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  1. Hi All, I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 TDCI (163ps) I am looking at getting my cambelt changed and water pump soon and just wanted people opinion on when to get it done or if you have same car when did you get it done? Ford Eits says 125,000 or 10 years. I am currently at 98,000 and taking it in for its 100,000 service soon. I do a lot of motorway milage around 25,000 a year and it has always been serviced at Ford dealers. Thanks for your help :)  
  2. Evening all! TLDR: My mk3 TDCI is producing an intermittent rattling noise on idling, which disappears when I raise the revs slightly by depressing the throttle. Appears to come from the right-hand side of the car, and seems to be external to the engine. Any theories? The long version: This week I needed (i.e. badly wanted!) a new car to replace my battered 20-year-old Corolla. I ended up with a mk3 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi, 115PS, 2006-plate hatchback in green. Great cosmetic condition, 136,000 miles on the clock, with no service history apart from last MOT (March 15), which it passed with a couple of advisories, one of which is the noise I'm asking about here. Okay, so I took a risk, but the car looks great, is much newer and better-equipped than anything else I could have afforded, and cost me just £450! It has a couple of issues, but I figure it's worth spending a bit of money to keep this one running. My theory is that the first owner was a business driver/high miler, as the car is in great condition and the passenger and rear seats have hardly been used. It then seems to have spent about 8 months in the ownership of a young man from a family of traveller types who own horses and buy and sell vehicles - but who don't seem to have done much maintenance or servicing on this car (evidenced by the fact that it needed a thorough cleaning inside and out after purchase, but scrubbed up great!). I was relieved to learn that the mk3 TDCI has a timing chain rather than cambelts. However, it appears that one might still need to check the condition of the timing chain (£200 bill?), and the replacement of the auxiliary belts is due at 125,000 miles (also £200 bill?). As I mentioned in my summary above, there is this metallic rattling noise when idling. It's not there all the time - usually takes several seconds of sitting at traffic lights for it to begin, and it comes and goes. It can be relieved by raising the revs slightly using the accelerator pedal, and also seems to vanish when the clutch pedal is depressed. With the bonnet up, the noise seems to be coming from the area of the auxiliary belts on the right-hand end of the engine. Everything seems to be working; it's just this noise. The car stops and goes just fine and has plenty of oomph. Worth pointing out: the car pulls to the left noticeably, pretty much all the time. This has not been cured by having the wheels aligned or replacing the tyres worn by the misalignment. The only time it has not done this is on a surface with a right-hand camber. The left-hand pull also occurs if I brake sharply (once the car has shed most of its momentum; it then kind of "digs" to the left just before coming to a complete stop, with the steering wheel twisting to the left). Whilst driving I find myself compensating, and at times if feels as if I'm fighting the steering a little. I don't remember having anything like this or noticing heavy power steering on the brand new TDCi estate I hired for a week whilst living in Germany back in 2002, which I put about 1,500 miles on - I was very impressed by that car, and that's one reason why I bought my current Mondeo. So I'm wondering if the rattling is anything to do with the drive to the power steering pump which in turn might contributing to the steering issue. Clearly the car needs an oil and filter change which I will probably do myself. A friend (trained mechanic) drove behind me yesterday and said he saw the odd puff of smoke - not sure how much oil it's consuming but it's in the middle of the dipstick, albeit quite black. Anyway, I'd be happy to clear up the rattling on this thread and investigate the leftward drift separately. PS To avoid wasting time with comments about the risks I've taken, can we please just assume I've done all the self-beatings and sleepless nights about buying a car with no service history from dodgy people - I've got good reasons for not wanting to put any more time or energy into looking for a car, and would just like to know what I might need to do to get this running as sweetly as possible (or indeed if the issue is one I can ignore safely). Over to you! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  3. Cambelt Change

    Hi I'm sorry if I've repeated a common asked question, but why does the camshaft pulley have to be removed when changing the cam belt? I have a 9 year old Transit connect with 68k on the clock. My son recently changed the cam belt on my wife's Peugeot 1.5D and he said he would do my connect. On reading the Haynes manual it said to remove the cam pulley. His normal method is to lock the crankshaft and cam shaft pulley, remove the tensioner remove the old belt, replace with the new belt, put on the new tensioner tighten up,but the Haynes manual says to remove the camshaft pulley. Have we missed something? I appreciate any answers and may decide to ask a garage to do it if necessary.
  4. Hi all, I've got a Mk3 Focus, and a new born baby... we have a baby seat that the rear seat belt of the Focus wraps around in various ways to hold it tight into the car, however this relies on the rear seat belt of the Focus engaging an automatic locking mode. This mode is supposedly engaged by pulling the seat belt down and all the way out, then letting it retract back in (apparently coinciding with a clicking noise as the belt retracts) , and while in this mode the seat belt should only retract, and not allow any release of the tension, allowing you to pull the belt tight, and the seat belt keeping the tension. Great, or so I thought until I tried to engage the locking mode, no dice, the seat belt just retracts or releases as under normal driving conditions. I tried both left and right rear seat belts but can't get either to engage the locking mode, if one side worked and the other didn't i'd put it down to having one duff rear belt, but with both sides not working, I can only put it down to having a duff understanding of what I need to do to engage the locking mode. Can anyone shed light on what trick is required to get the rear seat belt to go into the locking mode? I'm grateful of any help. Thanks all. Phil
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give me any indication of how difficult it would be to change my diesel 1.6 zetec-s 61 plate mk3 focus' accessory belt myself. Is it doable with a basic set of tools or would I need any specialised equipment? Would I need to get access to the underneath of the car? I can clearly see it and it looks like I should be able to get access to it after unmounting and moving the coolant tank, loosening the tensioner by hand and replacing, however I'd like to avoid any unexpected gotchas before I even attempt it. Thanks in advance, Jakub.
  6. Just got my car back from it's MOT and Service, seen that I have a 'advice cam belt' on the bottom of one of the pieces of paper they gave me, didn't say anything through so didn't have a chance to ask them advice. Anyway it's a 57 plate 1.6 (115) engine but has only done 41,000 miles, so not really keeping up with the average mileage. Am I in dire need of getting this done and if I do should I insist on Ford parts? Also what would be a good price? Thanks
  7. I am buying the parts myself which are working out at €250. That's for timing belt and water pump kit & a wet belt kit. Mechanic I know said he'd fit for €200. Is this a good price? My car is 120,000m and I'm not sure if both belts have been replaced yet as don't have the service history.
  8. I needed to replace the lever for the centre seatbelt as it stopped working. I have removed the old mechanism and attempted to fit the new mechanism. However, I cannot see where the wire is supposed to be attached to the new mechanism in order for the middle seat to function correctly? I have attached couple of photos of both the mechanism and the wire - anyone have any idea? I am probably caught up on the most basic part but i'm sure I have tried everything!
  9. Seat Belt Chime Help!!

    Hi Guys, My seat belt chime started going off a couple of months ago. I found out how to turn it off by buckling and unbuckling it 9 times, which worked up until a few weeks ago. The car has decided to turn it back on every now and again, so some days it will turn itself on, others it will be silent. The original method of turning it off doesn't work now!! Does anybody have any ideas short of taking it to the dealer? Thinking of cutting the wire to the belt, however I've seen to take caution just in case it's connected to the air bag too. Help would be much appreciated as it's really getting on my nerves!! Thank you, Rhys
  10. Hi folks sorry if this has been done before I've just joined and just bought a immaculate fiesta finesse 5dr 1.4 tdci on a 03 plate ,my question is it has 74,000 0n the clock and i'm unsure as to whether they are cam chain or belt ,whichever it is how long before replacement ??? many thanks and apologies again if this has been done before ,i'm after a quick response to set my mind at rest , many thanks Bruce.
  11. Timing Belt And Performance

    Just had the timing belt done, including aux belt, water pump and recharge air con - car 8 years old and 105k miles. Should I notice any difference in the way it drives compared to just before it going in for the job? I have to say I didn't notice anything on the short drive home from the garage. One other thing, the garage ran the car at idle with the bonnet up for a good hour and a half after doing the job - is that normal and just to check that everything is ok? Can't think of any ofther reason and only saw it on the dashcam afterwards so couldn't ask them.
  12. I purchased a 2002 Focus yesterday and it has a noise coming from the belt to the left of the engine (as far as I know main drive belt). I have found the source to be a very slightly wobbly pulley. When the car is idle you can hear it making a noise. There is a very slight bit of movement if I try it with my hand. I think from the diagrams I have seen it might be the water pump pulley. It looks like a plastic pulley (though just covered I'm guessing) with bolts attaching it to the engine. It might be a case of just tightening the bolts but I doubt it. Please does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next? I have attached an image with the pulley circled in yellow (please ignore the red writing). Thanks
  13. Hello I have just bought my zetec s this weekend and unfortunately my auxiliary belt is now around 2mm thick :/ I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up or if they have any haynes style instructions,this would be brilliant. It is the front belt ie, around alternator and the water pump and another pulley. Any advice? Is the 1.6 engine the same as in the focus? Many thanks Steve
  14. I'm planning to replace the timing belt and water pump on my 2007 MK6.5 Fiesta with a 1.4 TDCi engine. I found the Gates KP15587XS kit which seems right for this type of vehicle and is available with a new water pump as well. I also checked the price of a timing belt + water pump kit at my local Ford dealership and they gave me a diagram that showed (among other things) that the water pump has a sealing gasket. The diagram looks quite similar like this: Now, the Gates kit does not mention whether or not a timing belt gasket is included. I e-mailed them to ask this question, but I haven't gotten a response yet. So... Perhaps anyone here has already replaced the water pump on their 1.4 TDCi? If so, could you tell me whether it actually uses a water pump gasket?Perhaps anyone here has already bought the Gates KP15587XS kit? If so, could you tell me whether a water pump gasket is included? Also, does the kit include a new crank pulley bolt, or are you supposed to re-use the old bolt?Thanks a lot!
  15. Workshop Manual

    Has anyone got any pdf files or screen shots from any of the Timing belt changing manuals that would cover the mk2.5 1.6 zetec focus? been looking to buy the auto data timing belts 2012 book from amazon but seems to be out of stock for a good while now. are they any manuals for this job (timing belt change) anyone can recommend? at the moment all I have to go with is the Haynes workshop manual. Thanks in advanced.
  16. I'm getting some quotes for replacing my timing belt on my 2006 1.6 petrol ford focus. One garage has said the water pump does not need to be replaced as it is run off the fan belt, I'm not mechanically minded and I've always heard you get the water pump replaced whenever the timing belt is done so obviously this sounds odd to me. can anybody help enlighten me on this?
  17. I'm in the middle of changing a cam belt on the above car, ( its the Peugoet/Citreon engine ) The pin that was locking the fuel pump managed to fall out whilst the cambelt was off the engine. I've now lost the timing and not sure what to do next. I know I should of taken more care, I can hardley believe what I have done. Can anybody help me here?
  18. Timing Belt Renewal

    I need to get my timing belt changed soon and have been phoning around for prices and Ford garages who are quoting between £430 and £470 (excluding water pump) which seems very high compared with the prices I have seen people quoting on here. I read that Ford garages are more likely to have all the right locking pins and tools to do this sort of job which an independent might not for every car manufacturer so would be more likely to botch it. I know there are a lot of good indys but I just don't know any of them well enough to be certain they would do a good job. My question is seeing as the 1.6 TDCi is a PSA engine, are the tools needed all the same between the Ford TDCi and the PSA HDi engines and would a Peugot or Citroen garage have all the same tools and be just as capable as a Ford garage to do a Focus? I ask because there is a Citroen garage near me who might be worth asking - I know he will say yes he can do it because he won't want to turn away the work, but I want to know the chances that he has the right set up to do the job properly. An other option is if anyone can recommend a good garage who could do this near Watford or Swansea (not exactly near eachother but I will be spending time in both places in the next few weeks).
  19. Help With Timing!

    Are there 2 types of cam alignment tool? Because I have 2 ford zx2 escorts and I have the alignment plate and pin but the plate won't fit, they are where they should be, but the plate won't go in, then I found this YOUTUBE video that said some escorts are "recessed", where you need a different type of plate, see or go to youtube and search for 2 0 VCT Ford timing belt and it's the guy wearing a red hat explaining how to set the timing. Please help, I have had these two cars taken apart for weeks now, one needs a oil pressure solenoid according the mechanic and both need the timing set.
  20. Hi Guys!, I have a 2001 Mondeo Zetec S, 2,5 V6. After around 3000rpm there is a knocking that sounds timing chain related still starts and drives fine besides knocking, although not driven for long. Is there anything that is prone to failure i.e. plastic guides or tensioners? any help or advise would be appreciated. Thanks! in advance.
  21. I own a 2005 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi. I have owned her about a year and currently has around 122k miles on the clock. Since I purchased the car a whole bunch of things seem to keep happening. There are however 2 issues right now: 1) Noisy engine, this is coming from the Aux belt / Crankshaft pulley. 2) DMF is failing, it is grating into the starter motor which I had replaced around 5 months ago. It also noticeably squeaks when I use light engine breaking. I am looking to purchase all the required parts and get a mechanic to replace what is needed. For problem 1 I have so far purchased: Crankshaft Pulley: Belt: I intend to purchase a tensioner also since I hear it could be causing the issues: For problem 2 I am looking to purchase: Are these the right bits I am looking at, anything else I should be considering? Any advice would be appreciated :)
  22. Hi All, my automatic drive belt tensioner failed last night, belt wrecked and need to replace it as soon as shops open tomorrow. I have been looking at the haynes manual regarding moving Power steering reservoir etc. Even with these items moved I cannot see the bolts/nuts I need to remove to get the tensioner out. It looks like I need to remove the air conditioning compressor from the engine as the bolts securing it also seem to secure the tensioner, is this correct?? Does anyone have a clear picture of one of these tensioners I can look at? Thanks guys Mark.
  23. Cam Belt?

    I was driving just about to turn right into a station when my car lost power and wouldn't move. My friend had to get out and push me into the station. I tried a few times turning the key but just wouldn't turn over. A mechanic came out to me to recover the car back to my house and had a quick look over and said it was the cam belt. I got to the cam belt and seemed like there was no damage, the belt was in good condition and the pulleys seemed ok. Any ideas?
  24. Hello everyone; posted a while back about some engine rattling (turned out to be exhaust bracket) and got some useful advice. Thought i'd come back for some more thoughts on a maintenance question i have :) . I have been diagnosed with a worn oil pump. I thought i would have a go at swapping this out myself; got the new pump in hand and have so far removed sump, oil pickup, auxilliary drive belt, crankshaft pulley and cambelt covers. The question i have relates to how it is possible to maintain engine timing while removing the crankshaft sprocket which is also used to fix the crankshaft timing via a locking pin (drill bit). My Haynes manual makes an incredibly brief reference to locking the flyheel in the correct position for engine timing, which sounds sensible. However, the manual only discusses elswhere, the method of locking - locking the flywheel with a flywheel pin through the bell housing, while also saying that this cannot be used for engine timing purposes. This seemed a little ambiguous to me. The question i have is - how can i maintain engine timing if i cannot lock the flywheel with this 'non-timing' pin? Do i need to go so far as removing the starter motor and using a special tool to lock flywheel in correct timing or....(and this maybe a little risky).. can i do something a little simpler and mark the timing belt, fuel pump, crankshaft and camshaft sprockets with typex (is there a risk that residual engine pressure or camshaft forces will move engine parts dangerously if they are not secured? ...and i thought i could just pop the bonnet, undo a couple of bolts and be done by lunch... :D Thanks in advance :)
  25. Timing Belt Snapping

    Hello All, Just thought i would share this experience with you lads and ladies. Yeserday I had my timing belt snap on me. I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI at 97000. I just want to warn people that the 125,000 miles/ 10yrs that ford suggest might just be at a stretch. I suggest get it done much earlier to avoid what i'm about to go through lol. when i bought the car it put it through a full service and because of the manufacturers recommended time and milage suggested frame the belt was left alone. i ran the service at 94000. according to my mechanic i might have to replace all 16 valves. he is first going to order the timing belt change kit from ford then do a compression test. if it passes then happy days if not then the head will have to come off and valves replaced. lets just say this isn't going to be cheap at all. Just giving you all a warm warning.... Regards