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  1. Hi all We have been travelling overland , for the last 6 years, in a 21 year old Discovery. The time has come for an upgrade and so, in November, we became the proud owners of a 2015 Ranger Wildtrak. We intend to continue travelling to far flung remote places and so I will need to make a few modifications. I intend to document these, and our travels, in our blog ( and on our facebook page ( I thought some of you might be interested in the fact that I have just fitted a snorkel. This type is readily available on ebay but often comes without instructions. As such, if you plan to fit one, this guide may be of use: Cheers Ralph
  2. So, I just bought my third Ford in a row (second Focus). Had the choice of a 15 plate with 10 miles on the clock or a 64 plate, 1 user, 3,000 miles but every safety feature under the sun included. I went for the 15 plate but now wondering whether it would be possible to have some of the safety features included on the other car to be installed on mine, or whether that has to be done on manufacture. I have a Titanium with active city stop, rear parking sensors and cruise control. Road sign and lane recognition and blind spot alerts would all be nice. I am wondering whether it is relatively easy to add on the features that use the forward facing camera behind my rear view mirror (ie whether it is just a case of updating the software used for the acitve city stop). I assume adding blind spot recognition would be pretty pricy as it would need side sensors and new wing mirrors? Does anyone have any experience of having such features installed by their dealer after purchase and the approximate cost?
  3. Guide Fitting Gen Labs LED DRL'S Auto Dimmer Relay This Guide is now available to download in PDF format see link: Here is a Guide to fitting a Gen Labs auto Dimmer for Drl's but i have used the auto dimmer module for my ST gauge Pod instead of fitting it to some DRL'S and it is a fantastic little piece of kit, i have drawn a diagram in this Guide for fitting the unit to DRL's but i have used it to dim my gauges and it works 100% if you are fitting some DRL'S or aftermarket gauges this is a must have piece of kit, and ideal for DRL's to ensure they are road legal and not blinding to other drivers at night. Here is a link to the one i have used in this guide: they also offer a kit for the drls that dims the drl's when the indicators are active: The unit is much smaller than I was expecting, as you can see the size in the picture below when positioned next to the ford key Fob, it fits in to practically anywhere, supplied with a double sided sticky pad for easy mounting to prevent it from rattling around. The unit comes supplied with instructions for fitting to DRL's so here is an image of what you get in the post: Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to DRL's Below this text is the Diagram i have drawn for the unit to be wired to Gauges if like me you want the gauges to illuminate 100% brightness when the ignition is on, and automatically dim to 50% Brightness when the interior lights are switched on. then splice the white cable and the orange cable to each other. the results will be 100% light on with ignition and when you switch on your lights the gauges will dim to 50% brightness thus less glaring at night giving a nice stock apperance and easier on the eyes when driving at night, while also being clearly visible during the day. but if you would prefer to have control of when the gauges Dim to 50% you can purchase some cable and a rocker switch from here: 2 Metres of Cable: 12v Rocker Switch: Insulated Crimp Spade Connectors: and run the two cables both white and orange to the rocker switch via the additional cable, this will mean that the gauges will illuminate 100% all of the time when the ignition is on, unless you put the switch to on, then the drls will dim to 50% until you put the switch back off again. I had already installed my gauges before i realised they were too bright for night driving, so i had to re trace the connections and if this unit in to place, So i removed the stereo surround and the stereo, taking note of the stereo code prior to removal, and also removed the switch panel for the rear window de-mister, where i had spliced in to an interior light positive feed, i removed the original cable leading to the gauge light positive feed and spliced in the grey feed from the cable instead, to the positive interior light feed. Then Splice the Yellow feed from the module, to the Positive feed leading to the Gauge lights. Only 3 cables left to connect Next Step is to splice the red feed from the module to the Ignition Positive feed in the car, i have used the Interior heater controls to obtain an Ignition Positive Feed for the gauges Power, so i spliced the Red feed from the Module to the Positive ignition feed on the heater controls Coloured Black/Orange . No Image of this one sorry, Final Step : Splice in the Negative feeds from the Module in to the large black feed at the rear of the climate control unit, i had already spliced a feed to the large black cable for the gauges previous wiring arangment so i spliced in to it instead of making two joints in the original loom. Job Done replace all panels and stereo, im very happy with the end results, my gauges now illuminate when the key is turned in the ignition, and also automatically Dim at night when the lights are switched on.
  4. Well after months of planning a route, finding post codes for the sat navs, booking hotels and identifying points of interest photo opportunities our road trip around Scotland is nearly here. Me and my son Tom are leaving Halifax on Sunday morning in our Fiesta ST 180's and have 5 days of driving planned going up the west coast, across the north and back down past Loch Ness and Cairngorms to Edinburgh and home. Approximately 200-300 miles and some 6 hours driving each day. The GoPro, stills camera, two way radios (in case of poor mobile signal), sat navs and various bits and bobs including several charges are all ready. We're now hoping for good weather, not concerned about it being hot but hopefully it will stay dry so the views are not obscured by low clouds and the roads are not wet. I've listed below an overview of our route and will try and post a daily update each evening. The videos will be edited when we get home and I'll post them later, likely to be quite a few hours to view back and edit down to the more interesting and scenic bits. Day 1 - 344 miles From Halifax taking the A65 via Skipton, Ingleton to the M6 and M74 stopping off at Lockerbie to visit the memorial. Back on the M74, M8 and M898 past Glasgow. No more motorways now for 5 days. A82, A83 to Arrochar and onto Inveraray. Then A819, A85, A82 to Glencoe and on to Fort William for our overnight stop. Day 2 - 203 miles A quick viewing of Ben Nevis from the Commando memorial then along the A82 to Invergarry. Pick up the A87 to Dornie and Eilean Donan Castle. Then the A890 to the start of Bealach na Ba (Applecross Pass) 3rd highest road in Scotland some 2054 feet above sea level. Search you-tube there are lots of videos of cars driving this road and it looks awesome. Arriving in Applecross which is on the coast after descending all 2054 feet I suspect the brakes are going to be cooking! We'll then follow the coast road past Cuaig and Sheildaig to pick up the A896, A832 all the way up to Ullapool and the end of day 2. Day 3 - 204 miles From Ullapool we will drive along the A99, A9 and A862 to Dingwall, A837 to Lochinver and Ardvrek Castle. You will all recognise this castle even if you don't know the name. We continue up the coast to Scourie and Durness. Then straight across the north coast on the A836 to Thurso, stop off at Dunnett Head the most northerly point on the UK mainland and onto John O'Groats. Then down the A99 to Wick and our next stop over. Day 4 - 293 miles This is our longest day in the highlands so will be quite a challenge. After following the A99, A9 and A862 to Dingwall a quick sortie inland to come out at Drumnadrochit and Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness. Down the A82 to Fort Augustus. We are then driving back up the other side of the loch on the B862, B851 and minor roads across to Findhorn bridge. Then following the A9, A938, A95 and A939 to Tomintoul and !Removed! Bridge via the second highest road in Scotland at 2133 feet. From !Removed! Bridge via the Cairnwell Pass the highest road at 2198 feet high down to Braemar, the Spittal of Glenshee and across the B950 to Pitlochry and our final nights rest. Day 5 - 321 miles Leaving Pitlochry we take minor roads to Kenmore and pick up the A822 to Crieff and Greenloaning before joining the A9 and M9 to Falkirk were we will visit the Kelpies and Falkirk wheel. Then onto the Forth bridges and bikers grove cafe. Then back to Halifax. Total is over 1350 miles but with a few unplanned detours and re-runs to get photos and videos I expect it to be nearer 1500 miles in total. Probably need new tyres and brakes by the time we get home. If any of you guys up in Scotland see a blue and a white Fiesta ST along this route give us a wave and we'll stop and have a chat with you. I hope this also might inspire some of you guys to plan something similar, perhaps you've already done a road trip. Let me know where you went and how you got on.
  5. Hi all Does anyone know if it is possible to bleed the brakes on a MK7 fiesta with the wheels on? My question is aimed at the dealer procedure as I know you can't do it without a ramp which most of us don't have at home!! It does look like you can providing you have fairly small fingers and a very flexible hose to fit on the nipple. My reason for asking is that I recently had the brake fluid changed at my local Ford dealer and yesterday I had to remove the front wheels which were stuck on the hub with corrosion so badly that it took fairly hefty measures to remove it. IMO if the wheels had been off in the last 2 months the wheels would not be stuck on like that!! Many thanks
  6. Mickey Mouse Road Rage!

    Haven't been active on the forums for a while, but been lurking occasionally. Saw this on another forum, and couldn't resist sharing! :)
  7. So I've just come back from a 2500 mile 8 day road trip through France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Luxembourg (and England but I guess that doesn't count!) in the fiesta and just thought I would share a couple of pictures and a probably unimpressive video of part of a nurburgring lap. The car has been remapped using bluefin, and although I have a Pumaspeed induction kit, this wasnt on and hasnt been since i had the car serviced a couple of weeks ago. (This may be up for sale soon, PM's welcome, a decent offer may make me sell it). Otherwise it's standard. Overall the car was excellent and never missed a beat; due to what feels like a silly amount of torque from a 1.0l with the remap i half expected it to go bang before the end of the trip, but after doing two laps of the 13mile nordschleiffe, and the Furkapass(see pic below) Grimselpass and Sustenpass in switzerland, all of which rise to well over 2000m through the alps, it took it all in it's stride. The torque was very welcome coming out of super tight hairpins into a massive gradient up a mountain, and where traffic allowed i made great progress! Oh and reached 120mph pretty quick on the autobahn before traffic, and it was still accelerating, reckon it would do 130mph with clearer roads, but they are very busy. The only niggle with the car were the brakes, the car accelerates much better than it brakes, and this totally takes away your confidence to build up too much speed on the nurburgring, or too much speed going down the other side of an alpine mountain for fear of not being able to slow down enough for the inevitable hairpin. The nurburgring has some big gradients on it, which you can't tell in any of the videos on youtube, and after slowing down for two tight downhill bends the brake feel had totally gone and i pretty much had to cruise for a while to cool them down, and i wasnt going that fast to begin with! On a track you should either be on full throttle or braking on the straights, and i just couldn't do that as i would have built up far too much speed for my lack of confidence in whether i could slow back down in time. In short, i want to go back to the 'ring and the alpine passes in an ST. I could always get better brakes and suspension for mine, but it isn't worth it and that wouldn't get rid of the constant feeling that the engine and clutch aren't going to last very long in its remapped state. Oh and i also want cruise control if i do a similar trip again!
  8. Evening all, Just a quick question as I am new to this site. I bought a 2011 Fiesta Edge just before christmas. Im intrigued by the spare wheel kit. Any ideas if a spare wheel is needed, cost? I commute 60 miles a day and if i use the repair kit i would have to limp home rather than just change the wheel. Thank you for any help given in advance. Previous Skoda man, new to the Ford family. Cheers Paul
  9. What's your favourite driving road? What's the best one that you've driven or hope to drive? My favourite is the pacific coast highway (US 1) twisting down the California coast. It was a great experience! :)
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. This is a thread where you can post / discuss/ compare your rolling road dyno results before and after remaps / modifications etc
  12. As the title say. The question is, can i cover up my car on public roads and leave it for couple days, the car is taxed and insured with a valid tax disc on display. I will be painting the brake calipers, as i don't have a drive way and i won't want to leave the car exposed to the elements while the wheels are off i want to wrap it all up!
  13. I am speaking to a few Ford dealers at the moment but having problems with salespeople never getting back to me or taking forever to give me simple details. Has anyone had any fully satisfied purchase history with a Ford dealer? Preferably in the South East and sales departments willing to do a deal! Thanks in advance Stuart
  14. Road Tax From Dealer

    I know this isn't specifically a Fiesta question, however I could really go for some guidance! Bought my second Fiesta on Saturday from a named dealer (you may have seen my rant previously ;) ) and they offered to tax the car for me. Slight snag was that the person who part ex'd the car didn't bring the V5 or service book. Dealer says not a problem as he's got the lady coming on Monday with both, and he'll send them to me with the tax and a cheque for £50 for the inconvenience. it's now Thursday night, dealer says not expecting to get the V5 and service book until Saturday. meaning he'll tax it then. Tax runs out today. Can I still drive the car tomorrow?
  15. Good evening ladies and gents! Hope you're all well and had a good Christmas? I've had a 58 Petrol 1.4 Titanium for 6 months, which I bought as I thought I'd only be doing shorter drives over the weekend. Life being what it is, means I'm now driving 250 miles a week to work on the motorway and looking to switch to a diesel. My dealer has offered to do a swap for a the Titanium & £700 for a 10 plate Fiesta 1.6 tdci Zetec (with 16” upgraded alloy wheels, power folding mirrors, rear parking sensors, b-tooth + USB & privacy glass) My question is, are diesels really that more economical than petrols? I get 40 mpg (so the trip says!) at present, and with diesel costing around 8p a more a litre, is it worth it? Also, whats the Zetec like? Many thanks for your opinions =)
  16. Hi all, I need some hard and fast facts please anything you can give me that is pertinent to the following: Situation: i)Car purchased via dealer week ago, turbo blows and is confirmed by AA. Independent inspection carried out and confirms turbo is blown and vehicle towed away. ii) Dealer is contacted and made aware that car is unfit to drive but offers to repair turbo using the garage of his choice and that has stated he is not obliged to offer any documentation of the repair on the turbo, which means I could technically be going backwards and forwards every week. Is this correct? Is he required by law to provide documentation of a repair of this nature? I will be seeking legal advice tomorrow and am fully aware of the 1974 act so realise that a warranty is not necessary, I have outlined this to the dealer, but is he required to provide documentation of the turbo repair? For instance the AA cover turbos for £5 a month extra, but surely they are not going to give a warranty on an un documented re-con turbo, for any kind of warranty I would imagine they need to see the level of work carried out? Regardless, from my point of view, I wish to see some account of the level of repair as it required towing! ASAP would be great,
  17. Hi Everyone, For those who are not yet aware of the Ford Accident Management Program on Android and iPhone. We would like to give you some brief information on the program and just as importantly ask you for your assistance and ideas to help improve the service we provides. The program has been going for 3 months now and we would love to hear your feed back on the App and its content. It was always considerer that the MiFord App would evolve and we are now approaching that point. The Ford Accident Management Program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Ford Accident Management will provide you with a free service from the time you have an accident to the moment you get your vehicle back. This is not an accident management program that makes money from personal injury, there are no hire or injury commissions involved and one of the primary driving forces is to reduce insurance premium cost for our customers by reducing cost to the insurer. We: Recover your vehicle where it cannot be driven, free of charge Provide you with a free courtesy car – even if it’s not included in your insurance policy, even if you were at fault Liaise with your insurance company to process the claim and have repairs approved Complete your claim form Ensure your vehicle is repaired at a Ford Accident Repair Centre Only Ford genuine parts will be fitted Only Ford trained technicians will work on your car Your Ford panel warranty will be maintained When you have download the Ford Accident Management App to your smart phone. You won't have to: Remember all your details when you phone Worry about looking for the number Provide all the information to the call handler as this will automatically be sent to them from the app. All of the details required are transmitted including location so you don't even have to know where you are because we will... There are various other services such as finding dealers, service centres etc, you can order brochures, view new vehicles but this is where we need your help. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to tell us what you want from a device, even if you can not download the App your opinion is valuable to us and we would love to hear your opinions... Thanks in advance and MiFord look forward to contributing to the Ford Owners Club in return where ever possible. @ChrisVizion Facebook