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  1. Annoying road / wheel noise (CC3)

    Hi all. I've got a couple of annoying noises that I was wondering if anyone could identify on my 2008 Focus CC3. The most worrying is a loud high pitch humming sound that starts at about 65mph get louder and then vanishes  when I go over 70 it seems to resonate through the whole car. I'm thinking it's either going to be tyre noise or wheel bearings but I'm not sure. It doesn't seem to change when I steer (which I would assume that bearing would do)  The other noise is a pretty annoying vibrating / rattle that seems to be coming from around where the driver seatbelt comes out from the interior trim. The kicker being that the first noise seems to exacerbate the rattle through some kind of sympathetic vibration and I end up in a rattling howling mess when Im at motorway speed.   Anyone got any ideas as to 1 what the first noise might be and 2 how to fix the annoying interior rattle? 
  2. Tyre Change

    After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and change my 195/45/16 tyres to 205/50/16, my two main reasons were wheel protection and comfort, our SA roads are not always in the best of shape hens the change. I only wanted the upsize in profile from 45 to 50 but because of the lack of tyres in the country in that size I went with the 205/50/16's, to cut a story short I were everything I had hoped for and more, the car not only rides softer, but that half inch in height of the car means no more scraping the driveway especially with my Titanium spec having the sporty skirts on as standard, the tyres do look bigger, but it still low profile enough, I still have to dodge potholes, but at least I have a bit of a buffer between the tyres and rims, I have done close to 5000km with them sins coming back from my holiday and they still great, I will post pics once my car has been cleaned after doing a 3500km trip the last week
  3. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Hi, bought a focus mk2 with BCT S800 tyres on, 19s. The noise is shocking at speed and grip on wet conditions conserns me. Any advice on a good all round replacement,that won't break the bank, would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I refuelled my new fiesta for the first time since delivery and set the tyre pressures at the same time. Now my TPMS is showing that my tyres are below pressure. Assuming the 26psi value for the rear tyres is correct. What can I do about the monitor? Faulty / Replace? Dealer Reset? Customer (me) Reset ? Cover the telltale with masking tape and get used to the chimes? I have searched the forum and most similar posts relate to changing wheel size, which I haven't done.. TIA Mark
  5. Tyre Pressures??

    Hi Folks .... I drive a 2003 Mondeo Zetec Estate 2.0 TDCI. It has fitted to it (not by me) non standard wheels with 225/45 ZR17 91Y tyres. Any thoughts on what pressures I should be running these on?? I have a 1,500 mile trip coming up and thought it would be good to ask!! Thanks Dave
  6. Hi, I made a previous forum post about the modifications i added to my car, as ive been unable to add to this list i have decided to rewrite it. I bought my Ecoboost as an ex Tester with 13 miles on the clock from Dagenham Ford. It came in a discontinued Colour 'Nautical Blue', and to be honest ive seen only 1 or 2, 3 door versions of this car around with the same kit, so like to think of my car as limited edition, or a bit of a 'one off'. Here's the car on the day i collected it: As my family and I run a Tyre centre I've had a wide selection of resources at my disposal. I firstly updated my Alloys, from the standard 15" (195-50-15) to a set of 17" (205-40-17) Calibre Friction Rims, with a blue inlay to match the car. To note, ive been running my car on Yokohama S-Drives for the last 19,000 miles... the rear ones have 7mm left and the front ones 5-6... bare in mind how hard i drive. So pretty damn good tyres. If you ever want a price on tyres exhausts, wheel alignment, mot's or anything else take a look at the bottom of the post for the address and number ill sort a discount for any ford members ;) I decided to upgrade cars performance, whilst maintaining my warranty With a BLUEFIN SUPERCHIP Remap, upping the car from 100-140bhp. I notices a ridiculous difference in power and torque, and a MPG, even though the car was pretty hot on the MPG anyway! I found at 60mph on the motorway i could push 50mpg, which it pretty astounding. I was quoted £399.00 from Hill's Ford Kidderminster. Well Worth it. At this point i was miles ahead of the standard Fiesta S. I had the 3 Rear Windows Tinted to 75%, £70.00 from SWT Tints, in Tipton, proper professional job and surprisingly cheap! This can be seen in some of my later photos.I painted my brake callipers blue, to highlight the blue on the alloys. BODY KIT: I added a Fiesta S Bodykit to my car, with all parts being ORIGINAL from Ford, who i also have a trade account with, and getting it all professionally painted and fitted with a perfect colour match from one of our Body Shop specialists, who usually do our alloy wheel referbs. I wouldn't recommend putting cheap body panels on your car, if your going to go down a similar route. The overall look and quality is easy to see, and some cheaper panels can appear funny when headlights shine on it. Sideskirts: I got these direct from ford over the phone. Fiesta Zetec S Front Upper Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...upper_16282.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Front Lower Grill:http://www.pumaspeed...lower_16283.jsp Fiesta Rear Bumper Outer Winglets (PAIR):http://www.pumaspeed...-Pair_16237.jsp Fiesta Zetec S Rear Bumper Extension: Light covers (Left & Right): Added an 'S' badge. I saw alot of people just stick an adhesive badge to the grill... i tried this and wasted about £10. Get this one, put abit of 'Lock Tight' on it, and itll never budge. CAUTION: I did get a set of wind deflectors from amazon, despite it looking GOOD they always caught the windows and left a slight scratch on the glass... So i took these off. SEAT COVERS: cling to the ford seats perfectly! Ill post a photo at some point, really makes the interior look unique. Here are some photos of the finished kit - Excuse the standard 15" rims, it was winter at the time, and these are now my winter wheels.Heres the BEAST. I removed my standard Tuner Nuts, for some Blue Racer Nuts off Ebay: Next stage was a further upgrade in performance, removing the restrictive air-box, for a Puma Speed induction kit, and cold air intake. Gotta admit, for a reasonable £120.00 the Turbo Chatter sounds amazing, and im hoping it'll sound even better through the new exhaust system i have ordered!MONDAY I AM FITTING MY NEW MILTEK CAT-BACK STAINLESS SYSTEM - ILL POST SOME PHOTOS AND A BEFORE AND AFTER IN SOUND.I ALSO PLAN TO DRIVE UP TO PUMASPEED TO REMOVE THE BLUEFIN AND UPGRADE TO A CUSTOM MAP - TO TAKE THE INDUCTION AND EXHAUST INTO CONSIDERATION. THIS WILL PLACE MY LITTLE 1.0LTR 100BHP STANDARD FIESTA AT 160BHP. 100 STANDARD + 40BHP MAP + 5BHP INDUCTION KIT + 15/20BHP EXHAUST. NOT TO BAD FOR SUCH A LITTLE ENGINE. I am hoping to lower the car by around 35mm, only to the height of an actual Zetec S, and I'm only going to bother replacing the springs, rather than the full suspension. If anyone could link me to any springs anyones selling, that would be sick, or if anyone could find a link to anything they recommend. I spoke to ford about the chrome strips along sides, below the windows, as the Zetec S has black rubber ones. Upon speaking to ford they told me that they did not sell these black strips, so i took to the internet where i was recommended to use 'Plasti Dip', or 'Halfords' cheaper just as good 'Plasti Coat'. I spent a fair amount of time prepping and masking the strips. I found the finish was more of less perfect, and smooth. I also had the boot strip done in a colour matched blue - I had to take this strip out, which was one tricky job. SO THIS IS MY CAR ... SO FAR... IM PLANNING TO COME TO SOME FORD MEETS IN THE WEST MIDLANDS ONCE THE MILTEK IS FINISHED SO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING SOME OF YOU SOON! IF ANY OF YOU NEED A PRICE ON TYRES, TRACKING, WHEELS, EXHAUSTS, PUNCTURES, MOTS, WHEEL BALANCE, ETC... FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME AND MY FAMILY'S BUSINESS A TRY. WE'RE WELL KNOWN IN THE BLACK COUNTRY, AND OFFER A HIGH QUALITY SERVICE AT A CHEAP PRICE. HERES OUR ADDRESS: ADDISON TYRE CENTRE, 52A HIGH STREET, PRINCES END, TIPTON, WEST MIDLANDS, DY4 9HP. 0121 557 4019 GIVE ME A CALL AND ASK FOR SCOTT and ill sort you a discount ;D CHEERS!
  7. Quite soon i'm going to need to replace the 2 front tyres, getting quite near the minimum tread allowance. I've been having a look on National tyres and can see the Conti Sport Contact 5 tyres listed, I see these tyres being discussed on this forum quite regularly. But what are the differences between Conti and Avon? They both have SAME fuel efficiency rating, and both have SAME wet-grip rating. Discuss.... Reveiws Conti: Avon
  8. Always used Continental sports (car fitted with these when bought) the current 5s on the front have only lasted about 10,000 miles. Have Nexen and Goodrich on the back due to sidewall punctures. They still have a lot of tread left. Should I stick to a sports tyre? I drive mainly around country lanes and like to attack the bends. Am tempted to go for a harder tyre, but not sure I'd like the feel. 205 50 17 93W
  9. As the title suggests...I'm grumpy now!! Decided to pop out and have a nebski at the car today - in particular the brakes. Dawned on me that they're potentially all original factory fitted parts & I've never looked at them. Decided to replace anyway, the front pads are probably at just under half-original thickness, discs have maybe worn down by under 1mm (so not too bad, there is 2mm to play with and they only very light scoring to the face). Rears - similar story with the meat on the shoes and the drums look ugly (surface corrosion) so I'll change those too. However, I was hoping to do it a month apart - spread the cost a bit That's not the problem...was expecting to be at least replacing pads/shoes and was tempted to do discs/drums for peace of mind. What I wasn't expecting to find, however: Leaky rear NS shock absorber and excessive wear on the inside edge of the front tyres. I've attached piccies below. Soo - dear Forum Folk...and the reason I've posted in the General Ford section Ford/Motorcraft or aftermarket? If aftermarket what are your recommendations? Also, does anyone else know why it's so hard to find drums for a Mk2.5 Focus (query same as Transit Connect drums)? However, small victory - managed to get my mudguards fitted - I'll whack up a guide in the next few days!!
  10. Focus 2.0TDCI 2009 fitted with 18" alloys with Continental Sport Contact 2 Tyres 225/40/18 92W as standard from new Great tyres stick like glue to the road but I am not happy with them tram lining any rut or imperfections in the road ,and lets face it the state of the roads today, and your wrestling the steering wheel back . I did not notice how much it did this until I fitted winter wheels and tyres this winter and its a pleasure to steer albeit not the grippy stability of the conti's but never the less no tram lining . any recommendations for alternative tyres with similar performance to the conti's minus the tramlining welcome. Thanks
  11. New Member

    Hi people , just joined today , hope I may be able to contribute now and again , have had Fords for a number of years last two cars were Focus hatchbacks , bought new in 2000 (x reg ) exchanged in 2010 for 57 plate , as you can imagine they have been very reliable hence the time period . use to repair my cars myself up to 2000 but found a great mobile mechanic ( Honest and very good value ) which is quite unusual these days , if it helps any body just changed my tyres for the first time on my present Focus 205/55/16 after a search on-line got a very good set of Goodyear Efficentgrip Performance off Asda fitted by Halfords for £70 each , that's a good saving compared to most outlets. :)
  12. New Tyres Fitted

    Just replaced my OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 3's (235/40x18 W95) with Avon ZZ5s and I thought I had gone deaf!!, road noise so dramatically reduced and they were a lot cheaper too. The ride seems a lot smoother as well :) got 24,000 out of the fronts and 31,000 from the rears - is that good??
  13. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Tyres

    I've tried to find the "search" facility to see of this has been discussed previously but to no here goes. I've had my 1.4 TDCI for several weeks now, having traded in my 2006 MINI Convertible (97,000 miles). Whereas I am very pleased with the Fiestas performance (suprisingly !) and its MPGs ( currenlty 68 as opposed to the MINIs 40mpg), I am not pleased with the road noise. The current tyres are ContiSports Contact 3 195/145 and they are NOISY. :( . Looking at Internet tyre duscusions I see that KUMHO SOLUS KH17 have a sound factor of 68dbs, which is the quietest so far. Does anyone use these, and any suggestions to reduce the road noise will be most welcome.
  14. Wrong Tyres??

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum but thought I'd try and see if anybody could help me out. I've recently bought a 2000 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.25 and thought I'd check the tyre pressures today. I've checked in the handbook to see what pressure the tyres should be but the tyres on the car don't match what they should be in the handbook. The tyres on the car are 175/65 R14 and in the book they should be 165/70 R13. Is this a problem or am I just being stupid? Also the tyres on the car are a mixture of 82T and 82H. All the tread depths are good. Should I be looking to replace all tyres with the same tyre type and getting the size that's in the handbook? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  15. Can I 175?

    Hi Guys, perhaps someone can help, I have a 2000 TDDI, its fitted with standard tyres 185 65 r14, I have been offered a set of 175 65 r14, any thoughts? Thanks
  16. An Efficient use of a Fiesta's boot

    I can confirm that you can fit 2 rear wheels and one front wheel from a Ferrari in the boot of a fiesta... Also got the other front wheel in there as well, but you can't see it in the pic.
  17. New Wheels!

    I have new alloys waiting to go on my Mk2 Focus, the existing ones are 16"x6.5J, with an offset of 52.5... The tyres are 205/55/R16 The new ones however, are 18"x8J with an offset of 40. The Alloys themselves should fit, but if I were to put on 225/40/R18 tyres which I hope to do... Would they rub the suspension? Bit of a specific question but i'm hoping at least one of you can help me! Thanks!
  18. Tyre Size

    hi..can anyone tell me if its safe to put 215 tyres on me mk7 zetec s..cheers
  19. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  20. Xl Tyres

    Hi, I am about to buy a new set of tyres for my Ford Focus Zetec-S MK2 facelift. At the moment I have two different pairs of tyres (205/50/17) with 93XL load. The confusion comes from, which determines the standard size and load for my focus as 205/50/17 W 89. The problem is that I cannot find a desired tyres with W 89 index, while there are plenty of XL tyres of 205/50/17 size. What would you do if you were me? Would you buy W 89 index tyres only or it is perfectly ok to go for 93XL tyre? Are there any implications on insurance, car performance, etc.? Thanks!
  21. Hi there people, I am new to the forum! :) Hi have recently purchased ST wheels off a 170 which have are 17" alloys with 215/45R17 Tyres. My current Focus Ebony 1.6 has 195/60R15 Tyres. The difference in diameter is 10mm extra tyre on the ST ones. That's all. There is a 1.67% difference in diameter between them. There offset will move 7mm closer in and 13mm outward. Are these ST wheels suitable for my car do you reckon without doing damage to the Transmission, differential etc. The tyre garage who I asked to fit the wheels for me said to ask the ford dealer before doing it, but they swouldn't say yes or no for liability reasons. What do you guys think. I would rather a healthy car than one that looks a bit better Many Thanks Hywel
  22. Tyres To Reduce Road Noise

    I have recently bought a 2003 Fiesta 1.4' petrol. OK, a bit old but I know the owner who has had it from new and who has loved it and had it Ford-serviced all its life and it has only clocked up 47,000. It's a great little motor but the tyre noise over 50mph is making me think of getting rid of it and at 70 it is unbearable, even with AVC set to +7. It has alloy wheels and is currently running on Pirreli P6000's 195/50 R15 V, which admittedly are so old the side walls are starting to crack, even though there is plenty of tread left. So, with MOT coming up I know it will be highlighted and I am quite prepared to spend a couple of hundred on new tyres but which ones? Tyre reviews are mixed and it almost seems that a tyre on one car will be noisy whereas on another it will be considered quiet. So, can anyone recommend a tyre that will let me listen to my radio at a level below which my ears bleed? MOT due next Sunday, 18th, so I don't have long.
  23. Road Noise

    Just bought a 2009 ford fiesta 1.4 titanium automatic which nearly suits me fine.It has 16" alloys with low profile hannooks but the road noise is unbearable ( and i' m a little deaf too) Some one has suggested I change to 14" alloys with 175/65/14 tyres. would this change the speedo and milometer accuracy ? Has anyone made this change and was it worth the expense?-I confess I'm not sure it will make it much quieter either. On my previous fiesta I fitted continental tyres but there was not much improvement I have searched the previous forum content but no definate conclusion found many thanks -- kennyN ( new member)
  24. hey everybody im trying to find some help i just purchased my first car ford fiesta van 1.4 TDCI 2004(53plate, im thrilled with it) so here are my questions 1)where can i find a owners manual for it (it didn't come with one and i can't find a van manual) 2)can i install a double din stereo (i seen a video of how to cut room for one, it has a triple deck cassette at the moment) 3) if i need tyres what specification tyres do i need which brand is best and how much) 4) will the haynes manual for the ford fiesta 02-08 car be suitible for my van? 5)is there anything i should know about it? please help i am desperate for some help with this thank you very much i hope to find help here kind regards ethan
  25. Hi Just about to buy some new tyres for my Ford Focus 1.6 2001 car and was wondering if anyone can recommend some. Going to replace my front two first as they're getting badly worn now and could fail my MOT when it comes around next November. What I'm after is a decent all round, all weathers hard compund tyre for less than £80 including VAT, fitting, safe disposal of the old tyres and new valves. My current ones are mixed makes but are 195/60 R15 88V ones. Any tips advice as ever will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Favero.