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  1. Hi guys,  I'm basically looking to convert my windows from manual to electric on my Ford Fiesta 2003.  I've recently purchased the car only because the mileage is very low and thought it can last me a while whilst I save up for an upgrade.  I've seen some universal kits and even tutorials on how to fit this. The only issue I have is fitting it on is easy, however how would I be able to actually power them up?  Would it be easier just to buy new doors/cards? Then again the wiring is an issue, can a garage just connect them up?  I would leave it, however it's something I'd like to definitely invest some money (not enough to buy a car) and time in. 
  2. Hi. Can someone please help.....  I have a 1.4 Fiesta diesel 60 plate. The engine management light came on a week or so ago and when it was plugged in it showed a MAF problem. I bought a new one from GMF and had it fitted but the problem still showed up. I have then taken one off a working car and fitted it but again the problem shows up?????? The car is going well until you hit any sort of hill and looses power.....? 
  3. Hi guys,  new on here so any help i sappreciated. Bought a Focus st and few minor issues Firstly electric mirrors do not work at all Secondly interior lights do not come on when i open the doors (switch is in correct position) Rear interior lights do not come on either at all, even when i switch on manually (fitted new bulbs) 12volt also doesnt work (prob just a fuse though) Thanks for the help  
  4. Fiesta Mirror Swap

    Can some one help please. Daughter had her drivers 59 plate fiesta electric (non power fold) mirror totalled. Got second hand replacement but its for powerfold. Wiring plug different. Whats the best way to fit?
  5. Both my mirrors don't fold in or out when locking/unlocking the car but i can hear the motors working away and no movement. The mirror glass is adjustable on both sides via the control knob so i don't think its the fuse. In order for me to reset them i need to move them but they wont budge in or out at all for me to do so. If i really put all my effort in,it would probably break the mirror mountings which i don't want to do. Luckily they are stuck in a position where i can see clearly the traffic behind me whilst driving but would love for them to work instead of hearing mirror motor noises and then nothing. This is different car which i bought in a rush (same spec as mine) for my daughter so forgot to check the mirrors when viewing/testing it. So its been like this since we bought it and have never seen them folding in or out. Any ideas where i should start.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this I was wondering if I was going mad after replacing the ford cd 6000 stereo in my 2002 focus 1.8tdci only to have the airbag light come on??? Is there any way for this to happen as I wouldn't have thought the airbag would have anything to do with the car stereo loom, Is it a case of buying a new module and just fitting it, had it on a diagnostic scanner and the guy said that the problem was airbag module not turned on???? Btw I cannot find how to search forum topics so I'm not sure if this has been posted before, Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  7. The other half has an old focus (02 plate) and the O/S/F electric window has gained a mind of its own. It will go down and usually refuse to go back up. When it does it might stop and then the next 'up' press will mysteriously send it back down again. On other occasions it will work fine. As far as I know there is only a switch and a motor in the door and the motor is working obviously so that would mean a switch right? But it seems to do it when it's damp which might suggest that its water getting into the motor connection. Has anybody else had this problem?
  8. Usb/bluetooth Module

    Hi, My USB in the fiesta has always had issues from pretty much when I had it, from freezing to not recognising the USB. Usually to fix the issue, disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes and reconnecting would sort itself out. Well today, it's had enough it won't work at all. Pressing the AUX button on the dash - does nothing Pressing the bluetooth button on the LH stalk - does nothing I had a quick search on the forum, and people are pointing towards the USB module, after a quick google/youtube, I found this video Edit; Found one on a ford parts website After removing the cables and then re-fitting, the AUX button now changes the screen to (LINE-IN), it recognises that the USB stick is being inserted and removed although won't bring up the option to play any of it. The USB is working in the slot as it is flashing. The bluetooth doesn't work at all, it recognises the phone + contents of phone book although upon dialing it won't connect to the phone at all. My feeling is the module is knackered and requires replacing. Has anyone come across buying one from ebay for example? Thanks
  9. Hi al, Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the parking sensor module on an S-Max (2010)? I could get the part, and plug it in, but does the computer need a re-boot or something? Or is it just plug in and play? Thanks for any help out there.
  10. Hi folks i have a ford mondeo titanium x model and just recently had it mot'd only to find that i had no brake lights at all after some investigation by my mechanic found it to be a fault with the body control module apparently these are £600 to buy from ford +fitting and coding to the car my mechanic has bypassed the modue with a bit of wireing but but i want it back to factory standard HELP
  11. Hot Electric Window Buttons..?

    Hey Ford Owners Club, I bought a 1996 Fiesta Saphire last week or so for a very decent price considering the engine was replaced at 48,000 miles and has only done 30,000 since. However the locks were dodgy which I was told but have been working ok up until today when my luck ran out and I had to try and break into my car and then when that didn't work, call the AA to come and break into my car... During all of this the immobiliser got activated but we managed to get the windows down by connecting his power supply up to mine to get the ignition on and shoving a stick through the wedged open door. The locks went super spazzy and so we had to take the Central locking fuse out. Anyway, it doesn't seem that much has been affected thankfully other than I have just done a 45 minute journey and I noticed that the electric window buttons were incredibly hot. It was night so I wasn't using them so not like they had any reason whatsoever to get so hot and distressed. I checked under the hood and the engine also seemed very hot however my air conditioning still came out cool and didn't idicate any unusual behaviour to me. I have taken it on several journeys of around this length or longer since I've had it and not noticed any problems at all. It could be that this was happening before and I didn't notice but I can't help but feel that it's only happening because of the problems earlier on in the day... I'm a bit concerned so hoping someone might know what to do or suggest to help. Guessing this is the right place to ask! Thanks, Zak
  12. Electric Window Fault

    Hey Guys, Today after work my Driver Side Window stopped working (My Window was down). I thought it had fallen off the runner but on inspection it seems to be the motor. Taped the window up with duct tape as Its in a secure place, Watched by CCTV upon guidance from the RAC. Taking it into a Garage tomorrow morning first thing to get it checked over. I know this particular MK6 Has had this fault occur on both driver and passenger sides in the past. Hopefully it gets sorted.
  13. Electrics Issue

    tough one, focus 1.6 petrol climate change 2005 , fault , hand brake light comes on, and then the interior indication signal stops working along with outside temp ,fault sometimes resets itself
  14. Not one of my interior lights are working, non of them except the ones in the doors under the handle. I'm confused! And also my electric windows, you have one click on the switch where you can go down or up and the next click they go up or down on their own, it's that one that isn't working! I've got to hold it now. I don't know what's wrong. Please help!!!
  15. Hi guys, When I put my windows up (driver side or passenger side) and start driving - they seem to make a crackling sound as if it is too tight? I have recently got a new Fiesta - the same thing happened on my previous one. Not sure if this is something that everyone is experiencing or not? Let me know if you have & you have found a cure! I have noticed it is worst in the heat :/ Many thanks
  16. Hi, Recently purchased some electric mirrors from a 2006 Fiesta ST that I planned to place on my 2003 Fiesta Zetec. I currently have manual mirrors. I have purchased wiring loom for the conversion. Any recommend instructions?? Thanks!! :)
  17. Whb

    TO WES 180 thank you for reply on Facebook look at Ford UK REM MODULE ISSUES.
  18. Ford Fiesta - Windows

    Hi guys, Just got the 2015 Ford Fiesta Zetec - absolutely loving it! :) I have a few friends who tell me if the windows are open when I lock the car using the remote, the windows will go up by themselves and the car will lock as normal - if that makes any sense? Does anybody else know anything about this or if it is possible? Thanks guys! :D Connor
  19. Electric Window Issue

    New here, so hello to all. I bought a 2007 mk6 couple of weeks ago, everything fine with it apart from a few days ago the electric window on driver side, the cable snapped by the sounds of it. Window wont go up or down but the motor still works, hence reason think the cable has gone. Seen plenty of people say on line its easy enough to do, fair enough, but a mate of mine and couple of forums say you need to remove the door lock to get the inner panel off to get to everything. Seems a bit much that i think. Can anyone shed some light on this or point me in the right direction? Cheers
  20. Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I have a Focus 2.0TDCI CC, 2008 57 plate. The car had a flat battery a few days ago and has developed lots of electrical faults since, such as: Interior light not working, rear window demist not working but quick clear front demist is ok, one touch windows not working, as a convertible it has an electric boot fastener when you close it which isn't working either. All these things were ok before the flat battery. Since getting the car in June '14 its had a fault which is still the same. This fault is when the car is started the dash lights, reverse light, radio & electric roof don't work for approx 30 seconds while the engine management light and heater plug light stay on for the same 30 seconds. I don't know if this old fault is connected with the new fault. Please help, I have no idea what to do next with this...... Thank you
  21. Hi all, just joined the forum hoping to get some advice from the collective knowledge base. I have a 2010 Fiesta which has developed a passenger electric window issue. The window cannot be lowered nor raised using the passenger switch alone, however, the driver's switch for the passenger window does operate the window. Further to that, if I lower the window using the driver's side switch, I can then use the passenger's switch to raise it. So, i have come to the conclusion that the motor is ok, but the switch might be faulty. Does anyone have any knowledge or advice? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello people I'm a new member to this I have just brought my first car as iv not long past my test and I brought the focus zetec S, i love it as it looks amazing and it's quite nippy (surprising as it's only a 1l 3 pot engine!) I thought with it being an Eco boost it wouldn't be cheep to insure but I was wrong haha as it cost me 3000£+ for my first year!😩 but back to the point is there anything I can do to get a bit more out this engine?, and I don't have the lights with the DRL(daytime running lights) can I just buy the lights and straight swap? As in will they fit or are the fittings totally different? Any help would be great! New member adam😁 And this is my beauty😁
  23. Mk1 Focus Issues

    Hi all, I have a few niggles with my 2002 Mk1 focus 1.6 and was wondering af anyone else has come across them in the past and how they fixed them. 1. The central locking has a strange fault where the drivers door will lock and unlock both back doors and itself using the key in the door but not the passenger door, however if i use the key in the passenger door lock it does them all. If i try to lock it with the key in drivers door and passenger door is unlocked it locks and then unlocks again. This door has been replaced as old one was dented, it came with all locking mech etc still attached so just un plugged and plugged in new one just changing lock barrel over so key worked. Does it need programming at a dealer? 2. The key fob lock unlock buttons do not work, i have replaced the battery and tried the programming function described all over the interweb but no joy. Does this also need a trip to the stealers to get a new key transponder thingy and reprgramming? 3. And last, i was out in it the other day and the radio/stereo suddenly stopped working after a loud pop sound. It is a 6000cd and it still powers up, displays radio station changes channel turns volume up and down etc but i just gt no sound from any of the speakers? Is there and amp fuse or something along those lines that could have blown? All and any help is much appreciated Thanks Chris
  24. Electric Windows

    Hi, My passenger side front electric window will go down with a touch of the button automatically but it will no longer go up with one touch of the button....I have to keep my finger pulled up on the switch to bring it all the way up....anyone know what the problem could be???