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  1. Hi. I hope someone can help. I have an S reg Focus and the drivers door won't open from either inside or outside of the car. The key fob doesn't work but the key will unlock the passenger side and I have to climb across each time. The 'lock' button on the inside of the drivers door appears to be jammed in and won't come out. The central locking is working in that if I press the 'lock' button on the passenger side it locks all the other doors and vice versa. But the drivers door does nothing. I have read various posts about fixing intransigent door locks but they all assume you can open the door from either inside or out and start by instructing you to remove the door trim. What if you can't open the door at all? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave..
  2. Attempted Theft

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 (90) TDCi. (2 Weeks Ago). Just yesterday I returned to find that some scum bag had tried to steal the car. They gained entry via the driver door. The handle is missing, they must have used a screw driver to pop the latch. Inside the vehicle they have pulled off the plastic steering cover, and chiselled out the ignition from the metal chamber. In doing so the metal chamber which is part of the steering column has been broken in half which is what hold the ignition barrel in place. I have managed to put the ignition back into the correct position along with the immobiliser and the car starts. I would like to know advice on getting this fixed. Costs etc as I am unaware of the steering column is hydraulic or electric. I wanted to get advice before I phone my insurance company today. My excess is 250 voluntary and 200 compulsory. 450 in total. All advice is welcome. Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I have a 2001 Mk3 mondeo estate 1.8 Petrol. The drivers door got smashed and the barrel was destroyed and the car was stuck with all the doors locked. A locksmith charged me £120 to get the door open and make a new standard key, but still only the drivers door would open, the rest of the doors remain locked. I found a cheap door on ebay, so I'm hoping after putting that on, the other doors will unlock when I unlock that. The locksmith said that my remote key is ok and communicating with the car, as you can hear the clicking noise from the dash, when I push the buttons and if I hold down the unlock button, all the windows will open. I'm told the central locking module is in the drivers door, so that is obviously damaged aswell. So after putting the new door on, will i need to have the key re-programmed, or should it just work? Thanks
  4. I am looking at buying a 1.4 2012 fiesta, having done the deal but yet to collect I have noticed that there is some white residue on the sill which has run out of the door drain hole. I don't know whether it is door wax or window grease which has run out. The car is black so could have heated up and run out. It is giving me a nagging doubt, has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hello. Recently, backing out of a parking spot, I caught my passenger side door mirror on a pillar and wrenched it rather severely. Nothing broke, but the casing snapped out of place and the mirror assembly was pulled a little ways out of its socket. Re-assembling the mirror case was no trouble at all, and everything, from the indicator light to the orientation motors, works perfectly, but the mirror isn't properly fitted to the door. The piece of plastic that connects the mirror case to the door panel doesn't lie flat on the door; rather, it's pretty loose. I found the nut that holds the mirror in place, and managed to undo it (it appears that the bold that holds the mirror wasn't bent), but, when tried to fit the mirror back into place, I found a metal prong next to the fixing bolt that doesn't seem to have anywhere to go, and prevents the mirror from fitting into place properly. How can I fit my mirror back into its place?
  6. Can anyone offer me any advice on removing/replacing the front door seal of my 2006 Ford Fusion? It is worn in the middle. After examining it I can't quite work out how it is attached.
  7. Hi, looking for some advice in regards to the outer front and back door trim moulding or b panels I think they are called on my 2006 Ford Fiesta 5 door.... Both panels have come off - I have them and wondering if I can reuse them and put new glue on (they are clipped on plus were glued - glue has lost its stickyness) or do I need to buy new panels? And if so, any ideas where you can get the panels form in Australia? Cheers
  8. Okay so on my travels through the world wide inter-web thingy I have stumbled across some cheap parts for what could be an interesting retrofit project. Basically the components to create puddle lights in the wing mirrors as follows: The cost works out at £25. I can imagine it requires the mirror unit to be removed to cut out the hole, then running some wires to the control unit. I have noticed before that there is a square marked out on the underside of the unit for the puddle light unit so would just be following the lines. Any feedback welcome, not sure if I will go along with this, but as money is tight and I really want to have a go at some sort of car based cheapish project. if those words can be used in the same sentence :P
  9. Guys / gals, I am trying to fix my friend's 64 plate fiesta (face lifted version) as she has broken the wing mirror on the driver's side. It's a 1.2 petrol (not ST or anything fancy like that). But....I'm having trouble finding out if a wing mirror for a 2008-2013 fiesta will fit, or do I need to get one specifically for a 2014 model? I am getting conflicting reports whether they will be compatible or not...who can settle this mystery once and for all?
  10. Window Seal Problem

    Hi all, was looking for some advice for my Mk7, after fitting my speakers and then re-fitting the door cards, the inner seal with the felt on the back of It that rests against the window doesn't seem to want to go back to Its normal place and sits high on one end when you put the window up, is there a certain way to fix this back together or something, Ive put some pictures to try and show what I mean
  11. Hi guys, I'm a fairly new member of the forums and I'm looking for some advice regarding rust. I have a '54 plate Fusion 1.4 TDCi which is developing a pocket of rust behind the weld seam at the bottom of the front passenger door, as per the pic below: The seam that passes the patch of rust has bulged forward and deforms if you press it (creaks, springs back out). I suspect it has spread deeper than the eye can see due to the bubbling paint in the area around it. I would quite like to fix this (if possible); I'm very fond of the car (inherited from parents for an industrial placement at uni) and want to keep it going as long as possible due to how practical it is and how super cheap it is to run. I know it's 10+ years old, so rust etc. is to be expected.. I'm guessing the loose seam section and rust would have to be removed down to the unaffected metal - if I went this far would the subsequent repair be possible with off the shelf products? Or would it have to be patched (welded?) by a body repair shop?
  12. Fiesta Versions

    Anyone help please with something I find confusing as a newcomer to Fords. I have a 2011 Fiesta Automatic 1.4L, otherwise basic no bling except A/C. The numbers are all correct on the car plates and documents. I dont understand why at the top of the Vin plate on the drivers side door panel it shows as Titanium & 1-4 Duratec I thought that Titanium was for the top of the range? and thought the engine would be Zetec. The car does not have any badges on the rear passenger side where sometimes I see Zetec, Titanium etc. Could someone please explain Titanium and Duratec Thanks
  13. Hi Sorry if this has been answered before, new to the site and couldn’t see it anywhere. As you can tell from the title I’ve got an issue which is really bugging me. Thinking it was the door contact on my driver’s side I purchased another contact (or whatever it’s called) and tried replacing it, which did not resolve the issue. I then tried it on all the other doors but still no joy. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be, because its absolutely doing my nut in. Cheers
  14. Seat Belt Chime Help!!

    Hi Guys, My seat belt chime started going off a couple of months ago. I found out how to turn it off by buckling and unbuckling it 9 times, which worked up until a few weeks ago. The car has decided to turn it back on every now and again, so some days it will turn itself on, others it will be silent. The original method of turning it off doesn't work now!! Does anybody have any ideas short of taking it to the dealer? Thinking of cutting the wire to the belt, however I've seen to take caution just in case it's connected to the air bag too. Help would be much appreciated as it's really getting on my nerves!! Thank you, Rhys
  15. Can't really seem to find it anywhere, can anyone help and does any of the 3 door stuff fit?
  16. Help Focus Window Regulator

    Hi all im new to this site hopefully im posting in right section. I have a 2002 5door hatchback 1.6 focus. And the drivers door, the cables inside for the electric windows have snapped iv been told its called a regulator so tomorrow im going scrappy to get one. Iv took of off the car seemd pretty simple to remove. But it doesn't connect to the window is tgere anything im missing or does the new one have to connect to the window some how. Any help would be grateful. Thanks guys n girls
  17. Hi Guys & Gals, I have a problem with my Ford Escort Van 2001 Model. I had my lights warning buzzer working a treat along with the interior light upon opening the doors. I shorted out the interior light to the roof whilst I had the drivers side door open when re-fitting it. As soon as this happened the drivers side door no longer activates the light and buzzer. However, the passenger side door does activate the light AND strangely the buzzer. I know the door switch pins are a common fault and so I switched the known working one from the passenger side to the drivers side and vice versa.... the known working switch wouldn't work on drivers side BUT the drivers side switch worked in passenger side. So I now know the switches are BOTH fine. Any ideas? Bearing in mind both switches are fine from the above test, the buzzer is working as it activates via pass door and the light works as it activates via pass door.... Strange one. Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, Can anyone help? The driver's door of my 2001 Ford Focus is rather rusty at the bottom so I'm thinking of buying a replacement door and fitting it myself - it looks reasonably easy to do. However, what about the locks in the door? Do I need to somehow switch the locks from the old door into the replacement door? Or does the new door miraculously work with my old keys because the electrics tell it to? Thanks for any help. Ian
  19. I am in the process of purchasing a new Ford Focus Titanium and am in the browsing stage at the moment. I would like privacy glass and foldable door mirrors which are extra options. The privacy glass is covered in the Appearance pack 1. I noticed the foldable door mirrors are part of Appearance Pack 2, but it is quite expensive with the other items in this pack. Does anyone know if the foldable door mirrors can be purchased as an additional option on their own. Much appreciated.
  20. Hi, I've just recently bought an st 24 with central locking problems. The cetral locking works from the passenger side but not drivers side. Driver side unlocks but doesn't unlock the other doors therefore doesn't disable the alarm from drivers side door. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can rectify this problem.
  21. Hey guys well as the title sais my door trim coming away from the edge of the door it has been stuck by ford twice and keeps coming away. Does any1 know of a proper fix or does any1 know if the mk7.5 trim will fit as it's design is different so it won't keep un sticking. Cheers
  22. Annoying Quiet Chime!

    Alright folks, Firstly let me apologise if this issue has already been dealt with in a similar topic but I can't seem to find anything to do with this. I have recently purchased a Fiesta Titanium 11 plate to which I'm trying to figure out a few bits and bobs, as this model is much more advanced to anything I've had in the past. One of which is a quiet chime (sounds like a small bell, or wineglass being tapped with a fork) and I have no idea where it is coming from. I have tried turning 'warning chimes' off to no avail. I have no warning message from the central control or warning lights showing and to be quite honest, although it's only fairly quiet (and don't notice it when driving at speed) it is winding me up. My guess at first was that it might be the mileage indicator notching up as I drive but I have been keeping my eye on it, this isn't the case. My only other guess is that it could be something similar like MPG indicator or trip computer but I just wanted some coverage on it by an experienced ford head. Thanks in advance!
  23. Door Replacement

    Hi Guys Hoping someone on here can help. Had somebody drive in to my car today and leave a nasty dent in the door. Been looking at the option of replacing the door but not sure how easy the door is to remove and then refit on a MK3 focus. I will also potentially need to transfer the handle from the old door to the new door. Does anybody on here have any experience with this who might be able to advise me as to how difficult this will be or wether it is best leaving things like this to the garages to do. Thanks Jamie
  24. Apologies firstly as I'm a newbie to the forum. I own a 2006 FORD FIESTA ZETEC CLIMATE 5 DOOR HATCHBACK. Unfortunatley the other day, the bar that runs along the top of the 'cut-out' has broken off, it is un-repairable as the plastic joints have shattered. I have marked it in red on this picture : I'd like to go about replacing it, and looking at some suggestions... Is the door handle replaceable, or is it a part of the whole door card ? I've seen a couple listed on e-bay, but some appear to have the part that I have broken missing ... Lastly, how easy is it to replace ? I guess there would be connections for the electric-door switch and radio speakers. I guess this would cost mega-bucks to get an official ford dealer to replace :D Thanks for reading, looking forward to your suggestions.
  25. The passenger door when I move key to unlock it automatically locks again. But if I do it on drivers side all doors do unlock. What is it?