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  1. UPDATE 19/01/2015 - I started this thread specifically for my sub enclosure. From there it grew into a general ICE thread. It's now turning into a general thread about mods/maintenance to/on my car. I also have topics on; Fiesta mk6 HID Retrofit - This topic shows how to fit Facelift head/tailights to a pre-facelift Fiesta mk6. It also explains how to install Bi-xenon projectors and HIDs without hurting the bank. I hope you enjoy reading, and subscribe to stay up to date! _______________________________________________________________________________ Few images of my custom sub box build... Just want to note now that I'm not building this box with competition specs in mind.. It's simply built to 1.) take up as little boot space as possible whilst 2.) providing more bass than the stock speakers. I'll be upgrading the rest of the audio in the car in due time! Just want to show off my amazing test of the box with a 6.5" "sub" although my box was designed for a 10" :) I'm using 12mm MDF and some strips of Ply to build my box. I'm also gluing all the joints with No Nails & Screws to make it as solid & airtight as possible. More pictures to follow once my sub, amp & carpet arrives! Fire away with any questions
  2. Ok so let me get this started by saying this job is an annoying one to do but I was getting a weird smell through my vents and thought to start with the cabin/pollen filter and thought whilst I was there to make a quick guide as I couldn’t find any with decent pictures Filter I bought - Dimesions: 34 x 209 x 230 Tools Required 7mm Socket 13mm Socket T20 Bit Flat Head (Might not need it) Step 1 Clear out any contents that you have in the glove box as it needs to come out as the filter is in behind it. Step 2 There are 3 plastics tabs that are covering 3 screws mines just popped away using my hand although a flat head screw driver would come in handy for any ones that won’t budge. Step 3 After that you will need to remove 7 screws using the T20 Bit. Your glove box should just pull away, keep an eye out for the little hook at the top as this is what the glove box uses to keep it shut and with the screws removed the metal bracket will not be held in place. Step 4 With the main part now out you will then need to just unhook this plastic part should come away easily. Step 5 The 2 hinges should then just pull away don’t be afraid to give these a little tug. After this you glovebox door can be removed. Step 6 Now that we have the glovebox completely out we should start with the cover that holds in the cabin filter. This bolt requires a 7mm socket and is at the bottom you should be able to get to it through the footwell. Step 7 We now want to unclip the fuse box using the little tabs so that we can access the bolts that holds on the metal bracket which the fuse box sits on as this metal bracket is in the way of the cabin filter cover so need to be removed before we can get the old filter out. Step 8 I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of the 2 bolts although you should get the idea. These 2 bolts require the 13mm socket. Once removed you will need to wiggle the fuse box off the bracket and get the bracket out of the road. Step 9 With the metal bracket out the way all you need to do now is remove the 2 (7mm) bolts and the cover should then just come away. Step 10 Forgot to take a picture at this point but you should now be able to see your old filter all you need to do is remove it. It can be a little awkward with some of the cables nearby but can be done if you take your time. This is the picture of my old filter the camera makes it look better than it was but it was completely black and looked like it had never been changed even though I bought this car with a full dealer history. After this just put in your new filter and follow this guide in reverse. Took me around 30 minutes to do it and that was my first time doing it. Hopefully the pictures are clear enough if not I do have them in high quality. Once I get the zip file uploaded somewhere I will add the link in.
  3. Dummies Guide.

    Hi, So I am in a need of replacing Brakes and Discs of my mk2 focus, now I could either pay a garage to do it, or attempt to do it myself. (i'd prefer to do it myself anyways) I've got the tools, but I would really like a complete dummies guide for doing this. I would need to know exactly what do and what I would need, and step by step instructions. I am quite new to all of this, but I would very much like to learn. Could you nice FOC guys help me out with this?
  4. Ford Maverick

    Hi , not sure if this is the right forum section , but is it possible to have a ford maverick club/section ? cheers. :)
  5. Hi, I'm new here and new to owning a Ford Focus (I own a 52 plate, MK1). Sorry if a guide has been posted but I have searched high and low for a guide or any hints/tips and cannot find anything. So, I've just bought a stereo (Sony MEX-N4000BT) and it says on it that it is steering wheel control compatible. Now, I've got the gist of installing the stereo but how would I install the steering wheel stalk adapter? Also what adapter do I need, as in the make, model and what not. If anyone has got an up to date guide or a really guide for dummies like me lol, I will appreciate it. Thanks. Any more details, just ask. Oh, just found these two, I don't know if they are they right things to buy... &
  6. Hi all, Does anyone have any guides, diagrams or videos on how to change front discs and pads on a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Many thanks
  7. Hi Guys... just a quick little 'How to' for that annoying noise you get with the titanium fiesta... Firstly you have to remove the plastic around the gear lever... Just have to pull it up to do so. Next... Remove the little bit of plastic under the radio... small flat blade screwdriver in the center and it should pop open and all you have to do is gently pull it off. Next... Remove the trim around the climate unit which is held in by a few metal clips.. Gently pull it and it should all pull away. I started at the bottom and worked my way slowly to the top. Next... Unscrew the 4 torx holding in the Climate unit and the 2 holding the clip above and disconnect the unit. Very easy,, 2 clips that you press the top down and slide the black part across (not in the pic but makes sense when its in front of you) In the hole you'll find this... the cause of the problem!! It's vibrating against the trim. The trim is somehow acting like a speaker and making the noise far worse then it is!! Cable tie it to the wires for the climate control and it should fix the problem!! Now all you gotta do is put it all back together in reverse!! Good Luck :D
  9. After advising a member on fitting footwell lights I decided a reasonably definitive guide (from my point of view) was likely to be useful. Download,print, use, and enjoy Guys/Gals.           Fitting footwell lights to your car Modified.pdf
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. My Fiesta has been making noise when i put my foot on the clutch, like a whining noise. i took it to the garage to see if they could help me and i was told i needed a new clutch cause some sort of bearing had gone. They quoted me £336!!!!!!!! so i spoke to some people and they said its not the hardest job to do and i don't mind getting stuck in! what i would like to know is can anyone write up a step by step guide on what to do cause i have no experience in this and don't want to mess it up! thanks!
  12. I've had my car just under a year now and done most what I've wanted to do but one thing on my list is to fit electric windows, I've looked on many sites to see wether its possible but no exact answers. Would someone be able to answer my question if you can or not and if so what will it require? Thanks guys Ric
  13. Focus Trend

    Driving a Focus Trend here in Spain and wondering if they ever did a drivers guide in English!
  14. Hids Fitting/install

    Hello.... I bought myself some HIDs for my Fiesta MK7, however the guide/diagram it a bit confusing, there are two very short black & red wires, im not sure if these are hooked up to the battery, because on one diagram is says they go to the battery and the other it says original socket. Im guessing its the original socket as surely they need to be hooked up to the standard wires somehow, so when i turn lights on they come on? Its the H7 bulbs, does anyone have any simple guides or advice/help, would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. hii all where can i download the ford focus trend sport 1.6 ti vct 125sp owner service guide, to learn more about my new car that camming next week . at my country the dont add the original manual to the car only translates Version . that is poor and same as the original . yours ofer