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  1. Hi all, i have been looking through the forums to try and figure out what has happened to my focus, i bought a tuning box from a tdi tuning company, it came with a money back guarantee which i have had to use, after i put the box on the car was using a hell of a lot more fuel, i mean a lot - without any noticeable power gains, so after a few days i decided it wasn't for me, however ever since i installed it, and now even more so since i removed the box my car loses power, glow plug light flashes and the car dies! i turn the ignition off and on and away it goes. the car has had a fully synthetic oil change 3 months ago along with all filters, coolant etc. I removed the cam sensor as advised on other posts here but i cant really tell by looking at it if its ok. I also last month cleaned the egr and maf sensor. im hoping this dam tuning box hasnt messed up the injectors or fuel pump, as when i restarted the car after it died the other night there was a horrible whining coming from the engine bay!! this went away as i stopped the car straight away. also im thinking of getting it on a diagnostics machine but surely there wont be any codes if the problem is intermittent? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance!!
  2. hi can anyone help ive got an 07 transit that keeps cutting out ive had the egr valve changed ran ok for the first 3 days then started cutting out again any idears what this could be thanks
  3. Please Help

    Apologies if I am not posting a new topic in the correct way, but I am new to the forum I bought a 2009 Ford Focus Titanium 3 weeks ago, only done 47,000 miles. Anyway first couple of weeks everything was fine. Then last week was at the traffic lights, I went to move and the car died. Managed to get a jump as I assumed the battery was knackered. All fine again, next day drove to station to go work. Got back to the car around 7pm, went to start it. It started for 2 secs and then died. Got my mate to give me a jump, but that didnt work. Had to wait for the recovery guy to come a couple hours later. Low and behold it started. So I though right Ill park it at mechanics so I could drive/push it in first thing. Just as I was about to drive off it died. So recovery guy dropped me to where I needed to go Have now taken to the mechanics and they did a diagnostics. 2 codes have come up P0628 Fuel Pump Control B1601 Passive anti theft I have been advised to get my key reprogrammed as the mechanic thinks the chip is loose. Hence why the car starts, but as the chip comes lose the engine shuts off. He said that something came up saying the System received the incorrect key So tomorrow I am getting another key programmed to see if this rectifies the issue. Im just concerned that if this doesnt work. Not feeling comfortable driving the car around as I also have a 2 year old daughter Just want to know if anybody else has had or heard of this issue and what you did or can advise what to do Please help, at the moment Im on public transport, trying to commute into work on a bus isnt fun
  4. Please help ! I have 2006 1600 tdci focus Lately it's getting worse keeps cutting out,no warning lamps,no fault codes,I know u shouldn't but doesn't bump start, I coast to a safe place, switch off and restart then it may go for a while or may cut out again. I've fitted new fuel pressure sensor/switch,fuel filter and I have noticed rough idle sometimes. Dpi regen done not long ago + fluids topped up I did have it once when I didn't restart left over night tried next day wouldn't start then it did left ticking over for hours no probs. Any ideas please thinkin I need to check live data !
  5. Hi guys new to this forum but I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I have a few query's couple of days ago my car was parked in a space running whist I was in it and it just cut out as if i had turn the key to the off position. Shortly after or before I can't quite remember but when I had started the car up to drive, I heard a hissing sound ( was as if i had burst turbo pipe) and it was very loud and got louder as I revved the car. Anyway i drove the car as normal and the noise had corrected it self as I never heard it again and haven't since. So one of my mates is a mechanic so I got a lend of his snap on verso diagnostics machine to check of any fault codes, and 1 fault code was stored which was P007f something along the lines of turbocharger intercooler temp sensor, would that cause my car to cut out? Today I was heading out to work and the next thing the glow light was flashing and I lost power then it just cut out completely. However it started straight away afterwards. are any of the faults related or not? Also I have read up on forums regarding the issue but nothing is 100% and I don't want to guess what parts it needs and throwing money into the car if I don't need to. Is there any simple things I can try first or test anything? My car has only done 120,000 miles and up to now has caused me no problem, I have only had it since december last year but I really like the car and would like to find the cause of the problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Mondeo Tdci Cutting Out

    Hi, I have a repetitive problem with a Mondeo 2002 2.0 TDCi - the car stalls in very cold weather It only happens for the first few hundred metres and only when I stop accelerating and it drops to idle So far I have put cleaner into the fuel system, cleaned the EGR valve, replaced the Cam Position Sensor, replaced fuel filter and cleaned the earth contact under the battery Any suggestions would be most welcome Greg
  7. New to this, Owned my 2006 focus 1.8 TDCI Titanium for hust over a year now, no problems what so ever until this week, Car starts as normal but then cuts out after moving around 10ft then will not re-start and shows engine system fault message, eventually does re start after trying a while and drives perfect, and will re start fine when engine is not cold, it only happens when the engine is stone cold, its around 10 degrees outside so not that cold so not likely to be cold weather related! been on a computer today and has a fuel pressure rail fault stored! any help would be appreciated, it also has just had new glo plugs and serviced 2 and a half weeks ago!
  8. Hi all new to the forum as my Mrs hasn't long had the fiesta. Anyone that can shed any light or help is much appreciated. As above car is Fiesta MK6 1.4 16v 108,000 miles Right... Only had car since September and all was ok when she bought it but after a couple of months it started cutting out randomly and poor idling. when I say poor idle I mean hunting for an idle but not going up and down to much only by a couple of hundred revs each way but when it goes down it sounds like its going to stall but it doesn't it picks itself back up. but sometimes it does stall and cut out but the only similarities I can see between the cutting out is that the engine is warm and she does a lot of stop/starting or coming up to stop at a junction. sometimes as well it takes a few turns to get it to start after cutting out but it does start. also no fault lights and no dtc's on the dashboard test. things I have done to try and fix... new fuel filter new oil and oil filter new spark plugs new air filter (even though it still has the poor idle with the air box off) cleaned and tested fuel injectors and put the right amount of fuel injector cleaner in the tank tested fuel pressure regulator. no leaks and done suction test with tube and syringe and the diaphragm is holding removed throttle body cleaned and replaced removed map sensor cleaned and replaced done the old carb cleaner over all fuel and air hose joints to checks for vacuum leaks and couldn't find any old spark plugs were black as f**k and a little oily so checked after I replaced with new ones a few weeks later and they were really black too. the mrs did say that after I changed the plugs the car was running a lot better for a couple of weeks and then went back to how it was. so its running to rich but after everything I've done im unsure as to why. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome. im open to anything at this point. it cut out again last night and its to the point where the mrs doesn't even want to drive it. the only thing im left with yet to try is disconnect the pedal clip and reconnect to check its not loose as the throttle position sensors are in the pedal and throttle body. am I right in thinking that if they were faulty it would bring up a fault light? I've read the fault code list and there are a lot of "intermittent" codes you can get for when sensors are on there way out. but as I said nothing and I know I can just take it for a diagnostics test but id rather try every thing I can do first before I spend hundreds for them to tell me theres nothing wrong with it. might try the old cheapo ones off eBay just to see if there is anything stored. apologies for the rather long post but im at my wits end. after all I've done it hasn't made the slightest bit of difference apart from the plug change. I would of thought it would of at least got better or worse but no.
  9. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hi all Looking for advice on an issue I'm facing with my 10 plate petrol focus. My partner reported to me that the car was cutting out when approaching junctions and cornering however this hadn't happened to me, after a bit of covert observations I determined that she takes said corners with the clutch pressed and not in gear, I do not as a general rule of thumb. After a while I managed to replicate it and became more aware of the idle speeds dipping when sat on the drive or at junctions. Its since been through an MOT and had an intermediate service. So my question is, short of taking it in for diagnostics (not priced up yet) or re teaching my partner how to drive (she swears she was taught that way and passed?) What action can I take to resolve it? I have recorded a 30 second video that I can upload to YouTube and link here if needed
  11. Hi. I've got a 09 Kuga TDCI 4wd. Had it a few months and noticed that when pulling up to traffic lights or dropping down gears to turn a corner the engine cut out. Radio etc stayed on and it didn't stall. It happened 3 times on one journey then the engine malfunction warning came on. Sent it back to the garage and the cleaned the egr, changed oil and filter. 3 weeks later it started again. Engine malfunction warning came on so sent it back again. This time the cleaned the egr valve & defuser housing, checked waste gait operation, cleaned maf sensor and throttle housing. picked it up had a good run back then pulling up to a roundabout it cuts out again! travelled another 50yards, dropped it into 2nd to turn a corner and it cut out again. Garage picked it up the next day but have called to say they can't find a fault. They have test driven it 4 times and it hasn't faulted so that's it. Anyone else had these issues - please help!!
  12. Hello thankyou for letting me join this very useful community, i be amazed and thankfull if this can be sorted here, here goes, i have a ford focus 2002, 1.4, it revs a little when in neutral no more then couple hundred rpm, but find this annoying the car also has cut out without warning or stalling at very low speeds when not being revved, it also some times won't start unless you either rev the car until it eventually starts or turn the key just before ignition on and off i've had a look at different post and seen the idle control valve could be a problem so i replaced it so far its still the same thankyou for any help much appreciated
  13. Hi all, I really need your help - after 3 years of virtually pain free motoring the last few months have been absolutely horrendous woth my 55 plate 1.6tdci focus. At the moment we can't get the car to reliably travel any distance - it cuts out on the motorway and then usually won't start again immediately. This is usually accompanied by a loss of power, and what is left being really intermittent. We've had it in in the garage loads since having it in for a recall on the engine cooling fan wiring loom about 4,000 miles ago. So I need to go back to the beginning because I am convinced everything is linked: First sign of any problem was a lack of power and engine warning lights on a trip up north. The AA told us we could drive home and get it sorted as soon as we got there. I took it into the next day and they said the additive tank was empty and the particulate filter had blocked. But they couldn't do either so sent us off to a Ford garage where according to my records now they only topped up the additive. We then moved to Germany (the source of ALL my problems!) but on the way the engine lights came back on, we lost power again and eventually we had a hose in the turbo puncture (because I am told of backed up pressure from the blocked particle filter) so it made big hissing noise. Got that all fixed which was a right palaver and cost a fortune mainly because the cat had to be replaced too, as well as a couple of sensors. The car then drove alright for a thousand or so miles, but then developed its new trick, to cut out on the motorway. It's done it 4 times, and usually won't start back up immediately, but will helpfully once a recovery truck has come. This trouble is usually accompanied by a lot less, and very intermittent, power. We had it in our local ford dealer twice who has sworn to us he's sorted it each time - first time he did air intake sensor and had to regenerate the particle filter, and next time he's done the fuel filter. In particular when he did the fuel filter, it felt great at first, before eventually cutting out again after about 200 miles, and then being spectacularly under powered there after - so definitely back to square one. All in all up to this point we have spent 3000 euros, so are no mood to be messed around any more! He now tells us it needs a new fuel pressure sensor at a cost of 800 euros, but we have run out of patience for obvious reasons! To make matters worse, the father in law has become involved now and has spoken with a 'friend' who works for a company specialising apparently in writing reports for old or damaged cars. He says Focuses with these particle filters aren't worth touching once they've gone wrong and we should not do anymore work and immediately get rid as soon as anyone offers us anything for it. Apparently once the electrics are gone, it can be a real pain to sort and it's really only guesswork. down a believer in finding problems rather than passing them on, but is that advice right, or does anyone thing the fuel pressed sensor, or any other bit, might do the job. Also, I am happy to be installing things myself as long as it isn't too hard - would that be possible if there is a potential fix? Many thanks guys, I really appreciate any advice I can get! Ben
  14. Hello, I have a 1996 P reg Ford Fiesta LX 1.3 3dr Hatchback which has done 44,000 miles it was gave to me by my partners family after their Nan passed away last year and she had the car from brand new (full service history) so it has been well looked after, but when i'm driving along and either break to slow down or put the car in neutral (to coast) my engine completely cuts out and my oil and battery light come on, (sometimes if i start to break the car will shudder and the battery light will flicker but if i put my foot on the accelerator then it will go away and carry on like normal) but if it does cut out and i put it into any gear above 1 whilst still moving the engine starts up again and i can carry on driving. When i put my key in the ignition and turn it the engine starts first time with no problems, even if it has just cut out and i need to start it again it does with no problems first and every time. It doesn't cut out if my foots on the acceleration pedal only when i break to slow down or put it in neutral. This happens in all weather conditions and even if I've been driving for 5 hours and the engine is warmed right up. It has been happening for months and months now but im on my summer holiday from university and would like to try and get it fixed before i go back as i drive home every weekend and its an hour trip and am worried about safety. I have been looking on the internet for all causes for this and have found out it could be a number of things like: Coil Pack Spark Plugs Idle Control Valve Tube between Manifold and Injector Alternator Because i am a student i don't have the money to take it to a mechanic and pay for them to try and locate the problem and then have to pay for all the work to be done afterwards, so if anyone has an certain idea to what the problem is could you please let me know so i can tell the mechanic and save some money. I apologise if anything i have mentioned is spelt incorrectly but as i am a girl i know nothing about cars what so ever. Any help would be very greatly appreciated so i can sort it out once and for all. Gemma
  15. Hi, i have a ford focus 1.8 tdci (2004 model) Over the past 2 weeks the car has been cutting out of me randomly while driving. The heater coil light starts flashing and the engine just cuts out, i have changed my fuel filter for an official ford product and i have had my battery changed also as we thought the original fault lay with the battery. The car has been tested via a diagnostics machine and all seemed to show up fine.. When we changed the fuel filter for the second time we noticed that the engine had air in the fuel system which was stopping the car from starting up properly. The engin was then drained of air by the mechanic that i was using and the car ran fine for 2 days, today on the way back from work the car did it again, this time the engine popped when it cut out. but then restarted again after about 5 minutes. can anybody enlighten me to this as i have noticed alot of people on other forums have been saying its the cam sensor. but this showed up as fine on the test. its really stressing my out now as i just want it to work.