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  1. Hi all, I 100% recommend if fitting an EGR Blanking plate; that you fit a stainless steel one, Alluminum plates break through over time with terrible results. Stainless steel blanking plates are top job a fit and forget item. Here is a reliable supplier of stainless steel laser cut egr blanking plates. This guide is now available to download in pdf format making it eaier to print or share, See link to download: Tools Required: 16mm Socket 5/16 Socket 8mm Socket 13/32 Socket (only if engine cover fitted) T30 Torx screw driver T20 Torx screw driver Time to fit : 02:15 from start to finish, perhaps quicker if you were not stopping to take pictures or search for the required tools since you guys now have a list lol The next step is extremly difficult if you don't know how, But its very simple once you know how; and you will know how to After you watch this short video from dodge, all wiper arms remove the same way and this dodge wiper removal video video explains it best. . Clips removal using flat screwdriver to slide from panel. Once unclipped; Lift the panel free from place and store in a safe place until returning to the car. Next step is to remove the panel beneath also remove the brake fluid resivour from this panel and ensure to place it in an upright position in the engine bay until returning to the panel. Store all screws in a cup and place it somewhere safe until returning to the car. When screws are removed from the panel; Lift upwards on the front and gently pull backwards to release from the clips that grip it at the rear: when removed: Store in a safe place until replacing on the car Now all of these panels are removed, you can gain comfortable access to the rear of the engine, Your next question may be "where is the EGR Valve located?" Here are 3 images taken from the front engine bay and leading you to the rear right side of the 1.6TDCi / 1.6HDi engine where the EGR valve joins to the block. This round headed barcoded electonic valve is THE EGR!! This cylinder in the image below is the egr valve cooler, Helps to cool the exhaust gases that are being sent to the valve for re-entry to the combustion chamber. Now to fit the EGR blanking plate; You first need to loosten the nut on the EGR Cooler tank Followed by loosening the two extreemly long EGR Valve bolts. Once the nut on the "EGR Cooler" And The 2 bolts on the "EGR Valve" have been made loose you can gently pull the EGR Valve from the engine block, This is a case of trial pulling Followed by further loosening of the nut/bolts until you have enough space to slide in the plate. See in the image below this text: The gap beginning to appear when gently pulling on the EGR valve after loosening Their is a gasket seal on between the engine block and egr valve flange, I kept the gasket on the engine block side; when inserting the blanking plate, So the gasket now seals the engine block to the egr blanking plate, This is best for a good seal. Now to slide in the blanking plate from the right side of the engine In to the left. Very easy, Just hook on to the top bolt And Let the blanking plate swing down; it will hook in to the lower bolt itself. Just push firmly to the left to ensure it is centre in the valve, Also ensure the gasket seal is between the engine block and the blanking plate. Prior to tightening the 2 bolts on the EGR valve back up Followed by the nut on the egr cooler. Here is the blanking plate fitted: Now to replace the panels Ensure the seals are free from dirt Also check the top panel under the windscreen, It has a C shaped end that fits the bottom of the windscreen in to the panel for a tight seal. .. All back togeather You will notice boost comes a lot quicker and increased torque lower down in the rev range, Exhaust noise is a little louder (just a little) Engine idle is quieter Exhaust smoke doesn't exist Your induction system now takes in clean air only No carbon in your induction Less engine oil contamination All of the above are from my personal experience since fitting, Other things such as increased MPG have yet to be saw but I'll keep you all updated. Great surprise with the reduced lag in 1st and 2nd Gear though. Well worth every penny and more! By far the best modification on the car to date. Diesel Engines with an active or once active EGR Valve suffer heavily from carbon deposits contaminating the engine oil, These carbon deposits operate much like cholesterol in the human body gathering in the arteries of the heart; These carbon deposits mix with the oil and turn to sludge which slowly gathers in the turbo oil feed pipe, Eventually leading to oil starvation in the turbo causing instant turbo failure. I've used Wynn's engine flush before and once recommended it, however wynn's formula is a bit too abrasive which strips everything from the engine internals leading to risk of scribing and minute cavitations the product leaves nothing behind only your next fill of oil to protect internals. The best product on the market to flush out the carbon and other harmful deposits from your engine is from a company called Xado, They manufacture an organic based engine flush product which also has some revitalizant: Forms an anti-wear coating on friction parts immediately during oil system flushing Creates reserve of anti-wear protection properties, prevents possible defects on friction surfaces during further engine operation. Link: This bottle gets poured in to the existing engine oil when the engine has been brought up to operating temperature. You can then drive for a distance up to 20km/15miles prior to draining the oil. This makes Total Flush from Xado an ideal product for those of us whom don't carry out oil changes ourselves, Simply pour the bottle in to the engine prior to leaving your car in to the garage for a service gives great peace of mind and protection. I've used this product a few times now myself on my 1.6TDCi engine, I've noticed the engine idles quieter and drives smoother its definitely worth purchasing as part of the routine service on your vehicle.
  2. Mk6 1.4 Post Blanking Problem

    After the blanking plate mod my 1.4 has a slight hicup in power, just intermittent and quite random, it's like a momentary ignition cut. I put some Wynn's diesel injector cleaner in the fuel and it runs a bit smoother now but still has the random hicup. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar thing and what might be causing it, thanks.
  3. Hello all. I've just purchased an 2008 Ford Fusion 1.6 TDCI. I wouldn't mind having a go at re-calibrating the ECU to get better driveability fuel economy etc. As it happens I am an engineer and for the past 2 1/2 years I have been recalibrating the ECU of a 1.6 TCDI (DV6) engine for emissions with an adaptered manufacturer ECU. (Unfortunately I have no idea how to do a normal production ECU) Maybe I will just do an EGR blank instead! -Though I'm not sure wheather to have a hole in the plate or not on my model? Unless of course I can find an easy way just to remap it? Or borrow an ECU from work? Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hi All...I'm a newbie, so please forgive me if this post has been answered many times. I bought the cables and have fitted a aux input in my Focus which means I can listen to Slayer instead of Nick Grimshaw. However, its not pretty and prone to falling out....please see the attached pics. I am looking for 2 things: 1. A replacement blanking plate if I cant make it pretty 2. A blanking plate which will accommodate the Aux in I have but which will stay in place. I've scoured this site and Ebay and cant find a solution. There is a great post on this forum on fitting the USB charger etc. but that's a bit beyond my DIY skills and requirements. Can anyone please tell me how I can either just get a replacement blanking plate (I can't find the OEM part number) or one which will accommodate the connectors and will stay fixed in place and not be so ugly. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Cheers. Robin.
  5. Hiya. So, I recently purchased an Egr blanking plate and today got the time to follow Lenny's guide and tried to fit it. After much twisting managed to get a good view where the plate is supposed to fit. Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be already a much thinner plate, with a ?lip - bit sticking out so you could hold it in place while fitting on it. I couldn't manage to get a picture of it in place. My question is, what is the likelihood of an egr plate already fitted in my car given the fact that it's Uk model, was part of a fleet of cars and regularly serviced in the Uk by Ford only? I also realised that I will definitely need help from someone mechanically minded to be able to fit the egr plate if required still.
  6. Have had good use of this 08 Focus 1.6 diesel (50,360) until a sudden event on M25 where we had to make it across three lanes and on to the hard shoulder when the oil light and then engine malfunction light came on. Oil all over the back of the car. Have had warranty inspection which has found a blanking plug inside the rear of the engine has backed off/come loose, jammed flywheel and let all the oil out (at 70mph!). New engine, flywheel and clutch . . . . . . . Anyone heard of this happening before. Apologies for dramatic introduction. . . . . .
  7. Mondeo Tdci Hesitating After Egr Blank

    I have had a blanking plate with a hole in on my EGR for the last year or so, I recently found out that the car is a euro 3 which means I can use a full blanking plate without the car showing the EML light. Last night the car was running fine until changed the blanking plate and now I have hesitation when driving/accelerating under 2500rpm, when above there is no hesitation. The car seems faster when above 2500rpm also. The blanking plate with a hole that was taken was dirty, now it's blanked surely it doesn't matter? Please help!
  8. Egr blanking plate,positives and negatives?
  9. Hi, I've fitted a blanking plate (not really 'blanking' as it is the one with a 10mm hole in it) to my 2009 Focus 1.8 TDCI. I can't say I've noticed any effects - good or bad but I'm a bit nervous about it. Am I in the long term doing more bad than good for the engine? What has been your experience? Have you fitted this plate and if so have there been any bad effects and if so what were they and after what mileage? I get nervous when I read this: http://www.wynnoil.c...atured-egr3.htm Is there any good guide, with photos, on cleaning the manifold and egr on this car. The plate is fitted at the point where the pipe from the cooler attaches to the inlet manifold/EGR system (see attached photo). Would there be any merit in spraying EGR cleaner in here and letting it have a good soak occassionally? Does this get at the part of the valve that sticks? Regards, Tim
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. I am confused i,ve read so many diff reports i get the plume of black after a foot full from the lights/ roundabout mine is def euro 4 plug on the egr tells me this!!!!!!!!!!! So should i blank it off i also believe this would cause an EML light on the dash but would it restrict performance as the wife uses the car daily and i dont need her ringing me up saying car is playing up im not bothered about the eml myself also would it be poss too reset it with the f super thingy me bob just before Mot day......Any advice is welcome especially from peeps that have done it.....Or i know more expensive should i just get a new egr ive done the clean out bit but this i,snt helping ive also replaced the bottom hose also and what a !Removed! that was i relented and bought a flexi socket driver in the end ......