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  1. Temperature Gauge Erratic

    Hi My 09 tdci Mondeo MK4 has a strange temperature gauge issue. Sometimes it will appear ok (it never goes past halfway) but most other times not really. Usually it will warm up fairly slowly and only get up to halfway when at speed (60+), slowly dropping down to 1/4 or just below when encountering towns/traffic and driving at a lower speed, but occasionally it does spend most of the journey at halfway, but will never stay there. The car drives without fault apart from this minor issue and both heater and aircon work fine - there seems to be no noticeable effect if I have heat/aircon on or not. It has relatively newish coolant (usually at the right level or thereabouts). Any thoughts? I've had a quick look online and it seems it could be a trial and error job - possibly a faulty sensor/connection, thermostat (less likely) or the instrumnet panel itself. Thanks, semi-baffled.
  2. Guide Fitting Gen Labs LED DRL'S Auto Dimmer Relay This Guide is now available to download in PDF format see link: Here is a Guide to fitting a Gen Labs auto Dimmer for Drl's but i have used the auto dimmer module for my ST gauge Pod instead of fitting it to some DRL'S and it is a fantastic little piece of kit, i have drawn a diagram in this Guide for fitting the unit to DRL's but i have used it to dim my gauges and it works 100% if you are fitting some DRL'S or aftermarket gauges this is a must have piece of kit, and ideal for DRL's to ensure they are road legal and not blinding to other drivers at night. Here is a link to the one i have used in this guide: they also offer a kit for the drls that dims the drl's when the indicators are active: The unit is much smaller than I was expecting, as you can see the size in the picture below when positioned next to the ford key Fob, it fits in to practically anywhere, supplied with a double sided sticky pad for easy mounting to prevent it from rattling around. The unit comes supplied with instructions for fitting to DRL's so here is an image of what you get in the post: Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to DRL's Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to Gauges if like me you want the gauges to illuminate 100% brightness when the ignition is on, and automatically dim to 50% Brightness when the interior lights are switched on. then splice the white cable and the orange cable to each other. the results will be 100% light on with ignition and when you switch on your lights the gauges will dim to 50% brightness thus less glaring at night giving a nice stock apperance and easier on the eyes when driving at night, while also being clearly visible during the day. but if you would prefer to have control of when the gauges Dim to 50% you can purchase some cable and a rocker switch from here: 2 Metres of Cable: 12v Rocker Switch: Insulated Crimp Spade Connectors: and run the two cables both white and orange to the rocker switch via the additional cable, this will mean that the gauges will illuminate 100% all of the time when the ignition is on, unless you put the switch to on, then the drls will dim to 50% until you put the switch back off again. I had already installed my gauges before i realised they were too bright for night driving, so i had to re trace the connections and if this unit in to place, So i removed the stereo surround and the stereo, taking note of the stereo code prior to removal, and also removed the switch panel for the rear window de-mister, where i had spliced in to an interior light positive feed, i removed the original cable leading to the gauge light positive feed and spliced in the grey feed from the cable instead, to the positive interior light feed. Then Splice the Yellow feed from the module, to the Positive feed leading to the Gauge lights. Only 3 cables left to connect Next Step is to splice the red feed from the module to the Ignition Positive feed in the car, i have used the Interior heater controls to obtain an Ignition Positive Feed for the gauges Power, so i spliced the Red feed from the Module to the Positive ignition feed on the heater controls Coloured Black/Orange . No Image of this one sorry, Final Step : Splice in the Negative feeds from the Module in to the large black feed at the rear of the climate control unit, i had already spliced a feed to the large black cable for the gauges previous wiring arangment so i spliced in to it instead of making two joints in the original loom. Job Done replace all panels and stereo, im very happy with the end results, my gauges now illuminate when the key is turned in the ignition, and also automatically Dim at night when the lights are switched on.
  3. Hi all, new to this so be gentle 😀 I have a 2014 Eco Boost ZS, is it possible to retro fit the ambient lighting strip above the glove box? Our work fiesta Tdci on a 61 plate has one and it looks good, would like one on mine even better if in blue like the dash display. Cheers J
  4. Hi I am having problems with my ford focus zetec, 02 plate 1.6 The temperature gauge seems to be playing up, sometimes I can be driving and the gauge is sitting in the middle and sometimes it sits in the white box , sometimes like its not working. Yesterday I travelled from colchester to Peterborough, on the way the the dial was sitting in the middle, but on the way home last night it was hardly registering on the dial at all, sometimes in the white box and sometime just outside the white box, also if it was slightly up when I slowed down the dial would go right down, no sure if its related but I don't seem to get any heat out the blowers, all the way from Peterborough I got no heat. Hope someone can help!!!!
  5. Warmed the car for 10 minutes before setting off, everything was working on the dash, put it into reverse and reversed out of the drive into the street and then put the car into first, looked at the dash and everything was dead (the speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temperature gauges and the digital LCD mileometer- the whole lot- dead). Thought I stalled it, but the engine was I bravely drove it back into the drive and took the bus. ;) Don't want to drive in snow and ice with no gauges thanks Has the snow killed it? I hope its a simple fuse.. Help. Please. Watch the YouTube video link in the title (the forum doesn't let me copy and paste the url or link it using the button) Thanks guys
  6. warmed the car up for 10 minutes, like every day...Reversed out of the drive, (everything was fine on start up and when I got into reverse) reversed into the street and about to go into first when I noticed that everything on the dash had died. I thought I stalled it, gave it some revs and the engine was I was confused. It was a snowy start today, the colds murdered it..I hope its a cheap fix like a fuse. Help me out guys! :/ p.s. see the YouTube link on the title (wont let me copy and paste on here nor will it let me link it using the button) thanks guys
  7. Hey guys, As many of you are aware there is no temperature gauge on the >12 plate Fiestas. And after previously owning a MK6 I really miss the temperature gauge. Although, the <12 plate Fiestas do have a digital temperature gauge. Does anyone know if the clusters are interchangeable? For example, fitting a 12 plate Gauge Cluster to my 11 plate Fiesta, would it work? Thanks in advance :)
  8. Hey guys. Got 2012 Ford Mondeo Ecoboost 200hp. Just got my stage 2 tune after getting turbo back exhaust installed "apparently first in the world that Bluefin UK has ever done this for lol". The boost gauge I've had installed is showing me as getting 19PSI. Apparently Ecoboosts are generally around 17 which sounds crazy high to me?
  9. Hi every 1 I just bought lovely focus st-3 Here i few problems i gave to sort out Any 1 got more exprerince then me could be need help about it Esp light stays on and i cant switched off When i give full thotle in 1 gear only left side makes moise i think that is esp!! No enought boost stays in 1/4 I found right suspension level sensor arm broken that can course this problems!? Thanks for interested
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. Mk 7.5 Diagnostic Test

    Hi everyone, Thought i'd run the diagnostic test the other day on the ST, but noticed on the initial 'gauge' part of it the dials didnt sweep across like they usually do?? The dials run fine as it is but im just not sure if it occurs anymore during testing on the Mk7.5's, or just ST's, or if its something that might need looking at! Thanks :)
  12. Hi guys. This is a bit of a strange one this............ I thought I would try using V-Power diesel in my new car (only had it a month) to see if I could notice any benefits over supermarket fuel as in smoother engine, increased MPG etc etc I accidentally put something called NITRO+ in by accident as I didn't realise Esso did anything other than just V-Power. Gutted when I had filled the tank (extra 8p per litre) :( I didn't notice anything straight away but after doing around 30 miles, the car seems much more responsive low down the revs, smoother power delivery and "feels" like improved boost. That isn't the strange thing though..... Not long after buying the car, I was leaving Ikea and was stuck in traffic slowly going around a round-about in second gear and its as if the engine didn't like me holding low revs in second and started to judder (wasn't labouring) so I dipped the clutch and increased revs and all seemed ok. The Engine Management Light came on within half a mile of driving but didn't seem to cause any issues so I carried on and have been driving with the M.I.L on ever since. (no codes show on self test trick). I have been using the NITRO+ for 2 days now and all of a sudden, the M.I.L has just vanished off the display??? Could it all just be coincidence that I filled up with some fancy expensive diesel then 2 days later, an M.I.L that has been illuminated for 3 weeks suddenly goes out with my car seeming so much mire responsive etc etc. This is only the second time I filled up by the way with the first being standard Tesco diesel. Any thoughts guys? Is it just pure coincidence?? Am I going mental?? (don't answer that)!! :D Sorry for the long post..
  13. Im hoping someone can help me out. I recently acquired a dash pod gauge, and following Lennys guide, want to fit it to my TDCi. I want to keep the original gauges and drive them of the canbus. My problem is that there are alot more pins than I expected. I think I have worked out that all the pins I want are on the same row, and I think the order is as follows 1. Can H (?) 2. Can L (?) 3. Think Power + (maybe dial illumination) 4. GND 5. Power + (IGN) 6. Power + (Perm) On the other row appear to be at least two pairs of DATA lines and another GND. I have applied power to 4 and 6, then jumped 6 and 5. This cause the gauge to zero, pulling about 90ma dropping to about 35ma a few seconds later. I know the middle boost gauge only reads to 1.2 bar, and on a diesel you will need 2 bar for full boost, but the gauge actual has a sweep of about 345 deg (almost one complete cirlce. So if I just offset the needle to be horizontal pointing to the right, then two bar would be approximately horizontal to the left. Anyhow, getting into irrelevant detail until I can work out for definate which pins to use. So on with my plea for help: Can any body offer a wiring diagram, take a picture of the actual plug (fitted in RS and ST I believe), or attempt to decode the colours and location of the attached picture (You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find this!)
  14. Anyone help?! Bought my 2009 Focus just under 3 months ago, today the fuel display is fluctuating up and down as if it doesn't know how much petrol is in the tank. I know there's about 100 miles worth in but as well as the electronic fuel display the dial is showing on the red at the same time. Any theories? Thanks in advance :)
  15. Focus Ecoboost Zetec S 180

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone on here has any information that could help me. I'm after some figures, I need to know the standard boost pressure of the ecoboost 180, and also the fuel pressure. If anyone with a zetec s and any obd2 software is able to help me out, I'd be very greatful. Thanks
  16. Mk5 Gauge Pod Removal Help

    Hi, I want to remove the green filter from my mk 5 guages as i'm not keen on it, i've managed to remove the dash surround and take all the screws out and remove the plug from the gauge pod so now it is free in its housing problem is, i cannot get it past the steering wheel, i tried removing the top cowling of the steering column, should i remove the indicator stalks alswel? please help!
  17. Oil Pressure Gauge Help!

    Hi there guys i' hoping someone can help me i have a 2005 ford fiesta zetec s tdci and ive just put a new engine in due to the previous engine failing. ive just finished fitting the new engine in but the oil light is coming up but when hold the revs up slightly the light goes off. so i bought an oil pressure gauge along with a boost gauge and a oil temperature gauge. but the t-piece ive bought separately doesn't fit into the engine block (its a t-piece) so has anyone here fitting gauges to their fiesta? please could someone back to me regarding this. Thanks in advance Ryan
  18. Hi guys, i have a 2005 ford fiesta tdci (mk6) and was wondering if anyone knows what the size of the thread of the oil switch is? Ive rung Ford and they dont know! Thank you!
  19. Hi all, I've had a search and can't find any similar topics so hopefully this hasn't been asked yet. We have an '07 S-Max, the temp gauge never goes above 30 (about 1/4 mark) and the car heating takes for ever to get luke warm. On a recent 300 mile journey the temp gauge never went over 30 and then dropped down to zero mid journey, at which point the heaters went cold, despite being on max. It was last weekend through the midlands so cold and snowy. After about 10 minutes the temp rose back up to 30 again. Are there any diagnostics I can run. I don't believe the issue is with the gauge as the dial moves to 30, so I suspect a temp sensor but are unsure where to start. Thanks
  20. Inside the Ford Focus ST and RS models, there is a turbo, rev and speedometer gauges (i believe) on the center of the dashboard... now i own a 1.25L 58' Ford Fiesta Zetec Facelift and obviously these vehicles aren't turbocharged. However, do you think it'd be possible to have a similar part fitted on the center of the dashboard with rev, clock and speedometer gauges (in order, left-to-right)? It most likely is possible, and if it is, know anyone/anywhere that could fit it for me? I haven't a clue when it comes to things like this unfortunately. Would anyone think this would look/be a nice feature anyway? Thanks in advance!