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  1. Hello All We have 1999 Mk2 Ghia with a slow battery drain to unstartable after 7 - 10 days. The car is fully serviced excellent condition and the battery Ford replaced 2 years ago. Any ideas appreciated. Andy
  2. Also the hazards will stop working, is there a fuse that controls this group when the battery is on standby and if so which one is it?   
  3. Hi, I have a 1.4 Fiesta 2004 Mk 6. About 2-3 moths ago the battery light came on, I took it to the local garage and was advised that it was a problem with an alternator so had that replaced. The battery light was still on when they gave the car back and I was suspicious but the mechanic showed me the alternator charging the battery etc and was satisfied that the car worked well enough, albeit with the battery light on. About a month later, after leaving the car parked for about 10 days the battery was flat, so took it upon myself to invest in a new battery. Problem solved but battery light still on. I have been driving the car a fair bit since then, couple of long distance trips, lots of night driving etc all with the battery light still on but the car seems fine. Have even left the car parked for 3 weeks and it started first time. I do however want to get the light sorted so I can tell when there actually is a problem with the alternator and/or battery and concerned that it may not pass the dreaded MOT with this warning light on. Would be grateful if anyone knows if this is a common problem with a simple solution, my searches on various sites hasn't come up with anything of much use. Your help is much appreciated.  
  4. I just bought a ford ka 2004 from a friend who told me about a battery issue.  The battery charges the car at 19 volts. What is the problem and how can i fix it?
  5. Ford Fiesta Problem!!! Help

    Hellooo, I have a 1.4 diesel ford fiesta, which is 10 years old now. Recently it's started to cut off randomly, it feels as if the engine goes off for a couple seconds and then starts again. The battery light and the engine light comes on when doing this, but only for a second. It tends to do this when in 5th gear at around 50mph-60mph, which is around 2000rpm. The car has been in a garage all week and no fault comes up! Also, every now and again the 'transmission light'? (i think) comes on, (looks like a cog with a ! in) and goes into limp mode, where is makes it impossible to go over 5mph and very jumpy. Once i switch the car off and on again it goes fine. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Everyone I own a late 2013 SMax Titanium X Sport. I'm having problems with the battery draining every couple of months. Have noticed that the first sign battery is going flat is that the Bluetooth goes, so I can't use my iPhone hands free. I mentioned this to the garage and they told me to turn it off. They have also said that I am not running it long enough to charge the battery and advised that I turn the radio, comfort console and automatic lights off every time I leave the car. Each flat battery I've had to call AA as I've been out somewhere or collecting car from air park! Most recent in the Aberdeenshire country side with 3 children and a black lab with no phone signal!! It's going back into the garage next week. I've said I'm not paying for it to be looked at as this is ridiculous and gone on to long. If they can't find anything wrong I'm pretty sure I will have to sell the car!! Each AA man has said they have had lots of call outs to flat battery's on Smaxs!! Has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I have an 09 Mondeo Mk4 2.2 Titanium X Saloon 170k Lovely motor but having a couple of niggles, I was hoping for some wisdom Last week I was driving with missus and 2.5 children in the dark!! when the NX nav system decided to has a holiday?!?! basically it was off and on intermittently, however not the sound - consequently all the dials switched off including the converse+ - no external driving aids went on holiday though :D including the turning lights, blind spot light, indicators and Headlamps. the interior lights were working including the dial lamps. I pulled over and switched off and on to no avail. I fuelled up - that's to say it was off for about 5mins and this didn't do anything. After about ten mins I pulled over and switched off whilst the system was off I pressed every switch and button I could find started it up and still the same then I moved off and hey presto it all came back off holiday and worked. One thing I note is that previously the car would never notify that a key had been removed from the vehicle whilst running - now it does The car has never stood for more than 24 hours since I bought it 3 months ago, but over christmas it stood for 36 hours. When I went to start it the battery was flat and after a quick jump she started Now there's a notification on the dash informing me FORD would like to open my wallet in the context of : ALARM SYSTEM REQUIRES SERVICE Any Ideas would be gratefully read. rgds Pete
  8. Like a !Removed! iIleft my headlights on overnight which of course drained the battery, iIhave put in a new one but still nothing, the motor isn't even trying to turn over (that chugging noise) tried a jump start and bump start but still nothing any ideas? Thanks car is an 06 fiesta
  9. Focus Flat Spot

    Hi all. I have a 53 1.4 focus. It has an annoying flat spot / misfire when pulling away. It's as if the fuel/air mix is wrong and seems like it runs on 3 cylinders for a few seconds then normally picks up... Also if you lift yoyr foot off the accelerator and then back on that also gets rid of it. It's more annoying than anything when pulling away from a junction as it can take maybe 3/4seconds to pick up. It doesn't do it every single time, but often enough though. It had a new coil pack about 2years ago and has also had news plugs and leads so I'm half ruling those out. What else could it be.?? Also if you park it with its nose down hill it can sometimes take 5/6 seconds to start. .. If up hill then the problem never seems to arise? Any help is greatly appreciated
  10. Battery Drain

    Hi I have a 2009 Fiesta Zetec, I had a problem a year ago when the battery used to just go completely flat. Battery replaced 9 months aga, sorted... or so I thought.....It's started again. A mate put it on a quick diagnostics and informs me that it's the radio/cd/audio console is discharging 1 - 1.5 amps when the car is turned off. Is this a common thing with Fiestas? Is there a cheap fix other than removing the audio fuse from behind the glove box (which I've done)? Cheers, Karrie :) Also my auto gearbox console has recently disintegrated... has anyone else had this problem?
  11. My wife's car has stood idle for the duration of our holiday. When we tried to start it there was absolutely no power. Odd clicks and flickering instrument lights, but nothing else. Put the battery on charge. Charger said "Charging". After 5 minutes (or less - we weren't looking all the time), charger said "Battery Full". Removed charger (two croc clips) and tried to start car. Started beautifully. Halfords help line man assured me that their charger would take up to 12 hours to get from flat to full battery. What's happening?
  12. Electrical Power Issues

    Hi All, FYI before I go into my story this is an 11 plate 1.6 Ecoboost petrol engine with start-stop. having lots of issues with my S-MAX of late, first of all it was suspected a power drain whilst the car was stood still but now seems like an issue with the alternator. The power issues first started after driving around all evening and when waiting at the last stop for my Son to come out of club the car warned me low battery. Days later I got stuck at traffic lights with no ability to turn the engine over, RAC tried to jump with nothing happening. Mechanic pronounced the battery dead at the scene and put a new, larger battery (have no idea if its the right type). Anyway all fine for a few days but the starter seems to be getting slower and even whilst driving home last night the power steering failed, battery light came on etc... The car would not start at this point. Now this morning car would start and I found the in car diagnositcs (thanks you tube), now the battery on the dash display (I don't have a volt meter handy), reads 12.6V even when the engine it running, then put stuff on like lights heaters this goes down to under 12 volts. If this is showing power at the battery terminals I assume this would be higher as the alternator charges the batter, but hay I don't know. Anyway looking around the web there seems to cables going into the alternator, the power output and regulator connector. Now these videos ect talk about a 3 pin connector, but looking under my bonnet (looks like the alternator is on the front left of the engine, there are 2 connectors a large cable (power to battery) and nother connector, but the connector has holes for 2 cables and only 1 cable going in ?!?!? I was looking to unplug second cable to turn the alternator into none smart mode and see if that charged the battery. Anyone have details on this engine and its alternator, also the second plug, should that just pull out or is it clipped in? Thanks to any help recieved. PS have attached image of what I think to be the alternator and its two connectors.
  13. Ford Galaxy Mark 2

    Hi I have a ford galaxy mark2 year 2007model Having problems where when I go to start the car it just makes a ticking noise then if I keep trying to start the engine it will start the battery is reading about 12.6 Idel with Engine running it's about 14,5 dose any one have any idea what this might be and all So have trouble locking and unlocking car with key fob have to keep pushing buttons Is there any know battery drain problems please help if u can many thanks
  14. I've just bought a 54 plate Focus C-Max 1.6 diesel. The previous owner told me that he has very recently changed the battery and since then there has been this beeping sound from the dash. It is a long beep that sounds for about 3 seconds every couple of minutes. Any suggestions on what could be causing it and how to rectify?
  15. Hi Guys! New to these forums and i have a concern about my car which I though I would put to you guys and gals. Bought myself a Ford Fiesta ST Mk6 57 plate back in September '14 and loving it. Did have one problem, kind of early, which was when I would go to work in the morning the battery would be dead, or would die on me very quickly if i was in there listening to music with the engine off. Gave the car to my girlfriends step-dad who is a MOT engineer who did some power tests? on it and determined the battery was dead. Got a new battery and everything seems to be fine, hasn't died on me since (although I'm now paranoid about having electrics on too long without the engine). Recently i have noticed that when changing down to 2nd and 1st the tachometer would suddenly drop down to about 700, quite quickly, causing the lights to dim and then would shoot up to about 1,100. This doesn't happen all the time but mainly when i pull into my driveway; i have to slowdown considerably as its a tight turn with a high curb. This doesn't happen when changing between higher gears just when dropping down to 2nd and 1st. It also happens when reversing into my parking spot, revs would drop, lights would dim and previous owner has fitted an annoying reverse sensor (that doesnt work), this would also make a dying noise. I combated that problem by giving the car extra revs when reversing. The worst time this has happened is when i pulled into my driveway and my revs dropped and rose, i took the car out of gear to roll the rest of the way and the revs kept going up and down until i came to a full stop. I have had a look through the internet and as you can imagine i have found all sorts of different causes, belts, alternator, battery, battery cables but i wanted to see if anyone here has had a similar problem or knows what it may be? The car has only done 50k miles so i would like to think a new alternator is not needed? Let me know your thoughts. (i will get an engineer to look at it as soon as i can) Thank you! Dev.
  16. Hi all, Apologies... yet another "battery warning light / voltage Issue" I see this is a common problem with various solutions. Just after an opinion or two on whether I will be ok driving around until the weekend and doing a longer drive on Saturday or should I look to fix the issue before then? I am part exing the car on Saturday but I have to make it to Harpenden from High Wycombe to do so! Some details of the issue: About 6 weeks ago the battery light came on on my Focus (1.6 LX mk1 2005) and stayed onA couple of days later the car would not start after workI got a push start and got about half way home (approx 2.5 miles into a 5 mile journey - just moved house and journey is about half of what it was)Dash went blank - no speedo, lights, warning lightsRAC called, suspected alternator, fitted a temporary battery which got me to my local garageThey replaced the alternator, all good and oil was topped up as it was lowA couple of weeks later the light came backThe garage fitted another alternator (the first was faulty), all goodAnother week and the light came on then disappearedBack to garage, they could find no faultAnother week on again and after a longish drive too (High Wycombe to Watford and back) light comes on and disappearsFind dash trick to check voltage - 11.2V engine off and 13.5V engine on. Booked into an electircal specialist for fault finding.Have kept it in diagnostic mode showing voltage while driving and it fluctuates between 13.5V and 13.7V occasionally reaching and 11.2 - 11.4 when off (generally 11.2 ish). I have been doing a longer circuit so that my drive to/from work is a little longer (25-30 minutes instead of 10) in a bid to get some form of charge into the battery!Have been looking at cars any way so on Saturday I drove from High Wycombe to Slough, (light came on and went off at the services in slough), then to Harpenden and back home (no light). Placed a deposit on a car in Harpenden.The light has again come on on arrival at work this morning and then gone - but I've just gone out to do the dash test and it is on again...So my question is am I safe to keep driving it and to do a motorway journey on Saturday or should I take it to the garage round the corner this evening and ask them to revisit the issue?
  17. Thank you for checking out this thread, it would be much appreciated if you could spare the time to read over this post, and if possible any replies that people have left and maybe leave some input of your own. There will be a poll for this, asking people to tick which alloy wheels they have had buckled, corresponding with their car model. I am completely aware of the mass of threads about this topic, however most seem to be just complaining about them rather than actually grouping together on the matter in hand. There are steps we can take! However, let's discuss the topic first. Basically it seems there is a large number of us here (seems mainly to be the Zetec S and Titanium owners) who're having hassle with our alloy wheels buckling and getting flat spots, now sometimes these are repairable, sometimes they're not serious enough and then other times the only action is to replace the wheel itself, now even with the first 2 options, should we really be going through this? Did you buy your Fiesta to be messing around every few months about the alloy wheels? My story is this; I felt a vibration through the steering wheel of my Fiesta and within a couple of days went to Kwikfit to have what I thought was my wheels rebalanced as I and my dad (a mechanic for 40+ years) thought I'd lost a wheel weight. To my horror, when the wheels had been inspected, one wheel was terribly buckled, and the other had a less serious but unrepairable buckle as well. I was advised not to drive hard and to avoid motorways, effectively meaning really I need to get new wheels or take the car off the road as it's unsafe. My problem is, I don't just have £400 odd in my pocket to splash out, and also I only have 1 spare wheel. The thing is this wasn't all Kwikfit said, the mechanic said he see's Fiesta's in all of the time, and when I said about Corsa's he says they're fine, it's just the Fiesta's. To back this up, a lot of us on here have posted multiple threads. So, I take the car in to Evans Halshaw (who in all of this I can give no fault too) to have their verdict, 2 new wheels and tyres. So I then go back home and give Ford a ring, well let's just say I have never had such an experience with a company, who takes £15,000 off someone, just to treat them like they're something off the bottom of their boot? They said there is no problem with the wheels and that I must have hit pot holes. Well, in that case why do I have two front wheels gone? To which the person on the phone said 'Exactly, why is it only the front two and not the back?' To which I replied, 'Well after all, the front wheels do have the full weight of a diesel engine over them...' and then there was a momentary silence from them, followed by being told I would have to find the money to pay for the wheels myself if I wanted the problem sorting, and when I said about not having heaps of cash lying round, that I would either have to borrow the money from friends and family, or take the car off the road. I genuinely couldn't believe what I was being told, I was being told that because they're putting wheels on cars that are unfit for purpose that I would have to take a 9 month old vehicle off the road? So, here I am now. I'm posting so hopefully we can get together and do something about this, I'm thinking of contacting trading standards and hopefully Watchdog if we get enough support here. I aim to keep this thread alive so that anyone can chip in and hopefully get some help with the issue, so please post your experiences and thoughts on this, and let's try and get somewhere! I have also posted on Ford UK's Facebook, which I urge anyone to do over this; Thank you for your time. Posts to read; antman99 - Post 2
  18. Buying

    Hi im looking at buying a ford focus 1.8 zetec , petrol , when i test drove it , the engine management light came on , i aske dthe owner and he said if i pull over stop and then restart the car the light will go out .... his explantion was the battery is faulty and just needs replacing ... does this sound right or shall i leave the car alone ?
  19. Had problems staring my focus now all the right side of the dash stays Iluminaries ie battery light abs engine management etc does anyone have any ideas thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I' ve just purchased a Ford Focus Style 1.4 2006 plate. The car has 3 keys- 1 being central unlocking system remote. The car didn't unlock using the remote key so i put a new battery in the key fob- and its still not unlocking/locking the car. I have to use the key manually to unlock. Can anyone give me some advice? The engine starts etc and unlocks manually, i just cant unlock/lock car remotely Do i need a code to make this work again? Will the key be faulty? is there anywhere i can take it to be looked at? Thanks
  21. Hi all, I've got a couple of issues with "leaking" cables, Po691 and P0380, which I've been working on...but in the mean time I'd like to sort a very heavy duty battery and question the install of LED lights. Anyone recommended a really good battery, where best to get it from? What's the full sp on the LED bulbs change and how much power consumption does it save? Interior and exterior? Does the 2007 rear lights have LED installs and are they a plug in fit to 2004? Its facelift model to mk1?
  22. Hi all I own a 2008 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Petrol. Couple of days ago the battery on it went flat. I called up roadside assistance (AA) for a jump start (and to establish the reason behind battery dying all of a sudden) Using a jump starter to the battery the car was started and the engine left running for good 10-15 min. however the moment the battery charger was removed the car died...... The multimeter gave him the following readings VOLTS - 11.29V MEASURED - 62 EN (A) RATING - 390 EN (A) I am assuming the battery is done for good and needs replacing. Is this assumption correct? But that doesnt explain battery draining all of a sudden. I am not sure of the part number of the battery since i cant see the full text on it (due to clamps) but attached picture shows the part number to be 6G9N-10655-LA Is this the right part number? I tried searching for a new battery using this and could not find ANY online. I was told that its a type 079 battery (but this type doesnt appear anywhere) I intend to buy a 12V Silver Calcium Varta or Exide with a CCA of around 600, however i just cant seem to find any which correspond to the FORD battery part number i have. Any one had to buy a replacement for their ford focus? Any suggesstions/recommendations on the battery? Also how do i make sure that the problem is the dead battery and not anything else (like battery draining power due to any wrong wiring etc) any help is hugely appreciated
  23. Platinum Battery?

    My car is taking a bit longer to start lately, and sometimes the clock and fuel gauge flicker and restart when i turn the ignition- so I'm feeling I'll need a new battery asap. Has anyone heard of platinum prestige batties? I'm thinking of taking the hassle free option and getting one from kwik fit down the road-otherwise i'd buy a bosch and fit it myself but it would save me a lot of driving to buy and dispose the battery.
  24. 05 Mondeo Charge Light

    I have recently purchased a 05 Mondeo 2lt tdci....apart from a new DMF clutch crank pulley belt tensuoner etc I have a annoying intermittant problem with the battery light intermitantly coming on ...If i switch of the engine and restart it goes out and stays off ..the car has a new looking alternator starts first time with no sign of excessive battery drain ..anyone have any ideas , there does not seem to be any physical symptoms , just a annoyance Steve
  25. Key Fob Battery Needs Replacing

    Ford S-max Titanium 2012 My S-max is told me I needed to replace the key in my keyless start fob. So I have replaced the battery but the car still tells me it needs a new battery. I have used the same make and size of battery that was in the key fob. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what the solution is. Is it just that the computer needs resetting? How do I do this if so.