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  1. Right so I want to change my Air Box to an Air filter on my Mk7.5 Fiesta Black Edition 140 - But I have noticed there is a air sensor attached to the unit if i fit an air filter will this cause me any issues if the sensor isn't plugged in? Cheers Ben_140 
  2. I was wondering about making my Ford Fiesta Black Edition have a louder blow off valve noise but... I am worried that my engine warning light will come up and my car may go into "LIMP MODE". Also what blow off valves fit the fiesta black edition???  Ben_140
  3. Hi, I've has ongoing problems with my 2007 Diesel Fiesta since I bought it 2 years ago. Firstly I know diesels can't misfire in the normal sense of the word because of the lack of spark plugs, but it's the best way to describe the problem. Basically (usually under load), every now and then (once every 500 miles), the car will lose power for a split second then regain it. Once it starts doing this it will do it a few times then stop, usually. Sometimes it lasts longer than others, and it can do it several times in a row. The more I'm accelerating when it happens, the more violent the kangaroo effect is. Of course, when I get a mechanic to sit in the car with me while I drive it, the car doesn't do it... The full timeline of events: I buy the car used, ~50k miles on the clock, average mpg of 47mpg suggests it's been used for driving around town. I start driving it 70 miles a day, mpg increases. first big journey, it starts misfiring. Check engine light comes on at end of journey. EGR valve replaced by person I bought the car from. Every other fix this guy did was a bodge, so I didn't expect much. some time later, car goes into limp mode. Power train failure, dashboard becomes a christmas tree. When car is turned off and on, it often stops going into this mode. Took it to Ford garage for diagnosis. Fault determined to be with injector no. 1, Ford garage wanted £1000 to fix it. Took it to independent tester with full machine for injector testing. He found no faults with any of the injectors, so he switched injector no.1 and injector no.3 around so if the fault re-occurred, we would be able to find the faulty one. "Misfiring" persisted. A few months ago, the check engine light came on again, then disappeared. Eventually it was on more than off, and as I'd determined it was an EGR problem, I wasn't concerned. During thsi time, average mpg steadily dropped from ~60mpg to ~56mpg (maybe because of increased heater use as winter started properly though). Eventually got it booked in a few weeks ago. EGR valve replaced, check engine light cleared. Since the most recent EGR valve replacement, not only is the problem still present, but the car seems to have less power. Most worryingly, pushing the throttle a certain amount (just above cruise speed) causes the engine to act as though one cylinder is not firing, then firing, then not firing, then firing etc. it doesn't do it when flooring it, however the car now tops out completely at 95mph, whereas before it could go faster, so it's definitely less powerful. Car is now at 83k miles, and gets driven around 80 miles a day. I've seen lots of other threads about this issue. They point all over the place. The throttle linkage, splits in air hoses or boost hoses, ECU software updates(?), and injector seals. No smoke is present and the car isn't giving me any engine fault codes either (at least, the check engine light hasn't come on). What I'd like to know, is if the fault is something potentially causing damage to the car e.g. timing chain misalignment or something? And no I don't really think replacing the EGR valve ~3 weeks ago made it worse, it just didn't fix the main "misfiring" problem as I hoped it would.   TL;DR: Car has always had intermittent "misfire" problem, once it got bad but problem couldn't be traced, now it seems less powerful too with certain throttle setting causing more power/less power/more power etc. problem, with noise to go with it. no other problems with car, no warning light currently on, car was at 50k miles, now at 83k miles. Help?   Edit: I should add, the air con was bodge-fixed by the previous owner so is now broken again (he just topped it up rather than fixing the leak, so gas has since evaporated off). The AC is always off. Could this lead to problems at all?
  4. Hi guys just wanted to introduce my self as I'm new to the forum and also very excited to show you what I'll be doing to my fiesta over the next few months.... #noturbo #nofun
  5. Hi All, I have been looking around the internet reading up on the ecoboost engine trying to get an idea what could be possible with the 3 pot beauty. I am just looking to see if any one is planning on doing anything to their engine at all? if so what you will be going for.... Any one have any ideas on what would be a good starting point on finding a bit more grunt from the engine. My friend had a subaru impreza and i remember him fitting a boot control valve to increase his boost pressure, would such things be possible with out ecoboost engine? Any one with ideas please post :)
  6. Hi Guys and Gals, I have owned my 2006 1.4 Diesel Fiesta for just shy of a year now. I commute almost 100 miles a day in it on the motorway, and average around the 60MPG mark (I reset the counter on the first of the month). Over the last few months I have noticed the average MPG start to slip. First to the mid 50s then the mid 40s. Something is obviously not right. This morning on my way to work, the average MPG dropped dramatically (by about 10MPG) when going up a steep hill on the A31. Once the road leveled out the MPG continued to fall down to around 33MPG. Eventually it started to climb again ending around 38. Driving home from work today, the counter started accelerating, 40, 45, 50, 55 by the time I got back it was about 58. Any idea what would cause such a rapid change in MPG? As I mentioned, I reset the counter once a month (on the first) to keep track of my fuel usage over the month. So the average was being taken over the last 1,400 miles. Full disclosure, the turbo has been whining for about 9 months now, think its finally giving out? Thanks for any help.
  7. Good afternoon, I'm hoping that people here will be able to help me identify some tubes and explain their purpose and whether I can replace them myself. Car is a Ford Focus, Zetec Climate TDCI, 1.8L Diesel, Estate. Please refer to attached picture. Tube A - Cracked through. Thin tube from Turbocharger to sensor? Makes noise similar to blowing through a straw when turbo is running. Does anyone know how I can find a part number, and if it's something I can replace myself (i.e. is it just a push fit or is it heat-shrunk). Tube B - Possible split on underside. Slightly thicker than tube A, unknown origin, runs parallel to a line saying containing fuel don't replace. Does this also contain fuel? What does it do? How easy is it to replace? Part Number? Any help/advice anyone can give about these parts, or guidance on how to find unknown parts that I haven't identified from my Haynes Manual would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alex
  8. Hi, I own a 59 plate 2.0 TDCi TitX with 120k on the clock and whilst it is still a very tidy car I have a couple of concerns due to its age and mileage and was hoping for some good advice from the experts. Clutch has started to sip under heavy acceleration (especially up hills) so I presume that is on it's way out. Any idea of approx costs to fix? And what is the life rough life expectancy of the old Mk3 died at 160k and I'd rather replace the car than get the clutch and/or turbo done in the next 40k. Love the car but not enough to plug a couple of grand into repairs in the next year or so. Thanks very much. Neil
  9. Blown Turbo

    At the end of a 200+ mile journey last night and 3 miles from home in our Mondeo Mk3 (2003) I suddenly lost power, then one up one hill too many a grating noise coming from the engine (like going over a cattle grid) then all hell as the engine went out of control with increasing revs and smoke coming from the bonnet as we all bailed out in fear that it was about to explode. The revving continued with the ignition turned off but almost at it's peak of revving suddenly stopped. Luck would have it that a local mechanic was passing at that precise moment - he got us home and the car now sits in his garage waiting for inspection. He was able to offer 'blown turbo seals' as an on-the-spot diagnosis and said that 9 times out of 10 that meant a new engine or the end of the car. I'm hoping then, while I await his full and proper diagnosis in the sober light of day, that someone might be able to give some hope to cling to. A fuller explanation of what might have just happened to my car... should we actually be just thankful that my wife, two boys, golden retriever and I are still alive... and if it is as common and unpredictable as the friendly mechanic was suggesting will I be able to drive a turbo powered car ever again?... Frightening, still shaken, everything that was in the car now stinks of burned oil and I have little idea what just happened. Any advice and positivity would be much appreciated at this time.
  10. Hi, Need urgent advise. Today driving along engine malfunction message came up and my 2.2 turbo diesel SMax 2011 went into limp mode. Got to my local garage (not ford) and gave me error code P029G (Turbo under boost), also got P246B (Regeneration Particulate filter). He reset all error messages, but each time I run the car the same engine malfunction message apperas and car goes into limp mode. Now the engine management light is on and won't reset.. Any advise would be greatfully appreciated. Oh and I'm heading to Ireland next Saturday.. So very little time to sort the problem out..
  11. So for a long while ive wanted to start a project, had all sorts of ideas, but recently i had an idea of doing a turbo conversion on something with a small engine 1.0 or 1.2. The only thing is im not too sure what turbo to use. I do have a 2.0 TDCI Mondeo (55 Plate) which i can take almost anything out of as the injectors failed (to the point where it doesnt even start with easy start anymore). But would such a small engine have enough power to spool a Mondeo turbo? I have also been made aware that a Diesel turbo cant withstand the heat of petrol fumes, is that true? If a mondeo turbo wont fit (which i wont be suprised at tbh) is anyone aware of a turbo that would? preferably with a small price tag :) Thank you!
  12. Hi I am having a recurring issue with my Focus which I am having trouble diagnosing. I have a high mileage (168,000 miles) 2007 Mk 2 Focus 1.6tdci (110ps version) and I am experiencing a semi-regular issue under acceleration at 1900rpm where the engine will repeatedly start hesitating then return to normal. When the issue occurs it will happen consistently at 1900rpm in all gears and is accompanied by a squeaking/squealing noise. I assume as the RPM is always consistent it is relating to the turbo rather than the running gear or the gearbox, but I am struggling to find a consensus of opinion on other message board posts describing similar problems. I had the EGR valve replaced less than 5k miles ago due to sudden lack of power across the whole rev band, and an engine warning message pointing towards a stuck EGR valve. Having this change solved that issue. This issue did occur a couple of times before the EGR valve change, so when I had that replaced I hoped that would have been the cause, but today the issue has re-appeared. Any thoughts? Obviously I am not looking to spend a lot of money keeping it on the road at this point (looking at auto!trader, 170k seems very high mileage for this engine!), but a diagnosis to give me a better idea what I am looking at would be very handy! Thanks, Chris.
  13. Turbo Change!!!

    Hi there, I have a 2005 2.0l TDCI 115 Mondeo Ghia. My cars stuck in limp mode, so got it diagnosed it said turbo actuator got that changed but it's still sticking so I need to clean/change my turbo. Found a really cheap 2006 2.0l TDCI 130 turbo will it matter if it's different power? Should I just try it on? Or should I try cleaning old one on my day off? Any suggestions/help
  14. Hi all. I have a 06 plate focus fitted with the 1.6 cdti engine. The turbo has blown and im looking to fit a new one. Im no stranger under the bonnet so im looking to do the work myself. As i know this is a common problem for this engine. Im looking for advice on which steps i need to take to carry out the repair. Also, does anyone konw where i can get a refurbished turbo from? I have searched for one but i dont know which companies are better to use etc. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi i have a 1.4 tdci fiesta titanium Ive recently required this car back from my ex wife obviously shes totally neglected the car. NO 4. injector was leaking on the seal so i decided to remove them and replace them all i took my time in cleaning and hoovering carbon away whilst doing this. so after replacing them the car obviously took some starting, eventually she ran but on doing so I noticed that every time it started the engine the oil pressure light took around 5 seconds to go out not giving me throttle response until build up. I can understand that as a engine safety feature. First time round it would cut out 10 seconds after the oil pressure was there so I decided to look at the heater plugs and low and behold 3 heater elements snapped in the head so took head off and sorted the plug problem and built it back up only to get the same fault excluding the cutting out. In all of this I never ran the pump dry and always hand primed the system first so OK I thought id take it for a test drive round the block " serious lack of power " I thought I was going to burn the clutch out I had to rev it that much to set off at junctions. I'm a very experienced mechanic but been working on hgvs for the past 10 years and a little loose on the new stuff could anyone shed any light on the matter please. Is it worth a couple of hours diag at ford ?
  16. Anyone know the Ford Spare Part number or where to obtain it please? I'm new to this Forum so not sure if posting in correct place.
  17. Oil Feed To Turbo

    Hi all so I have a question. Recently got a focus 1.6 TDCI Euro4 Estate. It's been fine but looks like it had a new turbo at some point before I got it. Yesterday I had to explore the engine as have been having a whooshing noise every time the turbo kicks in. Turns out i have a split in one of the pipes. The split is in the rippled part of the pipe just to the left of the oil filler cap. Looks like this one Anyway read about these having trouble with the oil feed to the turbo and the filters being blocked in the sump and else where. My thinking is if it had a new turbo it likely burnt out and now having a split in a pipe could the feed be blocked? I don't want to burn this new turbo out so wanted your thoughts and maybe an idea of how easy it is to clean these filters?? Thanks
  18. Hi, I made a previous forum post about the modifications i added to my car, as ive been unable to add to this list i have decided to rewrite it. I bought my Ecoboost as an ex Tester with 13 miles on the clock from Dagenham Ford. It came in a discontinued Colour 'Nautical Blue', and to be honest ive seen only 1 or 2, 3 door versions of this car around with the same kit, so like to think of my car as limited edition, or a bit of a 'one off'. Here's the car on the day i collected it: As my family and I run a Tyre centre I've had a wide selection of resources at my disposal. I firstly updated my Alloys, from the standard 15" (195-50-15) to a set of 17" (205-40-17) Calibre Friction Rims, with a blue inlay to match the car. To note, ive been running my car on Yokohama S-Drives for the last 19,000 miles... the rear ones have 7mm left and the front ones 5-6... bare in mind how hard i drive. So pretty damn good tyres. If you ever want a price on tyres exhausts, wheel alignment, mot's or anything else take a look at the bottom of the post for the address and number ill sort a discount for any ford members ;) I decided to upgrade cars performance, whilst maintaining my warranty With a BLUEFIN SUPERCHIP Remap, upping the car from 100-140bhp. I notices a ridiculous difference in power and torque, and a MPG, even though the car was pretty hot on the MPG anyway! I found at 60mph on the motorway i could push 50mpg, which it pretty astounding. I was quoted £399.00 from Hill's Ford Kidderminster. Well Worth it. At this point i was miles ahead of the standard Fiesta S. I had the 3 Rear Windows Tinted to 75%, £70.00 from SWT Tints, in Tipton, proper professional job and surprisingly cheap! This can be seen in some of my later photos.I painted my brake callipers blue, to highlight the blue on the alloys. BODY KIT: I added a Fiesta S Bodykit to my car, with all parts being ORIGINAL from Ford, who i also have a trade account with, and getting it all professionally painted and fitted with a perfect colour match from one of our Body Shop specialists, who usually do our alloy wheel referbs. I wouldn't recommend putting cheap body panels on your car, if your going to go down a similar route. The overall look and quality is easy to see, and some cheaper panels can appear funny when headlights shine on it. Sideskirts: I got these direct from ford over the phone. Fiesta Zetec S Front Upper Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...upper_16282.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Front Lower Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...lower_16283.jsp Fiesta Rear Bumper Outer Winglets (PAIR):http://www.pumaspeed...-Pair_16237.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Rear Bumper Extension: Light covers (Left & Right): Added an 'S' badge. I saw alot of people just stick an adhesive badge to the grill... i tried this and wasted about £10. Get this one, put abit of 'Lock Tight' on it, and itll never budge. CAUTION: I did get a set of wind deflectors from amazon, despite it looking GOOD they always caught the windows and left a slight scratch on the glass... So i took these off. SEAT COVERS: cling to the ford seats perfectly! Ill post a photo at some point, really makes the interior look unique. Here are some photos of the finished kit - Excuse the standard 15" rims, it was winter at the time, and these are now my winter wheels.Heres the BEAST. I removed my standard Tuner Nuts, for some Blue Racer Nuts off Ebay: Next stage was a further upgrade in performance, removing the restrictive air-box, for a Puma Speed induction kit, and cold air intake. Gotta admit, for a reasonable £120.00 the Turbo Chatter sounds amazing, and im hoping it'll sound even better through the new exhaust system i have ordered!MONDAY I AM FITTING MY NEW MILTEK CAT-BACK STAINLESS SYSTEM - ILL POST SOME PHOTOS AND A BEFORE AND AFTER IN SOUND.I ALSO PLAN TO DRIVE UP TO PUMASPEED TO REMOVE THE BLUEFIN AND UPGRADE TO A CUSTOM MAP - TO TAKE THE INDUCTION AND EXHAUST INTO CONSIDERATION. THIS WILL PLACE MY LITTLE 1.0LTR 100BHP STANDARD FIESTA AT 160BHP. 100 STANDARD + 40BHP MAP + 5BHP INDUCTION KIT + 15/20BHP EXHAUST. NOT TO BAD FOR SUCH A LITTLE ENGINE. I am hoping to lower the car by around 35mm, only to the height of an actual Zetec S, and I'm only going to bother replacing the springs, rather than the full suspension. If anyone could link me to any springs anyones selling, that would be sick, or if anyone could find a link to anything they recommend. I spoke to ford about the chrome strips along sides, below the windows, as the Zetec S has black rubber ones. Upon speaking to ford they told me that they did not sell these black strips, so i took to the internet where i was recommended to use 'Plasti Dip', or 'Halfords' cheaper just as good 'Plasti Coat'. I spent a fair amount of time prepping and masking the strips. I found the finish was more of less perfect, and smooth. I also had the boot strip done in a colour matched blue - I had to take this strip out, which was one tricky job. SO THIS IS MY CAR ... SO FAR... IM PLANNING TO COME TO SOME FORD MEETS IN THE WEST MIDLANDS ONCE THE MILTEK IS FINISHED SO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING SOME OF YOU SOON! IF ANY OF YOU NEED A PRICE ON TYRES, TRACKING, WHEELS, EXHAUSTS, PUNCTURES, MOTS, WHEEL BALANCE, ETC... FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME AND MY FAMILY'S BUSINESS A TRY. WE'RE WELL KNOWN IN THE BLACK COUNTRY, AND OFFER A HIGH QUALITY SERVICE AT A CHEAP PRICE. HERES OUR ADDRESS: ADDISON TYRE CENTRE, 52A HIGH STREET, PRINCES END, TIPTON, WEST MIDLANDS, DY4 9HP. 0121 557 4019 GIVE ME A CALL AND ASK FOR SCOTT and ill sort you a discount ;D CHEERS!
  19. I'm pretty sure I have a turbo leak somewhere as my car is making a 'whooshing' sound under acceleration which sounds like it's coming from on top/in front of the dash. It was in with a mechanic yesterday for something else entirely and, as an aside after a test drive, he mentioned to me that he thought it might have a leak somewhere in the turbo system also. It's chucking out a bit more smoke than usual (it's a diesel), so would this mean it's burning more fuel? And would this indicate a leak too i.e. burning more fuel to give the same power? Are there any 'usual suspect' areas where the turbo system develops leaks? It's a 1.6tdci
  20. Hi there, first time ford owner here. I have recently purchased a 2007 focus estate 2.0 petrol automatic. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo conversion to this engine? If so, what would I need to complete the conversion.? Also I was wondering what other 'tasty' non-ricer mods are available for this car? Cheers, Mike.
  21. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and am hoping to get some help with an issue as I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to cars! I've got a Mondeo ST tdci 07 plate and am getting a whooshing noise when I reach the revs where the turbo seems to kick in. The EGR valve makes a horrible sound (have attached video) at this point too and upon switching off ignition will make the same noise for a few seconds. I'm also getting loads and loads of black smoke out the exhaust. The engine will sometimes hunt on start up & since Ive had this smoke/whooshing problem the power seems much less. I have a blanking plate fitted to the EGR valve (one with the tiny hole in to supposedly stop EML coming on even though it still comes on again whenever I reset it). The horrid sound coming from the EGR valve makes me think it is that. But then if I have a blanking plate then why would there still be loads of black smoke? I've removed the EGR valve and cleaned it (was minging) but the problem is exactly the same. Forums seem to suggest a split inter cooler hose? I inspected the hoses as far as possible for splits while I had the EGR valve off but can't see any. Still need to check from underneath though. Anybody got any ideas of what it could be and the best place to start? If the EGR is kaput would I still need to replace it if it's blanked anyway? I'm hoping I find a split in the hose but feel all the symptoms I've mentioned point to something much worse? trim.8FDECB28-E14C-4184-AB17-B654B21D52EC.MOV
  22. Hi lads, I bought a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI (115ps) for my first car around three weeks ago. I have since given it a service and have renewed the rear brake pads, air cleaner element. oil filter element and done an oil change. The car has close to 90,000 miles registered on it. It's a 2004 MK1 Ford Focus, 1.8 litre TDCI engine. I don't have an awful amount of knowledge on these engines so I thought I'd ask here. Basically what has been happening is, I have went to start my car in the mornings after turning the key several times to allow the coil light to disappear. When I then proceed to crank the car, it will continue to try to turn over but won't successfully start on first attempt. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. This happens in the afternoons as well, not just during cold mornings. There's also a mechanical whining noise when the turbo kicks in. This happens in all gears. It sort of sounds like the drill that would be used by a dentist, if that makes any sense. I have checked all hoses and pipes for splits and lose fittings, but all seems to be fine. This isn't my main concern though. My main concern is there seems to be an awful amount of black smoke coming out of the exhaust. Most of the time this smoke isn't constant, but you can see patches of it in the distance when you're driving away and looking through your rear-view mirror. I was sitting at a junction this afternoon waiting for the traffic to clear before I could make my exit, and when I went to give it some revs, it felt as if the car was down on power and it was about to cut out on me. I then noticed that there was a ton of black smoke when I looked behind me. It continued to come out of the exhaust when I was building up revs in second gear as well. I have used a diagnostic machine and no fault codes are shown No warnings lights appear on my dash Car doesn't seem down on power in other gears and the turbo builds up boost as it should do Checked for split hoses and loose pipes I also emptied a bottle of diesel system cleaner into the tank this afternoon when I was refueling. I haven't been driving the car enough to be able to tell if it has made any sort of a difference though. Sometimes the car seems to judder and feel rough when beginning to start up and driving for the first minute or two. It has cut out on me a couple of times, but I'm not sure whether this was a human error and I'm just not giving it enough revs/releasing the clutch too much, but it only seems to occur during start-up and then it seems alright when I'm changing up and down gears after ten minutes or so. I have looked around forums and search engines and I've heard people experiencing similar problems. Some people have recommended to others that removing the EGR valve and giving it a clean/blanking it off will make a difference. Would this be recommended? Could this perhaps be the issue? I'm beginning to worry about this now, and it can be embarrassing when this happens, leaving cars behind me in a large puff of black smoke. It's more embarrassing than anything, really. I don't know where to begin looking, and I don't have the money to squander on parts which may or may not fix the issue. The coil light on my dash seems to disappear instantly when the ignition is turned on, so perhaps it could also do with a set of glow plugs while I'm at it? It's been due a timing belt for quite some time, as it's recommended to replace it at 100,000 miles or at a ten-year interval. This being a 2004 car and having no service history, I'm planning on replacing it so I can be at ease, along with renewing the water pump, tensioner and perhaps the alternator belt as well. It could may have already been done, but there's no indication of it being changed so I'd like to be safe than sorry. If you have any suggestions or past experiences with these issues, please drop a comment below. I'll upload some pictures upon request if necessary. I'd be glad to hear from you. The sooner I get this sorted the better. :) Cheers.
  23. My 04 Focus 1.8 tdci

    From the album Focus 04 1.8 tdci

  24. Removing Turbo 1.8Tdci

    Hello guys I have a ford focus 1.8TDCI 2003 i am trying to remove the turbo as i need it to be refurbed however i am having trouble removing it from the engine bay. Any suggestions or anyone that has removed a turbo from this model? Thankyou for your time Conna