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  1. hiya im a new member as of today, im sorry if this is in the wrong section but i was wondering if anyone has got a cylinder head for the mondeo ive described in the title for sale? 2 inlet valves are bent on cylinder 2 and the head is warped so i cant find any decent excuse to refurb it. \if anyone has one layng around for sale please lt me know Cheers Bradley P.S. iirc the cylinder heads are the same for both 1.8 and 2.0 zetec lumps
  2. Fiesta Rear

    From the album Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 1.6 Ti-VCT

    © Benjamin Chaplin

  3. Hi All I have a shiny new Gord Galaxy Titanium Edition 2014. I have noticed that the front and rear headlamps always stay on when the ignition is on. It is supposed to have auto sensing headlights when is where the knob is set to. Even if I move the knob to manual "0" position, the lights still stay on. ( The dash lights go off in the position). I took it back to the dealer and was told those are the running lights but that sounds like nonsense to me. Anybody know if he's right, will I always have to drive around with my lights on? (and let me clear, they are not the small types of running lights, it is the main headlamps were talking about). There are loads of Galaxys on the road but I have not seen any with headlamps on during the day on any of them. Hope someone can shed some light (sorry, couldn't resist) Imran
  4. Ignition Coil Failure

    Hi I've recently replaced my ignition coil on my mk6 fiesta due to misfiring on cylinder 1 after looking at the old coil u could tell it was blown on cylinder 1 port but now after replacing the coil cylinder 1 is misfiring again replaced leads and plugs but it's just not spark for cylinder 1 so ino its to do with the coil but this time the coil looks fine I'm not sure wether it's just bad luck as was a second hand coil or is something else causing the coil to fail on that one cylinder 1 plug any help please before I replace the coil again
  5. I have a Ford Focus 2000 Changed fuse 59 on it and a dinging noise started and the fuse started smoking. I pulled the fuse out, is my car safe enough now the fuse is out? I don't want it blowing up over night or anything. Also is it safe enough to drive it around to the garage in the morning? Please help me, don't know much at all about cars at all :(
  6. just signed up so thought why not break the ice with a video (slide show) i made from ford fair 2015 also have 1 from 2013 but any way my names tizzy and hello to all who read this post and thanks for checking out the video please let me know if you find your car in any of my videos i may have some better photos as i have a few that did not make it to the video
  7. Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Ka with Duratec engine 1.3i For the last few days now the first start of the day is almost impossible and can take an hour or more - it turns over fine and 'almost' starts but normally takes as I say about an hour before it does, and then it runs like a bag of nails for 5 / 10 minutes. But then it runs spot on and starts first touch of the key all day - until the next day! I had a Ford breakdown mechanic out yesterday and he tested no end of things (no lights on dash by the way) and concluded that the coil pack was probably failing as he was "getting a spark but not when he expected". So I fitted a new coil pack yesterday and this morning it is exactly the same! ANY IDEAS????? Thanks!
  8. Focus Mk1 Coil Pack Failures

    So... I have a 1.6 Mk1 Facelift focus (52reg) which is just burning through coil packs... I have replaced 4 in the last 12 months, and the latest one is starting to develop issues at only a couple of months old. The last one was bought from ford for an arm and a leg. Does anyone know of any issues that may cause the packs to fail? Such as unstable electrical current or anything as wild as that? Cheers, A
  9. Hi everyone, my loved mk4 is refusing to start No spark is getting to spark plugs, I have replaced coil pack, leads, plugs and crank shaft sensor. Nothing worked! Car ran fine until loss of power then stalling,then refusal to start. Can anyone please advise me on what to try next.
  10. My Streetka just stopped as I was reversing out of my drive. I thought I had stalled it but although it made a funny noise when I tried to start it again; sort of clattering noise, it would not start. Took it to the garage and was advised that it was traced and it was the coil and some fuses which he changed and said all should be ok. Two days later the same thing happens grrrr!!! Any ideas? Someone said that it may be my immobiliser as my alarm does tend to go off when I get in the car sometimes.
  11. Hi, my Ford experience started a while back, because they are rather popular in the family, but only a year ago I managed to get one on my own. Now I decided to post a few lines. I'm driving a Mk3 Galaxy with Ghia trim. It was originally intended for french market and that's where it was purchased second hand by my soon-to-be father in law. When he decided to upgrade, I made the offer (I was looking for a Mondeo Estate at the time) and he said, why not? So here I was, changing from a Chevrolet Kalos to a full-size MPV with seven seats. Here is the car in it's original state, where the only aftermarket part apart from towing bar was the parking assist. Why such thing is not standard on cars this size I can only speculate. Since then (may last year) there were quite a few things I did to the car to make it more original: Custom ReMap with EGR deactivation - I've had a remap done by one of our local slovak ford club members. I decided to not go completely mental, but at the same time I wanted to have a bit more punch than the standard 92kW 1.8 TDCi offered. I have not had it tested on a rolling road, but the estimated results are around 110kW and 400Nm of torque. Eibach ProKit - this was mainly done to kill some of that "floatiness" these cars have as opposed to the quite firm setup found on S-Max. And it worked like a charm. The car has firmed up quite enough, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Convers+ retrofit - I just had to have one of those. The milage has not been fixed yet, but apart form that everything works as it should. 18 inch Yspoke alloys - it was the next logical choice after fitting lowered springs. Add to this small bit like dashcam, custom fit carpets, a few custom settings in the car config (autolocking, autolights) and that's it for now, There are a few other things pending. but it all depends on budget and time.
  12. 64 Plate Mondeo Hybrid

    From the album Mondeo Hybrid

    My ford Mondeo Ti With X pack.
  13. For about 3months now my fiesta stutters/hesitates when i come to a near stand still or when in reverse, the problem is getting so bad now that it occurs almost every time i come to the stop and is preventing me from pulling away onto a roundabout quickly. Diagnostics did not highlight any problem and i have no fault codes popping up. I have changed the TMAP sensor and serviced car (incl replacing all filters), i have checked the wires on the Lamda sensors and they appear OK. I have also noticed a particularly odd hot 'electrical' smell from around the timing belt housing area immediately after the hesitation problem occurs, this has me baffled and i would rather not throw any more money at the problem until i have a better idea of what it may be. Could it be ignition coils/ht leads and if so why? I am still able to get 40mpg on a long run but by efficiency around town is in the 20s. Any help/ideas would be much appreciated please. ​Cheers, Graham
  14. Egr Problem

    Hello, My engine smoke during acceleration.After diagnoses found that EGR vlave is causing this problem.So i replaced it and bought new one from this website Thanks
  15. New Member

    Hi all, joined today, I have a Ford Galaxy mk1 2.3 ghia which I've owned since 2012. Passed it's mot 2 days. Not much more to say really. thanks all.
  16. Newbie

    Hi there A newbie to this forum, driving a galaxy 2.0 TDCi Ghia X on a 09 plate and a fiesta 1.4 Zetec. Until recently a mk3 Mondy but that got trashed in the snow (another the wife wrote off - that's 2 mondy's gone now). When it comes to cars, enthusiastic amateur springs to mind. Though I do enjoy the challenge. Breaking my Mondy now too, having bought it back off the insurers. Hope to offer any of my experience as I go along, I will of course be looking to you guys for help too. Regards
  17. Petrol Leak! Ughhh!

    Hi guys, I took the car out for another 150 mile motorway trip, on return I popped into local Shell to fill up. Turning the engine off, I heard some weird noises, like spitting etc I noticed the temp gauge was normal. Anyway, that lasted for like 30 secs, I immediately put up the bonnet up but nothing was obvious, no steam etc. Anyway, I proceeded to fill up and went home to nap. Today, I got into the car and put the windows down because it was hot and I could smell petrol. I drove for about 5 mins and came back to notice there was a patch of petrol probably the size of a dinner plate on the drive way. I don't think a lot leaked out because the gauge was still above full. Anyway, got under the car to have a rudimental check, noticed the previous owner put a new fuel pump in so it cant be that. Umm..there isn't any obvious fuel leak source I can find. But the tank itself does look quite pitted and rusty on one side. Question is: Have I written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace the tank (assuming that's at fault) and if its fuel lines, can it be fixed near the region? OR does the whole lot need to be replaced? How expensive is all this? I hope its a cheap hose or something. Thanks
  18. 101 0179 imgx

    From the album My & then

    1973 2000GT : 2,0 SOHC bored to 2,1 (93mm), iS-head, lightly ported (mainly exhaust) bronce valve-guides, larger rimflo valves, 272°(?) -high-lift-("road")cam, Weber 2x38 carb from Essex 3,0-V6, tubular exhaust-manifold.
  19. Whilst driving to work I felt something drop on my foot from behind the dashboard, I was quite surprised to see it was a metal bush or spacer! I popped into the ford garage near work they are a van place so weren't to sure as there is nothing similar on the vans. They suggested maybe it was a spacer off the brake pedal but after looking I can't see where it could have come from! It doesn't look amazing quality wise so looks like it is a spacer, but off what has anybody got any ideas? It is off a 2011 galaxy mk3. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Warmed the car for 10 minutes before setting off, everything was working on the dash, put it into reverse and reversed out of the drive into the street and then put the car into first, looked at the dash and everything was dead (the speedometer, rev counter, fuel and temperature gauges and the digital LCD mileometer- the whole lot- dead). Thought I stalled it, but the engine was I bravely drove it back into the drive and took the bus. ;) Don't want to drive in snow and ice with no gauges thanks Has the snow killed it? I hope its a simple fuse.. Help. Please. Watch the YouTube video link in the title (the forum doesn't let me copy and paste the url or link it using the button) Thanks guys
  21. warmed the car up for 10 minutes, like every day...Reversed out of the drive, (everything was fine on start up and when I got into reverse) reversed into the street and about to go into first when I noticed that everything on the dash had died. I thought I stalled it, gave it some revs and the engine was I was confused. It was a snowy start today, the colds murdered it..I hope its a cheap fix like a fuse. Help me out guys! :/ p.s. see the YouTube link on the title (wont let me copy and paste on here nor will it let me link it using the button) thanks guys
  22. Hello, I have a few questions: Is the "engine management" influenced by the outside temp sensor? Is the "auto airco" influenced by the outside temp sensor? Outside temp sensor works on/off, mostly depending on the weather conditions. When it rains I get the "red snowflake" immediately, when it is dry, it works for a while. Faulty contact or to be replaced? Last couple of weeks I got the "flashing heating coil" after the engine is holding back a bit in the high revs. A couple a days ago outside temp dropped minus 0C° (freezing) and with the "blinking coil" the "engine light" stayed on. Now the temp is around 8C°, no problem at all. Any suggestions where to look first? (I'm waiting for my OBD2 reader.) Thanks a lot, Lode
  23. Fiesta Coil Spring

    Hi, I have a fiesta 05, 1.2 engine, manual, petrol and I am in need of some advice, on xmas eve i went to reverse the car out of the drive when i heard a grinding noise from the wheel arch. I stopped and looked behind the wheel and notice the coil has snapped. In desperation (Mrs is ready to go into labour at anytime!) i took it to th eonly garage that was open on Saturday - Kwikfit, they quoted £120 to replace it, little more expensive than i hoped but in the circumstances i agreed. When the car was delivered to Kwikfit that morning they rang back and said they couldn't get the part till tomorrow and after having a look, it is worse than expected. He mentioned about erroded bolts and threads have gone and will need more new parts. Having looked at the diagram of the suspension i believe he is referring to the bearing plate above the strut? The new quote is a little over £320. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is it common, i am in two minds of getting it towed to a 'proper' local garage, I have been quoted £30 for towing it. Any ideas, advice will be much appreciated. thanks,
  24. Mk2 - P0359 Coil Faut!

    Hi gents n ladies, I heard a hissing noise on the car this evening when I started it and was cold, was laud at first then dampened down the noise but I could still hear it... Went home and plugged it in and given me the following fault code: P0359 - Ignition coil I primary/secondary circuit. I had a read in this link to see how bad it is: and it doesn't seem that bad and can still drive my car for now. Just need some help on if it is a job that I can fix myself and what parts I need to do it?! If there is any guide that can help that will be great. Thank you and look forward to hear from you..