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  1. Buying

    Hi im looking at buying a ford focus 1.8 zetec , petrol , when i test drove it , the engine management light came on , i aske dthe owner and he said if i pull over stop and then restart the car the light will go out .... his explantion was the battery is faulty and just needs replacing ... does this sound right or shall i leave the car alone ?
  2. So this weekend im going with my family to check out some used cars on the market and i've found this Mondeo trend, 1.6 120HP (not much but it will do), has 72.484km which is about 45.000miles, made in 2012, first registration 6/2012, 5 gears and costs 9.988€, about 7.200 pounds. Doesn't really have much of equipment but my parents love this car and i think it's a pretty fair price (im from Slovenia btw) Here are the pics: This car is a big update from our Focus 2003 1.6 100HP with 110,00km (68,000miles). Here on the market it's worth about 1500€(1000gbp) so it's better to get rid of it now so we can still get any money for it, and the rust has started spreading on the skirts that we repaired like a year ago which will hold for about 2 years which is another reason to get rid of it. For anyone curious, here are the pics of our Focus: And one more question, what's the engine like as in fuel economy and reliability on this mondeo? Opinions very welcome. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi All, Need some help! My StreetKA is squeaking (definitely the fan belt). I've been looking around to find the best price fan belt. I have found a couple of belts at reasonable prices but for some reason they state that they fit StreetKA's between 12/2002 - 12/2005. Firstly, I wasn't aware they were made in 2002. Secondly mine is a 2006 model. Can't find any for 2006 models. Is there a difference between a 2005 model engine and 2006 model? I know some StreetKA's didn't have air con, but the belts state suitable for StreetKA's 1.6 12/2002-12/2005 with Air Con and P/Steering. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)
  4. Hi, First timer and first poster here, so apologies if I get any netiquette wrong. I'm about to acquire a Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost 1.0: I've had dealer's quotes and car supermarket quotes for low mileage models but the best deal I've been offered is for a new model from leasing4u - their email states 'Leasing4u and Carleasing4u are trading names of Blueroc Ltd For low annual mileage (5k) and a 2 year deal, a deposit of around £800 they're offering 23 monthly payments of £187.15. It's way below the other quotes (much higher deposits and around £250 monthly payments) - anything I should be aware of before committing to this? It will take 5 weeks delivery because I've also requested parking sensors to be fitted - I'm just so used to them now. Thanks Regards Gus
  5. I am looking at buying a 1984 Ford fiesta I was just wondering if there is anything that i should look for when viewing the car e.g known problems etc I would really appreciate some input from Ford owners Cheers
  6. Buying Used Ford

    Hi all, I'm looking let go of my 53 plate Mondeo 2.0 TDCi for something a little younger and with less miles on the clock (it's approaching 200k). I've had a look at some of the posts here and a buyers guide from auto express but would like some opinions. I've had Mk 2 Focus in the past but some of the things I've read are putting me of a bit. Do the diesel engines really have the most reported problems? I'd be looking at a 2006/2007 example with average mileage. I've read that the DPF can need replaced at cost around that kind of mileage, and that the dual mass flywheel can go if the car has been used for short journeys. What's peoples experiences of this age of focus? Are petrol models of that age less likely to suffer costly faults like that? And if so is it worth taking the hit on roads tax and choosing a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol instead? Any thoughts or opinions welcomed.
  7. Newbie Saying Hi!

    Hi Ford Owners Club! Just about to get my first Ford Fiesta, excited about it. It will either be a: Fiesta Zetec TDCi 1.6 Diesel - 2009/2010 or Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Petrol - 2009/2010 Any particular things I should be looking out for proper to buying upon inspection?
  8. Hello all, My first post to this great forum. I hope to buy a brand new Fiesta style 1.25 82PS 5DR either 63 or 14 model. As this is my first time purchasing new I would love to hear your experiences in buying directly from a dealership and perhaps even the best way of achieving the best price from your dealer. Any advise would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing your stories. Regards, Daniel
  9. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  10. Towing a 1250kg caravan behind a 1346kg Hyundai i30 to the south of France earlier this summer convinced me by the time I'd even left the outskirts of Calais that 113 tiny little Korean horses just weren't enough. The speed limit for towing a 'van sur le Continong is a reasonable 130 kph or 85mph in real money, but the i30 imposed its own speed limit of 62mph on a good day so by the time we'd reached the Dordogne a week later the decision was taken. Now I am a great believer in learning from other peoples' real life experiences so on our return from France I spent a long time researching the reviews on what is termed 'family' or Class C sized cars and the general consensus is that the Mondeo bested everything else by a country mile. The problem is that I retired in January and my rather meagre pension arrangements had not planned for a new car for at least another five years - learning to live on a fixed (small) income is another hard lesson in this rich and exciting life. As well as a strong, heavy car with plenty of grunt to pull my caravan, another important factor in my buying decision is that this would have to be a 10-year car, so buying used was really not an option as one doesn't know how those first 20,000 miles have been covered by the previous owner. And then I came across Ford Direct. Five-down on the left side of the Ford UK Home page is a little menu item which opens up with this and from there you reach the Holy Grail, a brand new Ford at used car price. There are basically three categories of vehicles handled by Ford Direct: ex-Motability which are 2-3 years old and can have 20,000+ miles on the clock, Ford's own employee company cars which are generally under a year old with around 7,000 recorded miles and lastly the type of vehicle in which I was interested, namely pre-registered and technically classed as used but in reality brand new. The reason all manufacturers pre-register cars is to try to gain market share in the all-important fleet sales league tables. Since introduction, the Vauxhall Insignia has consistently outsold the Mondeo, which only goes to prove fleet buyers have absolutely no idea about motor cars because they would only have to read AutoExpress, Honest John, What Car? etc to learn quite how bad the Vauxhall really is! When you have decided on the engine, trim level, colour and price you want to pay (not necessarily connected as we will discuss later) the search begins in earnest – because wherever you might live, even if your postcode is from the dark side of the moon, the vehicle locator will tell you that your choice of car is in Preston, or Brighton or even Aberdeen but in reality it isn't there at all its in a field just outside Gillingham! Although you can order a car from Ford Direct for delivery to your very own front door, what Ford is trying to do is to send you to a Dealer and that is indeed the best option as we shall see later. The other problem with the vehicle locator is that within an engine type and size - I wanted a 2.0 TDCi - it doesn’t indicate power variants. For towing I had decided on the 163PS which has considerably more torque than the 140PS . . . and its faster! So, initial research completed my wife and I went to the local Ford Main Dealer to try out a Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 163, except we had to make do with the 140 as 163's are rarer than dogs which say more than just 'sausages'. As it happens, the final decision to invest in a new car was made by my bank as a 3.24% ISA had matured a few weeks previously and the thieving so-and-so's offered a paltry 0.9% to roll it over. The next hurdle to be overcome in the Ford Direct version of Monopoly was that you don't necessarily get to own the car of first choice, even if you throw a double six and its showing on the website as being available. The Dealer version of the Ford Direct website is rather different from what us punters get, I can tell you. Remember the bit above when I said that the choice of trim, colour, engine etc had no real connection to the final price? Well my friendly Ford Main Dealer - and they genuinely were very professional, very friendly and very helpful without applying any pressure – were showing a choice of seven Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCi's with the 163PS engine on the Ford Direct screen when we arrived that morning, all with 25 recorded miles but at a range of prices from £16,998 all the way to £17,998. How does that work? its just one of life's mysteries! Anyway, the choice of colours was black, dark silver, light (moondust) silver, moondust silver, moondust silver etc etc. We didn't want black, especially with 'privacy glass' at the back it looks too much like those Co-Op cars which take the rellies up to the Crem although I can see it might appeal to some. We went outside to look at a 140 Titanium in the dark (metallic grey, really) silver which we fancied. Choice made, back inside to the Sales Manager to complete the deal . . . . . but in the five minutes we were looking at the colour of our choice, another Dealer had pressed the Order button and it had disappeared from the screen - so it was moondust silver after all! Now comes the price bit; we desperately wanted that car, but made out all nonch and got up to walk out when offered it at £16,998. Eventually we settled for £16,500 cash for a car whose list price was £22,795! We were quoted a delivery time of 7 to 10 working days, but it actually arrived in 5 and when it came there were two nice surprises – it had option 5 spoke 18” alloys instead of the 10 spoke 17's at no extra cost, and there were just 13 delivery miles on the clock. The Sales Exec was as surprised as we were but the explanation is that Ford build cars with the most popular options in the hope that anything they pre-register will be more attractive and find a buyer quickly and also since the 2013 facelift doesn't offer 18” they wanted to get rid of surplus stock. My car was built in November 2012, registered on 31st. December 2012 and pdi'd by Fords on 13th. January 2013. The other advantage in buying through a Dealer apart from being able to haggle on the price, is that the car gets three pdi's, one by Ford, another one when it arrives at the Dealership and an inspection and certificate from the RAC. With the Ford full 2 year warranty is RAC membership with caravan recovery included which is a big plus, saving £160 on two years RAC Arrival membership. We have now covered 1500 miles and the Mondeo is getting run-in in the old fashioned way – gently! The Ford Direct buying experience well exceeded all my expectations, apart from one niggle and that is the Owners' Manual which is quite appalling, but I'll have more to say on that when I write a review on the car itself in a few months time. Usual disclaimers, I don't work for Fords, nor am I in any way connected with the motor industry, I'm actually a retired photographer. If you are interested in buying a Ford Direct pre-reg vehicle and want more info then do please Message me and I'll be happy to oblige.
  11. Good evening ladies and gents! Hope you're all well and had a good Christmas? I've had a 58 Petrol 1.4 Titanium for 6 months, which I bought as I thought I'd only be doing shorter drives over the weekend. Life being what it is, means I'm now driving 250 miles a week to work on the motorway and looking to switch to a diesel. My dealer has offered to do a swap for a the Titanium & £700 for a 10 plate Fiesta 1.6 tdci Zetec (with 16” upgraded alloy wheels, power folding mirrors, rear parking sensors, b-tooth + USB & privacy glass) My question is, are diesels really that more economical than petrols? I get 40 mpg (so the trip says!) at present, and with diesel costing around 8p a more a litre, is it worth it? Also, whats the Zetec like? Many thanks for your opinions =)
  12. St Owners Help!

    Afternoon, Soon I am looking to buy myself a Fiesta ST '55 Plate, so before I set my eyes on one I would like to know if anyone has owned one and can tell me how they are to run day in day out, tax costs and how they are on petrol etc. and if there is anything particualr I should look for when browsing for one. Thanks guys :)
  13. Help With New Purchase

    Hi there as a alfa owner member I know how helpful these forums can be so I thought i'd pop in to ask a few questions. I am going to look at a Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium for my Dad. It's on a 57 plate with only 40k miles seems to be a good honest example questions are though, what common faults are there to look out for? what are the service intervals? When is the cam belt due? and having had many issues with dpf's and egr's does this car have a DPF and are they as troublesome in fords as they are in modern Alfas? sorry for all the questions but i know nothing about Focus's and would like to arm myself with as much info as possible. anything you can add would be much appreciated, regards Nathan
  14. Hi im new to the site, i'm looking to get some buying advise on a focus 1.6tdci estate. I have heard that they suffer with turbo and dpf snags. Yhe wife needs a estate, what with the shopping and 3 dogs . The cheap road tax, good mpg and insurance and size make it look good to us, however if you guys no better please let me know. So if anyone has one, or knows what to look out for i would be really grateful Thanks in advance Sean
  15. I'm thinking of buying a Ford Capri over the next year or so as I've always fancied a classic Ford. Any suggestions on things to look for when buying one? I know about problems like rust and so on but I would welcome any other bits of advice. Cheers
  16. Hello, I was hoping someone may be able to give me some advice on buying a car. I am looking to buy a Ford Focus or Mondeo Estate in July. I will have about £2000 to spend and am looking for a family car to fit 5 of us (2 adults / 5 kids). I have driven a ford mondeo estate as a hire car and loved it, and it also seems the biggest our of them both, however I'm worrying about the cost as I'm not sure whether the running cost for the mondeo will be a lot more than the focus. I hope you guys n gals can help me before I spend my money! Cheers Dickey
  17. Focus/c-Max Buying Advice

    Hi ! I am having to replace my 97 Astra which I've had for 10 years so my knowledge of different cars, is a bit outdated not having had to consider these things for so long. I have rather taken a liking to Ford Focus Estate and the C-Max and it will be somewhere around the 2005 year give or take a few years. Is the C-Max a Focus in a slightly different body or are there real differences to consider ? I only do about 8000 miles per year and mostly around town, not too much sitting in traffic though. The main considerations are whether I can improve on economy over a 1600 Astra 8v and also the reliability. It looks like the Diesel versions are the more economical although I am not doing high mileage. But I have heard that diesels, particularly the 1.6 is a bit problematic and expensive to repair and are not actually Ford. Are the 1.8's any better ? Considering this and he fact that I've never had a diesel so know nothing I am still considering the petrol versions although they are less economical, how are they on reliability and which are the ones to go for as far as economy and reliability ? Any advice about this or any other aspevts of buyinmg a Focus/C-Max very much appreciated, since my 97 Astra was made there seems to have been so many things that can go wrong added to the average car ! Frosty66