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  1. Front Discs And Pads

    Hi everyone. I have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 ecoboost titanium sport 2010. It needs new front discs and pads. If I choose non ford parts which brand would you go for. And where to buy them. Infact what is the best Web site for my car as I am struggling to find one. Thanx in advance. Stuart.
  2. Aftermarket Headunit Mk7.5

    Hey, I was looking at the aftermarket head unit from "Drive Audio" it seems to be the best looking one i can find, where i don't have to move the current display to a new location. Does anyone have it? Seems to integrate with menus and so fourth out of the box. Or does any one have any other kind of head unit? Thanks! /Mick
  3. Side repeaters

    From the album Focus 04 1.8 tdci

    Replaced the stock orange lenses with these nuetral smoked side repeaters.
  4. This Guide is now available in PDF format to download and print if desired: Aftermarket Headunit Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5.pdf There are various types of aftermarket adaptor kits available on the market, Some are not that great and look quite bad when installed such as the kits in these two images: In my opinion neither of those installs look like an upgrade, If they were the only kits available on the market id be sticking with the stock headunit. However Dynamic Sounds UK have came up trumps with this complete Mk2 & Mk2.5 Double Din Aftermarket Headunit fitting kit The silver dash plate supplied in this kit is not identical to a standard Mk2 dash panel, Although it looks similar in picture its got the exact double din aftermarket sized cut out square in the centre for a seamless finish no additional frame, See link: The kit also comes with a patch lead of your choice allowing the factory steering stalk control to operate seamlessly with your aftermarket headunit. If your aftermarket headunit supports a reverse camera then you may also like this one from Dynamic Sounds replaces the boot handle incorporating the camera in to the handle. See link: Now at this point id like to mention; If you're like me and live in Ireland, your probably facing a hefty shipping charge to purchase these items from the UK, Not anymore :) Log on to Parcel Motel see link: Sign up for free, They give you an address in Antrim to have your parcels delivered to resulting in you getting free shipping from uk to Antrim, You only pay 3-15EUR shipping from Antrim to your local parcel collection point depending on parcel size, Id like to point out just how much stock items can be removed (if fitted) as you wont need them again. Particularly if you have factory fitted Bluetooth module and voice control, Remove stock face plate and unscrew the 4 Philips head M6 screws holding the headunit in place. Lift out headunit and unplug the aerial aswell as the ISO cable. If you have factory fitted Bluetooth you can remove the glovebox to access the module, they sell for around 80GBP on eBay ;) Helps recuperate the money spent on the bare essentials for aftermarket install. The Bluetooth module loom cant be removed its part of the main loom when factory fitted, however if your a member whom loves all the stock extras seeking to retrofit stock Bluetooth, your going to need to purchase the Bluetooth loom available as aftermarket part from ford, ford didn't fit to all models, The stock microphone also sells on eBay for 15GBP Remove interior light surround spread clips and lift it out: If you had factory fitted Bluetooth then you have voice control button on the steering stalk: They sell for 15-20GBP on eBay and you can pick up one without the voice button for 1-10GBP won't ever need the voice button again no point carrying it. Picked this one up on eBay auction for 2 GBP Win/Win Now that's all the stock components removed and discussed Back to aftermarket fitting: With stereo removed i plugged in the ISO conversion loom aerial adaptor and steering stalk patch lead that came supplied with the kit: The iso conversion loom that comes with the kit is fantastic, each cable has been printed on the cables to say what exactly it does, ideal for splicing in to cables. Now for the replacement dash panel fitting, Removed the two black side strips that the stock headunit screwed in to, They pull out Remove white clip aswell Supplied with the kit is: two M6 bolts four washers and two serrated nuts, Fitted the bolts with attached washer facing toward the rear of the car, Next part is to fit the fascia plate with bolts going through fascia plate tightening the dash surround to the main skeleton of the dash. Once the fascia plate has been bolted tight, The double din aftermarket sized stereo cage needs to be fitted, Here's whats in the box but no instructions i was completely like WTF!! This part is universal not model specific although it comes with the kit, The best video I've found that explains the building of the double din cage is below where a guy is fitting an aftermarket double din headunit to his Audi A4 most of the video is irrelevant to for but the building of the cage is 100% See video: Minutes 03:50 - 05:15 explains the double din aftermarket cage perfectly.
  5. Flip Key Ordered.

    Well I have taken the plunge and ordered a flip key for my car, mainly because I prefer flip keys and the spare is not a remote key, so I will have 3 keys for the car two with remotes. Bought from this seller on eBay as he cuts the blade too and seems a good seller, he is cutting the key from a picture as I don't have my key code for the car. Marked as dispatched so will see what it is like when it arrives. Then will program it to the car with IDS. Will update this thread once I have it and its all working and comment on the quality of the key as it is an aftermarket key not an OEM one. But for the price having a fully working remote key for that cost is better than messing around swapping internals etc.
  6. Hello everyone! First, I'd like to point out, that I'm aware of many of the threads that are here about retrofitting autolights and autowipers using oem parts, some of them already being installed in the car, but this is not the same old thread again. So, after doing some research about what I need to have in the car if I want to fit the OEM kit, I realised that I have none of it :D ... so I started looking somewhere else, as I'm used to autolights and autowipers from my company car. I found out, that our chinese friends do actually sell an universal kit for autolights and wipers, so I bought one: ...but after trying to make it work at home for few times and failing with every possible connection that seemed to be logical to make it work, I'm asking you guys for help, or guidance on where I'm going wrong. I'm attaching pics of the manual that I got with the kit, it doesn't look very complicated to wire, but I just can't figure it out. For start, I'd like to get the autolights part only to work, I'm not decided yet that I want autowipers too. Autolights can nicely switch between my DRLs and headlights, though. My testing "setup" consist of a 12V power adaptor which I'm using to simulate the ACC 12V+ wires in the car and the groud and a multimeter to check whether or not there is some power going to the wires which should be connected to the side lights/low beams. If someone can figure something out, I would be very grateful. I rather don't say what I already tried, as my way could have been completely wrong and I don't want to guide you on the wrong path from the start. Many thanks!
  7. Hi Guys! I need help! I am looking for a USB interface adaptor that will plug into the rear of my Sony DAB CD player. I haven't got a CD changer and there is no socket at the rear (that I know of). What do you guys have for me??
  8. Aftermarket Gps Head Unit

    Hey guys, Have any one fitted any aftermarket GPS head units? Mostly just curious if its worth the money, i had a look at this: I'm not entirely convinced that I will need it, and if I should get it, just want to hear about some experiences :) Thanks, /Mick
  9. Hi, I have owned my Fiesta Zetec '03 for about 6 weeks and was wondering if anybody has ever removed the stereo. It's one of those triple dash stereos built in to the dashboard with all the heating controls and AC etc. The reason I ask is I want to fit an aftermarket system with DAB and an AUX port to plug my iPod in. I wouldn't attempt it myself as they are not as simple as the old fiestas. I would take it to Halfords and get them to do it but I cant imagine them taking apart half the dash for the price of fitting a new stereo. Does anybody know if they can definitely do this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi all, long time reader first time poster. Recently bought myself a Ford Fiesta MK7 edge and it's fantastic in each and every way :-) There is one minor gripe though which I'm hoping you guys may be able to help me out with........ When I plug my iPod into the headunit using the USB cable, I can listen to music from it with no problem and can scroll from track-to-track, but cannot navigate between albums/tracks/artists etc using the built in menu. Instead of being presented with a selection of 'Artist', 'Album', 'Genre' etc. - all I see is 'Track 0'. There are no other options. Unfortunately, this means I need to unplug my ipod and select the album of my choice before I start driving or use the AUX cable instead (which doesn't charge it up when driving). This ipod menu navigation did used to work but just stopped one day for some reason; is this a common problem which can easily be fixed as I've never heard about it before. I've also tried another ipod with it, but am experiencing the same problem. Given this, the fault is with the headunit. (FYI It's the built in one but without handsfree bluetooth capability.) I'll probably take it into my nearest service center soon for them to have a look at it (as it's still under warranty) but is there anything else I could try before I do this? Many thanks.
  11. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  12. Bought some tinted aftermarket lights from ebay but they came with no bulb holders, the bulbs in my fiesta are 800 p21/5w is there a way to some how go around not having the proper fitting my original bulb holder board wont line up with new lights so im stuck and I cant seem to find anyone that sells just the holder for the bulb. any ideas please? or is there anyone with broken aftermarket lights that's could sell me the just the bulb holders?
  13. Hi all I'm looking for a little guidance with my head unit. I bought it last year and fitted it to a ford focus 05 plate and all went well but then was forced to sell, but kept the head unit. problem is it doesn't fit into the new focus which is a 2000. could somebody please help with how to fit it , and what accessories/fittings i need the unit is ... jvc kw-xr611 Cheers guys Dan
  14. Hi Ford Owners Club I've recently upgraded my sound system in my 2005 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 CDTI. After replacing the triple stack with an after market head unit, I've connected an old sub I had. All went is sweet & works well. Now here is the problem... When I accelerate or drive the sub seem's to cut out. The only thing I can think of that maybe effecting it, was the automatic volume control? I was wondering if there was a way to maybe cut/disconnect a wire feeding into the Head Unit that would stop this? Or if anyone else has experienced this, how did you solve it? I'm really scratching my head on this one. Thanks Crew!!
  15. Hey! A couple days ago I got a Fiesta Zetec '08 Special Blue Edition, and I can honestly say I love it, absolutely fantastic car! So many nice little features that you wouldn't even think about when purchasing it but genuinely do make the car that much more enjoyable to be in. Small side note, am I right in saying this is a mk6.5 Fiesta? (58 plate but not new style) So, onto the topic in question; the headunit. About a month ago I bought an Alpine CDE-123R headunit which I plan on fitting into the car. The car currently has the stock Sony headunit fitted and I want to know what kind of cables/adapters/fascia I need to acquire to fit my Alpine headunit. The current headunit in the car... Note; not my picture. I want to be able to connect my iPhone 5 via USB and use it to play music, not interested in the whole bluetooth/handsfree in car calls. I already know, or believe I need to get a set of removal key tools. However after this stage I'm kind of stuck, well I reckon I could work it out as I go along but I have no clue what other parts I will need. I think I'm going to need some form of adapter as the Alpine headunit has a different shaped cable block at the back. Also will I be able to use volume changer on the steering wheel? Any help would be very much appreciated, and I once I have it all figured out I do plan on making a guide for this model Fiesta as there doesn't seem to be any out there (well none that I could find).
  16. Ive got a 2009 1.4 petrol Titanium, and only got the standard stereo/head unit (no bluetooth). I am just wondering if it's possible to swap the head unit for the one with bluetooth, obviously ill get all the other gubbins needed (please tell me what i need if you know). so yeah does anyone know if this is possible? ive seen the head units on ebay for around £100. Many Thanks.
  17. Which System?

    hi! My first post here so please be gentle with me! I've just bought a Mk6 2004 Fiesta Zetec, and I'm the happiest man alive. Well i was, until i realised how basic the CD player in there was. (And how horrific the removal procedure is) So after watching Youtube videos I thought, screw this, Im calling a pro. The result...? £60 to remove and fit a single din cage! Result. So now i get to chose which lovely looking stereo I want to replace it with. This is where i was hoping i could see some peoples results? What did you go for? Why did you go for it? Do you like it? Single Din or Double Din? i did notice this, and wondered if anyone had fitted one and what they're like? Will it fit straight into the hole left by the original stereo? Are there better double DINs out there for similar price? Many thanks guys Jon
  18. Hi guys, Just before Xmas I bought myself a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec MK2. The guy I bought it off had upgraded the headunit (for iPod integration & handsfree calling) but not the speakers so I finally got around to buying myself some new speakers & an amp but I cant seem to figure out how to remove the headunit. I am able to easily remove the small black trim around the headunit which exposes the cage but after that I have no idea how to remove it and I'm too afraid to try pull it out in fear that I'll scratch or break something. I'm sorry if this seems a little stupid but I'd rather get some advice on how to go about this rather than trying to pry out my headunit with no clue what's happening, my previous Ford Laser was really straight forward. I got a picture of what I'm dealing with when the small trim has been removed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated & thanks in advance! (Also sorry the picture quality is not great)
  19. Hi Guys I have just joined the forum, so bear with me. I have been thinking recently I want to upgrade my stock Ford 6000CD to a Double-Din Aftermarket HU, complete with iPod usb lead, memory/card stick slot and all that jazz (and preferably still being able to use the steering wheel control stalk). I have an idea of how to get the fascia off and get the old CD player out, but I was wondering if you could recommend any good HU, and if you could point me in the direction of a guide on how to fit the new one and hook up all the wiring? Thanks in advance! Ollie