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  1. DTRL and front parking sensors

    Hi guys   Picking up my 12-plate Titanium Focus tomorrow, just wondering if any of you have any suggestions regarding fitting front parking sensors (colour-coded) and Daytime Running Lights (the ones in the headlights, not the grill). I'm not doing it myself!! I'm looking for someone in South Wales to do it for me professionally, somewhere near the Aberdare area but anywhere between Cardiff and Swansea would be fine. If you know of someone I could get a quote from, or have any ideas, itd be very much appreciated!   Thanks!! Jody
  2. Has anyone successfully put a facelift (mk7.5 ) front onto a prefacelift fiesta (mk7)? My question is what parts would I need and how to go about the DRL'S. Also were there any issues or anything else that I should know?  I know it's an expensive job as so far the only advice I have managed to find is that financially it's not worth it. I'm still going ahead with this so any advice would be much appreciated.  
  3. Evening Everybody. I hate only joining a forum to ask a question but I am looking for some advice with my 2007 (57) Focus. Wife went out in the car yesterday morning and the front wipers are no longer working - I immediately assumed that it was either the fuse or the linkage (my old Punto back in the day constantly had wiper issues). So far I have checked the fuse (Fuse 129 iirc) and it appears to be fine, I have checked and I am getting just under 12v output from the wiring loom (11.9v) and checked for any visible signs of damage/water ingress on the loom but couldnt see anything. I have tried two replacement motors from a local breakers but neither worked - the exact same as before. When I attempt to run the wipers I can hear the fuse box making the "ticking noise" that I would expect. Other functions from this stalk appear to be working without issues (rear wipers and front water jets) and all other electricals are working from what I can tell. I have had a look through the forums and it appears that people have had this issue with various different sources of the problem and hoping somebody may be able to assist with troubleshooting further. We have been discussing upgrading to Mondeo in the next month or so and really want to avoid spening cash on the car. Thanks Mark
  4. So, I just bought my third Ford in a row (second Focus). Had the choice of a 15 plate with 10 miles on the clock or a 64 plate, 1 user, 3,000 miles but every safety feature under the sun included. I went for the 15 plate but now wondering whether it would be possible to have some of the safety features included on the other car to be installed on mine, or whether that has to be done on manufacture. I have a Titanium with active city stop, rear parking sensors and cruise control. Road sign and lane recognition and blind spot alerts would all be nice. I am wondering whether it is relatively easy to add on the features that use the forward facing camera behind my rear view mirror (ie whether it is just a case of updating the software used for the acitve city stop). I assume adding blind spot recognition would be pretty pricy as it would need side sensors and new wing mirrors? Does anyone have any experience of having such features installed by their dealer after purchase and the approximate cost?
  5. Hello all, great forum here that I've been reading for a while. We've recently purchased a 2012 Fiesta Edge which we really love, but I am in the process of fitting some parking sensors front and rear into the factory positions. I have no issues with the fitting of the sensors, or with vehicle electrics etc. as I've done this many times - but I want that factory look in our 'new' car. I've ordered the 'Front Parking Switch' and bezel from Ford and it is exactly what I need. I've even managed to work out which pins provide a momentary action to engage the parking sensors but for the life of me am unable to get the backlight or 'on' light to work on the bench out of the car. I'm led to believe the multiplug for this bezel (which can also house the ESP switch and Airbag Off light) is present in all Fiestas. I'm hoping when I take the dash apart tomorrow I will find this plug and plug it in - if anything to get the backlight working. But does anyone have any experience with getting the 'on' LED to work, I'm guessing this would normally activate a Ford Module for the factory sensors, but I still cannot figure out on the bench how it illuminates the LED, even following the PCB tracks under a magnifying glass. If anyone has done this before (I guess not as I did try searching) and can help in any way that would be great! :)
  6. Repairing Front Bumper

    I have damaged the the lower part of front bumper by hitting a raised kerb. The visible damage is not much but the underside looks a mess. Are there any pictures available showing the various parts of the complete bumper assembly?
  7. Hi All I have a shiny new Gord Galaxy Titanium Edition 2014. I have noticed that the front and rear headlamps always stay on when the ignition is on. It is supposed to have auto sensing headlights when is where the knob is set to. Even if I move the knob to manual "0" position, the lights still stay on. ( The dash lights go off in the position). I took it back to the dealer and was told those are the running lights but that sounds like nonsense to me. Anybody know if he's right, will I always have to drive around with my lights on? (and let me clear, they are not the small types of running lights, it is the main headlamps were talking about). There are loads of Galaxys on the road but I have not seen any with headlamps on during the day on any of them. Hope someone can shed some light (sorry, couldn't resist) Imran
  8. Any one know why my right indicators are working intermittently? I have a 2010 Fiesta and its been back and forth to the garage and they are struggling with it. Its had a new indicator stork but thats not solved the problem. Very frustrating as I don't know when I'm not going to be able to indicate right - one day its fine the next its not. Has anyone come across this problem before? Thanks
  9. Removing A Mk2 Front Wing

    Hi all, I've recently stripped back the sills on my car, treated the metal & resprayed (so far good) however on doing this it became obvious that the bottom section of the front RHS wing is 80% rust i.e. the part which the mud flap bolts through & is beyond being saved. I know replacement (pre-sprayed) wings can be purchased which my cause a minor colour mis-match due to UV fade etc, my question is does anyone have any idea how to remove the front wing? The Haines manual doesn't detail this process, I'm confident working on the car & am able to remove the arch liner. The only Youtube vids I could find for this are MK1's which may not have bolts etc in the same place etc.
  10. 2007 Smax

    Hi i am new on here, my 07 Smax has started making a grinding noise and sensation when turning on full lock steering, power steering fluid is ok, any ideas. Also the indicator has started playing up and only working intermittently seems to be in very wet weather the car does not like it at all
  11. I recently got a 2004 Ford Ka 1.3 Duratec as my first car a month or two, bought it for £1000, just over 46000 on the clock, and for the first few weeks, it was pretty good, even though I haven't driven it on the road yet, and today I have noticed that the front left indicator suddenly doesn't want to work, I've checked the wiring, seems OK, bulb, good condition, give it a knock, it works fine again, when I put it back in again, it sometimes stops flashing again, like any sudden knocks stops it working, I took it off and used the one from the driver side on the passenger side, and it worked fine so no problems there, but when I tried the passenger unit on the driver side, it didn't work at all, i know the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it, I swapped bulbs but its not them either, and does anyone know if that unit thing, basically, the bit where the cable plugs into, with the bulb on the other end, does it have a prober name? I search for "Ford Ka 2004 Indicator unit and it comes up with stalks, headlight units and anything but what I need
  12. I've just finished rebuilding the front end - bumper, wings, various bits under the bonnet - on my Mk2 Focus. (It's taken two and a half years... ) I've got these things left over. I'm not too worried, but I'd prefer to know what they are :) It's possible that certain new parts I've bought already had them fitted without me noticing (e.g. a new bumper), in which case they're duplicates. Any ideas?
  13. Hi, Can anyone help? The driver's door of my 2001 Ford Focus is rather rusty at the bottom so I'm thinking of buying a replacement door and fitting it myself - it looks reasonably easy to do. However, what about the locks in the door? Do I need to somehow switch the locks from the old door into the replacement door? Or does the new door miraculously work with my old keys because the electrics tell it to? Thanks for any help. Ian
  14. Changing Front Grilles

    I'm trying to change the front upper and lower grill on my fiesta Zetec S 2014 ecoboost 1lt but not too sure exactly how to get the old ones off? Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I have a mk2 focus sport 1.8 tdci and I am at a loss and would like some advice. I have had a wobble / vibration on the front passenger side for over 6 months now and is very noticeable at low speeds and the steering wheel also wobbles. I have read a few posts and took on some of the suggestions but I have not had any luck in solving my problem. I have replaced the bearing including hub, it passed its not in January with no problems. I then replaced the drivers shaft, still no luck. I noticed that the tire was worn on the outside so today I took her to get a new tyre. I asked for the wheel to be put on the rear to see if it would help. I had all the wheels balenced and the alignment done and I am still facing the same problem. Does anyone have anymore ideas? thanks
  16. Side repeaters

    From the album Focus 04 1.8 tdci

    Replaced the stock orange lenses with these nuetral smoked side repeaters.
  17. You can find below the steps needed to replace the mirror indicator bulbs/ remove the housing on a mk7 Fiesta. The process is pretty simple, takes about 10 mins and only needs one person and a screwdriver. I was removing the cover to replace the bulbs with chrome ones but the same process applies for pretty much any work you want to do on the mirrors. The reason I have written this guide is that whilst the process is simple it does require you to apply a fair bit of pressure to plastic parts which is always a worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing. From my experience the job doesn't endanger your mirror glass as you pretty much leave that alone and you're most at risk of snapping one of the plastic clips on the housing. On the up side though they all seem surprisingly sturdy so as long as you're careful you will be fine. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  18. front Led

    From the album My '08 S-Max Titanium

  19. Air Bags

    Hey hi there.. first post any way im needing both passenger and driver far all i can find is for 2007 model. Anyone know if this will fit 2008 model reg eo58..and apparantly comes with everything needed...and is there anything else id need obviously garage will b fitting as computer etc will need reset. Thanks in advance paul.
  20. Hello people of the Ford Forum, I have a W reg 1.8 petrol Ford Focus Zetec. I've had it since September and I bought it in a car auction. The car is sound, it passed its MOT earlier this month albeit with a new brake cylinder on the o/s/r brake, but I cannot crumble as the car was cheap. My problem is that my alternator packed up the other day, it didn't give me any warning. The radio turned off, then the dash board lights started going. Not at any point did the battery light or any light other than the air bag warning light come on to give me notice. After calling out the AA I was told it was the alternator. So after buying a battery charger and charging the battery completely full I drove it with no heater, lights and radio to my local motor mechanic 20 miles from where I live. They have replaced the alternator but now the battery light stays on and the front windscreen heater does not work. The garage say they will sort it, but as I needed the car back I have to take it back when its convenient. I just wanted to know everybody's thoughts? Is it the alternator, a loose wire, what could it be? I'd appreciate any feed back so I can seem smart when I go back to the garage and tell them to investigate further.
  21. Fiesta Indicator Stalk

    Hi. Apologies if this question is in the wrong area of the forum. I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec (2010 model) and I was wondering if its possible to get the indicator stalk replaced or improved as I find it a bit clunky when I push it either up or down to turn on the indicators. I basically would like it to feel smoother when I turn on the indicators and not have it feel like a cheap piece of plastic that 'clicks' (if you get my meaning :-) ). Would a Ford dealership be able to have a look at this for me or is this a more specialised request? Thanks in advanced.
  22. Hello,I have recently had a squeak from my front off side wheel. It has got progressively worse over time. It squeaks and whines heavily when you turn right and clunks when you turn left. There seems to be a bit of vibration in the track rod arm but the noise is a strange one. Any suggestions please?
  23. hi, im fed up with this 2002 mk1 focus 1.6 16v The airbag dash light didn't illuminate at start up, so I removed instrument panel to check bulb surprise someone had removed it! I tried a bulb and holder that I new worked but it will not light at start up. I have had it on diagnostic software and it only throws up B2227 front impact sensor which I will replace if I can fix this dam light otherwise it will fail MOT. I have checked continuity through the bulb holder and the printed circuit board only immediately around the bulb and seems fine. The airbag light has never worked since I got it but I didn't realise when buying dispite it had mot 2 days earlier hmm that gotta be dodgy since brake hose nearly through due to rubbing and not even mentioned. Any help on airbag light would be help full or any pointers? otherwise I will have to hide my son in footwell with a torch during mot.
  24. Here's the link Legal? Anyone got them they look cool
  25. Indicator Problem

    Hi, I've had my 04 street ka for just over a yr and it's been fine, then the indicators started playing up. Turn them on they go then stop then restart. It started with the left indicator, then the problem started on the right as well, then got to stage where sometimes it work and sometimes not then the hazards started playing up. Until it packed in completely. A month ago, I got a second hand indicator stalk, as its one unit and the fact I had no working indicators. This worked fine for 3 wks and now the same thing is happening they both start working but might cut off when they should not or go three flashes then stop. Is this a common fault? The second hand indicator stalk was also off an 04. Was I unlucky to jst buy a faulty one or would this happen again. Am I better off getting a new one? Or is this not a fault in the indicator stalk but somewhere else. Please can anyone help. I love my car but this being the second one that's having this problem I'm wondering what it could be. Do I need to replace for new or a different part. Tracey