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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone who either owns or has owned a MK1 or MK1.5 Focus could help us out and list any common faults or things to look for when purchasing one of these cars? Basically what I am trying to do is eventually put together a comprehensive buyers guide so that if people come to out site looking for info on common faults on the MK1 then they will be able to find everything they need on our site. Please could you add any common faults you know of on this car and pictures if you have them We will let it build up for a while and then get it turned into a decent buyers guide. Thanks for your help :) James
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can help me but I would be most grateful for any advice. I went out to my car this morning, it was iced up. I poured Luke warm water over the front and rear windscreen and then set my wipers going, I also sprayed some screenwash. Well the first couple of sprays and swipes from both wipers worked fine and then suddenly everything stopped. My first thought was that the fuse had gone. However. A very kind man (a customer at work) overheard me on the phone to a garage to check whether they stocked fuses and said he had been a mechanic for 20 years and would have a look for me. When he returned he said the fuses were fine. He didn't think it was the motor though, as the front, rear and screenwash had all stopped working. He mentioned a possible loose connection? Then when I spoke to a friend, he said that he still thought it could be the fuse - he had had fuses before which looked ok but had, in fact, blown. I hate to admit it but I'm completely broke at the moment so I was hoping it would be an easy fix. I also can't get my car to a garage until Monday and I'm working tomorrow so I could really do with it for then. With the snow though, I just can't risk driving without working wipers. Does anyone have experience of this problem? Or know of a possible cause and/or fix? It's a 2004 ford KA sport. (1.6 litre) I would be so grateful! Many thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  4. Heater Problems

    hello everybody i have 02 ford fiesta 1.25 ghia model, the heater is only blowing out cold air, no matter what setting you have it on, i also have another problem with there is water getting into as well, any information or any help would be much appreciate, thanks very much.
  5. Ford Transit Diesel Van 2008 TDCI sleeps outside, and the gear selection is sticky. Is this normal? After idling the engine, the gears seem to loosen up. ( it cost more than 2 X the Ford C-Max, but it still is the runt of the fleet! :D the C-Max sleeps in the garage! :) )
  6. Hi, I have a serious problem with my 2009 ford focus 2.0 tdci duratorq durashift gearbox. The car stood for 3 months while waiting for funds to do repairs to the diesel pump. I towed the car to a workshop and they got it started for me after much bleeding of the fuel line. But now the car won't go into gear, it can go into neutral and park, while in neutral you can move it. The problem is it will not select a gear forward or reverse.The workshop says that the selector shaft is stuck and they will have to pull the gearbox and strip it, now this will run high in costs and I need to find out before they pull and strip if there is anything I can do first to try solve this problem. I thank you in advance for any advise you give.
  7. Hi all, I have a Ford Fiesta 2003 1.4 Durashift Automatic, the car has issues with 3rd gear. When driving the car will shift into 3rd gear but there will be no bite, almost like the car is in neutral. As you are driving the car will shift into 3rd but then you end up reving to the red line and there is no power. If you let off the gas and let the revs goes down the car will shift into 3rd gear and continue as normal. The issue only happens occasionally. Can anybody offer any advise on how to resolve this issue? Thanks!
  8. Ford Focus Mk1

    Hi All, New to the group, I have a Ford Focus mk1 1.6 automatic, no issues up until now! Where to start ... When pressing the brake to slow down there's a noise coming from the front of the car (suspected brake pads/discs) With it being an auto if I keep my foot on the brake pedal my car starts making a hicup/chugging sound which can be felt on the steering wheel - to stop it I put it in park and handbrake Any ideas as it's driving me crazy!! (Nothing appeared on the diagnostic machine)
  9. hi can any body tell me what model this gearbox was fitted too,thankyou
  10. Clutch? Gearbox? No Idea...

    Hi all, I've seen topics similar to this around the forum which has given me the idea of replacing the clutch. I have a fiesta Mk5 1999 Zetec 1.25 and not so long back I did a stupid thing of wheel-spinning the car on dirt/gravel to set off. Within the first gear change, it felt stiff, would not budge unless forced. I pulled over and noticed the car was behaving out of the ordinary. The sound of the engine had changed to a rumble, and with the clutch down (engine on) it was almost impossible to put the gear stick into any gear. If I put it into first, it would creep forward with a few jumps as if I hit the biting point. Whenever I did hit the biting point, it took an aweful lot of revs to get the car going. Eventually when I got some speed, enough to make a gear change, the changes were unbelievably stiff, it had to be forced. A few days on, it behaves as it should, even with the clutch down, other than the heavy vibrations/jerk when moving off in first gear. There are heavier (or more noticeable rather) vibrations than normal from neutral to getting going. There's also a noise from my engine which sounds like a rumble, similar to that of a spark plug being out (however I've checked them and there okay). As said, looking around at similar faults its been advised to have the clutch and bearing replaced. I am open to other suggestions too. If the clutch is on the go ahead, what's the difficulty on it? I'd rather do it myself and save money. Haynes manual recommends a mechanic gets to it and has the car on a ramp... Something I haven't got! Cheers for the input guys.
  11. Good Morning New user seeking help! I've got a 2011 1.6 Fiesta TDCI, which has got around 48k on the clock. I'm the sole owner of it. Recently (last fortnight) the engine has been getting slightly noisy (mild laboured sound) whenever the clutch is not pressed in, be it neutral or geared. I spoke to some mechanics who said it sounded like the clutch was on its way out. Two dayts ago whilst driving, for the first time I had difficulty in shifting between gears. Shortly after this whilst still driving, there was a loud almost grinding/rattling noise (coming from the front of the car) and the car stuck in gear completely. It was drifted to a stop where I managed to get it into neutral (some effort was required to do this), and was then relayed to a mechanic. The relay and mechanic were of the same opinion, the clutch had gone. This was then replaced. The car now will not start unless the clutch is engaged, but will then cut out as soon as the clutch is released with the same grinding/rattling sound. I'm hoping someone can tell me what they think it may be? It has been suggested that it may very well be the gearbox. Kinda irritating as I don't thrash the car about at all and obviously not the cheapest of fixes. That said before I commit to replacing it, I wondered if anyone has any experience of similar problems with this? Any advice, guidance or pointers are welcome. Thanks in advance....
  12. Hi folks, My first post on here, and I'm not particularly knowledgable with cars, so be gentle! We bought our Focus Estate (automatic) 2012 second-hand last September, and within the first few weeks we noticed that driving off from a standing start (or cruising very slowly), the car would judder like the engine was cold & spluttering into life. But when you get above a certain speed (10mph+) it's fine. This happens at any time - from driving off in the morning, to pulling away from lights after driving for a decent amount of time. So we went back to the Ford dealership for them to look at it. After a few days (thankfully we got a courtesy car in the meantime) they explained that the gearbox needed 're-learning'. When we got it back it was working well. Now it has started doing it again, in fact it's been like this for the past few weeks, but you probably know how it is with young children, you struggle to find a good time to hand the car in. Plus I'd appreciate advice from you lot before I do, so I have the appropriate information (ammunition). The car is still under warranty until June, so I'm hoping that any further repairs will come under that. I'm also concerned that there may be a bigger issue with the gearbox itself, and 're-learning' was just the easy way out for a quick fix. I don't want to constantly be taking the car back to get this done! I've read that there are ways to 're-learn' the gearbox yourself - something to do with the battery or fuses fiddled with (don't worry, I don't like fiddling with anything electrical that'll do me harm!). So has anyone had this issue themselves, and how did you get it sorted? What sort of demands or questions should I have when I contact them? Is it best to go back to the Ford dealer that saw it last time? Or does it not matter? Apart from the gearbox issue, the car is great. Love it :) Any advice on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ali.
  13. Issues On Starting Up

    Well since my original post the ignition problems seem to be getting worse. it started with when putting the key in and turning the ignition it would occasionally start beeping, when it happens it will beep when engine is first turned on, when I put it into gear, when I first set off and then once more as I get the speed up. Since then the problem has now turned into when I put the key in and turn it to the second position normally the instruments would light up then I could turn it on, now it doesn't seem to be connecting as the instruments won't light up unless I hold the key in place. And now, for the last couple of weeks, the engine seems to just be cutting out, it's not me stalling the car, it just seems to be as if it is all things electrical just switches off and cuts out. The 3 times it has done it so far the first couple of times it was when I was stationary, tonight I was driving home and turned the corner and it cut out while I was still in motion. At an absolute loss and scared to drive the car and scared that it could cost a fortune to fix [afont=lucida sans unicode]Hi, Have a problem with my 57 plate Focus Ghia. Hoping someone can help or give any advice. This doesn't happen everytime I start the engine. It seems quite random. When I put the key in there is a beep that sound like some sort of alarm, then when I put the car in gear it will beep again, and then it will beep once more as I start to pull away. Tonight it did the same thing, but after I reversed out of a parking space the engine cut out, started it back up, beeped again and the cut out again, but the key actually flipped back to the off position, started up again, beeped at me again but no engine cut off this time. Performance isn't effected, and no other issues with the car itself. But I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on what this might be. Thanks Gillian
  14. Ford Galaxy Mark 2

    Hi I have a ford galaxy mark2 year 2007model Having problems where when I go to start the car it just makes a ticking noise then if I keep trying to start the engine it will start the battery is reading about 12.6 Idel with Engine running it's about 14,5 dose any one have any idea what this might be and all So have trouble locking and unlocking car with key fob have to keep pushing buttons Is there any know battery drain problems please help if u can many thanks
  15. Focus Mk1 Problem??

    Hi all, May I ask if anyone can advse on a problem with my attempting to change the oil in my 'manual' gearbox (petrol model) early 2004. The Haynes Manual states that there is no 'drain' plug, but as I do not have a syphon (or want to pull out a driveshaft!)a friend claimed that there is actually a plug a few inches below the filler hole which allows most of the old oil to drain out (and he's a professional mechanic!). Trouble is that I tried to unscrew this and it started, but then just spun without unscrewing further. I cannot manage to screw it back in either - and having driven the car to test it, there is no leakage either!!!. Does anyone know please if this is NOT a drain hole, and if so, what the heck is it there for?? Al info would be very welcome as I now am in some concern as to whether I will suddenly find that the oil is lost whilst driving - with dire consequences! Many thanks in advance, Richard
  16. Hi new to this forum. Have a 64 plate fiesta zetec s black edition with 5000mile on clock. When I first got the car gear change was tight but smooth really nice. But now is really slack/loose just changes really easy doesn't feel right. No movement in gear stick when in gear tho. Just that my mates has done 14000 and is still nice and tight. Is the a problem or normal any help please.
  17. Automatic Gearbox Issue

    Hello I am looking for a bit of help and hopefully someone out there can help me I own a 55 plater for mondeo 2.0 diesel 5 speed auto. Car mileage is 110,00. The car went in to a local garage for a service where the mechanic pointed out a leak from the auto box onto the drive shaft via a seal. The seal was replaced and then reverse would not engage and move the car never an issue before. The mechanic put 2 litres of ford transmission fluid into the car but did not check the level as he did not know where the level plug was! The mechanic ran an expert who said the reverse band inside the box had snapped and it was a common issue and could be repaired for a cost of £1000. After falling off my chair i asked what would cause this and he guy explained it is a common problem. I then spoke to another gearbox specialist who said that this issue was not a common fault and that it was probably causes by the mechanic replacing the drive shaft and removing a bolt that hold the reverse band together thinking this was the filling point for the transmission fluid. He also explained that this job was around £600 to take the box out replace the band and then put the box back in. Just to add the mechanic has driven the car around with low transmission fluid and after being told it could be a snapped band and not to drive he still drove it and this is where the plot thickens the mechanic is now saying the reverse gear engaged when the engine was cold and as soon as the car hit running temperature it would not engage. As you can probably guess i am totally stuck and lost and have no idea what to do next. Any helpers out there?
  18. Hi i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find a short shift kit for my mk2 focus after finding many of them for the mk1
  19. Revers Gear

    i have a ford focus 2011 1.6 zetec is there a problem with this gear box ? when trying to select reverse there is a crunching noise and the car moves , this is when the clutch is fully to the floor help needed thanks tuck
  20. Hi all I found a puddle of oil and not sure where its coming from. I dont think its from engine. Oil looks quite clean. I think it might be either from CV joint or gearbox. See picture Anyone have any ideas or had similar issues? Thanks Colin
  21. Can Anyone Help Me Please

    Hey Guys I drive a Ford Fiesta 1.2 Zetec LX When ever I am driving my car suddenly loses its revs, they completely drop to zero and I'm unable to use the accelerator. this is until I put my foot on the clutch, as soon as my foot touches that clutch the revs are instantly restored and jump back up to where they should be. there seams to be no rhyme or reason to this as it happens in any gear and in all weather conditions. any ideas you guys might have for me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  22. Escort 55 Td

    Hi there my lovely vans gearbox and o/s front driveshaft packed up last week.I have tried to get the both parts but im having problems as there are so many different types of the both.Can someone please help and tell me how many there are please?.The van is a 1999 model.Many thanks Nick
  23. I've got the new (2015) Ford Focus with the 1.5 120PS diesel and its mated with Ford's new six speed manual gearbox. I had done less than 3k miles when it started making clunking noises changing in and out of second gear. I put it into the dealer and was told "we can't fix it because our Focus six speed demo car also exhibits that noise". I told them that wasn't satisfactory and to look at it again. Once again they are saying that there's nothing they can do but - because I told them that I'm taking the car on a European driving tour in a few weeks - that they would ask Ford about it. If my car has the problem and the local garage's Focus also has the problem then I'm pretty sure that other Ford owners will experience this. If you have, please let me know!! Apart from that, its a lovely car. Handling in particular is superb. Anyone else got one?
  24. Flickiring Dashboard Lights

    Hi im new at this i drive a ford focus2001 whit lights flickiring on and of inside and out,i read i post regarding this problem other owners have and i read theres a problemwhit thecable from battery to alternator is any onecanhelp me whit video or pict how to do it myself ? thankyou.
  25. Hi, I would be really grateful for any advice on this issue. When driving my 1999 1.8L Ford Focus (V Reg.) the speedo sometimes drops and the rev counter also does. There is a noticeable lack of power and in a couple of seconds this is rectified and the dials are active again. I've read on a number of forums possible causes of this issue, but was just wondering if any of you knowe what the problem is and whether it's advisable to go on a long drive with it? Could the engine stop completely or is it just a non-critical electrical fault? Thanks, Ellis