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  1. GUIDE TO FITTING REAR PARKING SENSORS WITH WIRELESS LCD SCREEN TO A FORD FOCUS MK2.5- By Preee Download PDF- printable copy GUIDE TO FITTING REVERSING SENSORS TO FORD FOCUS MK2.pdf The sensors were £27.99 and only took one day to arrive which was great , they are 4 rear sensors witha wireless LCD 3" screen that shows which side of the car and distance. Thanks to Lenny for a small Tip which made these Sensors even easier to FIt , they are very very easy to fit to your Focus Mk2.5 due to the markings on the inside of the bumper guiding you where to drill so no measuring at all needed. This guide i hope will help other's who want to retro fit reversing sensors to their Ford Focus Mk2.5 I like to Modify my car but more importantly i like to share my knowledge so other 's out there will be able to retro fit mods to thier own cars and no better way to do that than is to do a guide with pictures , step by step. So this post is not a "This is what i have done , but i'm not telling you" .Its a full Guide. p.s Sorry about writing across the pictures but some are taking our guides and using them on other forums and not giving any credit. Guide is downloadable and printable Enjoy Regards Preee. :)
  2. Speed sensor cuts out intermittently I've got a 2003 Ford Fiesta LX 16V 1242cc 3rd hatchback (Non ABS) While im driving the speedo cuts out. Sometimes for a few seconds then back on again, Sometimes for 5-10 minutes then back on again. Every other dial including the revs are fine and stay working. Don't have any loss of power as some people have described. I've come to look at it this weekend, and as some people say, get to it via taking out the battery tray. So took battery out, battery tray out, battery tray support bracket out and now im struggling to find what im looking for Ive read and it says in the haynes manual that its mounted on top of the transmission, above the left hand driveshaft But i can't find anywhere online a picture showing you what or where it actually is I've took a few pics myself of what i think it might be and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out as to what or where it is. Some pics below On this pic it's basically right in the centre of the pic just off where the flash is focusing On this pic it's the thing with a white top and what looks like purple plastic On this pic it's what looks like it's been chewed by a rat with tape wrapped around it OR is it neither of these? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  4. Howdy folks, well I was bored and decided to snap a few daytime shots of the new car, not particularly the best as the good camera is currently out of commission >.< I decided to put them up because not everyone has seen the car's yet too much and are on the fence about them, so thought it'd be a good plan to get them up. Feel free to post any pictures of your own, ask any questions and so on! The car is beautiful to drive, I remember feeling the quality difference between my pre-facelift Zetec S and a Zetec S Focus both with the 1.6 TDCi engine, and now I feel very little difference at all between my Fiesta and the Focus. The steering wheel is much nicer in the hand for starters, and the seats are more fitting, it's quieter in the cabin and bumps seem much more soaked up than in the pre-facelift. Then there's the obvious differences in the interior trim being gloss black than silver which brings it in line with the Focus, and things seem a little more 'up market' than sporty, which some may like and some may not. The Sync currently is a love-hate relationship, it is a step backwards I feel, despite a more premium feel; it's quite slow on the voice control and it restarts playlists every time you enter the car, rather than restarting and takes a while for it to re-read your device and then play (up to 2 minutes being the worst so far), although it no longer turns off when you turn the ignition off. The only weird thing I've found with the driving of the car so far is that it sometimes won't start, and wants you to put your foot on both the brake and clutch. Outside the only fault's I can say, are 2 really crappy areas of paint, which hopefully will be being put right soon, but all in all a good car. 487 miles in, and got 78 left in range, first tank with Tesco fuel :P My car's spec is as follows; 2013 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCi Red stitching & cloth seats Ford Sync and Emergency Assist Auto headlamps, wipers and dimming rear view mirror City pack (Powerfold mirrors with LED puddle lamps and reversing sensors) Adjustable bootload floor Haven't done much to it really and the car is largely standard, only mods to date are; - 35W HID dipped beams at 6000K - CREE 6000K sidelights - CREE 6000K reversing bulbs - 6000K generic eBay LED's for registration lights - Red footwell lighting - Climair wind deflectors - K&N panel filter - Mist washer jets - Yankee Candle black cherry air freshener :P So, here we go!