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  1. Hi guys. Just thinking if anyone living in Ireland (North and Republic) would be interested in a meet somewhere in the Republic of Ireland at the end of August. All members welcome. Would be nice to finally meet other members in person. Thoughts, ideas and recommendations would be appreciated :) Hassen
  2. Right, now we are all passed the Christmas & New Year break, as started in the "It's a bit quiet here" thread, we are going to try and arrange a meet in the South West for anyone in the club who wants to attend (so including people from neighbouring areas, or anywhere if you are really committed, lol.) Provisionally Taunton has been suggested as a fairly accessible central location for most of the South West members, it should be within 2 hours drive for most of us. A final location has not yet been selected, but it would be good to use this thread to pitch ideas for both date, time and location. I'm thinking it would be better to plan this well in advance rather than it being a last minute thing, to ensure people will be available. I am also considering weather, do we want to try and push it forward enough so as not to have to cancel the day before due to bad (unpredictable) weather? All thoughts welcome and if you can post to say you'd like to attend I'll get a list going of interested members in this post.
  3. 2 Weeks Member

    hi guys been a paying member for two weeks and wondering about getting my stuff like halfords card
  4. Good Morning all, I have only recently joined the Ford Owners Club Forum and I wanted to share my very own Ford vehicle with you. It is my first car and I do not have an extensive knowledge about all things automotive like many of you reading this very post. I purchased the car last week from a private seller, whom I must say appeared to be very reluctant to see it go. It is in fantastic condition. Family owned since it was registered way back in 2002. For a Ford Fiesta 13 years of age it is doing rather well. Feel free to take a look at the images I have attached and see for yourself. The car is a Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 3dr 02 REG Special Edition. It has a brand new camblet, MOT pass with zero advisories in August and it has only got 73K on the clock. I have also kitted the car out with a brand new Sony DAB stereo, official Ford seat belt pads and leather gear knob to accompany the leather seats. Reaffirming my ealirer comment, I do not know much about this car or Ford in general so if anyone can shed some light about the Vehicle and other Fiestas that would be great. Thanks!
  5. Hi All

    Hi everyone I'm Steven, I'm from a small town called Ashington, just above Newcastle on the map, I'm currently driving a silver Ford Focus mk2 1.6 (climate), will be the looking for inspiration to do small inexpensive mods on my car nothing major I.e tinted window/lights and changing the radio trim to carbon fibre, stuff like that any ideas will be appreciated thanks
  6. hi as i am due to pick up a 13 plate ford focus with keyless entry next week. i was concerned to hear that thieves are targeting these cars so was looking for advice on what to do to protect the car that i am buying from being a target from thieves.
  7. Uk Wide Meets?

    Simply, Are there any fiesta only meets anywhere? Ever? I've not seen anything on here.
  8. As the title suggests...I'm grumpy now!! Decided to pop out and have a nebski at the car today - in particular the brakes. Dawned on me that they're potentially all original factory fitted parts & I've never looked at them. Decided to replace anyway, the front pads are probably at just under half-original thickness, discs have maybe worn down by under 1mm (so not too bad, there is 2mm to play with and they only very light scoring to the face). Rears - similar story with the meat on the shoes and the drums look ugly (surface corrosion) so I'll change those too. However, I was hoping to do it a month apart - spread the cost a bit That's not the problem...was expecting to be at least replacing pads/shoes and was tempted to do discs/drums for peace of mind. What I wasn't expecting to find, however: Leaky rear NS shock absorber and excessive wear on the inside edge of the front tyres. I've attached piccies below. Soo - dear Forum Folk...and the reason I've posted in the General Ford section Ford/Motorcraft or aftermarket? If aftermarket what are your recommendations? Also, does anyone else know why it's so hard to find drums for a Mk2.5 Focus (query same as Transit Connect drums)? However, small victory - managed to get my mudguards fitted - I'll whack up a guide in the next few days!!
  9. Dear Ford Owner Members Over the last year I have been collecting many different people's stories about their romantic and funny experiences in cars for an art installation called 'Back Seat Confessions' I am also collecting funny car images that people would like to contribute .. I am particularly interested in stories relating to romance, arguments and funny incidents to include in the narratives .. I would be delighted if you'd like to contribute your images or stories to the project - Please also get in touch if you'd like your car to feature in the installation - I am ideally looking for a Capri or Escort for the day on Sat 28th June for The Fling Festival in Chelmsford... You can see some documentation on my Facebook page: or on I look forward to hearing from you Many thanks Charlie Murphy
  10. Hello Everyone !

    Hello all im new to clubs although we have had fords for years. We now have 7 classics a cosworth and a lil work car my fusion. Would be interested in like minded club members and days to get out and find classic parts x
  11. (Un)Official Ford Meet.....east England

    Hi All, After some discussions with other members I thought I would start a thread about organising a Ford meet somewhere in East England (but am open to suggestions) The idea being on a weekend which is good for lots of people (also open to suggestions) that we meet in a, as of yet undecided, location and show off a bit. It might be nice to meet some other ford enthusiasts, club members etc and steal each others car wisdom and ideas. Now I am partial to a fiesta so was aiming this meet at fellow fiesta owners...however anyone with a car displaying the mighty blue oval would be welcome. SO.....I would like to know if 1) you are interested in a meet 2) any suggestions for a place and 3) any suggestions for a weekend. I hope lots of like minded individuals will be keen to have a meet soon. Kind Regards Martyn
  12. North West Car Meet

    Hello, We are in the process of setting up a new monthly meeting being held at Sunday Lunchtime and wanted to give you all a heads up. Our aim is for a good mixture of sports, hot hatch, classic and unique vehicles. Following on from this meet, If there is enough interest from the forum we would be more than happy to set up a monthly Ford meeting in the area which will be advertised on our website and social media sites. If anyone would like to assist us in this then please get in contact. Check our website for more details or Facebook "north west car events" NWCE
  13. Anyone heard of the band "little green cars" There an Irish band and indie rock isint really my sort of music interest; well except for the killers and kasabian but anyways, The song from little green cars caught my ear, Quite a long title its called "My love took me down to the river to silence me" I will warn you before listening though; its very dark listening for the festive period something like Quentin Taranto would play on the credits scene of a move. But its very catchy and IMO some hardcore !Removed! right there :) Well worth a listen though I've not yet saw the video so I'm going to watch it now too myself.
  14. Ford Meet Just Off J17 M25?!

    Update: This meet will take place at the Dumb Bell Pub near Maple Cross, on Saturday 23rd November at 3:30PM The postcode for the pub is SL9 0QY. This is the first event that I have attended/organised, so I will play it by ear once people arrive, but we will be convoying down to the 'Ford's the only way' meet at the Ace Cafe which starts at 6PM (around half an hours drive away I reckon) Please let me know if you are planning to attend and how many you are bringing so I can give the pub an idea of how many of us nutters to expect in their car park! I look forward to meeting a few other Blue Oval enthusiasts :) Hawkeye92 Hi All, I'm hoping to organise a Ford Meet at the Dumb Bell pub, Maple Cross, which is just off the M25 (easy access for all, right?! :P) No specific ideas for a date yet, but this is a nice drive away from the Ace Cafe, so I would suggest we meet for a park up and a chat at the Dumb Bell pub (decent sized car-park - SL9 0QY) and take a convoy down to join one of the Ford meets at the Ace cafe, would be wicked to arrive in style, Blue Ovals shining... I'd love to meet owners of any fords, always been a ford man, and I'll be there with my mk4 escort, hopefully drag my mate along in his RS1600i, let me know if you fancy coming and what you've got. Cheers, Hawkeye92
  15. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  16. Notts Meet

    does anyone fancy a meets in notts this month or next month? or is there one going ahead already cheers mike
  17. South Wales Fiesta Meet

    Just gauging an idea as to how many Welsh members there are here? Maybe if we can get enough people then get a meet going, So If you're in the south Wales area or could travel then post a comment in here
  18. Meet Happening In Derby

    Hi guys this meet is canceled as there is two outher meets on in derby
  19. East Sussex Meet ?

    Anyone in the East Sussex area wanting to do a local meet soon ? I have never been on a meet before, being as Im only 20 years old. Let me know what you guys think ?
  20. South Wales Meet 16Th March

    Okay so I'd like to arrange a meet for south wales for the 16th March. I'd like to meet somewhere central for south wales according to the M4, so somewhere like talbot green or maybe bridgend. If anyone has any other ideas, probably better just post a reply. It'd be nice to finally meet south wales Ford owners.
  21. Ok guys I need some input here was reading through and found some inspiration of one of the members gave me an idea. Basically I was thinking try to get as many members together as possible and set a record for most owners club members at a single meet I don't know if this is a record yet if it is let's break it and why not raise money for a charity while we do so I up for it who else is ?
  22. What Problem

    Cars engine check light is on, many guys don't know the exact reason why it is on. What are the probable causes of being engine check light on? And how to trace the exact reson for it? However, the cost to repair this problem was given very hight to them by mechanic. So the maxiscan ms509 can do, it can help you telling exact reason why it is happening.
  23. "Baseline Imagery, a company with a passion for taking photos to the highest standard. Specialising in a broad spectrum of different subjects, ranging from Motorsports and Performance-Tuned Automotives, to Football matches and local night clubs and raves." Hello people my name is Christian and I am currently studying Media at College! I'm extremely passionate about Photography and I'd love to take it up as a career maybe later on in life. What I am discussing today is if there are people in and around Kent (Maidstone) that would like to have their car featured in a FREE photoshoot I will be hosting very soon. I do not garner any source of revenue from doing this, and I'm not advertising anything at all, this is just me purely asking you if you'd like to have a couple of photos taken of your ride, this is what I love doing! I have a Facebook page which is where I will be uploading them for you to be tagged in and where you can view your photos. The photo's will also be posted here on this website with the "Ford Owners Club" logo on it as well. In addition to this, if you wanted to have one of the desired photos blown up into an A3-size on high quality paper I can do this as well, but there will be a charge (This is down to you if you want a poster made, it's not compulsory!). At the moment I am slowly creating a stunning automotive portfolio of photography, and that can only build more and more if you apply for a shoot! I have various locations that we can meet; industrial estates, country roads, underground car parks, etc. which will be perfect for any type of car and style of photo! I'd really appreciate it if you would take two seconds to click this link and like my Facebook page. As I said I do not garner any revenue by doing this, but it would be amazing to gain a large fan base around the South East. I really do like my Fords as well, so I'm not just here to talk about photography! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! Thanks a lot guys! Facebook Page: