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  1. UPDATE 19/01/2015 - I started this thread specifically for my sub enclosure. From there it grew into a general ICE thread. It's now turning into a general thread about mods/maintenance to/on my car. I also have topics on; Fiesta mk6 HID Retrofit - This topic shows how to fit Facelift head/tailights to a pre-facelift Fiesta mk6. It also explains how to install Bi-xenon projectors and HIDs without hurting the bank. I hope you enjoy reading, and subscribe to stay up to date! _______________________________________________________________________________ Few images of my custom sub box build... Just want to note now that I'm not building this box with competition specs in mind.. It's simply built to 1.) take up as little boot space as possible whilst 2.) providing more bass than the stock speakers. I'll be upgrading the rest of the audio in the car in due time! Just want to show off my amazing test of the box with a 6.5" "sub" although my box was designed for a 10" :) I'm using 12mm MDF and some strips of Ply to build my box. I'm also gluing all the joints with No Nails & Screws to make it as solid & airtight as possible. More pictures to follow once my sub, amp & carpet arrives! Fire away with any questions
  2. Pressure In Coolant System

    Hi all, I have recently brought a Ford Focus 1.8TDCi Duratorq 2008. When I came to check the coolant level in the system (cold engine) there was no coolant visible in the expansion tank. When removing the expansion tank cap, the system lets out pressure and the coolant floods back into the expansion bottle through the large hose located at the bottom of the tank. Surely when the engine is cold there should be no pressure in the coolant system? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there,  I bought a 2005 Mk II Ford Focus not long ago and I have just realised that the only speakers that are working are the one in the front passenger seat door and the two little speakers above the dashboard. That leaves the driver door speaker, and the two rear door speakers not working.  I pulled the radio out and had a quick look in the back and it looks like everything is connected properly... I have also checked that the balance is not set to 0 so I dont think it is the radio settings.  Any advice as to what I should do next?? Seems unlikely to me that all three connections are loose at the speaker end...
  4. engine system fault

    Hi all   i hope someone can help. i have a Ford C-Max, 2007 reg, 1.6 petrol engine. today the car has come up with a fault "engine system fault", then says "speed limited mode", and a red light is on. can anyone shed any light onto this please? from what I've read elsewhere this problem is quite serious and never seems to go away! need advice and help please.   thanks. 
  5. So, new year and new upgrade plans. Just wanted to hear the thoughts of anyone who has these in their cars: 1. Focal Performance PS165 2 New: Focal Performance PS165FX Is the new material in the FX worth the price bump from the PS165. I have no way of hearing them myself in person and I can only rely on reviews off the internet. So far, no decent review on the FX but it did win some awards, so it can't be half bad. Also, I found this off Ebay and was wondering if it would fit my MK2.5 even though it is meant for the MK2: Plan would be to get the sub enclosure and also get this JL Audio 10" sub to pair it up with: Any suggestions regarding front speakers and 10" sub woofers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  6. Started out with a plan to install one of these custom fit 10"sub enclosures See link: There worth every penny very well built and perfect fit, Only problem was where to fit the AMP to drive the 10" sub within the enclosure, I've created two ideas both of similar design, I will now explain: After fitting the custom sub enclosure i measured the gap between the enclosure and back of rear seat: Measures 35mm free space :) I then measured the gap between the wheel arch and the back of rear seat when closed, Measures 15mm :) So i then purchased a sheet of 9mm MDF Folded down the rear seats and measured the length between the wheel arches Measures 1045mm :) I then cut the sheet to the correct width to fit inside the arches 1045mm An additional cut out is required along the bottom to allow the seat bracket sit in to the MDF panel Next i cut two slips measuring 25mm wide and 405mm long, The height of the main sheet has also been cut down to 405mm so as not to obstruct the seat retaining brackets These fit in between the wheel arches and the back of the rear seat as saw in images aswell as providing mounting surface for the 1045mm sheet: Now since there's 35mm depth available I added an extra slip of 9mm mdf around the three sides of the 1045mm sheet, Resulting in a triple layer edge and internal cavity of 18mm between the back of rear seat and the main sheet of MDF The internal cavity is purposly designed to house the relevant cables required for the amp or amps, The plan is to surface mount the amp inside the boot on the 9mm sheet, Drill corresponding holes for cables to pass through the sheet in to the amp at required locations this minimising the visibility of cables, Once completely marked out and drilled, The sheet will be wrapped in carpet matching that of the boot interior resulting in a professional finish with no visible cables. I chose to create a full width panel as my install involves installing two amps here's my specific plan: Purchased some paint to seal the MDF aswell as providing a rough surface for bonding the carpet. Sprayed two coats on the rear and one on the front Later Acquired some EvoStik Aerosol glue adhesive and a roll of AutoLeads acoustic carpet. There's plenty of carpet in one roll capable of covering two panels I cut the carpet to generous size, Sprayed glue on to carpet and panel then pressed both together; smoothing out the wrinkles Now fitted to the car the carpet is a perfect match to the existing factory finish ready for mounting amp while keeping cables hidden inside the cavity. Prior to fitting amplifier to the panel I purchased some aluminium bushings to use as washers Creating a gap between the amplifier and carpet for air to circulate cooling the amplifier Sat amplifier face down on inside of panel to mark out the corresponding holes Drilled out markings Amplifier now mounted in position with all cables terminated at the rear of the panel Mono amplifier, 1 fared capacitor and 10" sub enclosure added. Still enough space for a buggy 👍 Thanks for viewing and hope this helps
  7. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Hey Guys! I'm having a weird issue with my Ford Sync... my phone connects fine over Bluetooth for signal/SMS/etc. but whenever I try and play BT audio it immediately disconnects (but the other parts stay connected, like the signal display). I can go onto BT audio with music paused and it'll say "Connect a device", but then the moment I press play it'll flash up for a second with the track/album name and then "Disconnect" so no audio comes through. It was working fine for ages just started doing this recently! Any suggestions?
  8. Ford 6000 Cd Rear Speakers Are Quiet

    Hello, I observed that the rear speakers are not working in my car. After a while, I have read the documentation of the ford 6000 cd stereo, and by pressing 3 and 6 simultaneously a surround speaker test can be made. At first only the from speakers were working, but after a few tries I observed that the rear speakers are working in fact, but are very very VERY quiet. I have read the user manual and instructions of the stereo in order to set it up, but I did not find any setup or settings issues. Any other ideas what could cause this, before I will take it to a service and pay to much for to less? Any ideas are welcome, be it software or hardware tips. Thank you in advance Ford drivers community!
  9. I've have had this car since April and I'm more than happy with it's performance and general running. However the navigation system leaves a lot to be desired. It will not accept all post codes even if they are established addresses. It has taken me of route to avoid traffic hold ups only to turn me around a mile down the road and fetch me back to the original route. It would be nice to show all the roads in the area of travel, a leaf out of TomTom's book wouldn't go a miss.
  10. Hi, I got an engine system fault error pop up on the instrument cluster with the red light about 2 weeks ago and it went into limp mode. I took it to kwik fit and their bosch reader couldn't find any error codes. The error went away on its own and I was back out of limp mode. But the error is back! I now have an OBD cable and tried out forscan, it has picked up multiple DTC errors but I am unsure which one is causing the engine system fault (if any) and which faults are most severe, could someone have a look at the attached PDF and give me some advice? One thing that does look like it needs replacing is the battery? For extra info: Mileage: 100,000 miles EGR blanked Fuel and air filter at ~85k Oil change ~97k Euro 4 - DPF (according to ETIS) EDIT: removed attached codes as these are from the demo mode of forscan
  11. Hey, can anyone recommend which Induction kit/air filter to put on my mk6 fiesta zetec s, it has a full millek exhaust system on it, thanks
  12. Early morning shot

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

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  13. Hi, New to the Ford world. quick one. Got an 08 Fiesta Zetec, Centre console shows Aux Button, but next to the cigarette socket it has a hollow. Any ideas why? Cheers. Aarron.
  14. Hi All, I hope someone can help! I recently jump started my Mondeo as the battery had ran down overnight (due to an inside light being left on!). Since then the audio unit does not turn on. I checked the fuse but it hadn't blown. I then removed the audio unit and disconnected the power from the back. When I reconnected the power, to my delight, it all sprung back to life. I had to put in my pin, which I did, and ttuned in radio 1, everything set how I had it before. I thought everything was fine so I went in for dinner. When I later came back out to my car in the evening the audio unit, again, was not turning on!!! Can anyone tell me what is going on here and how I can resolve this? The heater blower controls are also connected to this unit and so atm I'm driving everywhere freezing cold!...and winter is coming! Appreciate any help.... Rob Image below
  15. hello, i have owned my 2014 ford focus zetec navigator for a little over 6 months now and it has been great ill say this now yes i a am a younger driver however i am not a boy racer only reason i own a car is to get to festivals and general day to day journeys, however back to my problem over the last few weeks the audio played via my usb connected ipod has every so often cut out for a second or so and then continued playing, knowing how reliable apples cables are that was the first thing to be replaced, this seemed to work for a day or so (maybe i just subconsciously ignored it) however upon driving home from work today listening to the same device the speakers in the front left side of the vehicle changed, this change is not one that i know how to describe other than someone dragging their nails down a chalk board in a school (altogether not a very pleasant sound), now my immediate guess is that i have got a damaged speaker through either my own fault or due to it getting wet with windows/doors open. if this is the case any advice on how to go about changing the speakers as have not got a clue when it comes to anything electrical other than computers.. thank you in advance for any help given
  16. Hi everyone I've done a bit of searching here and can't find any posts relevant to mine; apologies if I am repeating something. I have recently bought a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X ( Sony DAB ). The USB audio port is accessed via the glove box. However, the port doesn't recognise any devices. I've tried various USB flash drives (all formatted as FAT32), along with an iPod Classic. In all instances the USB option is not available on the dashboard screen (it is there in gray, but not selectable). I think this is down to the USB port and the fact devices don't seem to fit correctly - they don't push in and sit in the way as you would expect a USB device to. I've had a look (as best I can, the port is not in the most visible places) and can't see any obstructions. I would say that the devices _just about_ fit, but does feel a bit wobbly. My first question is; is this fit as expected? If so I can eliminate it from my troubleshooting. If not, is the port easily replaced? The other option is some form of reboot or reset available on the sony? Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks
  17. How To Connect Phone To Ford 6000cd

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Ford Focus, and I have some issues with the stereo. Firstly, I would like to ask you guys how to connect the phone to the car (since there are 2 buttons on the stereo, dial and end conversation). Also, currently it has a jack line in aux, is it possible to install a usb one for this type of stereo? Thank you in advance for the help! The stereo is a 6000cd
  18. Some of you may have seen my videos and heard that horrible Vibration Noise, I've read other people also have that same noisy Audio. This video shows 2 runs on the same road, before and after my fix. Someone pointed out it's the buttons that are creating the noise in camera, you can't actually hear anything in the car.I put a thin strip of Electrical Tape along the underside of those buttons and it's cured the vibration (for now) :D
  19. Exhaust System Change

    If I bought an ST180 Cat Back exhaust system would it be a straight fit onto my fiesta Zetec S ecoboost 1L ???
  20. Dab Radio

    Is it possibe to remove the cd6000 radion from my mk4 mondeo and replace it with the sony dab one without a lot of modifications ?
  21. Hi All, I hope this is the correct place to post, I'm a newbie.... I have a FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK - 1.6 TDCi Ghia 5dr [110] [Euro 4]. When I switch on my entertainment center I have satnav, which is working fine. I have no radio/bluetooth or CD. The touch buttons on the screen show only the numbers 1-6. Can anyone please help??? thanks much, Gil
  22. Hello forum members :) I'm a new driver and just recently bought a new Ford KA Zetec 2015 model. Really loving the car, perfect for city driving. My only problem is the Ford Audio system is really frustrating to use - not sure if other people have found this? There are so many different versions and finding information and support has been really tricky. I looked at the audio system before buying the car and made sure it had Bluetooth so I could stream audio directly from my android phone. For anyone with a bluetooth speaker this is normally a pretty simple thing to do. Alas, all I can do is precariously play mp3 files that are stored on the phone as a usb device or cd by plugging in over the usb. On the specifications for the car it clearly states "using a Bluetooth connection, you can also stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or mp3 player to your car radio". But how? There are no instructions on how to do this in the manual. I am close to getting a radio transmitter! Which is something you might expect to have to do in an old car, not a new model with Bluetooth. Any suggestions would be really useful to myself and maybe others as well. I have tried: 1/ I have connected to the cars FORD AUDIO bluetooth using the system menu, which is navigated by talking to Miss Ford. 2/ I can make calls over the Bluetooth easy once connected so it is working. 3/ When connected over the blutooth I have tried pressing the CD button (which changes the source) but it says NO SRC, unless I'm connected over usb at which point it says MEDIA. 4/ When connected over MEDIA I have tried playing Spotify but it simply does not work, Media only let's me play existing MP3's. 5/ I have tried all the system menus for the Media Player but none of them are settings for connecting directly in order to stream music. Thanks :D :D
  23. Hi, I have a 2011 mk3 1.6 125 EURO5 Zetec 5 door, 5spd manual hatchback Focus with Ford Audio, and it's developed a high pitched whine when in AUX mode. Being fobbed off by the dealer with excuses such as it's not fully compatible with my iPhone. Thing is that the noise is apparent even without a phone being connected. Can anyone with the same or similar model please do a quick test for me? Just switch to AUX mode with nothing connected and turn the volume up above half way and let me know if you can hear a high-pitched noise? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi All...I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if this post has been answered many times. I bought the cables and have fitted a aux input in my Focus which means I can listen to Slayer instead of Nick Grimshaw. However, its not pretty and prone to falling out....please see the attached pics. I am looking for 2 things: 1. A replacement blanking plate if I cant make it pretty 2. A blanking plate which will accommodate the Aux in I have but which will stay in place. I've scoured this site and Ebay and cant find a solution. There is a great post on this forum on fitting the USB charger etc. but that's a bit beyond my DIY skills and requirements. Can anyone please tell me how I can either just get a replacement blanking plate (I can't find the OEM part number) or one which will accommodate the connectors and will stay fixed in place and not be so ugly. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Cheers. Robin.
  25. Tweeter

    Hi guys, anyone have any idea what size the door tweeters are ? the rear driver side door tweeter has gone and its doing my head in with the noise its creating. Tried the Halfords and pioneer sites, they're about as much use as a chocolate fire guard