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  1. 2008 Focus Headlight Replacement

    Hi, My current headlight is damaged, i have seen them on amazob for approx fifty quid. These state that "bulbs and bulb holders not included"...... the bulbs not being included is fine.... as i obviously already have them. But how easily transferred are the bulb holders into the new unit??? Thanks
  2. I thought I'd share what my problem was and how it was resolved.I have a 1990 Mk4 Escort Eclipse and when the dipped beam was turned on the o/s light went to side light only but the n/s dipped beam worked.I tried all the earths I could find. One near each headlight - brown wires. Two on the o/s A pillar behind the speaker. The rear lights. Earths were not the problem.I tried the two white relays in the fuse box towards the rear of the car. Not the problemI lifted the fuse box expecting a corroded connection. Not the problemI tried three different switches. Not the problem.The resolution to the problem was a BLUE RELAY that is located just above the pedal box inside the car. It is a 5 pin relay with the numbers 866614K083AA 41212  4RD003520-34   40/35A 12V.I'd like to find a spare relay but can only find one used one on the bay of death for £25. Does anyone know of a supply of new ones cheaper? 
  3. Devil eye headlights

    From the album Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

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  4. Hi there, I have a 2010 Focus so I guess that would be the Mk 2.5 variation. My driver's side headlight doesnt work and I've narrowed the problem down to a relay, through testing voltages on the headlight cluster plug, swapping clusters etc etc. There is a clicking noise under the glove box whenever I turn my light switch from side lights to headlights so I want to check that relay as I'm 99% sure that's the problem. The thing is, I can hear the clicking as clear as day coming from the glove box when sitting inside the car, but for the life of me I can't see the relays! The fuse board has all the fuses etc but I can't see any relays, my board is the same as this one The only difference between my board and the one in this picture is mine doesnt have a black relay on the left at the top. I've never done anything to this fuse board and never modded my car and I bought it from an SMC branch so everything should be as stock. I bought it in 2012 and the headlights have been working up until about a week ago. Can anyone help me with where the relays are under the glove box please? i'm going mad and in need my headlight working :) Thanks, Matt.
  5. Hi all im new here but i need some help, i just fitted some new phillips headlight bulbs to a 2011 fored fiesta 1.2 all of them work barring the passengers side main beam, i tried repalcing the bulbs but it still doesnt work so i removed the whole light fixture and plugged it in to the other side and the main beam woorks. Do you think there is a problem with a fuse or the electrical connection to the lamp. If there is a electrical problem then it has to be in the car. Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance.
  6. HI guys, I know that bulbs have been discussed to death here but I am having another problem with them. My passenger Headlight (nearside) bulb has blown and I have replaced it with a standard 55w H7 which is the same as the other side (offside). I have checked my fuses and they seem to be all in tact but not sure where the headlight fuses specifically is (i have looked at position F4-5) My passenger headlight is not working with the new bulb. Any help would be appreciated regarding this.
  7. As it nears a year of owning the cmax, I am still amazed at how much I have enjoyed it compared to my BMW! I long to keep it but the headlights are driving me bonkers! I bought a set of the Philips xtreme vision but there is nothing xtreme about them! I dont have the greatest eye sight in the dark I have to admit but these are terrible! Other than hitting the illegal 100w I am struggling here and dont want to waste a fortune buying and trying bulbs out? Any ideas guys?
  8. HIDs

    From the album Fiesta Zetec 2008

  9. hello all, Need to replace my left hand head lamp on a 2004 fiesta. Are the headlights from the updated model compatible, if not is it best to just get an original one or are there any good after market ones. Thank you.
  10. Please Help Me

    could some one help. im trying to fit a mk2 headlight to a mk1. i have seen it is possible with a wiring loom. but could someone help with what that loom is? many thanks
  11. IMAG0332

    From the album Untitled Album

    Just to show how bad these Chinese lights are. Blinding and mot fail.
  12. This is a guide to fitting a Light Switch unit with a dimmer dial to Ford Focus without one as factory fitted. The part used came from a C-Max MK5 PART NUMBER-4M5T13A024BA Undo the T25 Torx and pull off the panel to the door side of the drivers area. Unplug the ODB port from the panel so as to avoid damaging the wiring (needs 3 hands really to push 2 metal clips and pull the Port clear) I found it was easier to reach the locating clips of the light unit from the gap at the side and had to push, pull and wiggle the unit to get it out, finally pulled forward and down to unlocate the top one first then got the bottom one clear. Unplug the cable loom from the old unit. Check the units are the same size and the plugs are the same. Attach the new unit and test the lights, dimmer and levellers. Push the new unit into place (takes a bit of a push). Relocate the ODB port into the trim and refit to dash. Replace the torx and Roberts's your Mothers Brother.
  13. Headlight Changes

    Hi everyone, I am in desperate need of some help. I have changed my headlight bulbs to Osram H7's to upgrade the light level and distance seen. When changed, i tried them out but the distance was no more than about 2 meters, large crosses appear on the floor and there are areas of shadow big enough to stand in. I suspected that the bulbs might be faulty, and so swapped them back to the originals. They too are doing the same thing now and giving me the same symptoms. I took the car to ATS this morning for them to have a look thinking they need re-adjusting but when turning the adjustment screw under the bonnet, and the dial inside the car, no adjustment happens. Does anyone have any idea on what has happened? I thought it was the bulbs but it doesn't look like it. Have I inadvertently disconnected something inside? The ATS guy says the bulbs could be upside down but they only go in one way.... I have a 2009 focus Zetec S Can anyone help.... thanks all
  14. I have an electrical issues realeted with front headlight, it is always on, can not be turned off. Only it can be switched off by taking out battery pole out or fuse pulling out.. Service told me that the gem fuse box should be replace, it cost more than 750 usd. Now, ı am using my car while the two fuses pull out as shown in the figure, at night, I am mounting the fuses back onto gem module than daylight pulling out back again. Any suggestions for this problem fixing? How can ı check.
  15. Mrk6 To Mrk7 Light Conversion

    hi, i am thinking of putting on the bubbly headlights onto my mrk 6 ford fiesta but not sure if the functions will still be working properly after i change them .. can anyone help?
  16. S Max Headlight

    The deflector over the indicator in the main light assembly has come off and is floating around the light. It looks as if the assembly should be able to be parted but they could be glued. Does anyone know how to take the lights apart so I stick the deflector back?
  17. I have copied the following from the Focus Club pages in order to get as wide a view as possible: I have scoured the various forums (fora?) in an attempt to find out what I should be doing to avoid unwanted attention from the Gendarme when I set off for Continental trip next week ending up in Germany. The point at issue here centres on the 2012 myr Focus Titanium X, Bi Xenon lights and how they can - or should - be adjusted to dip right. I've rather ignored the views of some who say "stuff that, they don't bother to adjust theirs when they visit the UK so why should we", in favour of making some adjustments if only to ensure that I can see where I'm going at night! In an ideal world, there'd be a switch to re-align the headlights but I don't think that my Mk3 has that. I have also read that the Halfords type stick on adjusters are i) inefficient, ii) very difficult to position properly and iii) it's almost impossible to remove the sticky stuff afterwards. Comments and experiences from those who have taken their Bi Xenon equipped cars abroad would be much welcomed!
  18. I have 59 plate facelift Focus Zetec (Mk 2.5) My passenger side headlight bulb has blown a few days ago and just wanted to know the best replacements to get that have a blue tint like xenon blubs. I read on here that the 'best' ones to get are the 'osram cool blue intenses' Which ones do I need? H1, H4 or H7? I do like the blue tint but I just don't know which ones I need to get. Thanks in advance for your help.
  19. Newbie Q&a

    Hi there all!! I am the proud new owner of a focus 1.6 zetec, state blue. a quick q & a 1. whats the average mpg. Since brimming the tank when I bought it, I've covered almost 400 miles for £60 - does this sound about right 2. cambelt/timing belt! the dreaded "hasit / hasn't it" been changed - and Its on 95K!!! the cover looks new but haven't got round to taking it off yet but does have a sticker on the side. info at bottom of post. 3. power steering leak - only slight but leaking underneath regardless. (o/s/f) any clues?? 4. Wobbly headlight (osf)- (12v Doobla - or Doola!!??) - inside the headlight casing whilst the headlight is off the car, there is a small plastic ball joint that needs seating in the plastic retainer - its come off and is a bugger to get back in - resulting in a disco effect when going over bumps! Any tips? I have done the following maintenance so far - New Oil & Filter, Topped up all fluids, changed 2 headlight bulbs, New Battery, Air filter, new Spark Plugs. ( oh - and washed & waxed - engine bay cleaned & tidied up) whats next? Cheers in advance :) Ushmiester timing belt cover info sticker 1S4G 6007 MA 13 ELH00 200901141240 001 I 22 1.60
  20. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  21. Hello i just bought a ford focus 2006 2.0 tdci and i have a idea about tuning my headlights but i dont know if it is posible and i am asking your help.My desire is to switch my headlights with the new model 2008 and i dont know if is posible has anyone done it?any help :) this is like my ford and this is how i want to make my headlights
  22. Hi Guys I have a Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium 1.6tdci with rear led daytime running lights already built in, and would like to fit some front ones built into headlights Can somebody confirm if these are fitted as standard to Titanium-X model ?? if so would wiring harness be already present in my Titanium model ?? Meaning if im correct its just a headlight replacement ?? Regards huey45
  23. Hi all I've searched all around and can't find any details on this.. Does anybody know where the adjustment screws/bolts are for the headlights? (both horizontal and vertical) for a Mk5 Fiesta (2000).
  24. Very quick fix for foggy headlights. Polish up with brasso or duraglit wadding for about 10 mins, wipe off, polish off with wax polish and bingo! See the inside again, and of course the road.
  25. Hid Upgrade??

    I've been doing a few different upgrades and modifications to the car and most recently have been looking at HID kits on the Internet. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of fitting/using a HID upgrade kit and how much I should be looking at paying for one? Oh and its an 08 plate focus Zetec mk2.5