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  1. I got my fiesta last friday and want to start doing nice subtle mods and i dont know  where to begin, i have already got gel overlays, any links to cheap fiesta parts(mk7) thanks that would help alot
  2. Zetec S Mk7.5 New Modifications?

    Hi Guy's, This is my First post I have made on this form! :) On the 30th of September I purchased my 2015 Ford Fiesta Zetec S Eco boost 1.0 in deep blue, it had 1.5K miles on the clock and I payed around £12.5K for it with 1 owner before me. it also has a lot of extra features like the upgraded centre console Etc.... I have posted some pics on my imgur page. Pictures: Im 17 years old and this is my first car, I now have 3200 miles on the clock, I am looking to get a "S" Badge to put on the front Grill as well as a "Zetec S" badge for the back, I have been looking on E-Bay and they seem to range from £10-£30 for both. I'm not to sure what colour would look best Please post your opinion below and why. (Deep Blue, Red, Black or White). Would I need to tell my insurance company about these small Modifications? I am also getting the back 3 windows tinted, in 1-2 months but unsure of that % tint I should get. If their are any other small modifications that you would recommend please say below (I don't want my insurance to increase as I am already paying over £2,500 per year) I also don't care to much for engine modifications. Thanks a lot guys!! Hope to speak to you guys soon! :D
  3. Breaking Ford Puma 1.7

    Welcome Everyone! I have decided to break my 1.7 puma as I no longer have the time to play with it. I am going to list the parts I have taken off that are available on Ebay. I have sold the engine and the brake calipers, so the only parts I have available will be listed here. I will be adding more parts over the next few days so Ebay will be updated. Don't be afraid to request a part I will be as quick as possible getting back to you. Thanks, Damo PM me on here or Ebay with questions. My number is 07872 620000. Here is the ebay link to my profile to see the parts Both Front wings (Pair) - £25 + Collection/Courier Steering Column Cover/Cowling - £12 + Free P&P Bonnet Seal - £12 + Free P&P Speedo Covers / Facia - £12 + £2 P&P Center Console & Gator - £13 + Free P&P Puma Fanblade 15" (Single Alloy) - £15 + Collection/Courier Rear Bumper - £20 + Collection/Courier Rear Speaker w/ Boxes (Pair) - £20/Offers + Free P&P Interior Centre Light - £10 + Free P&P Roof Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Sun Visors (Pair) - £13 + Free P&P Rear Seat Release Cables - £14 + Free P&P Lift Jack + Wheel Brace - £16 + Free P&P Window Switches Driver & Passenger - £8.50 + Free P&P Window Switch Covers - £8.50 + Free P&P Interior Mirror Covers (Pair) - £12.80 + Free P&P Interior Air Vents Driver & Passenger - £10 + Free P&P Glove Box - £14.50 + Free P&P Windscreen Heated w/ Rear View Mirror - £80 - See Ebay Listing For Postage Details Petrol Cap Cover - £7.50 + Free P&P Complete Ashtray - £11 + Free P&P Ford Escort SI Alloys Wheels /w Tyres x5 15" 4x108 - £50 + Collection/Courier MAF Intake Pipe - £12 + Free P&P Airbag Control Module - £11 + Free P&P N/S Front Electric Window Motor - £14 + Free P&P Front Door Windows (Both Sides) - £15 + collect/Courier Complete Boot Carpet/Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Front Seats With Belt Buckles /Rear Seats And Door Cards - £25 + Collection/Courier Radiator Fan - £16 + Free P&P Brake Servo /w Resevoir - £23 + Free P&P Wiper Motor - £14.50 + Free P&P Fuse Box Cover - £10 + Free P&P ** Update ** New Parts Listed: N/S Front Electric Window Motor - £14 + Free P&P Front Door Windows (Both Sides) - £15 + collect/Courier Complete Boot Carpet/Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Front Seats With Belt Buckles /Rear Seats And Door Cards - £25 + Collection/Courier Radiator Fan - £16 + Free P&P Brake Servo /w Resevoir - £23 + Free P&P Wiper Motor - £14.50 + Free P&P Fuse Box Cover - £10 + Free P&P Parts Sold: Digital Clock - £7.50 Racing Gear Knob - £11.50 Rear Lights (Both) - £16 Instrument Cluster (Approx 120K Miles) - £18 Front Seatbelts - £14 Rear Seatbelts + Buckels - £14 Heater Control/ AC Panel - £15 Wing Mirrors (Pair) - £20 O/S Front Electric Door Window Motor - £14 Header Tank/Weater Resevoir - £14 Feel free to request any parts that aren't listed. All the parts are genuine Ford I have described them in detail on my Ebay. Here is the link again Cheers
  4. Hello to all, This is my first post, I've had my fiesta for 1 month now and just wanted to show a few pics and discuss what I should do next with the beast. I love it, absolutely love the machine. Let me know what you think. I also have 4 years automotive wiring harness background so feel free to ask me questions. My baby before Ford Fiesta Zetec S - 1.8 L, few mods, added DRL's, reversing sensors, moved aux point, changed all bulbs The beast on the day I picked her up. You have to clean her on day 1 then she is yours. First run out in the peak district, just outside buxton. 3 figures on a B road...oops! First mod has to be from DMB, thanks to everyone who works there they do a grand job. - Before After Carbon-white smb overlays before and after (same on back) The mods are so subtle they work and last but not least a profile photo I took when on a long drive. So yeah thats everything up until now. I want to make mods where if i took it back to ford I won't void the warrantee and mods that i can act dumb with the insurance folk...."it was like that when I got it, I know nothing a bouts cars.. honest" Any ideas are welcome. Next mods to include: Black wrap on lower splitter (to protect against stone chips and to keep the "subtle but nice" approach) de-tango all bulbs on the car (recommendations on what bulbs would be appreciated) move to a colder temperature with the headlights/main beam (again any suggestions would be nice) Change interior bulbs MAYBE.... black wrap the wing mirrors but I don't know if this is going to look crap or not. Thanks guys.
  5. Hello everyone, I recently purchased my first Ford Focus, its a MK3 2011 5dr hatchback 1.6 TDCI Zetec. Extremely pleased with the car and looking forward to doing lots of miles on it :) Anyway, this is my first post on the forum and Im hoping its in a correct thread, apologies if it isnt! Im looking for a rear tail light assembly o/s driver side with LED strips. Preferably with bulb holders and if possible even wing nuts (found out that the light missing a wing nut only after purchase). Ive checked ebay and amazon, both have it for about £80 new. And the preowned usually have a crack or two on them already. Checked on but they don't have the same LED type of tail light only the halogen one :/ If anyone knows a good scrapyard around South coast or even has one themselves and want to sell it please let me know :) All suggestions are welcome Thank you in advance P.S. some thumbnails of existing left side tail light with bulb holders for reference.
  6. Bulb Upgrades Wanted

    I'm looking to upgrade headlight bulbs to more of a crisp white instead of the yellow light =\ Also looking to upgrade the footwell lights to a red to match the cup holder red lights , anyone give me a hand with finding the right bulbs and a good price? Thanks in advance :)
  7. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  8. Advice

    Hi all, im looking for some cheap(ish) changes i can make to my ford focus 1.6 LX (2000) 5 door. obviously i dont want cheap and nasty, but im not looking at splashing out big bucks, just want to get it looking nice and fresh. cheers
  9. Looking for a cheap easy project to carry out on my mrk 6 fiesta. I will be posting pictures up of my car soon as I have just signed up, I'm not looking at spending a lot of money and want to do something fairly easy but want it to make a difference to my cars performanc or anything. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!! Thanks guys
  10. Cheaps Mods

    hi, basically i got my fiesta about 6 months ago and i haven't done much to it but i want to do some cheap good looking things. here it is.. what's on it so far... street pack, leather, heated seats, bluetooth, push button start, voice control, mountune mp140 kit, eibach lowering springs, HID's and i think thats about it! i want to get interior sprayed black but debating whether i'm brave enough to do it myself. but i want some more ideas of things i can do to it. max