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  1. Hi. Just bought a mk5 fiesta. I just noticed a wet boot. Any ideas ?
  2. Hi this is the first I have used a forum, I'm a typical girl not the best with cars but the back passenger side carpet is wet no other carpet is wet. I have a ford ka 60 plate it's a 3 door. Any suggestions of what I can be done or is this an expensive repair? I have read that garages don't like this type of repair as there is a lot of work :(  appreciate ted any help thanks 
  3. Attempted Theft

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2009 Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 (90) TDCi. (2 Weeks Ago). Just yesterday I returned to find that some scum bag had tried to steal the car. They gained entry via the driver door. The handle is missing, they must have used a screw driver to pop the latch. Inside the vehicle they have pulled off the plastic steering cover, and chiselled out the ignition from the metal chamber. In doing so the metal chamber which is part of the steering column has been broken in half which is what hold the ignition barrel in place. I have managed to put the ignition back into the correct position along with the immobiliser and the car starts. I would like to know advice on getting this fixed. Costs etc as I am unaware of the steering column is hydraulic or electric. I wanted to get advice before I phone my insurance company today. My excess is 250 voluntary and 200 compulsory. 450 in total. All advice is welcome. Thank you
  4. I found the engine oil leaking on the surface of cylinder block, ranging from the upper of the oil filter to the behind of the starter motor. Such leaking originated from the cylinder head gasket or oil pressure switch? e
  5. Leaking Fluid Into Driver Footwell

    Hi all! Have a weird issue with my focus.... there seems to be a leak coming down the clutch pedal and into the foot well. Not a massive one but it's there! Looks like from the cylinder. I recently had a massive power steering fluid leak and that's just been fixed. When the leak started, weeks and weeks ago, I marked all the 'bottles' in the bonnet where the liquid was. None of them have moved except for the power steering fluid, as mentioned. I known issue I have is the seals gone on the bottom of the windscreen so rain could get in. Any ideas?
  6. Hi everyone. I wondered if anyone would know where I can get some replacement door seals from for a 2004/05 Streetka passenger side please? I have a leak in my passenger side car door. I have figured out my seals are in two parts and are held together by a plastic pin and was pulled off one day by a garage man after the door was bashed in a crash. My poor car has not been the same since (it has been about two years now). I have tried my hardest to get replacement seals but I have been told by Ford that they stopped making them a long time ago and it seems breakers yards never get any. My seals have been held together for the last two years with a patch from a bycle puncher repair kit which has worked, unfortunately the rubber has perished and this is no longer an option. I can try and get ome more secondhand ones of ebay and hope the pin is not damaged and if so continue with the puncture repair kit method. I would prefer a more permenant solution though and I can't afford a new car at the minute. Would anyone have any ideas please? Thank you x
  7. I have a 56 plate Fiesta MK6 Zetec S, done 99k and hasn't let me down yet, untill recently. I first had a problem arriving at work after a 26 mile commute, noticed steam coming out of the bonnet so lifted it up to find there was NO coolant in it what so ever after being serviced 2 weeks before. so i topped it up and kept an eye on it. 2 months later after everything seemed fine, i was on the same commute and my engine temp rose from 90 to 120 in around 45 seconds while idleing in traffic, so i pulled over as there was luckily a petrol station right next to me and filled it up with coolant, then resumed on my way home, checked in the morning and all semmed fine, got to work this morning, checked again straight away, all seemed fine, checked an hour later after explaining my problem to a colleauge and it had dropped to basically 1/4 of the amount i had put in?! but the car had not moved, there are no puddles and no "mayonaise" in the engine oil. any advice would be appreciated on this as its doing my head in. thanks Chris.
  8. OK so basically I had a 2.0 TDCi Zetec S a few years back on an 04 plate that had diesel pooling around the injectors. It turned out to be the Leak off pipes/ connectors, we changed the lot to be sure. However when we changed it the car would not start at all! It took about a week of disconnecting and really connecting rando stuff to.get it finally started in limp mode. After that it was fine and the error we were getting of low pressure in the fuel rail went. Now I've just bought a mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec again with the same issue if diesel pooling around the injectors. My concern is ill.change the pipes and connectors and my car won't start again! Can anyone she'd some light on why that would happen? Thanks in advance :)
  9. Hello all, I have a Travelpilot NX Sat Nav/Audio unit installed in my 2008 S-Max which is no longer reading the maps correctly from the DVD. I have the 5.3 version of the software installed and the 2012 TomTom map DVD. I've ejected the disc and checked that it is clean and have tried resetting the unit but it has not improved matters. So my questions to the forum are: 1) Where is the best place to get the unit repaired/serviced? (In the Midlands preferably) 2) How much should I expect it to cost? 3) Can my 2008 unit be upgraded to include DAB radio or Bluetooth audio? 4) How do I get it out of the dashboard??? Many thanks in advance!
  10. Hi all, Ford Focus Mk2, 1.6 petrol. 2005 / 55. So yesterday I discovered that my engine coolant level was looking pretty low (maybe half an inch below 'min' when cold). No engine warning lights up to that point though. Today I took the car out to pick up some coolant / battery top up water (yes, I know that I probably could have used tap water!) to give it a bit of a top up before I decided what to do next. It was on the way back home that the fun began and I could feel the car juddering while driving up a hill until it got worse and worse. Experience told me that this was probably a spark plug / coil pack related issue. Still, at least the car still drove so I wasn't completely stranded, which is more than can be said for my previous cars. At this stage I hadn't twigged that the coolant issue was in fact related to the juddering as on inspection I discovered coolant / rusty water in / around the core plugs and it had made quite a mess. At least it solved that mystery. The frustrating this is that this is the very same issue that was discovered by my garage in Feb last year while they were doing the timing belt, except it had only got to the stage of making a mess / causing some corosion and hadn't had any noticeable impact on running or performance. I should also add that my car appears to have the modified screen washers and having done a few splash tests, they do seem water tight in my opinion. I only bought this car 2 years ago, directly from Ford, so I put my stern face on and drove (noisily) over to Ford and kind of dumped the car on their front door step and insisted on a resolution. I spoke to the head of servicing right away who said that the fault would be diagnosed and a solution decided at no charge, so at least I don't have to pay for them to find the issue. I accept that my car is gettinng on a bit, but I don't think it's acceptable for this to be happening once, let alone twice. The first time it happened was 6 months after I bought the car, so wasn't covered by a warranty. What stance should I take? What are the questions to ask? What is the actual solution so that I can check what they say against what you guys say? Can anyone explain to me what is actually happening to cause this and Is there a permanent fix? I'm hoping for a call back from them tomorrow. Thanks for any help or advice that anyone can give. J
  11. Hi there, I've tried refilling my a/c few months back and it was leaking somewhere. According to the mechanic it was the condenser. So i changed that during the week end. I went to refill it again, and it's still leaking. Went to 4 mechanics and no one knows where it's leaking? apparently they have put dye through the pipes but still in vain. Anyone have any suggestions please? The heat is unbearable Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi guys, I have just started the perfection process of my Mondeo that I picked up last weekend. How do I find a dealer or seller that will match my paint? I know that the paint reference number is on the driver side door frame, but can't seem to find any retailers. Guessing I only really need a touch up paint with gloss / laquer over the top. Upgrades on the go so far. - Osram Night Breakers Unlimited - New License plates (the current one is peeling) - Ford tyre dust cap covers Looking to tint rear 3 windows , but not sure whether or not to have a go myself or get a pro to do it. I did previously do my Grande Punto.
  13. Diesel Injector

    Hi can anyone please help I have a 2007 1.6 tdci focus its the 110 bhp model with the duratorq engine I have a leak from my number 4 injector I have been told the seals are easy to change but im worried if I do will the injector need re programming if I put the original one back in with a new seal? Thankyou for taking the time to read this look forward to a reply.
  14. Hi all Apologies for the rather flaky description here but I have noticed a small leak (possibly fuel) from the engine of our circa 2007 Ford Ka. Upon closer inspection there is a lead hanging loose with some kind of electronic switch or sensor on the end. This is dangling just below the bottom of the radiator on the right-hand side of the engine. Crawling underneath the front of the car I can see that this should probably sit in a circular hole near the bottom of the block, facing forward. The hole is threaded, around 3/4" diameter and contains a small yellow, rubber membrane. The switch/sensor has a kind of plastic 'push and twist' moulding on it but I still can't manage to secure it in the hole. For now I have pushed it in but it doesn't feel too solid. Does anyone know what this is (in case I have to ask a garage to sort it) or how it connects. With the car on a ramp it would probably be obvious but as it stands I can only guess. Thanks in advance! Martin
  15. Ka 2003 Loosing Coolant

    My daughters KA is loosing coolant. . There is water on top of the thermostat housing so it is either a leaking hose or a failed O ring. How can I tell? If I need to replace the housing I've seen them on Ebay for about £15 but I can't find any instructions anywhere? I can't even get the air filter housing off so is there anything on the internet or do I need a Haynes manual and if so which one? Thanks Chris...
  16. Morning guys, Driving home last night I managed to get a decent chip / crack in my front screen. I've never had anything this bad before and although it's on the passenger side and not within my line of vision it's just about at the limits of what most advise for injection; not to mention annoying! I'm aware that the heated screens are fairly expensive, plus I also have auto lights / wipers. Therefore I'm looking for advice - Repair for free or get the screen replaced for £70? I'm not bothered either way, but considering the screen has gained a few small chips during the time Ive owned it, it's probably worth replacing. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks Stu
  17. My husband has just changed the offside drive shaft oil seal on my 2003 Fusion. I have read that this is a well known problem with Fords. The seal he put on was the same as the seal that came off, but the strange thing is that my husband said there was almost room for 2 seals - has anyone else come across this? It is still leaking :( We have more seals being delivered, in the hope the next one will make a better seal. I have had some great advice from threads on this forum, so thank you in advance for any advice offered :)
  18. Help Needed!

    I own a mk6 Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4. 55 plate, silver. It's done 65,000 miles and runs like a dream. I'm looking to sell it soon to get a 3 door focus zetec s, but it has two quite noticeable dents in the back corners. I know I can get about £1,900 for it without these dents but obviously not as much with them. I was wondering if you think it'd be worth repairing them before selling it would it be a waste of time and money? Thanks!
  19. Mk6 Repair

    I have a 2004, Slovak spec, 1.3L Manual Fiesta. I crashed it about a year and a half ago and it's been sitting in my garage since. I live in Libya and they are not very big on them here, I couldn't sell it as a for-parts car nor could I find the parts for the repair. I was wondering if I can adapt an engine, transmission and the whole of the front end working from another car( Ford or non-Ford) just to get the car running again.
  20. I'm pretty sure I have a turbo leak somewhere as my car is making a 'whooshing' sound under acceleration which sounds like it's coming from on top/in front of the dash. It was in with a mechanic yesterday for something else entirely and, as an aside after a test drive, he mentioned to me that he thought it might have a leak somewhere in the turbo system also. It's chucking out a bit more smoke than usual (it's a diesel), so would this mean it's burning more fuel? And would this indicate a leak too i.e. burning more fuel to give the same power? Are there any 'usual suspect' areas where the turbo system develops leaks? It's a 1.6tdci
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come this far without a issue on my 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 (181Km). Please assist. I first added oil stop leak which worked for one day. Oil appears to have gotten worse. Please view the attached two photos, i can take more if needed. Thank You all!
  22. The Great Mk2 Leak Hunt

    Hello all, My 2005 Mk2 Focus has recently developed a rather unpleasant smell. For a while i thought someone had left some pizza somewhere in the car, or slipped something nasty into the air intake as a screw you for parking in my spot :P. After some investigation i found that the carpet, cladding, and soundproofing underneath the drivers seat (rear passenger footwell) was wet, and undoubtedly the source of the smell. Now from reading the forums it seems to could be any number of things: Air Con drain tubePollen filter housing / pollen filterDoor sealsWindscreen sealsSunroof seals (luckily i have no sunroof)Heater matrixObviously this is a pretty long list of things to check in depth brandishing a little spray bottle of water. As some of them are more of a pain that others (looking at you heater matrix), does anyone have any suggestions to narrow down the problem, or things to quickly try and fix. I had wondered if the smell was linked to my coolant constantly needing a top up, but I found a rather leaky thermostat housing this weekend which has been re-sealed and seems to have cured that problem. Also any advice as to how I can dry out everything well, and get rid of that terrible terrible smell would be greatly appreciated, I swear its constantly in my nose now.
  23. Hi, I purchased my Focus Mk2 last month and it has been running fine with no problems. I noticed last week that my fan carried on running when I turned the engine off due to it overheating - there wasn't any coolant left so i topped it up and all was well for another couple of days... Again it ran out of coolant yesterday and i found a leak in the joins of the pipes that supply the heater matrix behind the panel in the driver foot well. Having replaced the o rings and resealing it seemed to stop the leak in this please BUT there is now a MAJOR leak in the heater matrix which is draining the whole coolant around in around 1 minute. In short i can get hold of a new heater matrix relatively easy, but how hard are they to fit? anyone have step by step? I have heard you have to take the whole dash out and garages can quote 400+ for this to be done - which funds will not allow! I have also seen that you can cut the plastic cover for the heater matrix and get it out this way is this true? Help with this ASAP is required as i am without a car until this is sorted!!!!
  24. Focus More 1 Leak

    I have a mk1 focus 1.6 zetec I have noticed a puddle on the drivers footwell I traced the leak back and it seems to be coming from either the top corner of the windscreen or underneath the roof rail but I was wondering if any one else had this problem and if it's possible to remove the roof rails with out damage. Thanks
  25. Petrol Leak! Ughhh

    Hi guys, Took the car out for a 150 mile motorway run yesterday and on return the car had to fuel up, so I turned the engine off, fan whirring away and then I heard a funny spitting/weird sound . Then it stopped doing that after like 2 mins. Engine temp everything was fine, coolant was fine. Anyway. filled up Decided to take the car out today and it smelt a little like petrol, just thought I had perhaps got some on the body work when filling up yesterday (given its a hot sunny day today) anyway, took it out and when I returned the smell was there. Noticed on the drive a patch of petrol probs the size of a dinner plate. Now question is, how expensive is it to replace the replace the fuel tank (if at fault)? Note, I did have a look underneath, it looks like the previous owner put a new fuel pump in, but the tank does look slightly rusty. I haven't found any visible petrol leak sources. If it is a fuel line, can it be fixed? Or does it need replacing? Have I effectively written this motor off? how expensive is it to replace those parts? :(