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  1. I bought my mk3 focus in December last year, so still in my 3 month warranty, so hoping for some info before I take it in.   I have only encountered this error in the cold weather, -1degree. When the car is started I will get this screen which lasts up to 5 seconds, usually. This time it lasted  15+  second, so managed t get my phone out in time   If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Pic attached 
  2. Hi I don't know if it's because I'm no longer a gold member or not, but I can't view the gallery, it's giving me an error message.  I've screen shot it and posted it below    
  3. Most of us are driving around with errors on our car, and we don't even realise it. Mainly because the small niggles don't affect our day to day driving. Focus owners are lucky as they have the "Secret Dash Trick" but what if you don't own a Focus? and you don't have a trip computer? The easiest way for us on the forums to help you, is if you have an "OBD" Scanner - and you may be surprised that they are DIRT cheap! OBD is the cars "On Board Diagnostics" system. If there is an error with your car sensor, or another error that you are either well aware of (or perhaps not). then OBD might just save you £60 minimum diagnostics fee with a dealer, and perhaps a whole lot more in repairs... What is OBD? On Board Diagnostics has been in use for many years, as early as 1996 a lot of cars have it. From 2001 (Petrol) and 2004 (Diesel) the standard of OBDII came in, and all cars after this time will have an OBDII interface that you can use. Not only can OBD be used to diagnose issues, but it also allows you to monitor the likes of efficiency in your car. there are so many applications available that will read the data in different ways, if you want an app for 0-60 with BHP readouts - Torque Pro. If you want an app for your economy usage "Efficiency (Free)" can be your new best friend. Does my car have OBD? The requirement is that an OBDII connection MUST be accessible to the driver within 2 feet of the driver position. The usual location is about knee height and on the right or left side of your knee (depending on the LHD or RHD model you own). Its normally recessed, and running your hand along the dash you will feel it, it may perhaps be hidden under the steering column, behind a panel (look for a removable panel somewhere around the dashboard at knee height) or behind an ashtray. There also tends to be one on the bulkhead of the engine compartment. Mst likely under a cover, so check your fusebox, and you may see it. How do I use OBD? You can buy a universal adapter that will fit any car with an OBD socket. See below links to a couple of types (Bluetooth) and an example USB version. Smartphone Users: Look at your smartphones App Store for a program called "Torque" - this comes in a freeware version and a Paid for version. Torque allows you to scan for and clear down error codes, also clicking the error code can take you to a page where you can see in plain english - what the error means. It allows you to view live data readings and also map out your vehicles data (downloadable to PC). Two types of Bluetooth Adapters for sale on ebay: Laptop Users: You can buy a USB version that will plug into your laptop. they tend to come with drivers and applications that you can use to interact with your car's data. Also, if you purchase a modified ELM 327 cable with a High and Medium speed can bus (click here for more information)then you can use software such as ForScan. This is an excellent piece of software that debugs more than just Ford's but allows you to automatically scan High and Medium speed for errors, view in clear text the errors seen, and reset them in turn. I have used this and find it an excellent piece of free software. Any User: I Forgot when writing this that there is the entirely seperate "standalone" code reader. Its a handheld device that will read the code and control it through a handheld unit, prices for these differ, as little as £10.00 and up to a lot more. You can buy these for an average of £25 - £30 for a relatively branded unit. Which OBD version do I have? OBDII is the current standard but there have been other releases before. The older your car, the older the OBD support, so vehicles around 1996 will be OBD 1 and later vehicles 1.5 or 2. Always contact the seller if you are unsure if the device you are looking to purchase is compatible with your car. Generally speaking, if your car is older than 2004, you will probably have an OBDI device, and not an OBDII device. Again, refer to the seller to identify if this is the correct one for you. Why should I buy into this? Combination of an OBD adapter, and software to accompany it, most of the time will come in under £15. For that money, you have a way to track your cars readings, and check all the error codes. A simple problem with a sensor could cost you as little as £60 to diagnose with a dealer, and then whatever ludicrous labour fee's are applicable to resolve this issue. If you are handy with a spanner, or know someone who is, your first problem resolution will only cost you £15 plus whatever cost for the part, any problems after that you are self diagnosing for free. Providing the members of this forum with error codes means that we can provide you with more accurate details, and suggestions to resolve your problems. Limitations: Please note that when you buy an adapter of this nature, there ARE limitations. These adapters and software combinations cannot diagnose some systems, ABS and Airbag for example, but it can clear there error codes. Will It damage my car? Budget OBDII readers can only ever read data from the engine, and switch the Engine Management Light off - 99.9% of scanners on the market will not damage your car. Be wary of buying from abroad, as these may be cheaper still, but these are the 0.01% that may damage your car. What About Apple? Unfortunately, Apple is an issue for this sort of task. Apple use a hybrid "bluetooth" stack, which although claims to be bluetooth, its not "bluetooth" by the rest of the worlds description, its more "Apple's rewriting of bluetooth". Its generally seen that Bluetooth adapters wont work with Apple, and you may be better off getting a WiFi adapter and connect to this. For apple compatible devices though (Wi-Fi or bluetooth) There's this: that I have heard of. but they do say if you have a bluetooth adapter, to contact support before hand. Alternatively, suggestion is that a code a good tool to use, but again, ensure that they confirm it will work, or at least get refund reassurances. The most expensive I have seen yet (but best reported on) is REV: investment. Summary So that's it - its a cheap, and harmless way to get information from your cars computer. Whether error diagnostics, or to see how much damage you are doing to the environment, or if you just want to brag to your friends about what your current BHP reads at. So, I hope this inspires you! Many who buy an adapter never look back, I have yet to come across a single individual who has regretted buying one. But remember, buy cheap but don't expect the world, but these cheap adapters could be more than enough to dig you out of a hole. If you want to buy something better, there are more than enough tools out there that you can look to upgrade to. Scanguage is an excellent device and there are a lot of other handheld units that could improve the result. If you have any questions, look around the forum, or feel free to send me a PM and I will be happy to help. If there is enough interest, I am sure all of us here will be happy to help you if you need to start a thread. Please remember, the above links are not recommendations, we are not gaining any revenue from advertising them, but I can say that I own two of them and they work fine for me ;)
  4. I have a 2005 Mk2 Focus 1.6 tdci Sometimes on starting I get a message saying "steering assist failure" followed by "engine systems fault" and then the engine won't turn. A Ford mechanic told me to slap the dash board. It works! It has even happened while driving and again a slap fixes it. Please can someone tell me what I can do to get a proper solution? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone! I have bought a ford focus 8/2008 (1600cc, SIDA motor) since this October and I am generally satisfied. But... there is a but .... In the last 10 days I have been facing the following problem: It happened three times that I tried to start the engine and I got an error message on the display "Engine malfunction" and the engine was not starting. Along with the error message there was also a sound warning. After several times that I opened/closed the key switch, I no longer saw that message and the engine started. This message also appeared once when i was on the road, followed by a second message "acceleration reduced". It was like it went to "safe mode". I tried also with the second key without any luck. It seems that it is not an immobilizer issue. I went to a car mechanic and during diagnostic check I got these errors: u0001 - High Speed ​​CAN Communication Bus u0155 - Lost communication with instrument panel p1260 - Theft detected, vehicle immobilised Mechanic said that he needs to investigate it further. Do you have any ideas guys? Did these messages appeared to anyone of you ? Most of the forums say that it may be the instrumental cluster but i want to be sure before i change it. PS: When i bought the car (This October) I put a new battery. I dont know if the error messages are related to this fact. Thanks, Nick
  6. Hi, my 2008 Mondeo has been intermittently displaying the ESP light while driving. By intermittent, I mean if I turn the engine off the light does not come back on for a while - it could be the next trip, or 1000 miles later it is that sporadic. I have had a code reader put on the car today and the errors it is showing is: U040168-48 Invalid data received from ECM U041668-2A Invalid data Vehicle Dynamics Module Also, when should the timing belts be changed on 2008 1.8tdci engines? Thanks 2008 Mondeo 1.8TDCI 109k
  7. Just purchased a 2003 Transit Torneo and CD player indicating CD error E14, which the manual says means that the ambient temperature is too hot. Trying to do this with Torneo cool, so hasn't been run since night before and temperature outside about 10 degrees. Any thoughts on this problem?
  8. Please help! I have a 2011 (Nov) Fiesta. I bought the car second hand last April (2012) and have been listening to my IPod nano (the small square one) without any problems, using the Ford Y Cable, until last week. Now I'll be listening to the music and it will just stop (as if it had been paused), the display on the ford dash shows the track name, the time is not moving and there is no sound. Then the display will say either "IPod initialising" or "Error reading iPod device". On the occasions it says "initialising" after it has "initialised" the display returns to the track with the time not moving and still no sound. If I unplug the cable and plug it back in again sometimes it'll start working, but most times it doesn't. I have tried another Ford Y Cable, which hasn't made any difference. I have also tried using the iPod Dock cable with audio lead from the headphone socket, which also doesn't work. So the 3 cables I've tried all react in the same way. I have also tried playing the iPod on its own, and this plays perfectly OK. I haven't updated the iPod software either. Please can anyone offer a solution? Thanks.
  9. This will undoubtedly be a familiar topic, which I have myself come across however I'm hoping to resolve an issue or two along the way at, hopefully, short notice. The additive in my 1.6 TDCi had run out. Giving me error codes - P1927 : Fuel Additive level too low/empty P1932 : Fuel Additive low level The "Engine System Fault" message on the dashboard after a few moments running was the initial indication of a problem. I've now added approx. 3/4Ltr of additive to the tank (which is situated at the back of the fuel tank) but I am unable to clear the codes. I have a "Ford-VCM-OBD" interface and software (Bought from the web) which allegedly clears the codes and re-reads them, however I cannot seem to clear the codes and the dashboard message. Previously, when the code first appeared I was able to clear it, for a few days. I've tried the "Fuel flap" method, of which there is much talk ( difficult to find on the forums ) but that hasn't done the trick either. Check the status of the flap sensor, that's working fine. So: Has anyone got experience of the software I'm using ? Am I doing something wrong ? How reliable if the Fuel Flap method, Am I missing something?
  10. I'm needing some help with a crusie control issue that has developed recently. Ford focus mark 2 2.0 tdci. It surges or pulses as if the brakes are being pulsed while at the cruisng speed I set. A bit like driving through lines of treacle. It only happens when trying to maintain the cruising speed. not on throttling up or down using the steering wheel controls. Ive had it into to the ford dealer who are perplexed. It's not showing up any error codes. However i have had the EGR replaced and the fuel filter changed in pursuit of the problem but it's still there. Does cruise control apply any braking if you run over the set cruising speed? say going down a steep hill is it applying braking I'm asking my self? Where are the sensors for the cruise control? where does it get its info from for mainting a constant speed? Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
  11. 04 Coil Problems

    hi guys thanks in advance a freind has an 04 fiesta that had running problems error code p0351 ignition coil so he bought a new 1 and the problem remained another check on the code reader and were getting the same code so could he just be unlucky an bought a bad 1 or could it be something else euro car parts are reluctunt to change the coil pack so dont realy want to buy another until weve elliminated anything else it could be thanks any advice will greatly received
  12. Passenger And Driver Door Error

    Hi, I've a MK6 Zetec S and I'm having a few issues with both doors and the central locking. Basically I'm receiving a error code on the dash saying that either the driver/passenger door is open, however this is not the case. Also, because of this error I can't lock the car and have to shut/slam the door many times until the car locks. I've seen some posts on the internet but not found a ideal solution. Has anyone else experienced this and found a cure, bar taking it to the garage!
  13. Hi guys, bit of a strange one for you here.... I've only had my Fiesta (a 2007 1.4 Zetec with automatic transmission) since August of 2013 (it's JUST within its 3 months warranty). Bought it used, two previous owners but only done about 25,000 miles so pretty good nick. Was out driving. Dropped a friend off, went to pull off and the guy in front of me opens his door, so from a stop I quickly put it into reverse to get more room to pull around him and away. Went to put it back into 'Drive', put my foot down and...nothing. I think it beeped an error message at me, so I quickly turned the engine off and went to start it up again. It wouldn't re-start; kept flashing an error light (the 'transmission' symbol') and telling me in the display to refer to the manual as there was a transmission error. We turned it off, took the handbrake off and pushed it to the side of the road. Got picked up by recovery and taken home. As he was loading it onto the breakdown truck, the guy noticed that even though it was in neutral, the reverse lights were still on..... Which probably isn't good....... It's booked into a local branch of the garage chain I bought it from (Evans Halshaw) because it's still (JUST!) within its 3 months warranty. Hopefully getting looked at tomorrow but I'm not holding out much hope of a quick fix as it seems the auto transmission Fiestas are rare.... Anybody ever experienced this before? The only weird thing that happened before this is that on cold starts it would sometimes 'pause' when trying to kick into third gear, but only for like one or two seconds..... But we're talking maybe once a month and I drive it nearly every day. Does it sound like an easy fix? Or should I be worried?
  14. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  15. Hello everyone i have benn looking a lot for the DPF problem around this forum and the bad thing is that in my country no one makes REMAPS yet,that very bad so navigating onnet about of any tool to make myselfe the ECU remap DPF delete look what i found on ebay: sound interesting,can this be done what you think. On the other hand i look at DPF replacing and the price seems low about 200 euros: what you think ?
  16. Hi there, Just got a 53 plate Mondeo ST220 with the Denso touchscreen sat nav/radio/cd unit. The sat nav is showing a symbol with a globe with a cross through it, displaying apparently that it cannot get GPS signal. I have also entered the error screen and noticed it has an $A204 error, which I believe is an error with the aerial/gps mast. Looking further into the diagnostic screen though, it seems to show that I can actually "see" quite a few satellites. I'm confused as to why it would be the aerial aswell, given the fact that the radio works perfectly. Anybody got any idea? Was going to buy a new mast and antenna off of ebay, but the ones that actually support GPS are expensive by my standards. Cheers.
  17. Hi guys, this is my first time posting so I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I have recently bought myself a 2009 1.4 Diesel Ford Fiesta Titanium. Ever since I bought it, it always beeps about ten times (as you can hear in the video, link below) when the ignition is switched on, but doesn't do this at any other time during a journey. It is only after speaking to one of my friends who has a fiesta that I found out that this isn't normal. No warning lights show and everything feels like it is working fine, there is nothing in the manual/handbook about any beeps or what they mean. I'm just a bit concerned that it could be something serious. Does anybody know what this means, or what is causing it? Here is a link to a video of my car showing the problem: Thanks in advance, Sam
  18. Hi Guys, Just had a fault develop on my 2006 TDCi Mondeo and had to call my breakdown service. He diagnosed the error code P1288 (Cylinder Head Temp Sensor Out Of Range). The symptoms were that the temperature gauge dropped to zero, the engine warning light came on and the car lost power and went into Limp Mode. Also, after the car was parked the rad fan continued to run for about 5 mins. OK, so that's the fault and the cause, now the nitty gritty bit - Can anyone please tell me how to change this sensor and also where is the best place to buy one at a reasonable price B) Any help and with diagrams if poss would be greatly appreciated :D My very best regards Bob.
  19. 122,000 Miles And Roughing It!

    It all started when I accidently started it in gear - then while accelerating onto motorway it didn't - would not accelerate much and heater plug light was flashing. got of M6 and stopped - restarted and fine. Ever since then it has been going into "limp mode" and loss of power - poor acceleration - the for a while all fine! tried so far. mates diagnostic - error 2262 Diesel "specialist" Delphi error 2262 I.e turbo lack of pressure... But turbo seems fine - turbo arm free.. - and specialist says never seen code before ( all over the web!!! ) So air mass swapped, injector cleaner ran through, ECR cleaned, NOT split inter cooler hose, Cam sensor changed Now if I rev - sat still - up to ~2000 rpm - and back off it gets VERY rough - horrible. Since changing the cam sensor the heater light has stayed off - but too early to tell. Engine management light on all the time Tried " twitching ign. on/ff 20 times" as advised on "johns" website - no worky... So - you think changing the cam sensor ( from a black one to a new grey!!) has worked? I don't want to waste another £60 ON DIAGNOSTICS TO FINE ERROR 2262 is / is not present - told me nothing the first time. Feels like a death rattle - Mind you it does most of the time ( long history of chasing more lemons round the crank shaft pulley / belt tensioner game ) If it ain't broke dont fix it - as long as it does not go into limp mode again