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  1. Dmf Versus Crankshaft Discussion

    Hi, Advised in June 2015 by Main Dealer to replace flywheel (DMF) plus clutch kit etc, for my 09 S Max (100k on clock). Original noise was minimal. Same replaced by Dealer with one year warranty. Car then only did maximum 200 - 300 km post DMF fitting, as children off school and no need for car - No Motorway driving. Last week (August 2015), I heard a severe "chain-like" rattling noise from engine when on Motorway - day trip to the sea -. Rapidly got worse and after 5-10 seconds I indicated to go onto hard shoulder. While "driving (slowing down)" onto the hard shoulder I heard a heavy "thump" from driver's side of engine. Car recovered by AA and brought back to home - Car was in "Limp Home Mode" -. Experienced diesel mechanic (relative of mine) quickly felt banging and heard noise coming from Bellhousing area - He advised me to send the car to the Main Dealer. Car was recovered that day from my house by the Dealer. Called in yesterday by Dealer for discussion and analysis. Flywheel had lost 3 bolts which had been sheared off and part of bolts remain in situ. Dealer advised that they also found the crankshaft pulley broken and on floor of it's housing compartment. On a quick estimate, they advise up to 6,500 euros of "consequential" damage - too technical for me to explain -. They also put a "Claim" into Ford Ireland as it was in their opinion that the damage was caused by the faulty DMF. They finally advised me that Ford's position might be to counter-claim saying that the crankshaft pulley might have caused the damage to the DMF rather than the DMF causing the damage. Has anyone heard of this scenario where crankshaft pulleys fail so badly and without warning, that they cause this sequence to occur and does anyone know if there is a Ford recommendation to check the crankshaft pulley's integrity, post / pre DMF replacement?
  2. I own a 2005 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi. I have owned her about a year and currently has around 122k miles on the clock. Since I purchased the car a whole bunch of things seem to keep happening. There are however 2 issues right now: 1) Noisy engine, this is coming from the Aux belt / Crankshaft pulley. 2) DMF is failing, it is grating into the starter motor which I had replaced around 5 months ago. It also noticeably squeaks when I use light engine breaking. I am looking to purchase all the required parts and get a mechanic to replace what is needed. For problem 1 I have so far purchased: Crankshaft Pulley: Belt: I intend to purchase a tensioner also since I hear it could be causing the issues: For problem 2 I am looking to purchase: Are these the right bits I am looking at, anything else I should be considering? Any advice would be appreciated :)
  3. Hello everyone; posted a while back about some engine rattling (turned out to be exhaust bracket) and got some useful advice. Thought i'd come back for some more thoughts on a maintenance question i have :) . I have been diagnosed with a worn oil pump. I thought i would have a go at swapping this out myself; got the new pump in hand and have so far removed sump, oil pickup, auxilliary drive belt, crankshaft pulley and cambelt covers. The question i have relates to how it is possible to maintain engine timing while removing the crankshaft sprocket which is also used to fix the crankshaft timing via a locking pin (drill bit). My Haynes manual makes an incredibly brief reference to locking the flyheel in the correct position for engine timing, which sounds sensible. However, the manual only discusses elswhere, the method of locking - locking the flywheel with a flywheel pin through the bell housing, while also saying that this cannot be used for engine timing purposes. This seemed a little ambiguous to me. The question i have is - how can i maintain engine timing if i cannot lock the flywheel with this 'non-timing' pin? Do i need to go so far as removing the starter motor and using a special tool to lock flywheel in correct timing or....(and this maybe a little risky).. can i do something a little simpler and mark the timing belt, fuel pump, crankshaft and camshaft sprockets with typex (is there a risk that residual engine pressure or camshaft forces will move engine parts dangerously if they are not secured? ...and i thought i could just pop the bonnet, undo a couple of bolts and be done by lunch... :D Thanks in advance :)
  4. HI, ive got a fault with my focus tdci 1.8 2002 and it wont start without easy start. My diagnostics is showing p0335 Crankshaft position sensor A malfunction. Ive looked everywhere on my engine and cannot find this sensor, ive ordered a new one and was told the sensor was next to the starter motor but i still cant find it. Can anyone explain exactly where this sensor it please.
  5. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  6. Starting Problem

    I have an X reg Mondeo Mk 2 ? version (reg Sep 2000) just refused to fire up. It cranks over fine plenty of welly in battery but will not fire up. Had a simillar problem back in May when again it would not start. It was very hot day and car had been for a long run. After leaving it for about 20 mins came back and it started (ie fired up OK). Felt like the old problems with vapour lock which I didn' think you get nowadays with modern cars.. I was confinced it was a fuel related problem! Pump maybe ? However it did it again couple of months later. But this time I left ignition switched on for a couple of mins before cranking and the egine fired up no problem. Yesterday went to start engine from cold and although it would crank over again battery was good it refused ti ignite. Called RAC out but was unable to pinpoint exact problem. His laptop didn't work so was unable to get a fault code, He thought it was a crankshaft sensor ? Fuel was OK i.e plenty of petrol not diesel! Fuel was not getting to injectors.Tested the pump but it was running OK. Had to get it towed to my garage. Still awaiting diagnosis result. Has anybody had similar experience and got any suggestions or results. I am rather mystified ?