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  1. Hi all, Looking to do an oil service and fix a leaky sump plug at the same time! Does anyone know what type of washer I need to go on the sump plug and where I could buy one?    Thanks in advance! Ben
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I would be most grateful for any advice. I went out to my car this morning, it was iced up. I poured Luke warm water over the front and rear windscreen and then set my wipers going, I also sprayed some screenwash. Well the first couple of sprays and swipes from both wipers worked fine and then suddenly everything stopped. My first thought was that the fuse had gone. However. A very kind man (a customer at work) overheard me on the phone to a garage to check whether they stocked fuses and said he had been a mechanic for 20 years and would have a look for me. When he returned he said the fuses were fine. He didn't think it was the motor though, as the front, rear and screenwash had all stopped working. He mentioned a possible loose connection? Then when I spoke to a friend, he said that he still thought it could be the fuse - he had had fuses before which looked ok but had, in fact, blown. I hate to admit it but I'm completely broke at the moment so I was hoping it would be an easy fix. I also can't get my car to a garage until Monday and I'm working tomorrow so I could really do with it for then. With the snow though, I just can't risk driving without working wipers. Does anyone have experience of this problem? Or know of a possible cause and/or fix? It's a 2004 ford KA sport. (1.6 litre) I would be so grateful! Many thanks in advance
  3. Cracked Windscreen

    Hi folks, Yesterday I used the heated screen button on my mk3 focus to demist it. The outside temp was around 5C so not exactly freezing, after a few minutes a crack appeared in the lower left corner and within half an hour had grown to about 8 inches long. I have arranged for Autoglass to replace the screen but it's rather annoying as I only bought the car on Nov.5th. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same thing happen, though it may have been a flaw in the screen. Colin.
  4. Loose Heated Washer Jet Mk2

    Hi, I recently removed the washer jets from my mk2 Focus so that I could apply silicone grease as I heard that leaks from there were a common problem and I've already had an issue with this! However, when I tried to connect the jets back, the left one (when you look at car at from the front) felt loose in the bonnet hole and I could move it about. The right one had no problem and clicked in place when I pushed it back into the bonnet. The loose jet wouldn't click. The water hose looks as though it's connected properly to the jets and water shoots out of them fine. I have heated jets and it looks as though both the water hose and wire from the jets are clipped properly in the hooks on the bonnet. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?! I'm a fairly new driver and I do not know huge amounts about cars yet...! Thank you!
  5. Hi Guys, I have 2 problems to which I hope here can help me sort and I hope this thread might help someone else. I have a Ford Focus MK1 1.6 Zetec (engine pictured below). My problem No.1 is it idle's on the 700-750rpm line and kinda shakes the cabin more than it should, it feels wrong and sometimes hunts for idle. Problem No.2 when i turn things like the light, blowers and front/back heated windscreen the revs drop to about 650 and shake the car considerable more to a point where you think it might stall but never does. Too be clear, my car does not have a MAF sensor. I have changed: - Idle valve sensore - Throttle position sensor - Coil Pack and leads I have checked: - PVC/breather valve hoses into the T and all is good - All hoses involved in air intake for a potential vacuum leak. I also used carb cleaner to spray every area to see if revs increase with no luck. - Battery/alternator connections wiggled and everything. - Earth connections cleaned. At the moment I can't find anything with anything but I did check battery voltage at Idle. Voltage at idle - 14.3V Voltage at idle with front electric windscreen heater on - 12.5V Not sure if this is a problem as when I rev the car the voltage increases with the heaters/lights on from 12.5V plus past 14V, any one have a view on this? Could the culprit be all along the alternator? Next actions - Apparently the PCV valve can cause this if broke, anyone have a view on this? Im also gonna do a ECU reset. Disconnect batt for 20 mins, let it idle for 20 mins then drive for 5 miles. I heard this works. One last thing is Ford do a ECU update to sort this out people say, is this BULL???? One thing to add my exhaust does have a blow but i don't think this will cause any of the above. If anyone has any ideas/experiences or tips please share I would be very appreciative. Thanks Jono ADDED: Forgot to say my car says there are no fault codes stored.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this - any help would be gratefully received!! Once I switch my windscreen wipers on, I can't turn them off. At all. The stalk itself is in perfect working order but when set back to the 'off' position they keep going. When I turn the engine off they keep going... When I take the key out & lock the car they keep going... I think you get the picture! It started a few weeks ago when, whilst the wipers were set to wipe intermittently they suddenly juddered & started wiping continuously. I reset the stalk to 'off' and they kept going thus rendering the stalk useless (unlees you want to turn on fast wipe which works fine!) I found that the only way to switch them off was to open the bonnet and once I open the fuse box lid the wipers stop mid wipe - I don't have to touch anything inside the fusebox (although I have made sure all the fuses are seated correctly), once they're stopped I can then use the stalk to single wipe to reset the wiper position. All back to normal. This led me to think it was the fuse so I popped to the local dealers (as Halfords don't stock them) & bought a replacement No. 30 Circuit Breaker, fitted it and crossed my fingers. Yesterday it was raining and during a 20 minute journey the wipers seemed to be working fine - switching from intermittent to continuous wipe to off and back again perfectly, this lead me to turn to my son and say 'at least the wipers are working again...' 2 minutes later at journeys end the bonnet was up & I was removing the fusebox lid again - but this time when I try to reset the wiper position they just start up again... I've never posted on a forum before which probably indicates how completely baffled I am by this. When I went to buy the fuse at the Ford Dealer I told the Service Reception guy & he just looked as confused as me. I've told mechanic friends and they haven't heard of this before. Any help or advice would be welcome! Thanks in advance. Mark.
  7. Just had my windscreen replaced by autoglass (bullseye chip and a star-break close together) must say the guy who did it was great and explained everything even down to showing me that the 'original' ford stamped screen had very little bonding on it and the top passenger side corner actually had NO bonding on it! After reading some of the horror stories online about autoglass I have to say the guys done a good job on our focus, no problems with the sensors in the screen and everything works as it should. The only difference with the screen is instead of being stamped 'Ford' it has Pilkington which supplies OE to the industry anyway. Had to pay £75 excess but better than the £520 had I replaced it at my own cost! Anyone else had their windscreen replaced and if so how did it go?
  8. Morning guys, Driving home last night I managed to get a decent chip / crack in my front screen. I've never had anything this bad before and although it's on the passenger side and not within my line of vision it's just about at the limits of what most advise for injection; not to mention annoying! I'm aware that the heated screens are fairly expensive, plus I also have auto lights / wipers. Therefore I'm looking for advice - Repair for free or get the screen replaced for £70? I'm not bothered either way, but considering the screen has gained a few small chips during the time Ive owned it, it's probably worth replacing. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks Stu
  9. Hi Guys, So my MK2.5 1.8 Focus ran out of washer fluid the other day, and i didn't fill it for a week or so. Bought some ready mixed washer fluid and filled the car up. When i tried to use the washers a few seconds later, understandably they took a few squirts to actually spray the fluid, but the washers only spray a very short and pretty weak burst. All of them, even the rear one. I know that you can burn out the motor if you hold it down too long, but i haven't done that as far as i'm aware. Grateful for any suggestions Thanks in advance Harry
  10. 2015 Focus Titanium

    2015 edn of the Focus Titanium has an array of sensors pointing through the windscreen from behind the morror. I was windering if anyone knows how to get the cover off - I intend to mount a fwd looking camera and leave it in the on loop. I do not have the version which has the sign identification nor high beam detection. Many thanks. Simon.
  11. Replace Washer Motor

    Where do I find the washer motor and how do I replace. Washers not working no sound I have checked the fuse.
  12. Windscreen Washer Pump

    Hi All Recently bought a 2009 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. I am having issues where windscreen washer isn't working. I checked the water tank and it was filled with gunk. I emptied out the water, cleaned the pump and filter but no joy. So I assumed that the pump wasn't working I bought a new pump but still the same issue. Does anybody know if there is a fuse for this? What else can be wrong? Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  13. Ford Fiesta Windscreen Seal

    Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  14. Hi, Seen a few of these posts but no answers.... Recently on the motorway I noticed the black plastic seal bit around the windscreen on the passenger side of my Ford fiesta style+ 09 was flapping around and I am wondering how you think I should fix this issue in case it leads to a leak ?
  15. Hi on my mk3 focus I have two little black boxes on the windscreen, which have wires running into the roof lining. It's a zetec so doesn't have auto lights / wipers - but I haven't seen these on similar models. Are they anything to do with the radio lights coming on when dark and off during the day? Only I thought the dome by the windscreen (between the vents) was what controlled this. Can't see anything on Ford Etis.
  16. 2006 Focus Problem

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with my 2006 focus zetec and wondering if anyone here would have any ideas as to a remedy? Started car this morning and the outside temp reading shows nothing along with the window wash water not spraying for front and rear window and the heater is completely dead not a tick out of it? I looked in manual for fuse that might cover all three but I can't see one or even a fuse for each?? Any help would be great. Thanks Ant.
  17. Hi All, Noticed my drivers side sidelight was off last week and decided to have a look at it on the weekend. Took it out put it back in, worked fine. What's the problem? I left the whole headlight unit on my engine to get the screwdriver.. Next thing you know a gale force wind blows it off (It wasn't even windy?!?) I pick it up, everything looks fine until I go to screw it in again.. (I found the other half and put it back) Oh well, that's fine at least it still works, turn the lights on, indicators yupp, full beam. No.. Great my bulb is smashed, swap a working one in, still doesn't work. and on closer inspection, my whole driver side headlight is dipped. Quite hard to see but this is the passengers side And this is now the drivers side, you can see a gap, Can't get a picture of the light spread but it is noticeable, I've tried finding out why it does this, and found the culprit. There is some sort of bolt joined at this part, connected to the whole assembly that keeps it straight I guess, this is now just rattling around inside. So i've got to buy another headlight I suppose, lesson learned. Driving home, through the wet country roads and dirt always gets on the windscreen, go to wash it off and nothing happens.. use the back washer and it floods out as usual. I can still hear the motor going.. Wtf? Go and check and after removing my over headlight to check the connections I see this.. (It was originally all secured in place) So i've had to take out the rivets that keep this in place and just shorten the cable for now so it still works and I can actually see out of my windscreen. I can only think that when the bonnet was put back down it cut the hose going around the near side bonnet strut in half, but it didn't touch this side of the car at all and it was all securely in place? How could this have happened? Either way, if any of you are selling a MK7 Washer hose/part hose and a driver side headlight unit (with projectors) let me know and I will gladly buy them off you! I've already looked around a few breakers near me and they don't have anything, if you spot a good deal on eBay or know of somewhere to get these parts, let me know as it will be greatly appreciated!
  18. its a 2005 fiesta and we bought it in may last year. unfortunately now we've hit cold weather the problem has surfaced! it only clears the passenger side of the windscreen and stays verrrrrry condensationy :(
  19. Hi Everyone Bit of an odd one. I turned on the car today and used it for a couple of short trips after is had been sat for 3 days. When I went to try and clear the windscreen of water I found that the Windscreen wipers won't move! When I move the stalk I hear a click coming from the relay and I checked the fuse which was fine. I think it might be the battery as when I checked it it only had 14v coming off of it (I thought it should be 16v coming from it?) Everything else in the car works fine how ever, including rear wiper and washers. Lights (dipped, high and sidelights) radio, interior lights, central locking (well sort of its been dodgy for a while as the remote only seems to work when it wants to other wise I have to put the key in the door). The car starts fine straight away and when I was driving it was driving fine. Can anybody help?! Typical its today it chooses to misbehave as I start a new job tomorrow and its forecast to rain! Actually its raining out there now :( Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  20. Hi, My Dad's MK1 seems to have stopped pumping out front and rear washer. The front washers don't even dribble a drop but the back one will cough out a small amount when first pulling the back washer. You have to keep letting go and pulling on the rear screen washer for any water to come out (only a short, small amount at a time). I parked the car over a dry patch and looked for any leaks while using the windscreens and nothing appears to have leaked. The pump seems to sound okay. Any ideas on how to easily unblock the pipes or chances are its a pump? Thanks.
  21. Hi everyone So I've got an early mk6 Fiesta (non face-lift) Ever since the cold weather has set in I've noticed that my heated front windscreen doesn't work at all... I press the button to turn it on and nothing happens, I touch the windscreen and there's no sign of warmth at all. I'm a new driver and this is my first car, just wondered if anyone on here could give me a few helpers on to finding out whats gone wrong if its maybe a fuse or completely dead windscreen. Any help would be great!! thank you James.
  22. Hello people of the Ford Forum, I have a W reg 1.8 petrol Ford Focus Zetec. I've had it since September and I bought it in a car auction. The car is sound, it passed its MOT earlier this month albeit with a new brake cylinder on the o/s/r brake, but I cannot crumble as the car was cheap. My problem is that my alternator packed up the other day, it didn't give me any warning. The radio turned off, then the dash board lights started going. Not at any point did the battery light or any light other than the air bag warning light come on to give me notice. After calling out the AA I was told it was the alternator. So after buying a battery charger and charging the battery completely full I drove it with no heater, lights and radio to my local motor mechanic 20 miles from where I live. They have replaced the alternator but now the battery light stays on and the front windscreen heater does not work. The garage say they will sort it, but as I needed the car back I have to take it back when its convenient. I just wanted to know everybody's thoughts? Is it the alternator, a loose wire, what could it be? I'd appreciate any feed back so I can seem smart when I go back to the garage and tell them to investigate further.
  23. My heated windscreen on the passenger inst working, I've looked other posts on the forums but they only talk about the older models of my car, I have a Ford Focus Zetec 2008 and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem with this model. I understand that theirs a chance that it could be the fuse but have been told that it is very unlikely. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out. Thanks
  24. I have a 2007 Focus CC. The heater blower, heated windscreen and and windscreen wash have all stopped working. I also have a bonnet open warning on the dash. The fuses appear OK. Is there anything that is common between all these? Any help greatly appreciated.
  25. Hi First post I have a Feista 2001 1.6 I am trying to find the location of the rear washer relay when i use the rear wiper it works fine but when i switch it off it does not go back to it's park postion just stops where it is would this be the relay thanks for any help