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  1. Also the hazards will stop working, is there a fuse that controls this group when the battery is on standby and if so which one is it?   
  2. Hi, quick intro - on my 2nd Streetka - bought one new in 2004 & kept it 4 years before deciding I wanted something faster (kit car). Several yrs later my celica got written off last May by a drink driver & an eBay search of cars under £1200 within 50 miles saw me buy a Streetka (fond memories!)  fortunately I knew what to look for & it's had all the major work done & most niggles were easy to fix - except the horn! I can't get it to work! I've checked the fuse, and swapped it for good measure. today I fitted a new horn, nothing. I assume it uses the earth just above, which I cleaned today. now I'm getting a little stuck with no Haynes manual & not much info online - is there a relay for the horn? If so I assume it's one in the back of the fuse box - does anyone know which one? (And will a Halfords generic horn relay be worth a try?)  i had a quick look at the steering wheel today to see if it was worth checking the horn wiring, but I got as far as disconnecting the battery and couldn't work out how to get the steering wheel cover off.   any help is really appreciated, booked in for an MOT next Saturday & only have Sunday's daylight left to sort it     
  3. Hi in need of help my Ford Fiesta year 2001 1.6 was running fine then left standing for 2 weeks battery went flat so replaced new now the fuel pump / ecu fuse blows as soon as it starts up for 1 second replaced fuse starts then blows is this just bad luck or is something else gone wrong desparate need help Bioman
  4. Fuse #33 Blowing Out,

    Hi, I am new to this forum and any help would be appreciated. There is no such active forums in my country so i am posting here. The problem- Today fuse #33, which in my car is labeled as one for lights, just started to blow out for no reason. I haven't upgraded or changed any parts, all the contacts look clean and are not corroded. One thing only, if i change the fuse to a bigger one, then fuse #20 starts blowing out. I think maybe its labeled wrong on the sticker at the back of my glove box, because outside lights are working. Only if its a short in wiring.. but why my lights are still working.. Things that are not working- 1. Dash and speedometer lights 2. number plate lightening and when i check the manual, it says that GEM module shouldn't too, but haven't checked that and i really don't know what it stands for. BR, Andris
  5. Hi guys hoping one of you may be able to help me. I've read a few threads on here about problems with interior lights stopping working for no apparent reason but none of them seem to have the solution on them. So today all my interior lights have stopped working. They were fine this morning but tonight nothing. No boot light, no rear interior light, no front interior light no map lights. Strange. So obviously first thought is "ahh the fuse has gone." Get out the handbook, guess what, you got it no fuse is listed for interior lights? Only one that remotely could be is fuse 1 which includes a dome light? whatever that is but also controls the ignition and heated windscreen which both work fine so can't be that one. Some threads mention that there is no fuse for this circuit which is a little odd. Of course it's pitch black as well so I can't easily start checking every damn fuse in the fuse box to try identify the little blighter so I'm hoping someone knows? If there genuinely isn't a fuse how the hell do you get them to work again or am I destined to pay several pounds to my dealer to get such a simple problem fixed. Also I've realised my offside headlight has stopped working tonight as well. Can't be a coincidence can it? There's no fuse for them listed other than the full sides exterior lights and the DRL and rear light work fine. Could just be the bulb but I don't believe in coincidences so any help will be appreciated. Frustrated fez owner!!!!!!
  6. Hello, This is my first post so please bear with me! I drive a 2007 MK6.5 Fiesta Zetec, with little history of any problems at all. I got in the car late last night and to my shock, the regular headlights wouldn't work. All other lights worked - sidelights, foglights, indicators, full beam, etc. but my dipped beam and rear headlights would not come on. First thing, I checked all the fuses but they all were ok (it would seem highly coincidental for them all to go at the same time), and had a look at the bulbs (again unlikely all front and back went at the same time). I also notice that when I try to turn my headlights on my dipped beam symbol does not appear on the dashboard, but my full beam, sidelight and foglight symbols all appear when they are on. Through a quick search online it appears that maybe the headlight switch mechanism has broken - has anyone much experience in taking these out and replacing them? Is it a case of once this is broken I need to fully replace it? Or is it possible to fix? Any recommended places to purchase a replacement? Thanks in advance for any help provided! Craig
  7. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to wire up a dashcam to my Mk2.5(?) Focus (08 plate). I'm aware that cigar lighter and 12v aux socket are both permanent live and looking for a solution to getting ignition live. I really don't want to have to pull the car apart or splice cables, and a couple of options fit that well: my preferred option below, or get Dave at autostar to provide the piggyback fuse and other bits to add some extra ignition live cabling to attach to. My preferred option is to swap the fuse location to make the 12V socket ignition live - the info I've found so far is that it should be an adjacent socket, but I have yet to find a page on the web that actually states which socket to use. From the manual, I have in the passenger junction box: 109 : Cigar lighter, rear auxiliary power socket This is the fuse that I need to move I believe. Disturbed by the term "rear [...] socket" as I only have one in the centre console. It could be termed rear if some models have one in the glovebox, but I am aware that some have one in the boot! So which slot should the fuse move to? Well, if adjacent then I have a choice of: 108 : Accessory to cluster (audio and navigation unit) 110 : Daytime running lamps ignition supply to lighting control switch 114 : Instrument cluster ignition supply, engine immobiliser 115 : Lighting control ignition supply 116 : Fog lamps However, on looking at the fuse panel, only slot 110 is free (I don't have daytime running lamps). What is getting me is I cannot understand how pulling a fuse and putting in another slot can change the behaviour of the 12v socket! I am not very clued up on electrics - I am guessing that the 12v socket is *NOT* wired up exclusively to the 109 slot but to multiple sockets, and it just happens that you get fuse protection with ignition live if connected to slot 110, and fuse protected permanent live if fitted to slot 109 (and for god's sake don't put a fuse in both!). Am I remotely in the right ball park? Do I have the right shape ball??? Many thanks, Alan..
  8. Missing Fuse Box ????

  9. Hi all, CMAX 2.0 Zetec Auto 2008 I have severe electrical issues at present (central locking, dashboard not showing indicators/lights & has engine electrics warning, now wipers stopped working last night). I believe i need a new internal fuse box (GEM/ECU ??) to replace the one in the passenger well of my CMAX which seems to have been damaged by water ingress. The part number is 7M5T 14a073 CC Apparently ford installed a blanket fuse box with all electrical functionality for the entire range ready to be programmed dependant upon the model sold with, but I have no idea what the part number is. Is it correct that any fuse box starting with: 7M5T 14a073 C... will work and just needs to be coded or do i need to find either exactly the same (CC) or the next letter along i.e. CD,CE,CF which i assume have higher functionality than the existing?? I have found one fusebox online 7M5T 14a073 CF that looks similar, apparently fits 2008 cmax models but I urgently need some guidance. cheers, GF2K
  10. Hi, Total noob here, hoping a car expert could help out :) My bluetooth has stopped working, so to begin I was going to try reseat or replace the fuse. I've located the fuse box next to the engine but can't for the life of me remove the cover! See images below: I've tried pushing upwards on the small latch at the top left of the box and trying to pull, but it won't budge at all. The sides come loose but still seems like there is something holding it there. Is there a particular way I should be removing this?
  11. Afternoon all. I have put together a few pictures and some knowledge to help create a guide to better understand fuse taps and how to use them. After some confusion last week over how it would work I have decided to show exactly how it does. With the ever increasing use of these simple 'add on' circuits its important we know whats going on. First of all, be sure to check that the fuse tap you are going to use is a suitable rating for the intended use. Remember that fuse taps are only intended for low fuse rating circuits. Here is a standard blade fuse tap. Looking at it like this, the feed should go to the left hand blade. So lets have a look at how a fuse tap is configured - This will help you understand how to install it. As we can see here, the 2 terminals on the left of the fuse tap are common to each other (note the low resistance reading). They are also common to the blade on the left hand side. The 2 terminals on the right are not common to each other - thus providing us with 2 separe output circuits (note the OL reading). The bottom right terminal is common to the right hand blade. The additional circuit uses the top fuse holder and the primary circuit uses the bottom one (closest to the blades). So lets have a look at how putting the fuses in affects it. With no fuses in, the 2 blades are isolated from each other. With the primary fuse in (red in this example although it should have been yellow), the 2 blades have continuity but the red lead for the secondary output does not. With the secondary fuse added, (yellow in this example although it should have been red), only the left blade and the secondary output have continuity. So with this in mind, the diagram on the left shows how the fuse tap is configured (ignore the 4 dots). The following pictures show how each fuse affects the circuits, starting the the fuse tap in the correct orientation. (note that in my example, the red wires are positive and the yellow wires are negative). The basic circuit. With the primary (yellow) fuse added, the bottom led strip lights up. WIth both the primary (yellow) and secondary (red) fuses in place, both led strips light up From here on is where it changes. IF the fuse tap is fitted with the correct orientation in the fuse panel (As you look at the fuse tap the left blade is the feed when the secondary output lead is on the right) then removing the primary fuse still allows the secondary circuit to operate. Using this knowledge would allow you to determine if the fuse tap is fitted the correct way round. If you have a meter you could also use that to determine the feed and load in the fuse panel. My apologies on this, the next few pics are not the easiest to make out due to it being very bright outside. Now here is how the incorrect orientation affects the circuits. With both fuses in place, the circuits function as you would expect. With only the primary fuse in place, the original circuit still functions as it should. BUT when the primary fuse is removed, the secondary circuit is also removed despite still having a fuse in place. This is due to both circuits feeding through the primary fuse. The outcome? This is exactly how a fuse tap is configured. Fitting it the wrong way round simply feeds both circuits through the primary fuse, It doesn't allow any circuit to become live without a fuse. The secondary circuit fuse would be in series to the first so still offering the correct protection.
  12. Dear All I have a Ford Focus Titanium X Turbo (150) 2012 1596cc 5-Door Estate, Manual, Petrol (for completeness !) with an Alpine INE-W925R Advanced Navi Station replacing the standard Ford-fitted sound systems and I have just bought an HCE-C117D Direct Connection Rear View Camera which I have plugged into the back of the INE-W925R. It works fine, but I need to feed the car's "Reversing Status" into the unit (It has an input labelled "Reverse"). I obviously don't want to run a cable to the back of the car to the positive of the reversing lights if I can pick it up near to the INE-925R. Does anyone know where the nearest point to the central console would be to pick up the positive supply to the reversing lights please ? Many thanks, Peter
  13. Headlights Not Working

    Hi all. Have an issue with my fiesta mk3. My headlights have stopped working. I've changed the fuses and even the relay fuse for it yet nothing. The dipped and full beam continue to work, even the flashing of the beam works on the stick. Can anyone help or advise? Would I have to try to change both light bulbs on them? Thank in advance
  14. Hi, Looking for some help. I have inherited my late fathers Ford Fiesta 1.25 zebec 1998 s Reg (Mk4 I think). It has been stood for about 2 yeas however I have decided to give it the attention it deserves. It has 42k on the clock and is in mint condition. I had a non start issue however found it to be a blown 10 amp fuel pump fuse located under the bonnet. I replaced it and it started first turn of the key. I drove it home from where it was being stored and it didn't run well, a bit chugging. I removed the battery and charged it. Again non start and a blown fuse. I located a grommet under the rear seat and gave the top of the fuel pump a gentle tap and it started up. I left it running to get it warmed up properly as it felt damp inside. I stopped after about 1 hour of idle and it refused to start again literally straight again. I left it for a couple of days and retried it, it started with a little persuasion, however it doesn't idle brilliant, more so when the A/C compressor kicks in. I left it running for ages today and it now won't re start. has anyone had issues with fuel pumps failing. I am thinking it may just be a pressure issue. thanks in advance. Paul
  15. i've been looking online with my fuse box out in the car, i've pulled all the 15 amps out in the end in the passenger fuse box which all look fine, i have even had a look at the bulbs them self and they also look fine. I can't seem to find any info for the break light fuses. 4 hours its been now.... still no joy the picture below is the type of car i have as year before was another shape
  16. Can someone let me know what fuses are what in a 2002 ka? As my cigarette lighter don't work but don't know what fuse it is
  17. Would someone be able to tell me what fuses they are for a 2002 ka? As my cigarette lighter don't work but don't know what fuse number it is?
  18. Just bought a blackvue 650 and i want to hardwire it in with the power magic. But i need an ignition live & a permanent live on the focus mk2.5 tdci 2008 passenger side fuse box. has anyone hardwired one in yet? Ive ordered 2 add a circuit to piggyback from, i just need the 2 fuse numbers to plug into if anyone can help pls.
  19. Hi I'm new here so sorry if this is the wrong section to post in. I need to find a fuse box diagram of the Ford Fiesta LX 2002 as I do not have a manual. I need to know which fuse is the cigarette lighter? Any help would be much appreciated. Calum
  20. I have an electrical issues realeted with front headlight, it is always on, can not be turned off. Only it can be switched off by taking out battery pole out or fuse pulling out.. Service told me that the gem fuse box should be replace, it cost more than 750 usd. Now, ı am using my car while the two fuses pull out as shown in the figure, at night, I am mounting the fuses back onto gem module than daylight pulling out back again. Any suggestions for this problem fixing? How can ı check.
  21. Hey guys, I recently took out some copper coins from my 6000cd thanks to a nephew, I need to change the fuse for the radio and also the cigarette lighter due to blowing that a while ago, can anyone point me in the right direction of the fuses please. I appreciate any and all help Dan
  22. HI, I have had a look on hear but cant seem to find the answer. I have a 2008 Focus Zetec. I cannot find the fuse for the headlamp anywhere. I have checked under bonnet and found one lot of fuses and also under the glove compartment on passenger side where there is also a large number of fuses. The problem I have is I have been told the fuses for headlamps at 16 & 17 but the ones under the glove compartment are all higher numbered 111 etc. and the ones under bonnet (which has a diagram on the case lid) does not show headlights. I would be really grateful if anyone could shed any light on this mystery for me! Many thanks, Paul
  23. Hi everyone, I'd like to add a few accessories to my motor, such as a tracking device, perhaps a dashcam, etc. I'd like them hard-wired into the fuse box as it'll be more neat, convenient, also allow the cigarette lighter to be used for other purposes, etc. I've seen that people use devices that replace one of the fuses with a pair of slots, and therefore allow a second circuit to be run. This doesn't look ideal to me. I was wondering about the vacant fuse positions in the box. Can they be wired up to the battery easily to allow a new circuit to be added, identically to the ones already present? They appear to be vacant because certain vehicle upgrades, such as a trip computer, are not present in my vehicle snd this seems the logical choice to create new harnesses / circuits for my devices. Thanks all, DrRamore
  24. Fuel Pump Fuse

    Last year the fuel pump fuse on my Mk1 focus would blow every so often, a simple change of the fuse and everything was fine. The fuse is now blowing more and more frequently and even when replacing the fuse if i try to start it back up immediately it just blows that fuse - I have to leave it at least 30 minutes before changing the fuse and starting her up and all is fine. Obviously this is hugely inconvenient and I have read many of the topics on this subject but to be clear is a new fuel pump my only option? Thanks
  25. The fuse which runs the radio and cigarette lighter has gone on my escort, trying to source another, wondered if anyone had specific details about the fuse? i know, so far, that it is 15A, but need more details, any help would be great. It is 1984, not '83 (as said in the title), though that shouldn't make much difference. thanks to all, Luzhin