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  1. Mk7 Brake Discs

    My 62 Mk7 has just had its first MOT and failed due to front brake discs and pads. It has only 10,000 on the clock although it is used more than a couple of times a week. I have recovered the failed items and noted that the discs themselves are severely evenly worn whilst the pads show little wear although they are ragged around the edges. It appears to me that the discs are soft. Has anybody had a similar experience and/or suggestions as to how to get compensation. The dealer is taking no action.
  2. Has any one else had tyre noise that resembles a bearing failing I.e. rumbling at low speed 20 mph and then as speed increases sounds like a distant helicopter. a kind of woob woob woob sound . The car is under warranty and the garage says its tyre noise due to uneven wear however the tyres are newish goodyears and having worked as a tyre fitter and a mechanic it definitely sounds like front wheel bearings . Worrying as car has only done 27000 miles . ps 17 inch alloys ??
  3. I bought the car last year and didn't come with spare tyre, just foam and few other bits. Not sure if a full sized tyre can fit into the space provided in the boot, or whether its intended just for a space saver. Has anyone managed to get a full sized in? Rather a full sized tyre than a space saver... if I have the choice. Many thanks. :)
  4. Hi guys I've just got my hands on a very nice mk3 Titanium which came with the full-size spare, with all the foam to raise the floor. We're about to have a kid and need the boot space, so I hopped on eBay and got a space saver, thinking I'd just swap the wheels over, get rid of the foam inserts adn everything would be fine... Turns out though that's not the case, as even the space saver sits a couple of inches above the metal boot floor, meaning the boot carpet is unsupported around the edges. Can anyone tell me if there's a different set of foam inserts that usually goes around the space saver? or some other way the boot floor is usually supported? Cheers
  5. Spare Wheel/tyre

    Hi all, I am a new member of this site. And this is my first post.. I recently bought my first car which is Ford Focus Zetec 06 model. As you understand I am new driver, I have very little knowledge about car maintenance. Anyway, after buying the car I have done a full service from ford dealer for peace of mind. Everything was ok... Just two note...1. Spare wheel & tyre missing and 2. advise for new ht leads. At that time I haven't done those as they asked almost £400 and I checked at halfords those things available at lower price. Today, I went to local halfords for those things but they told me they don't sell these.......😕 So, can you guys tell me should I buy spare wheel ? Spare Tyre ? Universal Spare Tyre ? And fro. Where ??? I am really confused... My tyre size 205/55/R16 91V. And, where can I get exact ht leads and is it possible to change the leads myself ?? I see. Video at youtube.... Looks ok... What you say guys ??? Thanks in advanced for your expert reply...😃
  6. Right, so just been out in my beloved fiesta, and I've managed to stupidly scrape my alloy and put a bit of a tear in my tyre due to a slight lapse in concentration. What do you guys/girls think I should do? Is the tyre ruined? Thanks in advance!
  7. Focus Titanium 2012

    Hi, has anyone ever had cause to see the warning for a low tyre pressure? I went over a pothole today and discovered about an hour later that my front near side was flat. I hadn't noticed before I got in the car but obviously did when I started to drive off and immediately stopped. A trip to the tyre place near me tomorrow after inflating the tyre, which I had done and seems to be holding. I had no warning of this as I started to drive, just wondered if anyone has seen it work? I always reset it after ever inflating the tyres. Many thanks.
  8. Altenzo Tyre Help

    Has anyone ever bought altenzo tyres. i need some cheap tyres for my focus. £48 each for 205/55/16. My old tyres are wearing on the inside even though its been setup on a hunter hawkeye, ive also been back with it and he tells me the tracking is still ok. So i need to find out what up with it before i shell out on more expensive tyres. Or mybe its the small square speed bump i straddle over?.
  9. Hi Can anyone kindly tell me if an old Ford Focus ST170's space saver should fit my 2014 B-Max. I've spent a hour googling about space savers and I'm depresingly none the wiser. I can't see a Ford space saver webpage. I'd guess both small fords have the same standard 4 holes and the same rolling radius, outside diameter? I saw one mention of leaving room for disc brakes & they are on the front of a B.Max, but assume ST170's would allow room. (I'm not worried about how high it sits under the boot carpet) Thanks Geoff
  10. I want to change the colour of my 18" Alloy Wheels on my Focus Zetec S, currently manufacturer silver, which (when clean) are very tidy. But I do like black/gun metal colour wheels... just don't know which ones? Gloss black or Gun Metal Grey..... Help!!!
  11. Hi, First time poster - I hope you can help me out here! :) My Focus has odd wheels and I'm trying to find out which ones are actually the correct ones! (I think two of them might be from an escort potentially?) Here is a picture of the drivers side front wheel: and here is one of the passenger side front wheel: As you can clearly see, they don't match! This means that the drivers side wheels stick out slightly from the car body and the passenger side ones look sunk in. I'd say by about 10mm for each respectively. My question is: are either of these the correct steel wheels for my 2000 Mk1 1.8 Focus? (its second hand by the way). Many thanks Max
  12. Wrong Tyres??

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd try and see if anybody could help me out. I've recently bought a 2000 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25 and thought I'd check the tyre pressures today. I've checked in the handbook to see what pressure the tyres should be but the tyres on the car don't match what they should be in the handbook. The tyres on the car are 175/65 R14 and in the book they should be 165/70 R13. Is this a problem or am I just being stupid? Also the tyres on the car are a mixture of 82T and 82H. All the tread depths are good. Should I be looking to replace all tyres with the same tyre type and getting the size that's in the handbook? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  13. Hi guys, I hit a pot hole maybe 2 months ago or so, and it completely obliterated my late 2008 alloy into many seperate pieces. I immediately installed the space saver and got a new alloy sent to me within a week. Driving on the space saver, I noticed my steering wheel would shake above 50mph and the car would rumble from the left passenger wheel (the point of impact). I took no notice of this and just put it down to driving on a space saver near it's maximum intended speed (50mph) which I rarely if at all exceeded. With the new alloy installed, my car still rumbles and shakes from the left passenger wheel above 50mph and I'm worried something may have been damaged by the impact, since it was large enough to actually shatter an alloy, and now that the wheel and tyre have been replaced I doubt it's anything to do with the wheel itself. Does anybody have any ideas as to what, if anything, could have been damaged by this type of accident, and what could be causing this problem? The steering wheel also shakes mildly but it doesn't affect the actual steering itself and I haven't noticed any extra issues with the tracking etc. Hope to hear from you all soon, and thank you for reading P.S. I had the suspension arm on that wheel replaced about 6 months ago, so I know the noise that used to make and can safely rule that out as a possibility.
  14. Tyre Pressures

    Hi Guys Dose anyone know what the correct tyre pressures should be for a 1989/99 short wheel base transit tyre size 195/14c Many Thanks on advance
  15. What Alloy Is This?

    Hey guys! Bought my car second hand and need a another alloy as a tyre was flat and now that alloys got a dent in it. Anyone got a name or product number for this alloy as i can seem to find it? There off a Fiesta Zetec (59) 1.2 I don't think they are standard zetec ones buy who knows? And how much I should pay for a new or a used one? Thanks guys!
  16. Hi All. Can anyone help with Settings for tyre pressure monitoring. Got my S Max 2012. Had tyre pressure monitoring option fitted. I am sure that when I played around with the settings I could set the pressure for low tyre pressure warning to become active!!! I Have recently tried to find this screen (Or menue) but am unable to find it. Can anyone tell me how to find this screen?? Can anyone verify it exists or existed?? Could it be missing because of some software update?? I have a constant warning "Check Rear Left Tyre" Actual tyre pressures match the information on the screen but this warning stays active. But please note recently I had to seperate the sensor from the car as the air valve got damaged during a tyre renewal. A metal dust cap was fitted and became jammed on due to corosion. (Warning do not fit any type of metal dust cap to these tyre valves they are made of Aluminium. Always use plastic ) Managed to get the air valve from Ford snapped on the original electronic module and a tyre fitter put the sensor back into the wheel. Please note the sensor did become seperated from the car. Mabe this has somthing to do with the warning?? But why has it not reset?? It is comunicating with the car as the correct tyre pressure is displayed. Went into ford dealer today but could not speak to anyone technical enougth to give advice. But they were very willing to book the car in (think I will wait till next service is due) Manual supplied with car is not detailed enogth to explain the various pages on the display. (Yes I actualy consulted the manual LOL) Anyway I Hope some one can shine some light on this subject please.
  17. Hi chaps, I have just bought a used Mondeo Titanium X Sport after a reasonable hiatus from car ownership due to living in the big smoke of London and Singapore, so I'm a little out of touch with the car world of today. The car is in decent nick with 10,000 miles on the clock and what looks like a decent set of Potenza 235x40x19 96Ys on it. These appear healthy enough for now, but I know that new rubber in this size will be somewhere between "ouch" and buttock clenchingly expensive, so I would like to do some homework well in advance of actual need. I know there are a few posts on this subject already - I just thought I would put out my perspective and see if any recommendations are different. My views are that I wont buy budget tyres - no way, now how. This is from bias in "the old days" where budget tyres were pretty garbage. There have probably been a lot of advancements, but I would rather put my safety in the "hands" of the premium brands. Looking at names out there I think my choices are : Dunlops Brigestone (Potenza is by Bridgestone - right?) Michelin Continental In the past I have always gone for either Contis or Dunlops as I always thought Michelins were overpriced and rubbish in the wet, but that's based on 7 years back .. So - I live in Scotland which as rumour has it - is always wet (near enough). So - I have a big priority on wet handling. Safety is top priority, so I would like anyone's view on the above brands (and models if you can recommend any), that would give a good reckoning in terms of : - Wet road handling - Dry road handling - Road noise - Fuel economy In order of most to least important. Budget is not a huge concern - I will pay top ££ if a tyre is SOO much safer than another alternative, but I don't want my wallet raided just for a fancy name and "go faster" stripes type thing. Your expert options are greatly awaited.
  18. Evening all, Just a quick question as I am new to this site. I bought a 2011 Fiesta Edge just before christmas. Im intrigued by the spare wheel kit. Any ideas if a spare wheel is needed, cost? I commute 60 miles a day and if i use the repair kit i would have to limp home rather than just change the wheel. Thank you for any help given in advance. Previous Skoda man, new to the Ford family. Cheers Paul
  19. Fiesta Mk7 Tyre Profile?

    I have recently ordered some new alloys for my mk7 fiesta, they are 17"x7j. I am wondering what profile tyres to get?? I am wanting a low profile look but obviously not too low so that every little stone feels like a pothole. Any suggestions. Thanks
  20. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  21. I have an 11 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.6 tdci with 16" Ford 7 spoke alloys factory fitted. Both front tyres have excessive tyre wear on the very inside edge. Car has done 36k from new, now on 3rd set of tyres so two previous sets had same wear. Anyone had the same problem (had tracking checked and its spot on) seams like the camber is sll wrong, have owned over 17 cars snd never had anything near this bad before. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Local Ford dealer just said wear is within tollerances!
  22. Tyre Sidewall Damage

    Hey all. I noticed some tyre damage on my sisters Fiesta yesterday. She told me when Ford did their 3 month check, they said the tyre was fine. To me it looks like it needs changing. Thoughts?
  23. I ordered my new Fiesta with Deflation Detection System (DDS), but I noticed that no related settings appeared in the "Vehicle Settings" menu. The manual implies it should appear in "Vehicle Settings" so that you can reset it after changing tyre pressures. Now, I suspect the reason it doesn't appear is that DDS software simply hasn't been properly enabled on my Fiesta (it doesn't need any extra hardware, it's done from the ABS sensors). I wanted to be check with someone else just in case (for example) it only appears in the menu after a deflation has been triggered. Curious to know what other people see. Another odd thing is that the handbook shows a setting for "ESC" (Electronic Stability Control?) in the Vehicle Settings Menu, but that doesn't appear in my car either. The dealer says they can't change the DDS easily and they need the car for TWO DAYS (yes!) to reload all the vehicle software... Needless to say, I'm not unduly happy.
  24. 2008 Fiesta Style Climate

    Hi all From all accounts it seems that this is the forum to beat all forums when it comes to help. Have been an owner of only Fords since the 1970s. Very pleased with all, so have kept going. Very pleased with the currrent Fiesta also, except for, I'm sure a surmountable problem. We are experiencing an involantary sound which can best be descibed as similar to the second lock sound i.e. immobiliser sound every 90 secs. or so when the car is sitting on the drive, doors closed, doors unlocked, turned off, key out. Also may this be the source of a regular flat battery, even after as little as 12 days? Ideas? Thanks Bob
  25. I've had tyre wear before, due to suspension problems etc. Looking at the picture, can you tell me what's caused this type of wear, Thanks in Advance, Jon