need: Auto headlamp switch Auto Wiper stalk Sensor and new mirror? My mum has a 62plate zetec when you open the doors and it is dark it automatically puts the side lights on (also when you unlock it) when you close a door they go off and then when you open on the come on, is this possible also? Not in any rush to get this done however would be cool if i could do it. TIA! Jonathan
  11. Hi guys, it's been a while since my last visit. I'll get straight to the point, I'm in a dilemma with what I want to do with a car over the next 5+ years, Last year I bought a Fiesta Metal in Midnight Sky (grey/blue) currently at 16k miles, I love it. The plan was when I was 25 and could afford the insurance I'd: Mountune 155ps -35/-50mm lowring springs/coilovers with spacers LED DRLs in the fog lamps (note my avatar is edited, they're just regular halogen fogs atm) Gloss the exterior plastics and a bit of chip/scratch repair (caused by cats and a white van) and perhaps get round to the interior with rooflining, resprayed doorcards and pillars, and a black fabric dash. And OEM Ambient lighting with matching footwell/door bin lighting, front courtesy light with sunglasses holder, with the original courtesy light being moved to the back. Fiesta ST front+rear brake conversion. I'm budgeting myself to ~£5k max for all of this. So far I've only made a few small mods: Canbus ready side facing LED sidelights Osram blue tint indicators +30% blue tint halogen headlamps +100% Phillips Main beams Multi-directional LED number plate lights. Team Heko Wind deflectors However, I'm quite liking the look of the 2015 face lift Focus ST, and I've always had a bit of a soft spot for quick estates. Also, I plan to be moving to the other side of the country within the next 2 years to move out with the Mrs, we're looking to get 2 large-ish dogs too (vizsla & ridgeback) and who knows, kids down the line too. so A Focus ST Estate would be really useful for ferrying all that around, and a Fiesta would be hideously impracticable and would mean buying a 2nd cheap big car. Plans for Focus ST3 Estate: 2nd hand, as many options as I can find. Black or Grey (need to see grey in the flesh first) if Grey - Black alloys, Black exhaust tip if Black - Colour code exhaust tip to the colour of the "Style pack" alloys. Mountune 275 or Remap and other light modifications if I went for the derv (90% sure I want the petrol though - I'll test drive them both) Lowering springs, possibly adjustable height air suspension. The Focus is a lot more practical, slightly faster, a lot more powerful, and imo has a much nicer cabin It's a lot more rare than the Fiesta, but probably more common than a Fiesta Metal. The Fiesta will always be the more fun car to drive, not necessarily better, but I can't see an estate ever being able to match it's personality. Imo, it looks better too. What would you do? Throw £5k at the Fiesta to make a really nice drivers/enthusiasts car, or save the money and PX it for the bigger, better Focus? Please vote on the poll, and express your opinions in detail if you wish, I'm really 50/50 on this. Here's a few simple pics as I've never shown her off to you guys.
  12. Fiesta 2005/2006 Facelift

    Hiya guys, looking to get my first car and thinking the Ford Fiestas look like a great place to start. Was looking at a budge of between £1500 up to maybe a little over £2000. I was interested in the 2005/2006 facelift versions (I say 2005/2006 because depending on the site I go to they state different years). Now correct me if I'm wrong but most recomendations seems to advice going for the newer facelift editions. However I'm consfused the mad on how to spot them if the ad doesn't specifically state it's a facelift edition. Also on a side not, I understand there are many Fiesta versions from that time and was wondering if anyone could kindly steer me ;) on an approperiate route :D Thanks guys and girls
  13. Wanting to order some Gel Badges from but am unsure of the sizes of the badges used on the Pre-Facelift Mk7 Fiesta. Fairly certain that the Steering Wheel is 58x22mm and that the Rear Badge is 100x38mm. But I am unsure what the Front Badge Dimensions are. Would somebody be able to confirm/correct these and let me know what the Front Badge size is? Thank you! - Thomas
  14. Hey everyone, I have had my MK2 05 plate now for about 2 months and its the first proper car I have bought its a 5 door 1.6 tdci zetec model and I absolutely love it! I want to upgrade the body kit from the standard kit as it just looks abit boring and not sporty enough. I also want to repaint it as its got a few scratches and quite a common colour (pic shown is not my car just showing the colour) The problem is I am a complete novice with cars and have no idea where to buy anything or what i need to buy for the bumpers, sideskirts ect also if anyone has any good information about repainting the car thatd help alot. Also im not sure if you have to ring insurance or anyone about the colour change so thatd be helpful if sopmeone could explain that to me aswell! If anyone could help me out I would be truly grateful! Cheers :)
  15. Here's the link Legal? Anyone got them they look cool
  16. Just wondering if any one has used the DMB gel badge overlays on the new Mk 7 facelift fiesta, if so any good? :D
  17. I'm going to buy a new fiesta a like the body kit of the zetec s but love the extras of the titanium pretty much the 8speakers and Drl So was either getting titanium and adding body kit or get zetec s n do small we changes Anyone know what I should get? Personal opinions count too
  18. So the facelifted focus is revealed - what do you think? i like the idea of the new 1.5L ecoboost
  19. Hey, I've recently purchased a Ford Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI 2010. I would really like to swap the centre console. The console shown in the the image below without the armrest and door is what my car currently has. I do however prefer the console shown below, with the armrest and door underneath the climate controls. How would I swap these considering the USB & Aux socket is in the middle of the console (where the black section is behind gear stick)? Can this be done with a console which has a USB & Aux socket in the armrest? Also, where would I get that silver hinged compartment door? How would this be fitted with another centre console? I really hope someone can help here, I'm very confused! Thanks :)
  20. Can anyone help me out here? would i be able to fit 2013 MK7 facelift fiesta headlights into a ST2?
  21. Hi to all! :) I was wondering, has anyone updated their SYNC system in their dealer? I have had my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost since May 2013 and I thought that there might be some kind of update already... (nowhere near usb updates I guess) The thing is that my dealer isn't very helpful in what comes to modifications, whichever their nature is, authorized or unauthorized xD their goal is to sell a car and then they forget about any kind of support that isn't scheduled maintenance $$$ What firmware version do you have? Also, the Applink system has been announced for cars in Europe In September 2013 but there are no news yet, even though it's mid January 2014. Do you think it will come as an update to Sync enabled cars or will it only ship in newer vehicles? Share your thoughts please... Cheers!
  22. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  23. 2012/2013 Headlights

    Could anyone help me out? Would a set of fiesta 2012 continental headlights fit the facelift 2013 model?
  24. I have a mk5 fiesta (2001) 1.25 ghia 5 door and the air bag light flashed once then went out, then flashed once again then went out again, then stayed on after 5 times of flashing I took it to a fords dealer and they hooked it up to a pc and it came back with a faulty clock spring. i ordered a new one;fitted it this evening, put it all back together again and this time a new air bag flash sequence appeared. this time it flashes 3 times then goes off, flashes 3 times then goes off and after 5 times of it doing this it stays on constantly i googled the flash sequence and this is what i found "Three flash cycle: Short to battery plus or ground in section of air bag squib circuit common to both driver and passenger air bag modules" I haven't got a passenger airbag, just seatbelt pre tensioners and drivers air bag. what does that quote mean? cheers bradley