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  1. Fiesta recall

    Took my 1.6 tdci zetec s 60 plate in for a winter health check today, and told ford doing a recall on the diesal glow plug module, cos when it rains it affects the module, ford come up with a solution and replacing the module free, just an heads up for other diesal owners. 
  2. Hi all, Looking to do an oil service and fix a leaky sump plug at the same time! Does anyone know what type of washer I need to go on the sump plug and where I could buy one?    Thanks in advance! Ben
  3. Hi All, First Post 3 weeks ago I brought a car from a car garage. Within 3 days it started to backfire and started to lose speed. later realised that water was getting into the spark plugs. So I changed those and also fitted a new battery due to finding that there was hardly any power starting the car. Took to a garage for a report which lead to realising the core plug was corroded, front break disc where corroded and that passenger front shock absorber was severely corroded and leaking oil onto the break disc.  Anyway now the car just isn't starting at all.. Recovery said its the starter motor however partner came home and some how managed to start the car. This morning I've gone to start it and again just not starting at all.  Every light comes on the dash and the mileage is just shown as ----. (See pic below) I've also noticed the immobiliser light is flashing like mad.  So I literally do not have a clue what the problem is?  And whether it's worth fixing as I love the car or just take it back? (however car garage said that if I return it refund will not be in full as he will charge me usage "but won't be more the £500" LOL?! Even though I've only had it 3 weeks)  the car was £1450 55 plate, 1.6 Ford Focus LX, @88,500 miles described as machially sound (just a heat cover needed reattaching which my partner did.) Do you know what's up with it?  Is this common/major issue?  Would your bother repairing it or just take it back for a refund? Any suggestions/ advice I would be grateful 
  4. Engine Cut Out After Starting

    Hi, this is my first posting on here, although I have followed the site for several years for advice. I have a 2006 Ford Focus Sport Tdci purchased on finance 10 months ago. The 3 month warranty has already expired, and I have 26 more payments to make before I own the car outright. For the past 10 months this car has worked fine, with no issues at all, and sailed through the MOT 3 months ago. Yesterday morning I did what I always do. I turned the ignition key to power up the car, without starting the engine. I waited the second or two for the glow plug light to go off, then started the ignition. The engine started immediately. I put the car in reverse, and just as I lifted my foot off the clutch to reverse off my drive the engine cut out. I put the car in neutral and attempted to restart the engine. This took about 5-10 seconds of whirring before the engine kicked in. The car worked fine for my 35 mile journey, and was fine 10 hours later when I returned to my car for my 35 mile journey home. This morning I again did the same thing. The engine cut out again at the same moment. This time it took 4-5 goes to get the engine started again, but on this occasion the dashboard showed some warning lights. The glow plug light came on for a few seconds, as did the engine management light. The power train light stayed on until the engine started. I revved the engine, got a small cloud of light grey smoke from the exhaust and the car started fine. I drove it only half a mile, turned off the engine for 5 minutes the restarted, and it was fine. No warning lights. Any ideas on the problem and expected cost would be appreciated. I'm guessing the garage or the finance company will not take liability.
  5. Can any one help. I have a 2006 mondeo tdi,130 ps with 210,000 miles on. I start it up and it's in limp mode,5 minutes down the road switch ignition off and on and it's back to full power,been doing this for months now.had the car plugged in and had 2 error codes. P0121 throttle pedal position sensor a. P132b turbo charger/super charger boost control a. I've changed both and still have the same error. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks dave
  6. Hi, I need to replace a broken yellow drivers knee airbag electrical plug which is attached to a loom in the driver's foot well, a loom which also feeds the nearby driver's foot well courtesy light. It has just two wires into the plug from the loom and I think it would be easy to repair but is there anywhere that sells this item alone? I will try Ford but I do not want to replace the entire loom just for this one little plug which I suspect is integral to the loom. Is there somewhere online that specializes in Ford electrical plugs such as this? This plug is for a Ford Fiesta 2009 1.25 Petrol Zetec. Thanks, Gallantfive
  7. Hi all, i have been looking through the forums to try and figure out what has happened to my focus, i bought a tuning box from a tdi tuning company, it came with a money back guarantee which i have had to use, after i put the box on the car was using a hell of a lot more fuel, i mean a lot - without any noticeable power gains, so after a few days i decided it wasn't for me, however ever since i installed it, and now even more so since i removed the box my car loses power, glow plug light flashes and the car dies! i turn the ignition off and on and away it goes. the car has had a fully synthetic oil change 3 months ago along with all filters, coolant etc. I removed the cam sensor as advised on other posts here but i cant really tell by looking at it if its ok. I also last month cleaned the egr and maf sensor. im hoping this dam tuning box hasnt messed up the injectors or fuel pump, as when i restarted the car after it died the other night there was a horrible whining coming from the engine bay!! this went away as i stopped the car straight away. also im thinking of getting it on a diagnostics machine but surely there wont be any codes if the problem is intermittent? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cheers in advance!!
  8. Hello I have a ford ranger 54 plate been to the garage because the glow plug relay keeps on clicking when the engine is turned off and the key removed don't know what it could be ? But after about 10 minutes the battery is flat and the glow plugs burnt out somebody said bad earth somewhere but where ?
  9. I have managed to snap a glow plug 3/4 of the way down inside of its hole, I have removed the thread and most of the plug. What can I do about the remaining piece? Is it safe to drive with this back inside? Should I screw the broken part back in to cover the hole? Somebody help please, I cannot afford to go without my car and I cannot afford to get the head removed.
  10. Turbo Change!!!

    Hi there, I have a 2005 2.0l TDCI 115 Mondeo Ghia. My cars stuck in limp mode, so got it diagnosed it said turbo actuator got that changed but it's still sticking so I need to clean/change my turbo. Found a really cheap 2006 2.0l TDCI 130 turbo will it matter if it's different power? Should I just try it on? Or should I try cleaning old one on my day off? Any suggestions/help
  11. Any one know why my right indicators are working intermittently? I have a 2010 Fiesta and its been back and forth to the garage and they are struggling with it. Its had a new indicator stork but thats not solved the problem. Very frustrating as I don't know when I'm not going to be able to indicate right - one day its fine the next its not. Has anyone come across this problem before? Thanks
  12. Glow Plugs

    After watching some videos and paying attention to my car I noticed that in sub zero temperatures and glow plug sign on dash board goes ON. I'm wondering how clod need to be for main computer to decide that heating glow plugs is needed
  13. 2007 Smax

    Hi i am new on here, my 07 Smax has started making a grinding noise and sensation when turning on full lock steering, power steering fluid is ok, any ideas. Also the indicator has started playing up and only working intermittently seems to be in very wet weather the car does not like it at all
  14. The petrol pump on my fiesta 1.25 zetec has packed up, i have purchased a replacement from a breakers yard .All the connections on the pump are the same but on my car there are four wires to the electrical connector but on the one i purchased there is five wires, does anyone know the difference.What is the extra wire for ?
  15. Hi All, Having a bit of an issue with my newly acquired 07 focus estate and couldn't find anything via google. The 12V plug in the dashboard doesn't work but the one in the boot does. I was wondering if they're on the same fuse if they are then obviously the socket needs looking at but if not it's most likely a fuse which i can change myself easily. Any advice appreciated Thanks
  16. I have recently bought a 2005 Focus 1.6 petrol. After trawling the forums I've learnt a lot about the washer jet issue. I have replaced the washer jets, bought a Volvo cover and used a mini hose attachment to suck out the remaining water in the spark plug well. I want to fit new plugs, however, I found this in the 3rd spark plug well Looks like a screw/plug has rusted through and was sucked out when I cleared the water. Is this one of the core plugs? Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I recently got a 2004 Ford Ka 1.3 Duratec as my first car a month or two, bought it for £1000, just over 46000 on the clock, and for the first few weeks, it was pretty good, even though I haven't driven it on the road yet, and today I have noticed that the front left indicator suddenly doesn't want to work, I've checked the wiring, seems OK, bulb, good condition, give it a knock, it works fine again, when I put it back in again, it sometimes stops flashing again, like any sudden knocks stops it working, I took it off and used the one from the driver side on the passenger side, and it worked fine so no problems there, but when I tried the passenger unit on the driver side, it didn't work at all, i know the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it, I swapped bulbs but its not them either, and does anyone know if that unit thing, basically, the bit where the cable plugs into, with the bulb on the other end, does it have a prober name? I search for "Ford Ka 2004 Indicator unit and it comes up with stalks, headlight units and anything but what I need
  18. 2005 Focus 1.6 Tdci Studio

    Hi All, I'm looking at a motor on the "Bay" at the moment. The seller states that it is in "LIMP HOME" mode and that Ford has said the codes state "Glow Plugs Relay". Is it easy to change the Glow Plug Relay, and maybe the Glow Plugs themselves ? and if so how would I go about it, cheers in advance. joe.
  19. P0380 Glow Plug Relay Location?

    Anyone have a pic of the 2004 2L TDCI glow plug relay location?
  20. Glow Plugs And Smoke

    Hello. New here today. I have the dreaded glow plug light on dash problem with my 2003 Mondeo tdci. 120k. Came on during a trip down to Cornwall. Now its hard to start when left overnight. Car runs fine once engine is warmed up tho. Turbo kicks in fine. Checked the glow plugs and none was working so thought that must be the problem. Replaced with four new NKG. Now car starts fine and idles ok, but as soon as you try to rev it, blue smoke from exhaust and hesitates to increase revs (lumpy). My mate who has a diagnostic says it could be the fuel rail sensor pushing to much fuel into the engine at low revs. Just tried a new one, no difference. So far I have changed: Air filter, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, cleaned out EGR and inlet manifold. Could it be one of the injectors? Would that be causing the problem of the smoke? As the car runs fine and pulls well, once warm I can't see that it is a major mechanical problem. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  21. Glow Plug Question

    I have a 54 plate ford fiesta TDCI and it has begun to give me starting up problems in a morning when it is cold. I believe this could be to do with the glow plugs so i have decided to change them myself but i have no idea where they are located. Is this a simple job to do and can some show me where i can locate these please ? Thanks guys.
  22. Hi All, Hopefully someone can help me here, Started with flashing glow plug light whilst driving home...Drove home fine but next day Engine Management light came on andwent into limp mode..Didn't start and ran out the battery..After jumping it for a few more bursts it eventually went but bellowed out blew out blue smoke..So drove it about to see if it'll clear but it was pretty bad for the the first 10-15 mintues and then kinda settled. But if you leave it sat long i.e over night you get the same thing loads blue smoke...but it does start nps. So far i have changed/cleaned, Replaced Fuel Filter Replaced Air Filter Replaced Glow Plugs Cleaned out Inlet Manifold/EGR Valve (was sludgey) Cleaned Fuel system Glow plugs helped it start better but smokes steal there. After 3 attempts of getting a F Super scanner that actually worked i got codes P0191, p2288 , p1608....after a quick look its Done Fuel pressure check and got : Done a quick check on pressures, here is the results: (this is done in Limp Mode) FRP @ 830 RPM = 245FRP @ 1500 RPM = 600FRP @ 2000 RPM = 770FRP @ 2500 RPM = 850FRP @ 3300 RPM = 910FRP @ 4000 RPM = 1052 Done leak test (idle for 2 mins,rev for 30 secs,idle,rev,idle,rev,idle method) and got : No. 1 = 51.5ml No. 2 = 33.0ml No. 3 = 53.0ml No. 4 = 50.0ml Any ideas folks
  23. Hi all I've just purchased a 57 plate 2.0 TDCi Zetec focus and all seems well apart from the cranking speed. Not having had one before I don't know if it's normal for these but it feels like an old tractor starting, very slow and chuggy but does always start. It's almost like an old engine where the glow plugs have failed. I'm going to check voltages and earths etc but wondered if there are any common things to look out for? Thanks Mow
  24. Side repeaters

    From the album Focus 04 1.8 tdci

    Replaced the stock orange lenses with these nuetral smoked side repeaters.
  25. You can find below the steps needed to replace the mirror indicator bulbs/ remove the housing on a mk7 Fiesta. The process is pretty simple, takes about 10 mins and only needs one person and a screwdriver. I was removing the cover to replace the bulbs with chrome ones but the same process applies for pretty much any work you want to do on the mirrors. The reason I have written this guide is that whilst the process is simple it does require you to apply a fair bit of pressure to plastic parts which is always a worry if you don't know exactly what you're doing. From my experience the job doesn't endanger your mirror glass as you pretty much leave that alone and you're most at risk of snapping one of the plastic clips on the housing. On the up side though they all seem surprisingly sturdy so as long as you're careful you will be fine. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3