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  1. Morning all Been trowling through the net for this, and cant find anything, so apologies if its already been answered/posted. Please feel free to just point me to the thread if so.  Sooo. I got my Mk 2.5 1.6 tcdi Zetec the other week. Looking to do a few bits to improve it. One of which is the interior lights. I always liked having the map readers in my Seat Ibiza, so id like to upgrade to the same. A little disappointed in the trim of this car to be honest, VERY basic. But hey ho.  Anyone done this? easy? looks easy enough to be fair, but any indications on what part to get / good place to look? When i do an ebay search it mainly comes up with just the bulbs and not the unit its self.   Im also not against the idea of installing the courtesy light in the rear too.... its not a major want, but possibly look into it too. This easy to fit also?   Any help appreciated :)  
  2. Hi guys,  new on here so any help i sappreciated. Bought a Focus st and few minor issues Firstly electric mirrors do not work at all Secondly interior lights do not come on when i open the doors (switch is in correct position) Rear interior lights do not come on either at all, even when i switch on manually (fitted new bulbs) 12volt also doesnt work (prob just a fuse though) Thanks for the help  
  3. Hi all, I've got a mk2.5 focus with the standard 1 bulb interior light in, now I was just wondering about changing it to one with map reading lights, I've seen some on eBay and I'm not sure if it's the correct one for my car or not and just wondered if they just plug straight in or will have to rewire, if anyone knows I'd just like a bit of advice 😊 Thanks
  4. Hello all, While I was fitting in the upgrade centre console I discovered that my window heater section had all wires in the other blank spaces - so was wondering if that would mean that the wiring is there for the other options? I ask this as I've just brought that section in silver and that has the button for the front heated screen - it looks like i have the wiring for that, well I'm guessing, so was thinking of getting one installed as that is a feature i massively miss from my fiesta. pictures - this is the part i mean and theres two extra wires/connections in the back of the other two blank cards so i really am hoping someone might provide me with some good news here ha! Also im wanting to take out the standard door card handle parts and replace with the silver higher spec one. I just cant work out how to remove that part?!?! can anyone help with that one too please? Its the surround bit that on the driver side sits over the window and mirror controls. Drivers side Passengers side I know how to take the door cards off etc but I'm not sure how to get these parts free to replace them - i don't want to change to the different door cards as they are a different colour and that will bother me - ha! its bad enough the centre console is a different colour but i can live with that cause of the added aux it adds. cheers in advance anyone
  5. Today I've had my exterior plastics changed to piano black gloss ones by Chris at Paintmodz in Blackpool. You can also order them via SICO Developments. You can order direct to fit yourself or go to Blackpool and exchange them to get them cheaper, that's what I did and Chris will fit them for you as well having watched him fit the new parts I recommend that you do as well. Quality is excellent and I would really recommend anyone who wants to change the appearance of their car have this done. It's what Ford should have done when they released the car in the first place. Here's what I've had done today; Fog Light surrounds Lower grill Rear Valance Rear wiper arm Washer jets He can do any car and also paints the engine cover and various other parts. Very reasonable prices make it a win win all round. Here is Chris's buisness card (I have no connection with him and only recommend him based on the quality and price of his service) He is just starting out on his own after many years working in a local Ford dealer
  6. All, I'm a newbie on the forum and have changed my interior LEDs to blue to match my candy blue Fiesta S. Just looking for a guide to whip out the centre cupholders and change the LEDs to blue. Any suggestions? Or anyone know of a guide to do it? Ta thanks in advance! CJ
  7. GT500 interior

    From the album Work 3SixtyWraps

  8. Hi everyone I've just bought a 2011 focus 1.6 Zetec with12.000 miles on very pleased with the car but there is a few marks on the centre console and the buttons on the radio/sat nav are crinkly, please see attached photos. Just wondered if anyone has had this problem and where can I get centre console plastics, and finally is it possible to replace just the buttons on the radio ??
  9. Hi guys hoping one of you may be able to help me. I've read a few threads on here about problems with interior lights stopping working for no apparent reason but none of them seem to have the solution on them. So today all my interior lights have stopped working. They were fine this morning but tonight nothing. No boot light, no rear interior light, no front interior light no map lights. Strange. So obviously first thought is "ahh the fuse has gone." Get out the handbook, guess what, you got it no fuse is listed for interior lights? Only one that remotely could be is fuse 1 which includes a dome light? whatever that is but also controls the ignition and heated windscreen which both work fine so can't be that one. Some threads mention that there is no fuse for this circuit which is a little odd. Of course it's pitch black as well so I can't easily start checking every damn fuse in the fuse box to try identify the little blighter so I'm hoping someone knows? If there genuinely isn't a fuse how the hell do you get them to work again or am I destined to pay several pounds to my dealer to get such a simple problem fixed. Also I've realised my offside headlight has stopped working tonight as well. Can't be a coincidence can it? There's no fuse for them listed other than the full sides exterior lights and the DRL and rear light work fine. Could just be the bulb but I don't believe in coincidences so any help will be appreciated. Frustrated fez owner!!!!!!
  10. Interior

    From the album My little Ford

    Leather seats...mmmm....
  11. Hello chaps, There are two little mods I want to do to my car, the first is a HID conversion, and the second is to hardwire some ambient lighting into the map light for the front footwells and maybe the centre console. I was hoping some of you could give me some advice and/or links to a reliable HID conversion kit (H7 only) and to a good, red, ambient lighting products. Any forum guides that come to mind regarding these two mods would be great too! Thanks in advance!
  12. Mk7 Map Light Trouble

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping for a little help regarding my interior map light. When I bought the car there was no problem, when the door was opened or the car turned on the auto light came on perfectly. However, I then changed the bulb to a same fitment, different colour bulb. That's where the problem began: When it's 'off' - on the left side - it's off. When it's on 'auto' - in the middle - it's constantly on. When it's 'on' - on the right side - it's off. I now have no light when it's needed and when I leave the light on (middle/constant) and lock the car it stays on permanently. I honestly have no idea what to do so any help or advice would be gladly appreciated! Thanks, David
  13. image

    From the album My fiesta

  14. Rust Behind Glovebox

    Hi there, I took out the glovebox earlier to replace a fuse, only to be greeted by powdery rust along the metal beam behind it as per this photo I stole from google images: Given other cars show rust there, should I be concerned? Is it a common problem I can fix? Knee-jerk I figured I'd hammerite it over the weekend, but there's no pitting, just dusty rusty powder. Edit: 06 MK3 Ghia
  15. Hi Sorry if this has been answered before, new to the site and couldn’t see it anywhere. As you can tell from the title I’ve got an issue which is really bugging me. Thinking it was the door contact on my driver’s side I purchased another contact (or whatever it’s called) and tried replacing it, which did not resolve the issue. I then tried it on all the other doors but still no joy. Does anyone have any ideas on what it could be, because its absolutely doing my nut in. Cheers
  16. Hi I am new to this group I hope someone can help! I have a ford fiesta 2006 and Im ashamed to say in the past it has taken some neglect. This is my current stereo. I am wanting to replace the horrible old glue parts ? It is also on the side OF the stereo surround by the passenger side I am not very good at cars so I am wanting a inexpensive way just to give my car a bit of love and a new lease of life! can any one help me please? Kitty
  17. Hi guys. I have been offerd. Mk7.5 fiesta zetec s ecoboost interior is it easy to swap into a mk7, is the airbag connectors the same? And is it worth it are they comfy and do they look and feel better and I have the older style bluey gray cloth ones. Thanks
  18. Not one of my interior lights are working, non of them except the ones in the doors under the handle. I'm confused! And also my electric windows, you have one click on the switch where you can go down or up and the next click they go up or down on their own, it's that one that isn't working! I've got to hold it now. I don't know what's wrong. Please help!!!
  19. Hi Guys & Gals, I have a problem with my Ford Escort Van 2001 Model. I had my lights warning buzzer working a treat along with the interior light upon opening the doors. I shorted out the interior light to the roof whilst I had the drivers side door open when re-fitting it. As soon as this happened the drivers side door no longer activates the light and buzzer. However, the passenger side door does activate the light AND strangely the buzzer. I know the door switch pins are a common fault and so I switched the known working one from the passenger side to the drivers side and vice versa.... the known working switch wouldn't work on drivers side BUT the drivers side switch worked in passenger side. So I now know the switches are BOTH fine. Any ideas? Bearing in mind both switches are fine from the above test, the buzzer is working as it activates via pass door and the light works as it activates via pass door.... Strange one. Thanks in advance
  20. Hello All! :)

    Hello Fellow Ford Fans! I'm new here, just signed up. Just wondering if someone can advise me how to best upgrade the headlights? I don't want to change the whole units, but was wondering if I can simply get better, whiter and brighter lights? I did this by getting LED's for rear plate area. I was also wondering about the interior lights and whether to upgrade the bulbs there too? I love the car, there isn't much I can think of that I want to change :) But the old style lighting could be better, it was with the rear plate anyway. Easily done for headlights too? Advise greatly appreciated! I have no idea at the moment...
  21. Hi guys, i have just bought myself a ford fiesta mk4 and the seats in the car is not in the best condition. i am wondering if the mk6 fiesta seats fit into the mk4 fiesta or not ? a mitchell
  22. I've changed all the ambient lights except the top two little ones where the ceiling light is. How on earth can I change them??? It's the only red part in my car!! Annoying! Please help
  23. Interior 2013

    From the album My Focus :)

    © Will Morgan

  24. Can anyone interior light doesn't switch off when the doors are closed and I lock the car, it always stays on unless I turn it off completely do you know what the problem is?