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  1. Hi all, Just joined this forum on behalf of my dad who is having a number of issues which we can not seem to solve, so any help here is much appreciated! Dad owns a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.0 Eco Boost Auto with 14k miles on the clock, owned it for about 2 years now. A couple of months ago the car started to play up where the key fob would unlock the car but the wing mirrors wouldn't open out, the push to start button would not start the car but the instrument display would show the Ford logo. AA man came round, disconnected the battery for about 10 mins then the car was ok and started up. Couple of days later same thing happened so dad did what the AA man did and was ok, but then the car wouldn't turn off! It is an Auto so couldn't stall it. Took it to Fords while running and the guys come out and agreed that it wouldn't stop. Eventually the car did turn off after pressing the on/off start button a few times. Left the car with Fords to investigate and they said that there was nothing wrong with it after doing the Vagcom/diagnostic checks etc. Paid about £300 for this so far. They gave the car back to us and it was ok for a day or so until the same thing happened. Ford then flashed the internal computer and updated all the firmware etc and the car was ok. Today (about 2/3 months later) dad went to start his car and nothing, the key fob wouldn't open the car and even using the internal key in the fob would not open the doors! Ford have said they have never seen this before and don't know what to suggest, so we have a car we are unable to get into. Dad has tried both key fobs and tried every possible thing we can think of. Has anyone on the forum experienced this before or have any ideas as to what it could be!? Any help/suggestions are welcome. Thanks,
  2. Cannot Open Rear Doors

    Hi there I have a problem with the rear doors of my 2000 Focus Ghia. The central locking isn't unlocking them and I can't open them from inside either. I suspect the child safety mechanism is applied. I was able to remove the door panels, but I don't know how to now open the door. Any help please?
  3. Hi Guys, Today I went to AutoGlass with my Mk2.5 2008 Ford Focus Zetec and had a replacement windscreen fitted under my insurance. After they fitted the new windscreen I noticed the interior lights were no longer working as they should be. At first I was glad to hear they'd be fitting a "like-for-like" windscreen and I would still have my heated clear screen option on the front. I waited almost three hours for the result and at first glance I thought they did a good job. As soon as I got in the car however, my judgement of their workmanship changed, I noticed the interior light was in the center position, only switching on when the doors (or bonnet?) are open.. what was odd about this, was with all the doors closed and the hood latched into place properly, the light would stay on. Before the windscreen replacement, this feature worked perfectly fine. So before I left I wanted the guy to look at it, he dismounted the interior light fitting, which he admitted he needed to do as part of the replacing of the windscreen procedure. His professionalism suddenly broke down at this point and he just gazed at the light, baffled. Having spent some time reading forums via google i've found that the bonnet can trigger the interior lights to come on, if the car thinks the bonnet is open? The interior light, looks perfectly fine and when he dismounted it, it looked fine. So now I only have two settings - ON, or OFF.. Any ideas guys? If I turn the engine on, the dash doesn't tell me any doors are open. I've lifted the bonnet and dropped it shut again securely and that doesn't resolve it either. Thanks, toptoe
  4. Boot Stuck Shut!

    I recently posted about my faulty boot lock which has been making some odd noises and only working intermittently. Well it's finally given up, you can hear it trying to work and a loud grinding/clicking noise but it's as though it isn't quite catching the locking mechanism. I need to remove it in order to fit a new one but the boot is closed and locked, meaning I can't get to the 3 release bolts. Does anyone know another way into the lock? I'll just have to snap the trim off if it comes down to it and find another from somewhere I guess.
  5. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  6. Hello all, i made a post when i joined the forum a few months back and bought my car so i figured i would update everyone on my progress so far. This is my first car bear in mind and my first restoration project so please be easy on me on the progress so far! This is a few months work so it will include a lot of pictures and information, hope its not too long winded! So here is the car when i bought it, it's a mk2 1979 mk2 escort GL. Has been off the road for around 15 years. I bought the car without viewing and took the owners word that the car was solid and the floors where good. I later found out this was the sum total of rot on the car, the wing's where made of fibre glass and filler on the ends, the headlight surrounds where also rotten. Luckily the car came with new headlight surrounds to be welded on, a job i haven't done yet. The rear arch needed replacing but came with one already welded to the other side. The drivers side door was rotten beyond repair also, aswell as the footwell's and A pillar's having rot and bodged with filler and a "Rice crispies Box". I started upon the task of removing rust from the car, here's a few pictures of the work done so far, before and after shots. Slowly i've worked my way back on the car removing rust and applying rust treatment and cheap primer. Next jobs where to remove the old wings and work on the rear arch. This has recently been sanded down and primered but i don't have any shots yet. Once the wings where off we where able to find the full damage caused by the filler bodge on the footwells. That's unfortunately as far as i've gotten so far, now for the fun parts, I've replaced multiple things for this car so here's a list of them with some pictures. Starter motorAlternatorAll seatbeltsFull polybush kitradiator & Hosesfuel tankfuel filler capfront wingsround headlight grillRear C pillar trimsNew drivers side doorFull engine bolt kitRS 3 spoke Wheel4 Spoke Capri Laser Wheels.Group 4, 2 1/4" Coilovers with 300/70 Bilstein Tarmac Inserts.The wheels i bought where in extremely poor condition, they had been painted silver around the rims and coated in thick black gloss paint in the center. It took a couple weeks to refurbish them to how i wanted, the coilover's where also pretty tatty so they also got a new coat of paint. before; After; And here's a before and after of the wheels. They still need a little work to be perfect but they look 10x better in my personal opinion. More miscellanious pictures of items bought. I hope that wasn't too long of a post, sorry for including so many pictures, i just thought it best to keep a record! I'm hoping to have the car completed by September if i'm lucky, for now i'll be sticking with the original 1300 crossflow engine i think. If anyone has any tips for restoration i would honestly love and advice you can give. Thanks for reading, i'll try keep it updated as i go.