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  1. Hi, I have a serious problem with my 2009 ford focus 2.0 tdci duratorq durashift gearbox. The car stood for 3 months while waiting for funds to do repairs to the diesel pump. I towed the car to a workshop and they got it started for me after much bleeding of the fuel line. But now the car won't go into gear, it can go into neutral and park, while in neutral you can move it. The problem is it will not select a gear forward or reverse.The workshop says that the selector shaft is stuck and they will have to pull the gearbox and strip it, now this will run high in costs and I need to find out before they pull and strip if there is anything I can do first to try solve this problem. I thank you in advance for any advise you give.
  2. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 1.4 Durashift Automatic, the car has issues with 3rd gear. When driving the car will shift into 3rd gear but there will be no bite, almost like the car is in neutral. As you are driving the car will shift into 3rd but then you end up reving to the red line and there is no power. If you let off the gas and let the revs goes down the car will shift into 3rd gear and continue as normal. The issue only happens occasionally. Can anybody offer any advise on how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, My first post on here, and I'm not particularly knowledgable with cars, so be gentle! We bought our Focus Estate (automatic) 2012 second-hand last September, and within the first few weeks we noticed that driving off from a standing start (or cruising very slowly), the car would judder like the engine was cold & spluttering into life. But when you get above a certain speed (10mph+) it's fine. This happens at any time - from driving off in the morning, to pulling away from lights after driving for a decent amount of time. So we went back to the Ford dealership for them to look at it. After a few days (thankfully we got a courtesy car in the meantime) they explained that the gearbox needed 're-learning'. When we got it back it was working well. Now it has started doing it again, in fact it's been like this for the past few weeks, but you probably know how it is with young children, you struggle to find a good time to hand the car in. Plus I'd appreciate advice from you lot before I do, so I have the appropriate information (ammunition). The car is still under warranty until June, so I'm hoping that any further repairs will come under that. I'm also concerned that there may be a bigger issue with the gearbox itself, and 're-learning' was just the easy way out for a quick fix. I don't want to constantly be taking the car back to get this done! I've read that there are ways to 're-learn' the gearbox yourself - something to do with the battery or fuses fiddled with (don't worry, I don't like fiddling with anything electrical that'll do me harm!). So has anyone had this issue themselves, and how did you get it sorted? What sort of demands or questions should I have when I contact them? Is it best to go back to the Ford dealer that saw it last time? Or does it not matter? Apart from the gearbox issue, the car is great. Love it :) Any advice on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ali.
  4. Hi all fellow Ford owners, Im rob from Kent, I would tell you about my mk2 focus but i doubt most of you will have that much time to get to the bottom of the issues im having with it......but for those of you still reading this; here goes. *The airbag light stays on all the time, checked wiring but seems no loose wires anywhere so im not sure how to turn the thing off!!!! * The engine warning light came on just before weekend, however the car appears to be running perfectly fine. I tried the trick of checking the diagnostics by holding the trip button down on the dials but this came back as NONE on the faults screen???? What could this have been? or is it a case of the previous owner changed a sensor and didnt reset the light with proper equipment? * The heater cooling fan comes on after about 5mins of normal driving and comes on and off thereafter, then tempeture gauge is in the middle as normal so im a bit lost at why its doing this? If you good people have taken the time to read all of this then i hope someone can shed some light on these issues. I know im new but i hope im not a big pain in the bum
  5. Hi Boys and Girls, I'm the proud owner of a 55 reg focus 1.6 tdci security dog van and, would like some help with locating a gearbox for it. I'm so far finding this seemingly simple task increasingly impossible as they are a rare car to start with. I'm wondering if anyone knows if any of the gearboxes from the petrol variant will fit or any from say a cmax or fiesta (if they made this in an auto diesel)? If I knew some answers then I'd be able to widen my search including these models. If anyone knows of anyone with a gearbox for my car, please do get in touch as I want to get my dog van back on the road ASAP. Thanks in Advance. Bally80
  6. Hi there, first time ford owner here. I have recently purchased a 2007 focus estate 2.0 petrol automatic. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo conversion to this engine? If so, what would I need to complete the conversion.? Also I was wondering what other 'tasty' non-ricer mods are available for this car? Cheers, Mike.
  7. Ford Focus Estate (Auto)

    From the album My car

  8. Struggling To Start?

    Hello everyone! I currently have a Ford Focus Mk2.5 Facelift, and i keep having trouble with it not starting. Its an automatic, the message i get most of the time when it won't start is ESP off however the ESP does work as on my way to work most of the time i hear it kick in on the country lanes. Also Occasionally i'll get a transmission failure warning and then the car starts beeping at me. If i turn it off and try again it will struggle and then start. This doesn't happen all of the time. Around once a week? Where it is automatic i am hoping there is nothing wrong with the box, as it will be expensive. Dads a mechanic and he has no idea what it could be. Any help greatly appreciated! TIA Jonathan.
  9. I've experienced 1st to 2nd gear juddering a few times on our 1.6 Zetec DSG auto, 2,700 miles. It doesn't do it under manual selection, only in auto. It's booked in with dealer for Jan 2nd and they seem to know all about it as a common problem so just a heads up for anyone with the same. Apparently the DGS box has to have a recalibration first and if that doesn't work it's new clutch packs!
  10. I have a petrol automatic Ford Focus 2011. The question is does the car stay in automatic mode when I move the stick over to S (sport) mode as long as I don't + or - it? Mine is completely manual when in S mode. Do I have a problem or is this as it should be? Thanks Dave
  11. Driving An Automatic

    I have had my Tit X Powershift for almost a month. I last drove an automatic more than a decade ago in the USA. I have bee forced to change from manual to auto transmission as I do not have sufficient sensitivity in my feet to assure a smooth ride when using a clutch. I find that the feel for the brakes and accelerator are easier to manage as engine noise and sensation of movement combine and foot sensation is not so important. I spent the first 7-10 days using only Drive mode which was reasonable for 95% of my journeys. The only bad aspect was the lack of engine braking when coming off the accelerator requiring more use of the brakes than I was comfortable with. After thie first week I then used Sport mode which was excellent on roads where speed was between 30 and 40 mph. The car did not change gears as frequently or hunt (up/down gears at steady 32mph). Whilst Sport mode was better at engine braking it was not good enough to prevent additional braking being required. When descending a particularly long hill in my area I use manual mode dropping to 2nd gear on the approach which is usually enough to take me down at a steady 30mph. I also have the flexibility of dropping down to 1st if the speed increases. At the bottom of the hill one cannot switch direct into Sport mode so I slip it into Drive.- On dual carriageways and the motorway I have been using the cruise control (never tried cc before). After selecting an appropriate speed if I find myself encroaching on vehicles in front I press the CANcel button, allow the car to drop back for a safe distance then use the SET button to keep that speed. At fgirst I used the RESume but this can sometimes kick in when the saved speed is not required. The cc is particularly good for mph and for keeping to 50mph limits. I have read the debates on whether you should have the transmission in Drive, Neutral or Park when stationary. My practice is as follows:- I would only use Park and handbrake in situations where I would also be considering switching the engine off.If I anticipate that I am I will be < 1minute then I would leave it in drive and apply the handbrake. I consider it discourteous to use stop lights to following motorists.If delay is > 1minute I then I place transmission in Neutral and apply the handbrakeI would be interested in the experiences of other members of the 2 pedal brigade whilst I am still a relative novice. I am enjoying the new driving experience and getting to grips with some of the new toys (radio and satnav).
  12. Hi everyone, I'm having two problems with my 2002 Focus w/ an auto transmission. One is that during acceleration, seemingly in any gear, the transmission will "skip" and downshift for a couple seconds, then "knock" back into the appropriate gear. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the transmission, so I made an appointment with a tranny shop to scan the thing and make sure all codes are correct. The second issue is that the headlights and radio have begun flickering and dimming. This makes me think the alternator is at fault. Often, but not always, these two issues will happen at the same time; the transmission downshifts and the radio & headlights flicker, then they correct themselves almost immediately. I'll add that 10 months ago I had a new radio installed; no amp or anything, just a head unit. Other than that this vehicle has had no major issues or repairs in its 12-year, 85,000 kilometer lifespan. Is the alternator and transmission linked in some way? Could this be a battery issue? Fuses? Or two separate issues altogether? Are these issues a cause for concern? I'd appreciate the insight that any of you have into the innerworkings of this vehicle, whether you've experienced similar issues or simply know more about it than I do and are willing to share. Thanks in advance, Alex
  13. Hi All, my automatic drive belt tensioner failed last night, belt wrecked and need to replace it as soon as shops open tomorrow. I have been looking at the haynes manual regarding moving Power steering reservoir etc. Even with these items moved I cannot see the bolts/nuts I need to remove to get the tensioner out. It looks like I need to remove the air conditioning compressor from the engine as the bolts securing it also seem to secure the tensioner, is this correct?? Does anyone have a clear picture of one of these tensioners I can look at? Thanks guys Mark.
  14. Please help!! Have brought an s max 2 days ago, have driven the car over 100 miles with no problems. However driving today the car just stop dead in the middle of the road. It felt as if the handbreak had been put on. I put the car in neutral then back into drive and still nothing. Then put the car into park then back to drive, still nothing. Somebody that was passing then jumped in the car and managed to get the car to the side of the road. Once the car was put back into park it then wouldn't move again. It is an automatic handbreak, so it usually releases itself. I tried to release the handbreak myself (the handbreak light came off on the dash) and it still just feels like the car has the handbreak on. The car goes to pull away, the back end squats but it just won't move. Had anyone else had this problem? Please help!!
  15. Gearbox Whine

    Hi All I have recently acquired a 2010 Mk4 Mondeo Titan x Estate Auto. with 31k on the clock after having a Honda accord Tourer for only a few months ( too small internally for my needs ). Up to last year I had a 250BHP T5 V70 and never had a problem with it in 13 years. Prior to that I had a full spec.Mk3 Granada Scorpio which was superb ( apart from bodywork problems ) and way in front of its time. The only thing which disturbs me with the Mondeo is transmission whine at low speed in 1st gear ( and possibly 2nd ). This is not particularly noticeable unless you are crawling along with the window down, but seems very similar to the kind of whine often heard when a vehicle is reversed ( if that makes sense ? ). Has anyone noticed this type of noise - is it a normal characteristic of this gearbox, or should I suspect a problem ? Martin
  16. Hello, everyone. I have a very quick question about the Sport mode in the PowerShift transmission on my new Ford Mondeo (11/2012 Titatium Ecoboost 2.0 203cv Powershift), which I just picked up today: Does the car need to be stopped, in order to switch between "Drive" and "Sport"? And if not, if there any speed limit to do this? Incredibly, the Ford seller couldn't answer me this question and the owner's manual isn't clear as well: while it says that "When you select position S, a gear change may occur depending on the accelerator pedal position in relation to actual vehicle speed" - thus implying that it can, indeed, be changed while moving - it also clearly says to "Apply the brakes before moving the selector lever and keep them applied until you are ready to move off". This can be seen in the Mondeo Owner's Manual: (, page 151 and 152) I'd appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.
  17. Hi guys, bit of a strange one for you here.... I've only had my Fiesta (a 2007 1.4 Zetec with automatic transmission) since August of 2013 (it's JUST within its 3 months warranty). Bought it used, two previous owners but only done about 25,000 miles so pretty good nick. Was out driving. Dropped a friend off, went to pull off and the guy in front of me opens his door, so from a stop I quickly put it into reverse to get more room to pull around him and away. Went to put it back into 'Drive', put my foot down and...nothing. I think it beeped an error message at me, so I quickly turned the engine off and went to start it up again. It wouldn't re-start; kept flashing an error light (the 'transmission' symbol') and telling me in the display to refer to the manual as there was a transmission error. We turned it off, took the handbrake off and pushed it to the side of the road. Got picked up by recovery and taken home. As he was loading it onto the breakdown truck, the guy noticed that even though it was in neutral, the reverse lights were still on..... Which probably isn't good....... It's booked into a local branch of the garage chain I bought it from (Evans Halshaw) because it's still (JUST!) within its 3 months warranty. Hopefully getting looked at tomorrow but I'm not holding out much hope of a quick fix as it seems the auto transmission Fiestas are rare.... Anybody ever experienced this before? The only weird thing that happened before this is that on cold starts it would sometimes 'pause' when trying to kick into third gear, but only for like one or two seconds..... But we're talking maybe once a month and I drive it nearly every day. Does it sound like an easy fix? Or should I be worried?
  18. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  19. Engine/gearbox Compatibility?

    Hi. So ive got a 1.8 mk1 focus zetec. The bottom end is rattling, hence; knackered. However, im looking to do an engine change. I've spotted a mint 2.0 automatic engine. Question is, will this fit straight up to my manual gearbox and is there any ACTUAL difference between a manual engine and this one that i need to be aware of? All help welcome.
  20. Delivery Delays

    Hi everyone, I'm new! I ordered my Fiesta Titanium X 1.6 Powershift in Hot Magenta (Is a Motability car, but with no modifications), in April, and was given a delivery date of 26th June. Then, I received a phone call from my dealer the other day, saying because it's Automatic (has to be for medical reasons), and my exact model is available in America, they are struggling to get hold of an Automatic gearbox!!! He said they have an estimated build date for the end of this month, then it'll take 3 weeks to get here. However after reading some posts on here about delays with the Zetec S in White, I'm starting to get concerned that this is going to drag on for much longer than what they've told me... :( Anyone else in a similar position? Thanks guys! Tracey x
  21. Hi Ford Owners Club I've recently upgraded my sound system in my 2005 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 CDTI. After replacing the triple stack with an after market head unit, I've connected an old sub I had. All went is sweet & works well. Now here is the problem... When I accelerate or drive the sub seem's to cut out. The only thing I can think of that maybe effecting it, was the automatic volume control? I was wondering if there was a way to maybe cut/disconnect a wire feeding into the Head Unit that would stop this? Or if anyone else has experienced this, how did you solve it? I'm really scratching my head on this one. Thanks Crew!!
  22. Hello Forum.. hope all well, .. have a some concern about my Fiesta. Fiesta late 2009 (59) Zetec Auto 1.4 - Rattles A strange rattle noise has developed on the passenger side at the front engine bay area / front wheel area. Normal driving is fine, but when driven over pot hole/ bump in road something rattles. It started off infrequent but is now more frequent. Still happens when steering around a corner, whether driving fast or slow. Is now quite loud and can be heard even louder with the window wound down. I guessed it was a broken spring, but all looks fine. Any one else had the same problem? There is a link to hearing the audio recorded with my phone : AUDIO And have attached a phone recordings of the noise in the hope someone can advise what it is? Please help. Alex. Memo(1)
  23. Hi All, I want to replace a automatic clutch with a manual clutch: How do I get the auto clutch of the engine? Cheers, Jon
  24. Hello everyvone, ... Sorry if this question has been posted before, but cannot find. Im owner of Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 automatic, ( late 2009 ) . I am new to cars.. so not very good with all instruments. I am concered that my ESP light indicator does not show when put the ignition ON ? However reading the instruction manual, it says if the indicator does not illuminate when the ignition is switched on or if it stays illuminated whilst driving, it indicates a malfunction. Can you advise if there is a valid reason for this? The car is under guarantee, I should claim for that ? Also my partner has a Ford Mondeo Zetec 1.8 ( late 2004 ) and appear same of my, the light no show when the ignition is switched on, It cant be coincidence both have fail the ESP. ? There is not switch off of ESP available for that models. Please can anyobe help?
  25. I've recently got a Focus Mk2.5 1.6 Zetec (10 plate 2010). When I first got the car the doors could be unlocked with the key fob and if a door wasn't opened within 45secs it would automatically relock. However the doors now don't automatically relock at all and, as far as I can see, there's nothing in the car's manual stating how to remove this feature or re-enable this useful feature. All it states is that this feature will function but not if the key is in the interior of the car. It stopped working after I'd been testing a spart keey without a remote control and opening and closing the door manually. After this the automatic relocking has failed to work so must have inadvertently gone through a sequence to disable the automatic relocking. I would therefore be grateful if anyone could inform me of the sequence I need to follow to re-enable the automatic relocking when the doors have been shut for more than 45secs.