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  1. hi guys, the blower direction on my car is stuck on the footwell, i think the cable has come off the direction knob, anyone know how i can get it back on without taking all the dash off ? thanx in advance
  2. Fusion 1.4Tdci 2003

    Hi all, can anyone tell me the exact position of the blower motor resistor on a 2003 fusion 1.4tdci. I seem to have spent hours searching the web for an answer, without any joy. Now found this site, so come on guys can anyone help a newby out. Regards steve.
  3. Afternoon, Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci (59) Blowers have gradually slowed day after day until they stopped working all together the other day on every setting. Having read a few similar posts, thought it could be the heater resistor. Changed that, nothing happened. Read another that it could be the pollen filter, changed that, nothing happened. Come to the conclusion that the blower motor is knackered and needs changing. I can get one from the scrappy, Only problem is I cannot for the life of me find out where the bugger is! YouTube - nothing Blueprint guides - nothing Need to try and get it done because it's !Removed! cold! And it's getting to the stage where the condensation is so bad the inside of frozen as well as the outside. Cheers!
  4. Hey everyone :) Newbie here! Just looking for an answer to this question, where do I locate my Heater Blower Transistor on my Ford Fiesta LX 2003? I've looked behind the glove box (as many people in other forums have suggested) and I've taken the passenger side panel off. Can't see it. Here's some pictures.... Many thanks
  5. S Max Curtain Airbag Fault

    Hi, I am having probs with my airbag light, mot due in a week & have had the problem narrowed down to the passenger curtain airbag, I have seen resistors to fool the airbag ecu but I need to know the ohm's resistance & if the bag is a single or dual deployment?
  6. When car running heater blows hot even when controls on cold
  7. I have a ford fiesta MK6 1.4 2003 that has devoleped a noise when the blower is on. Im thinking its leafes or debris inside the fan. Ive looked in my haynes manual which seemed pretty straight forward but from a closer look at the pictures it seems like they did it with the entire dash already taken out which isnt ideal. Then to the forums which say the blower motor is located next to the blower motor resistor under the drivers side footwell but after removing that it seems like its just a control arm for the fan speed or heat or something. Although I could catch a glimpse of the fan from sliding a hatch to the side (which im assuming is to do with the air recirculation) I have no idea how on earth I would get to it. so frustrating. any help would be much appreciated. sorry for any grammtical errors im tired.
  8. hi all, my heater blower has just stopped on all 4 numbers, everything has been checked with electric tester and even had the fan out and wired it to the battery and worked fine the resister seemed fine also the plugs and all fusses it just seems that when you turn the blower on theres no power to the moter to make it work, baffling, regards
  9. I have a 2007 Focus CC. The heater blower, heated windscreen and and windscreen wash have all stopped working. I also have a bonnet open warning on the dash. The fuses appear OK. Is there anything that is common between all these? Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Please Help!

    Hi I'm new on here, and I really hope somebody can help me. Basically, I've got a 2008 (old shape) Mk6 Fiesta, ztec climate, 1.25. Anyway, last week I started having a problem where I would turn the dial to move the fan / heater blower direction to the windscreen, feet, face, etc, and it would just click and not actually change. it works some of the time and just gets stuck then. So I investigated, unfortunately its not the springy cable thing that's at fault. I traced it back, and there's a white cog... which connects to a black cog... that has somehow gotten damaged. please see the photo. its the black cog on the left. does anyone know how I can replace this cog? what is the part called that it goes into? Ive been told I might need to replace the whole entire part... but I've got no idea what the part is called, I've googled until I'm blue in the face! Anyone with any idea about this I'll be so grateful for any advice! thanks.
  11. I have a UK 59 plate (2010 model) Fiesta RHD econetic diesel. Recently the heater fan has stopped working on switch positions 1-3, which I have diagnosed as a failed heater motor resistor. I have got a new resistor but now need to find where it is to do the swap. I thought it was behind the glove box- as shown/discussed in various web posts. However I can't see it. Can anyone give me a detailed description (or even a picture) of where it is? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. Heater Issues

    So I've had my Focus since Saturday and noticed the fan only works at no1 and 3. So I went to my local dealer and got a new resistor pack, fitted it tonight and guess what, it still only works on no1 and 3. Is it likely I got a faulty resistor pack or could it be something else?
  13. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  14. Removing Glove Box Carpet

    Hi. I've got 2 problems with my Mk1 Focus, both of which require removing the glove box and the carpet kick panel below it. But I can't work out how to remove that carpet. There are 2 or 3 plastic screws in plastic plugs that look to be holding it on. However, I can't unscrew them. Is that normal? Should I just force them out somehow? All help appreciated. Thanks (FYI: I need to get to the blower fan because it's stopped, and both my electric windows have just stopped working and I hear there's something that can work loose behind the fuse box.)
  15. Noisy Fan Blower

    My fan blower makes a loud noise intermittently and slows down. It usually happens when I first start the car, though this could be coincidence as it slows down whilst driving on numerous occassions though not all the time. if I put the blower on there is a loud noise from the fan/motor behind the glovebox.. I investigated this by getting behind the glovebox and taking the motor out thinking something may be trapped inside. However there were no leaves or anything in there and no signs of the motor rubbing or catching on anything. I ran the fan whilst holding it outside of its 'enclosure' and the noise disappears, when I put it back in its place the noise appeared again. I checked the pollen/cabin filter to see if that was causing the problem, however when I removed it and turn the blower on the noise was still there. When the noise appears the fan slows down and blows much less air out of the vents almost like the motor is jammed. I can see this happening through the gap where the pollen filter was, but it doesn't appear to be catching on anything, the motor seems to slow down for no reason and the loud noise appears. The strange thing is when the fan unit is taken out of the enclosure there is no noise and it blows normally but when back in its place the slow down and noise appears. Could it be some kind of loss of power to the fan unit? I have oiled the motor on the fan and it has made no difference. I don't understand why it's only noisy intermittenttly and only when it's in it's enclosure. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I've just signed up to see whether anyone can help with a problem I'm having with my heater. Basically, my heater started playing up a few weeks back by only working on setting 4. Within the last couple of days, it has given up the ghost completely. I'm familiar with the usual reason for this (the resistor), as I had the same problem about 3 years ago and resolved it by replacing the resistor with one from a breaker's yard. This served me well until recently, with all four settings working fine. Anyway, when it started only working on setting 4, I rather stupidly ignored it.. Partially because I was lazy and could still get some form of heat out of the device and also because I work in a different town to where the breaker's yard is, (so found it difficult to get there after work before they closed). Anyway, the heater forced the issue by failing completely on Sunday morning, (yep, the day when we had a severe frost). It had been working on setting 4 the previous evening as I travelled back from watching the boxing round a mate's house. It was cold then, so I ran it on '4' for the full 15 minute journey home. Anyway, I tried using it the following morning (about 8 hours later), only to find it had packed up completely. Thinking it was a resistor failure again, I managed to pick up a 2nd hand resistor from the breaker's yard and fitted it on Monday night, hoping that would do the job. It didn't. On closer inspection, I noticed that the block that houses the four wires and plugs into the resistor appears to have suffered some heat damage. The bottom right hand area looked to be partially melted and that particular wire had come loose. As a result of this, I made another visit to the scrap yard and bought a 2nd hand block with about an inch and a half of wiring installed. I've just spent the evening removing the old semi-melted block from the car's wiring, have tidied up and trimmed the existing wires and crimped them to the 'new' wires and block. I then tried the heater again. Still no joy. No hot or cold air at all and no indication that my attempted repair has made any difference whatsoever. I tried swapping the old and 'new' resistors, just in case, and still nothing. As such, I'm stumped. My knowledge is very very limited and although I've googled the problem, all the answers seem to suggest that I replace the resistor, (which I've already done). The only thing I can think of is that the colour of the wires on the new block are slightly different to the old one. The old one had white, yellow, blue and black; the new one white, yellow blue and orange. Rather than connect colour to colour as far as was possible, I took a note of the position of the old wires in the old block and matched their positions when linking the wiring, (i.e. the wire installed on the bottom left on the new block has been crimped to the wire that was installed to the bottom left of the old block, etc). Could this be the reason why the heater still refuses to work, (should I have matched colours instead), or is it something else (and potentially more costly)? If anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful if they could let me know. I'm very worried about the next frosty day and the fact that I'll have no way to heat the vehicle (and more importantly, no way to stop the screen and windows misting up once I'm moving). Thanks, Steve
  17. Hello! I have an 07 Zetec S petrol 1.6. Having issue with the blowers! When I use the blower that faces you, the ones that there are about 4 of the temperature is only just warm. You cannot notice it in the car unless you put your hand right next to it. However when I change the dial to the heater in the foot well but it is infact very warm (when on highest temp for both). Why is this and how do I fix it? I think there must be some internal flap or something that is not doing its job but I'm hoping someone here will have an idea + a solution! Many thanks!
  18. I have an issue with my ageing mk1 focus's recirculation valve motor, it is stuck completely open and when the button on the dash is pushed the light comes on and off and there is no whirring or buzzing noise from the motor like you would expect. I have checked the fuse and it's fine and I have unplugged and plugged the connector in to make sure it wasn't just loose. Do you guys have any other suggestions apart from ripping the whole unit out and replacing it? Thanks in advance.
  19. Ive just had a garage "fix" this problem that lasted a week before it returned They said they replaced the relay behind the steering column which they said was very awkward to access because it was right up behind the dash I found a 2amp glass fuse left on the passenger footwell and im wondering if this points to something else that was actually done instead of changing the relay which would mean ive been ripped off I wondered if i should attempt to remove the relay myself and confirm with ford if its the original or aftermarket as ive had the car from new and i know this has never been replaced before The loss of indicators and heating is a total failure usually after the engine has been off for a while and returns with no warning or with me aggrevating it by turning the heater blower on between 1-4 speed or moving the indicator stalk up and down My hazard lights work and the indicator lights work on the dash despite the actual indicator stalk not working The 2 problems are directly linked and fail at the same time every time as i have tested this theory by leaving the indicator stalk up or down and the heater blower on a speed of 1-4 and they both magically come back on at random points I have also noticed a loss of heat that started to happen a few days ago and was noticable before it went into the garage I hope this is enough of a description and im keen to hear your thoughts especially about whether you think the relay the garage supposedly changed has any bearing on the original problem and especially how an indicator relay can be anything to do with the heater blower? Prior to this problem the garage said they fixed a coolant leak by changing the water pump, theromostat housing and another major part which all resulted in a bill of £410.00