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  1. Ok hi fellow ford owners! so just paid 3000 for a 2004 ford mondeo st220 3litre v6 and am having some issues that need adressing and are quite worrying!! Ok so its only done 85k miles all service history but problems am having are  1. When i turn right i get a loud high pitched squeel. 2. Its quite a moany engine and a little loud when it does in low revs 3. After warm when i stop can hear a very faint knocking noise from engine only happens when still  but works fine hoping its nothing major but any help would be appreciated thanks!! 
  2. Sync

    Hi everyone I am new this forum and iam looking for advice. I have a 2013 ford fiesta and I have purchased a Sony Xperia m2 phone . I have set the sync up and I can received calls but the ford sync won't allow me to transfer my contact numbers across. It also it no longer has the facility to read or reply to text message. Before I purchased the phone I rang ford uk to ask about an up to date list for the phones that could be used and they told me to contact the dealer the dealer said they use the same list that is on the website . Any suggestions would be welcome. I apologise if I have put this in the wrong place
  3. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  4. Focus Clutch?

    Hi wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me (I am sure there is!) I have a Focus estate 1.8 X Reg (2000) and have noticed that the clutch is starting to slip a little in top gear. I have taken it to a 'guy a mate knows' and he has quoted £350 to supply and fit the clutch! I am able to get the parts for about £60 and was wondering is it such a horrible job that he had to wack a load of labour on!? I am very mechanically minded and am aware that the kit comprises of the concentric and it is this that "is the pain in the !Removed!" Can you shed some light on this for me Hope you are all well and happy!? Regards Chumley
  5. Hi everyone ive had my 2012 Fiesta Metal From Brand New since end of May/June This Year, I am quite the paranoid type in general anyway. Regarding my Fiesta its getting rather serious, ive bought it on ford options (my first ford as changed from a VAG) i use the car mainly for work as i drive from my home in essex - NE London to Borehamwood, Herts where i work which takes me just short of a 40 mile round trip. I never turn the car on and just drive have, i always let the revs drop especially as i work nights and finish 6am. Have used normal BP unleaded from new and have currently got 2,800 miles on the clock with no thrashing at all. It took me from 0-800 miles before i even took it past 70mph and around 1500-2000miles past 100mph never wheel spinned or even seen the traction light on keep the gear changes around 2-2.5k rpm and occasionally when merging onto a roads and motorways take it up to 3-3.5k revs in 4th gear to get up to speed etc. the noise from the engine is horrid on idle and i have owned a 2009 corsa 1.4sxi which was pretty bad due their natural characteristics with noisy tappets. But my fiesta is a joke and not to mention, theres some sort of knocking type sound after i have been drive and just left on idle for example today in the morning when getting home from work. then it sort of just stops after a while when left running. Could Someone please shed some light on me and clear my paranoia as im starting to not like the car considering i dont abuse it at all. thanks and kind regards Bhavin
  6. Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me with this one, i originally had a ford 6000cd stereo in my focus as fitted on the production line, with Bluetooth and voice control and the aux socket in the glove box. i then sold the 6000cd stereo on eBay. Now i purchased a ford Sony 6cd changer unit that came from a 57 plate mondeo. The mondeo didn’t have Bluetooth fitted and that was the seller’s reason for changing to an aftermarket stereo. So I fitted the Sony stereo to the 2010 focus. The sound is fantastic and being able to rotate through the cds within the unit is a novelty I’m very happy with it and its appearance. But I’m having a few problems. Problem number 01: The Bluetooth lets me pair my phone to the stereo, But when I make a call or receive a call, no sound comes from the speakers regarding the phone call. Problem Number 02: When i plug my mp3 player in to the Aux port in the glove box and press AUX on the Sony stereo, the stereo displays AUX but again no sound is heard from the speakers, Problem Number 03: When i press Voice on the steering control stalk, Voice displays for 2 seconds on the screen of the stereo, and then it disappears again. There is no beep to prompt me to speak a command or anything, it just flashes voice and returns to what it was doing before I pressed the button. Is there any secret menus I can access on the stereo to activate these options, or do ford need to do something for me to be able to operate like i used to only with the Sony instead of the 6000cd, I’m worried that ford Ireland will just give me the run around and be of no assistance on this one, or anything computer related like the footwell lights they don’t seem to know anything about them, if anyone has any advise please comment and it will be much appreciated. im sure im not the first person on here to upgrade to the sony model, so if anyone has upgraded and not experienced any of the above issues please let me know too.