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  1. guys, I did a few comparison quotes and AF came out top each time and I remembered that they offered a 15% discount so duly rang them up. Spoke to Melissa's who passed me onto Toby who then went through all the questions and an hour into the call came back with a quote that was 15% HIGHER than the online quotes!!! I queried this with Toby and all he could say was: the online system does not ask the same questions - bullpoo as it did I have carried out 20 odd quotes and it takes the highest mileage I've input - bullpoo, I had decreased from 8500miles to 6000miles I said there could be a remap to increase the mpg but figures would go from 115bhp to 120bhp - he said he'll put in upto 20% taking it to 135bhp as that didn't matter - bullpoo - it must have made a difference so, after wasting my breath and feeling that AF are misquoting me and mis-selling the policy I decided to stick with my current insurer who said they are willing to take on any bhp increase, all my mods and lowering my suspension unto 50mm and even brought the price down from £328 to £264!!! Dan@AdrianFlux - shame fella, I really thought you guys could have done me a good deal but I wasted over an hour talking to 3 reps.
  2. Hello, I had the smallest bump I can think possible in my Fiesta early this week. Everything seemed to move very quickly with my insurance (Admiral) and they collected it right away. Looking at the damage, I could have done more damage kicking the damn car than crashing it (can upload a picture if anyone needs but it isn't great). However Admiral say its a CAT D write off. I was asking them questions and they wouldn't tell me how much they'd been quoted for repair. They also wouldn't tell me what the damage was, at the start of the claim they said do nothing and we will contact you as/when we get info. THIS WAS NEVER DONE. 3 times now I've contacted the garage after Admiral, only to get conflicting information. Anyway, the lady on the phone from Admiral says if I don't sign my V5C Section 9 and sign the car over to the salvage yard TODAY, then I will be breaking the law and will be fined. (As I now no longer have insurance as they've cancelled it). However they won't tell me how much they are going to pay out for the car or when this is likely to be paid? Its  my first ever crash and I'm so confused and worried about all this. Why am I signing a car over to a salvage company when I don't know when and how much I am going to get back for the car? The way I see it, if I'm doing this, Admiral should be writing me a blank check. As far as I'm concerned its the same principle. Again, Admiral would not tell me exactly why the damage has been so "Severe" and why they're classing it as a Class D. Is this all normal? Will I be breaking the law? Why won't they give me a "estimate" etc etc? Please help me! What do I do? Thanks!!!
  3. I am going on a track day next year can I insure my car on a racing circuit, if so does anybody know who to use because my normal insurers have said I am not covered if I crash or someone hits me. help?
  4. hi looking to do a swap on my 1.3 fiesta to the 1.7 conversion but not sure where to look for insurance or if id get insured on this does anyone have any ideas as i will have my first year no claims in november but il still be 18 so just wondered if anyone had any ideas
  5. Mondeo Insurance

    Hi I was wondering what insurance company you use and how much U end up paying, also whether you did it over the phone or online. Just trying to see if there's any cheaper places than my current quotes, I understand its based on your detail.
  6. Hi, I have a Fiesta MK7, and was thinking about getting the Osram LED fog lights fitted through Ford. Would this be classed as a modification to my insurance as the car already has factory fitted fog lights? Or because I'm getting this done via Ford, and its basically just a bulb change, would this not be classed as a modification? Thanks, ch97
  7. I have a fully comp policy which allows me to drive any other vehicle not owned by myself. This cover is restricted to 3rd party liability. One must also have the permission of the owner. I assume that such a vehicle must be taxed and a MOT held if appropriate since this is a legal requirement. My question is whether the vehicle also needs to be desperately insured or is my own cover sufficient. I have had conflicting advice and would be grateful for some authoritative answer. Thanks
  8. Insurance Help

    I bought my ford fiesta zetec S Ecoboost 2014 plate in December and was using my existing insurance with elephant, but now its time to renew :( and i received my email saying they wanted £2440 ..... so that's not gonna happen and im looking for some other insurance company , i am also wanting to pay it off monthly , i have seen a lot asking for around £120 a month which is something i was looking for , but just not sure on the major things i should be looking for and which insurance companies are more highly rated than others?
  9. Hey all, I'm pretty new to these forums but just wanted to share with you something i came across whilst surfing the net recently, I found it pretty interesting. Although i would not say its what a "typical" ford owner is like... More what they are likely to enjoy or what demographic they are in. Have a read Let me know if it matches you? If any of you happen to know what the hell mutton kromak is as well it would be a great help :D Hope you enjoy it! Cheers,
  10. Hi had 7 years NCB so off to a good start but was horrified with some quotes for my Estate Mondeo TDCi but was because was the 130 model some were as high as £700 with Aviva but confused quoted me £330 with RAC £108 Deposit and £24 a month but what clinched it for me ? and extra £2.60 a month got me Basic Breakdown cover worth £26 a month so mega chuft ;) and to make me smile even more? insurance is with Aviva lol
  11. Hello everyone. Last year I bought a 1997/P 1.3 Fiesta with just 37k on the clock and one lady owner, full service record and very clean. It has the same engine and much the same spec as my Ka which failed its MOT with terminal chassis rust. There was a slight hitch when I came to updating my insurance with the new car as I couldn't find what model it was but they put it down as a Ghia. It turns out that might have invalidated the cover. This year I'm shopping around for new insurance and having a heck of a time. In the log book it's down as a Fiesta Base, but no price comparison site or insurance advisor can find it on their computer systems models. It must be insured under the right model and level of trim. I've searched high and low and compared it to other models on Wikipedia and other sites. The engine is Endura and the level of trim is five door, sunroof, PAS, PAB, central locking, electric front windows, rear heated window, radio/cassette. Not imported. Does anyone else have experience of this? Surely it's not the only Fiesta Base in the world? Thanks, Sooz
  12. well my Fiancé is insured by a company called close brothers she was put in touch with them by a broker. (you may not have heard of them i think they are Irish) Anyway the problem is they take there payment on the 9th of each month and she always has the money in most of the time the last few times she did anyway. about 2 months ago she received a letter for the previous month stating that the payment was late and they were going to charge her an extra 15 euro for administration fees ok so that was fine and then this month she got the same letter. Only this time its not ok cause the money was there in the bank from the 7th of the month so it should have been taken out by them. I told her to ring them up and eat the head of them and refuse to pay the extra 15 euro just to pay the insurance fee. She is adamant about cancelling her car insurance to look for another company but i told her to stick it out till the renewal date. As I fear that if she was to cancel now whilst still in contract that there would be a black mark against her name and she would find it hard to get another company to insure her am i right? But if this was to happen again I would imagine that they would be breaching the contract ? any advice would be appreciated as its doing my head in calming her down (shes heavily pregnant at the moment which isnt making the situation any better)
  13. While on holiday with my girlfriend in Cornwall a lovely gentleman decided it would be nice to reverse into my car in a car park.... GREAT! Swapped details and everything and the car went off to be repaired on Thursday 11th september. Initial damage, as you can see the numberplate was not hit at all! Happy that they replaced my front bumper and grill on my Fiesta Zetec S. Went to pick the car up and disaster! Not only did they put a new numberplate on (when it wasn't needed at all!) but they threw away my custom made numberplate that was undamaged from the accident in the first place with a really crap numberplate!!!! and then to rub the salt in they decided that the OEM screw holes are just there for show and have screwed into the plastic grill either side of the numberplate, so now I have 2 lovely holes where they shouldn't be... and cant even hide them when I order the replacement numberplate. So tomorrow I am going to get on the phone to them and demand a replacement grill and the money to get a numberplate that is the same as the one that they decided had a *crack* in it. which it didn't. Who in there right mind thinks oh the OEM holes are too easy to do, I know lets put 2 screws in wonky and the customer will be happy with that....?!?!?!?!?!?!! 1 simple phone call would have been nice to ask if its okay to throw the custom plate away, or even replace it in the first place! Has anyone else experienced idiots like this before?
  14. Our sponsors at Adrian Flux have kindly agreed to donate a £30 insurance voucher as a prize which can be used when taking out a Ford Owners Club insurance policy - not bad when they already offer some of the best rates around for club members! All you have to do is simply post up a funny caption to go with the photo below and the funniest caption wins! (keep it clean please guys) 1 entry per person only please and the closing date is midnight on Friday 21st February so you have plenty of time to come up with your best answer. The winner will be decided the following week by myself and Steve and we will announce the winner the following week. Good luck!
  15. Hi Everyone, This is the first time ive ever particiated in any kind of Forums however i really want to make my Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto 57 plate look as cool as possible without breaking the bank to do it. i have been so inspired by some of the topics ive read and as a kid have asked for advise. So i ask for as many advise and information on turning a standard interior, looking classy. So far i have managed to chnage the trims of the sterring wheel only because the standard silver was worn out and for £9.99 these are perfect. This post in particular was so inspiring thanks to Stoney and thanks Mike for the reply. Now i want to change the following from the below standards (inspired by the above) Now for the above i need info on parts, Stoney has provided a guide to install a Factory Sony 2008 (i think) system into the car. however i need to find out where i can get the tools from or the carbon effect or unless i wrap it how do i do it? like shown in Mike's Pic finally the below pic, am little confused as my Cigg lighter doesnt have a flap as shown in Mike's pic Is this something i can add/install? and can you tell me what they are called plz so guys, you know what the plan is now i need you all to help with guidance and ref to make it possible. O yes before i forget, my rear speakers have busted and i dont have a clue what to replace them with... Ive read many articles however it doesnt say what size are the correct ones and or if any other sizes can be installed without any hassle. So guys your help on the above will be much appreciated and i wait in exitment on your response. As you may have gathered ive never done anything like this before, always a first hey :) :D
  16. St2 Insurance

    Hi All, Just a quick one... I was pleasantly surprised to hear from my insurance company that they only want £82 extra to go from a 1.25 Fiesta Zetec to an ST2, putting my premium up to about £750 (also got GAP insurance free through Ford themselves.. which is a bonus). Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had any surprises as to how little the ST2 was to insure? Background info: i'm 19, the only driver on the policy, fully comprehensive, and I have no NCD after losing two years because of flood damage to my old 62 plate Zetec back in Jan of this year resulting in a claim on my own insurance.
  17. Hi Everyone, When shopping around for your car insurance, why not check out our Ford Owners Club Insurance scheme? It's run in partnership with Adrian Flux and offers Ford Owners Club members up to 15% discount on their policy - just for being a member! As if that's not enough, they will also insure modified cars as well as standard and classics. They know what you're talking about too - unlike some other insurers! So why not give them a try? Not only are you helping to support your club but you could save yourself some money too! :D To get a quote simply FREEPHONE 0800 5876 315 To find out more about Ford Owners Club Insurance visit: Ford Owners Club Insurance Thanks James
  18. Hi guys, please help Ford Owners Club reach 3000 likes (and beyond) on Facebook by liking our page here: We're so close now! Thanks for your support!
  19. Latest news from the BBC - For various reasons insurance is too high (tell us something we don't know:) - Also, the price comparison sites charge insurance companies to use them, then insist they can not offer the same product at a lower price elsewhere.
  20. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hi guys, We have just created a new Ford Ownders Club survery. This can be found here: Ford Owners Club Survey Both myself and Steve would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes out of your time to complete it (it's only very short!), as we would love to hear from you on how we can improve Ford Owners Club from a member's perspective. Whatever you have to say good or bad we want to hear it! (Hopefully not too much bad! :D ) The survey has also been put into the announcements on the top of each forum category. Thanks very much for your time guys James :)
  22. In short I got bored and played around making a design mock up for how an app for the Ford Owners Club could look so have a look and let me know what you think :) any comments are appreciated
  23. Just emailed my insurance company RE: New alloys for Car-los e.g. am i allowed too, how much will it cost extra. If all goes well i think ill be getting Car'los some new shoes by Alutec next month :) Also, i currently have 15" wheels on my car would i be best just getting 15" alloys or would going for 16" with new tyres be a better choice? I know this will affect the ride but i don't know by how much? Ive also heard of alloys buckling on fiestas due to the thinness of the sidewall in the tyre or something similar so would i be best sticking to thicker tyres? and the final question would i have to have the speedo adjusted if the wheels got bigger? Thanks
  24. Hi! I've just ordered a new fiesta zs ecoboost for me and the wife. We haven't had our own car before and was hoping for a few pointers about insurance. The cheapest quote was Diamond, but there defaqto rating is 3. Does that matter? Also, should I get GAP?
  25. New To The Club

    Hi everyone, I just joined the club and recently just ordered my brand new Fiesta Zetec S 1.0l ecoboost 125! This will be my second car I have ever owned and will be my first ever off the factory line! Well its nice to meet you all and look forward to having many more conversations to come. Anyone else here invested in the Fiesta zs eco? Mine should arrive on the 10th July. I am going to have to take public transport for 2 weeks, which I am dreading!