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  1. Brake kit

    Hi all, was just wondering to install st brakes on a tdci comfort. I've got a slight idea on doing it but not entirely sure, 
  2. Hello, I've made a bit of a mistake and driven hundreds of miles with my trolly jack and jack stands to my parents house with the intention of putting some new pads on my mark 7 ford fiesta (as they have garage space). However I've left my haynes manual at home which has all the torque specs and minimum disc thickness info. Could anyone on here be a real star and snap/ scan the page at the start of the brake section which has the torque specs and minimal disc thickness info? Thanks in advance, J
  3. Hi All, Question about my Focus. Came back from holiday after a week away and cold weather at home. Took off handbrake which stuck until I reversed out of the car parking space, but it still feels there is a little more rolling resistance than normal when I drive the car. Main points: -Handbrake disengages completely....not slack when it's down. No hand brake light on either, so that's all fine. -Fuel consumption has gone up by 25% (although I am not doing a weekly 80 miles round trip on a dual carriageway during the winter, only combined city/country driving) -Slight noise coming from rear right wheel but not from others when car is rolling slowly, doesn't sound like the brake though So, I'm thinking the bearing, but how could that have just decided to break while I was away? Car is parked in secure location outside. Any ideas? This weekend I will jack the rear up and compare the rolling resistance of each rear wheel to see what's up and report back. Cheers!
  4. Strange Brake Noise

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out.. I drive a MK7 Ford Fiesta Zetec S, and wondered if anyone has come across this sort of noise (file is attached) before? It happens when I press the brakes ever so lightly when pulling up to traffic lights and just general slow braking etc. The noise doesn't appear when I brake at high speeds or if I press the brakes down harder. I can't feel anything through the brake pedal, the brake performance hasn't been affected and also the noise only happens once I've driven at leave 3 or 4 miles, as if something needs warming up. The noise sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side. I've taken it to a few garages now and they don't seem to know. So I'm pretty baffled really. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have recently purchased some upgrade l.e.d tail light units from ford. Took 4 weeks to arrive as ford didn't have them in stock, this is very true as the manufacture date on the units is dated 8 days after my placement of order last month. Guide now available in PDF Format see link: Tools Required: 1 x Philips head screwdriver 1 x socket driver 1 x Torx T25 Screw driver bit so in the big box we find two smaller box's with ford fitting instructions, These units are very light weight at only 2.4kg including packaging. Ford instructions are not very helpfull as you can see below lol So let's see what's inside the inner box's To my surprise they are supplied with bulbs, But I don't like the fried egg effect of the indicator bulbs so I'm immediately fitting some silvatec BA++ offset bulbs. Before: After: Much better :) As above images only opposite side, If purchasing these from a breakers or ebay; you can strike lucky and pick up a bargin as some sellers are not aware of the l.e.d units value. Such as this seller: pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item338207c6f0 Notice the difference in the lens; the ford l.e.d unit has straight lines etched on the lens. The standard dual filament bulb units have a diamond etched lens.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm really frustrated that my Ford Focus has developed a clunking noise. I firstly noticed a slight clunk when releasing the clutch pedal (after the biting point) and sometimes when i press it down. But yesterday it also happened when I was applying the breaks, when coming to a full stop it, it happened just before I stopped or halfway. And the break clunk sounds like its coming from the right wheel side but it hasn't happened today Finally I also get a clunk when doing a 3 point turn, again its a single clunk but not on full lock, it happens before that and sometimes when turning either side. These clunks/knocks are random and hard to recreate. The thing that annoys me is that they appeared after I had a clutch and slave cylinder change last week , brought it back to them and they checked for play in the wheels on the ramp and other noise but couldn't recreate the noise. Just blamed it on a loose exhaust mount/heat-shields. First I thought maybe they didn't change the slave cylinder, which would explain the clutch clunk noise but now I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Car is Ford Focus (2006), with 100K+ on the clock
  7. Car Slowing Down Quickly

    Hi there I've recently noticed that in my 06 Zetec S it slows down very quickly if i put the clutch down and is more gradual if i take my foot off the accelerator, its not all the time but its happened a fair few times recently. When moving off on a flat surface with no brakes applied the front right makes a noise almost as if its locked on briefly then it releases. I park it on a hill and when i first bought the car it would roll if i let it now it stops on the hill with no brakes applied. MOT is due soon and know this will be a problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. New Ford Ka Edge Brake Clunk

    My daughter has just bought a 65 plate Ford KA Edge and there is an audible clunk from below the passenger foot well when the brake pedal is released in normal traffic driving conditions. (If the brake pedal is released slowly and carefully the clunk disappears) It appears this clunk is a characteristic of the car (play on the bar that connects the foot pedal on the right across to the brake servo on the left) and the brake system is inherently safe but it is irritating and distracting to listen to while driving and could potentially mask a clunk from a real brake problem. Ford and the dealer have no plans to eliminate the clunk (a characteristic of the model) and I would be interested to know how others have dealt with this, or if indeed it doesn't bother you at all.
  9. Rear Disc Brakes

    Does any one know what new ford focus have rear disc brakes can not see it in the brochure
  10. Dummies Guide.

    Hi, So I am in a need of replacing Brakes and Discs of my mk2 focus, now I could either pay a garage to do it, or attempt to do it myself. (i'd prefer to do it myself anyways) I've got the tools, but I would really like a complete dummies guide for doing this. I would need to know exactly what do and what I would need, and step by step instructions. I am quite new to all of this, but I would very much like to learn. Could you nice FOC guys help me out with this?
  11. OK, so I have a rather dull Focus Mk1, I find the performance OK, but it's not going to set my world on fire. But it's the brakes that I find really disappointing, I know it's a heavy car (I'm used to older warm to hot hatches, I had a couple of Astra GTE's back in the day*), and the stoppers don't exactly inspire confidence. There's nothing wrong with them, MOT man said they're perfectly fine, I just want a little more from my middle pedal. So here's my question... As Ford made the caliper carrier integral with the hub casting, I can't just throw on bigger discs with calipers to suit, so what can I do to fit larger diameter discs on a very, very tight budget? ST170 conversion looks easy, but I guess fairly expensive? Volvo V50 is based on the focus, is there a good swap to be had from there? Mondeo Mk1, 2 & 3 are as cheap as chips, is there a good swap to be had from any of them? Is there anything else I should consider? *Please don't hate me!
  12. Hi guys, My Fiesta has started making a whistling sound before it comes to a stop? The car is a 2015 plate and only just 6 months old. Anybody know what it might be? I've asked my local garage to have a look but they've said it will avoid the warranty (maybe) if they take the wheels off and have a look. Could it be the break pads? Could it just need greasing up? Let me know what you think guys - I'm so bad with cars! -_- Thanks! :D :D
  13. Good Evening everyone, I am fairly new to this forum as I have recently purchased a rather clean Ford Focus mk1 as I thought it would be the best option for a first car. Everything about the car is fantastic despite its age, good brakes and smooth gearbox and overall a safe option considering my experience. However, there are one or two problems that plague my car, specifically the rear brake lights, they do not light up when the brake pedal is depressed, only the boot brake light works. The odd thing is that when the exterior lights are turned on, these lights also turn on. From my understanding, when the brake pedal is depressed, these tail lights are to shine brighter in this situation, but they do not do so. First thing I checked was the bulbs to see if they were defective, and they looked fine (from my untrained eyes). Next thing I check were the fuses for the rear tail lights, and the fuse was intact. After a lot of head scratching, I thought it would be best to see if anyone else has experienced any of these problems before. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a Ford Focus LX 1.6 Hatchback from 2002 in a sort of burgundy red that I don't fancy very much but still a great car nevertheless. :)
  14. Help With Brakes

    hello i wondered if any one could give me any advice on painting my brake callipers and drums what to use and stages to do it thanks in advanced
  15. I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has converted the rear drums to disks on a 2007 mk2 1.6 petrol focus? And info is much appreciated!
  16. Hi peeps, which make of discs are best to fit to a ford galaxy 1.9, there are so many manufacturers to choose from like Bosch, Pagid etc so which do i choose
  17. Hi all Does anyone know if it is possible to bleed the brakes on a MK7 fiesta with the wheels on? My question is aimed at the dealer procedure as I know you can't do it without a ramp which most of us don't have at home!! It does look like you can providing you have fairly small fingers and a very flexible hose to fit on the nipple. My reason for asking is that I recently had the brake fluid changed at my local Ford dealer and yesterday I had to remove the front wheels which were stuck on the hub with corrosion so badly that it took fairly hefty measures to remove it. IMO if the wheels had been off in the last 2 months the wheels would not be stuck on like that!! Many thanks
  18. Hi everyone, I am a car novice, in that this is the first time I've owned a car that is mine, and my significant other does not drive, so cannot help me identify/describe the issue. Maybe someone can help me explain it, or let me know if my explanation is alright? I've had my 2004 Ford Fiesta 1.4 LX Semi-automatic for just over a month. I rarely have to drive over 30mph in my general area, but today I traveled for just over half an hour, mostly between 50 and 60mph. When I got to my destination, I opened my car boot and noticed a burning smell. I popped the hood and checked all my liquid levels and they were just fine. Heading back, I'd put the car in gear and it wouldn't move, as if I had the brake on. I double checked, and my emergency brake was back down. I pressed the gas and it was sluggish, but it moved. I came back through the same roads, but as I'd slowed down, my brakes began to make noise when I pressed them (the high-pitched whine that means uh oh...time for new brakes). As I was getting back to my area, I went to slow down to stop. I pressed the brake and it tightened, then released and went all the way down and I could feel the front brakes stop me. on and off, it would struggle. the squeal of the brakes and the sluggish, brakes seem to be engaged bit. Luckily I was very close to home, so I limped cautiously, keeping loads of distance and gently pumping the brake to stop. Same burning smell when I got out, from the rear. Now this seems to me that the issue has to do with the brakes (hopefully that's all!) I have brake pads on the front weels (and they look good) and brake shoes on the back. I know as of the last MOT there was slight rust on one of the brake pipes. Should this be what I explain to the mechanic? is there something that may be a problem or am I missing some information that I should be communicating? Thanks for any help.
  19. 52 plate Focus Ghia 1.8 tdi 5 door hatch. Going to be replacing fron brake pads when better weather comes in, not desperately needing them just now as it just passed mot. I want to replace the two front discs while I'm at it. Anyone had any issues ordering parts from Eurocarparts? I have a store a couple of miles away so I can buy over the counter ...I hope. I see they have different brands ranging from £9.54 to £25.00, Pagid, Eicher or Bosch. I'm familiar with the Bosch brand name but never heard of the other two., which would be best? I see the same brand names for pads with the addition of Textar, again varying prices between £11.00 & £40.00, the dearest being Bosch, is this paying for the brand name or are they better quality. I don't mind what the rest of my car looks like but I'm very fussy about the braking performance of it. I'm a old codger so I don't race about like a boy racer :-) As usual with mot's on older cars advisories about brake pipes, I'm considering swapping steel piping for copper piping, I've heard Kunifer copper/nickel will take longer to corrode than normal, is this true? My son will be doing this work for me, he has the tools for shaping/flaring brake pipes etc. Thank
  20. Hello everyone, I recently purchased my first Ford Focus, its a MK3 2011 5dr hatchback 1.6 TDCI Zetec. Extremely pleased with the car and looking forward to doing lots of miles on it :) Anyway, this is my first post on the forum and Im hoping its in a correct thread, apologies if it isnt! Im looking for a rear tail light assembly o/s driver side with LED strips. Preferably with bulb holders and if possible even wing nuts (found out that the light missing a wing nut only after purchase). Ive checked ebay and amazon, both have it for about £80 new. And the preowned usually have a crack or two on them already. Checked on but they don't have the same LED type of tail light only the halogen one :/ If anyone knows a good scrapyard around South coast or even has one themselves and want to sell it please let me know :) All suggestions are welcome Thank you in advance P.S. some thumbnails of existing left side tail light with bulb holders for reference.
  21. Ford Fiesta Quartz

    Hi everyone, I've just joined this forum so I hope I'm using it right. I've had a 1995 Ford Fiesta Quartz for almost 3 years and I've only recently been having problems whilst driving and it doesn't happen every often. Sometimes when I've been driving it feels like the brakes have been slammed on and I didn't even touch the brakes. It happened yesterday when I was joining a roundabout and it happened twice while I was driving on a motorway so it's very scary each time. Usually after it brakes I can keep going and it's fine but other times I have to stop the car completely. As I said, it doesn't happen often but when it does, it's scary because it seems like its out of nowhere and cars are behind me. Now when I drive I try to make sure I stay away from most cars on the motorway but obviously this can't be avoided a lot of the time. I'm pretty good with checking my car, every Sunday I check the oil and other levels and the car tyre pressure. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I wanted to check on here before I took it to a garage because it's hard to explain and I'd rather have a little more information if possible before I go there. It might even be a fuse that I can check myself. Thanks in advance, Becky
  22. Hey, Thanks for taking the time to read this, Here is my problem - On my Ford Fiesta Zetec the tail light does not work... the brake light does however... this is confusing because the TAIL light and the BRAKE light are both the same bulb.... I have removed the bulb and tried 4 others and the brake works but not the tail... Any suggestions?
  23. Ok guys im having a bit of a problem with my 2008 Focus Mk2 1.6 TDCi. I didnt experience the initial occurrence of this problem but will try to explain as best as i can. My wife went to go out in the car and after she started the car the brake pedal made a "clunk" sound, Now when i press the pedal it seems to have alot of travel, it makes a sound that i can only describe as air a bit like when you use a foot pump (strange description i know), and when you press it a down to a certain point it makes a click sound. I realise this is a bit vague but i dont know how to describe this any better. Can anyone shed any light on a possible cause for this or anything i can try would be greatly appreciated?
  24. Ok guys im having a bit of a problem with my 2008 Focus Mk2 1.6 TDCi. I didnt experience the initial occurrence of this problem but will try to explain as best as i can. My wife went to go out in the car and after she started the car the brake pedal made a "clunk" sound, Now when i press the pedal it seems to have alot of travel, it makes a sound that i can only describe as air a bit like when you use a foot pump (strange description i know), and when you press it a down to a certain point it makes a click sound. I realise this is a bit vague but i dont know how to describe this any better. Can anyone shed any light on a possible cause for this or anything i can try would be greatly appreciated?
  25. As the title suggests...I'm grumpy now!! Decided to pop out and have a nebski at the car today - in particular the brakes. Dawned on me that they're potentially all original factory fitted parts & I've never looked at them. Decided to replace anyway, the front pads are probably at just under half-original thickness, discs have maybe worn down by under 1mm (so not too bad, there is 2mm to play with and they only very light scoring to the face). Rears - similar story with the meat on the shoes and the drums look ugly (surface corrosion) so I'll change those too. However, I was hoping to do it a month apart - spread the cost a bit That's not the problem...was expecting to be at least replacing pads/shoes and was tempted to do discs/drums for peace of mind. What I wasn't expecting to find, however: Leaky rear NS shock absorber and excessive wear on the inside edge of the front tyres. I've attached piccies below. Soo - dear Forum Folk...and the reason I've posted in the General Ford section Ford/Motorcraft or aftermarket? If aftermarket what are your recommendations? Also, does anyone else know why it's so hard to find drums for a Mk2.5 Focus (query same as Transit Connect drums)? However, small victory - managed to get my mudguards fitted - I'll whack up a guide in the next few days!!