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  1. Hi all, Looks like my driver seat (or frame?) is broken, it moves into the bottom left corner if pressed. If you get out the car and move the seat it moves into that bottom left corner. Does anyone know what to check and how to check it and how to go about fixing this problem? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I've got a Mk3 Focus, and a new born baby... we have a baby seat that the rear seat belt of the Focus wraps around in various ways to hold it tight into the car, however this relies on the rear seat belt of the Focus engaging an automatic locking mode. This mode is supposedly engaged by pulling the seat belt down and all the way out, then letting it retract back in (apparently coinciding with a clicking noise as the belt retracts) , and while in this mode the seat belt should only retract, and not allow any release of the tension, allowing you to pull the belt tight, and the seat belt keeping the tension. Great, or so I thought until I tried to engage the locking mode, no dice, the seat belt just retracts or releases as under normal driving conditions. I tried both left and right rear seat belts but can't get either to engage the locking mode, if one side worked and the other didn't i'd put it down to having one duff rear belt, but with both sides not working, I can only put it down to having a duff understanding of what I need to do to engage the locking mode. Can anyone shed light on what trick is required to get the rear seat belt to go into the locking mode? I'm grateful of any help. Thanks all. Phil
  3. Hi I'd be grateful for experienced suggestions please. We have 8-month old twins and a 4 3/4 old. We need to get three child seats across the back (middle), and am keen to hear on a seat mix - 2 x stage 2 and 1 x stage 3 - that works. Seats or particular interest are: Cybex Solution Q2 Britax Kidifix Xp Maxi Cosi Rodifix Jane Montecarlo R1 Does anyone have one of the above as well as 2 x stage 2's? If so which combination allows for the seatbelt in the middle to be done up with, relative, ease? V many thanks Bruce
  4. Hello everyone! Does anyone know if there is some sort of Airbag simulator for the seat connector in the MK2 Focus? Because after I installed new bucketseats the airbag light is on. The original seats had airbags in them etc.
  5. Isofix Seat

    Hi does anyone know what isofix seat I can get to fit my new fiesta the one I have wont go in
  6. I needed to replace the lever for the centre seatbelt as it stopped working. I have removed the old mechanism and attempted to fit the new mechanism. However, I cannot see where the wire is supposed to be attached to the new mechanism in order for the middle seat to function correctly? I have attached couple of photos of both the mechanism and the wire - anyone have any idea? I am probably caught up on the most basic part but i'm sure I have tried everything!
  7. Rear Seat Squeaking

    Hello, New on here, boldly going with my new 5 door 1.0 ecoboost. It's less than two months old and has developed an annoying squeak from the rear offside. I initially searched the web and checked heat deflectors, hand brake bushes, brake shoes and the rear seat backrest catches. The squeak is only apparent with a single passenger sitting in the middle, rear seat and only when straightening up from a left curve or turn. i.e. if no rear passenger or 2 or more passengers or single passenger on off rear side = no squeak. After much investigation and head scratching I've narrowed the problem down to the rear seat bench. i first looked up how to remove it with instructions telling me it was a very tight fit because of the supporting wire frame locating into hook like brackets next to the seat belt anchors and then the front wire hoops dropping into their locators. On mine the seat bench can be very easily be lifted from the rear before popping up the front locators. Thinking this may be a simple bad install I removed the bench and attempted a better fit. The rear support wire locates without problem into said brackets BUT to get the front loops to locate I have to push the bench backwards (towards the boot) to lign up the front locators. This then allows the seat to be loose at the rear mounts and can once again be lifted out without first popping the front locators. I basically have an ill-fitting rear seat bench that squeaks loudly and annoyingly under the conditions described. Is this something the dealer would be able and willing to cure or even something that has been encountered before along with a possible remedy? TIA
  8. Leather /faux Seat Covers??

    Hi all, where can I get decent leather or faux leather seat covers from that will fit my focus Mk3 Zetec S? Cheers! James
  9. Seat Belt Chime Help!!

    Hi Guys, My seat belt chime started going off a couple of months ago. I found out how to turn it off by buckling and unbuckling it 9 times, which worked up until a few weeks ago. The car has decided to turn it back on every now and again, so some days it will turn itself on, others it will be silent. The original method of turning it off doesn't work now!! Does anybody have any ideas short of taking it to the dealer? Thinking of cutting the wire to the belt, however I've seen to take caution just in case it's connected to the air bag too. Help would be much appreciated as it's really getting on my nerves!! Thank you, Rhys
  10. Hi all, im not sure what the part is called but its the metal bar under the seat that you pull up to adjust your seat forwards and backwards, its completely snapped off and now i cant move my seat. What is this part called? How do i fix it? And can i move my seat without it for the time being. Thank you!
  11. Hi all, I have a P reg ('96) Mk4 Ford Fiesta and the driver side fore/aft seat adjuster (i.e. for sliding the seat forward and back to change driver position) is broken. At first the seat would not lock at in any position causing the seat to go back and forth with breaking, and now the seat is locked in a position and can not be moved without using the handle to tip the seat forward (3 door). The handle under the seat is very loose, I have had a look and cant see anything that has been disconnected or broken. Any ideas of how I can get better access to the linkages, or it is a case of removing the seat, also any ideas on what the problem could well be, pictures would be great to. Thanks everyone. Helen
  12. The Great Mk2 Leak Hunt

    Hello all, My 2005 Mk2 Focus has recently developed a rather unpleasant smell. For a while i thought someone had left some pizza somewhere in the car, or slipped something nasty into the air intake as a screw you for parking in my spot :P. After some investigation i found that the carpet, cladding, and soundproofing underneath the drivers seat (rear passenger footwell) was wet, and undoubtedly the source of the smell. Now from reading the forums it seems to could be any number of things: Air Con drain tubePollen filter housing / pollen filterDoor sealsWindscreen sealsSunroof seals (luckily i have no sunroof)Heater matrixObviously this is a pretty long list of things to check in depth brandishing a little spray bottle of water. As some of them are more of a pain that others (looking at you heater matrix), does anyone have any suggestions to narrow down the problem, or things to quickly try and fix. I had wondered if the smell was linked to my coolant constantly needing a top up, but I found a rather leaky thermostat housing this weekend which has been re-sealed and seems to have cured that problem. Also any advice as to how I can dry out everything well, and get rid of that terrible terrible smell would be greatly appreciated, I swear its constantly in my nose now.
  13. Seating For Driver

    I use my transit for long distance touring and find the seating uncomfortable .The seat sits over battery and doesn't seem to be able to go low enough Any fixes out there?? maybe different seat or battery relocation? Cheers Max
  14. Focus Seats Question

    Hi all, I've got a focus mk2 facelift titanium and was looking to fit heated seats or st heated seats, my car currently has normal seats that have a manual riser. Can anyone let me know if the wiring etc is already in place? If so can you easily fit the switches?
  15. hey all been looking around for seat covers and finding it quite hard to find nice looking ones that will fit the fiesta. ive seen some in halfords that are nice looking but anyone had any experience with them ? Blue ones[object Object] Grey ones but any suggestions will help :D
  16. Dear Ford Owner Members Over the last year I have been collecting many different people's stories about their romantic and funny experiences in cars for an art installation called 'Back Seat Confessions' I am also collecting funny car images that people would like to contribute .. I am particularly interested in stories relating to romance, arguments and funny incidents to include in the narratives .. I would be delighted if you'd like to contribute your images or stories to the project - Please also get in touch if you'd like your car to feature in the installation - I am ideally looking for a Capri or Escort for the day on Sat 28th June for The Fling Festival in Chelmsford... You can see some documentation on my Facebook page: or on I look forward to hearing from you Many thanks Charlie Murphy
  17. Hey, just wondering if somebody could help me out with some MK6 knowledge? My rear seat in my MK6 Fiesta has seen better days and i am wanting to replace it, iv searched for MK6 seats and cant find any in good condition for a reasonable price so am wanting to expand my search, what other seats will fit? iv been told MK5 fit but cant find concrete evidence to back this up? and also Puma's? is there any Fiesta guru's out there to confirm these and let me know if anything else will fit? Thanks in advance, Lucy x x (i'm also kinda picky and realise i will need front and rear to get them to match, but need one's that tilt as mine is 3 door)
  18. Evening All, Just fitted my recently ordered half leather seat covers. Apologies for the picture quality (mob phone) will upload more later with camera. Got them from aliexpress. Link below: They cost under £100 or around €120 and delivery is / was free. They are custom made for the Focus MK2.5 (they also do newer / older Foci) Took about 2 weeks from order to delivery (from Hong Kong) and the customer service was excellent. I hated the original grey cloth seats in my Focus so its a cheap mod for anyone looking to upgrade their interior. Other colours are red, gold/yellow, black, grey. Comments / questions welcome!!
  19. It's almost MOT time. But, my middle seat belt is stuck. It is completely tensed and will not budge. I have got to the reel but there's no freeing the belt up. this happened last year and I got a new belt which worked for a while then did the same. So surely it must be something other than the belt itself?
  20. Hi all, I'm new here and this may well be a stupid question, but I was just wondering if ford 3dr zetec/titanium driver seats fit into the fiesta edge? As my driver seat will not adjust backwards and I've put it down to a crooked rail. For this reason I am looking to buying a new seat but the only one I can find is the zetec type. Will this work? Or if anyone has any other options/recommendations they will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Johnno
  21. Hi, I have a Ford Focus 2005 MK II 2.0Ltr petrol. This may sound stupid but i have not put fuel in it for over a year. The fuel flap is closed shut. How do i open the fuel flap ?, is there an under seat fuel flap release lever? Thanks in advance. Ed
  22. Heated Seat Not Working

    hi guys, my mk1 53 plate focus ink drivers heated leather seat has stopped working, the passanger side one still works tho. any ideas what it could be? thanks, jack.
  23. Hey guys first topic lol probs already a topic on here but i might be having my fiesta longer than expected and i love the sound it already makes with the sony system built in it but would like some more base could i just connect one of these into the system or would i have to get a new radio etc? the subwoofers pioneer ts-wx110 or inphase usw10 ultra compact active subwoofer please help and thanks!
  24. I wonder if anyone can help with this problem. My 97 Escort Ghia wagon has two driver's seat adjustments, one is the simple forward / back slide, the other is a seat height/tilt, this one has locked in the full tilt position, how can I undo this please. Also lokking under the seat I found some electrial wires going to the seat and also to what looks like an electrical tube socket, this is the same for each of the front seats, Any ideas please.
  25. 2013 Fiesta Seats

    My 100PS 2013 Fiesta Zetec is 3 months old and I can't get used to the front seats - they are just plain uncomfortable. Anyone else think this? The rear seats are fine, but there's a sort of hard bar that pushes into your bum. Back-rest is fine. My 12 year old Mondeo had beautifully comfy seats, so I know Ford can do it. I'm 73 kg btw, so a perfectly normal weight for a 5'-11 bloke. My wife feels it too and tells me she wants to sit on a cushion the next time we go out, but I tell her that's a no-no from the H point and submarining pov. What's to be done? Are we talking a warranty claim here? tom.