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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone who either owns or has owned a MK1 or MK1.5 Focus could help us out and list any common faults or things to look for when purchasing one of these cars? Basically what I am trying to do is eventually put together a comprehensive buyers guide so that if people come to out site looking for info on common faults on the MK1 then they will be able to find everything they need on our site. Please could you add any common faults you know of on this car and pictures if you have them We will let it build up for a while and then get it turned into a decent buyers guide. Thanks for your help :) James
  2. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  3. Ford Focus Limp Mode

    Please can someone help, I have a focus 1.6 tdci 110 2010 plate The car has gone into limp mode, and when obd is checked there r no faults found throughout the entire car, it won't go above 3000rpm and can't figure out what it could be without a fault code to be found anywhere in the car Thanks Neil
  4. Hi all, my 1.8 TDCI 2004 has had a few EGR problems over the last few months which only occurs on motorway driving. P0401 insufficient flow. I have cleaned it out twice with EGR cleaner and even had a Terraclean and it keeps coming back. This is putting my car in limp mode which is also affecting my MPG. i keep clearing it with ObD2 but it keeps coming back On this engine could I just stick a blanking plate on and what are the pros and cons? I wanted to take the Inlet manifold off to clean it all out but it looks a pain. My second problem is I am losing coolant, but there is no visible signs of a leak. I had a new waterpump fitted 6 months ago. I have checked everywhere and can see no leaking but it's using at least 1 litre a week. Any advice/Suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am doing a 500 mile + round trip next week so would like to sort it for then. Thanks, Josh.
  5. Hi First time ive had a Diesel so always a bit curios to know any common faults so i can keep a eye out for them thank you ;)
  6. I wonder if some one can give me a lead to resolve this issue. Since a couple of months my Focus starts normally in the morning, but it appears it does not have enough fuel to keep the engine running, rpm goes down to 500 or less and the engine stops. I have to push the gas intermittently to compensate for the lack of gas until the engine runs over 1500 rpm and then it works normally. This does not happen when the engine is hot. Now I have to push the gas pedal three or more times before to start the engine, that appears to help, but it does not solve the problem. The engine can go into stalled either way. During normal driving it tends to run at very low rpm around 700 and sometimes the engine stops while I am not pushing the gas pedal. I was told the temperature sensor may be the issue, but I think it has to do with the fuel pump or something in the fuel system. Or maybe something related with the setting of the cruiser rpm? I will appreciate any lead.
  7. Hi there, I have a 2006 Ford Fiesta. My daughter lost my main remote keys over the weekend and although we have looked everywhere, we have admitted defeat and dug out the spare key (which has never been used - and has been kept safe since we bought the car). I drove the car on Monday morning using the spare key but then the next time I tried to use the car, the key went into the ignition and turned but did not start the car. A red light was flashing so I looked in the manual and it showed that the car had been immobilised. The flashing light pattern showed that the fault was key fault. The car is now in the garage and I have been advised that not only is there a key fault, but all communications have been lost. The garage have informed me that they need to check all pin grips and this is likely to be time consuming and costly. I am obviously very upset at this news as I feel it is not our fault there is a fault on the key. Is there any way of complaining to Ford and having the costs recuperated? The car has been taken to a non-Ford garage because Ford could not look at my vehicle for a few days and as I have school age children, this would not have been practical! (I was assuming it would be an in and out jobby!!) Hope someone can help? Kate
  8. Hi My Daughter is looking to buy a Ford Focus, 1.6 LX 53 plate 2004, 58000 miles manual 5door.Full service history for £1400.Could anyone give me any info at what to look out for as mechanics is not my bag.And am I able to find the specs on this car anywhere.Am I right in thinking it does not come with alloys as standard. Well Thanks For Reading Serroco
  9. Clutch - Urgent

    Afternoon all, I'd be eternally grateful if someone can get in the footwell of their fez (mines an 07... so 06-08 will do) and take a picture of the slave cylinder push rod that attaches to the pin on the clutch pedal (+surrounding area) Unfortunately for me, mine keeps slipping which causes chaos when I'm approaching roundabouts at breakneck speeds and the clutch happens to fully engage.. However when I tried to investigate I found that the rod doesn't sit flush on the pin, with no clip or anything similar keeping it in place. I'm aware that this is a common fault with Fords, however just wanted to know whether I should be looking at replacing the slave rod, using a cable tie or going down the more expensive cylinder route. *Interesting one for you* Local Ford dealer went straight for the 'replace master cylinder' on me, though I'm pretty sure I don't have to! Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. Hi I have recently acquired a 2001 ford focus 1.8ltr and have found that as I'm driving along the speedo just drops down to 0mph? Everything else on the dashboard works fine but I lose power slightly as I'm driving along there aren't any error messages showing up when I have it plugged in so I don't know what is causing it. Any ideas?
  12. Hi Guys, i recently installed a HID Kit on my 2009 Fiesta 1.4 TITANIUM to replace my normal H7 Halogen bulbs to 6000k Xenon's it was okay for a while but then i noticed that sometimes the HID's don't start up properly, they turn on for a split second and then they go off again, just wanted to see if any one else has experienced anything like this or if any one knows what this could be??? Cant be having light issues on these dark nights!!! Don't want to give the old bill a reason to pull me over either!!! NEED TO SORT IT!!! :-) Thanks in advance, i look forward to the feed back...