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  1. Happy Birthday to me ūüéā Since switching to an unlimited Broadband provider at the beginning of this year;¬† And having found¬†out; Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond & May¬†have new show coming exclusively Amazon TV with five times the budget they had at the BBC ūüíį i decided id treat myself to an Amazon Fire TV Box¬†along with a NetGear 1200MBps¬†wired LAN connection network¬†which doesn't extend wifi signal or transmit wireless,¬†no¬†it's better than that; ūüėȬ† sends data via the existing 240V copper power cables that provide power to sockets within¬†the home,¬† This saves routing an RJ45 Cat5, Cat6, or cat7¬†cable from the router to the TV or around the house. Both the Amazon Fire TV Box & stick have built in WiFi connection but i currently have 7 WIFi devices on the wireless network, and want to maximize streaming hence giving the Amazon Fire box it's own high speed channel on the wired LANūüéĘ The beauty of the NetGear Powerline 1200 is each unit¬†is both sender & reciever there both identical¬† So if like me; you purchase two sets;¬† This means you plug¬†one in¬†on the router and you then have three network sockets for around the home.¬† Up to a total of 16 Powerline 1200 sockets can be connected on any one network.¬† The adaptor also has a lock button enabling multiple networks to be created within the home. By plugging in some adaptors and pressing the lock button,¬† They will then ignore communication with any additional adaptors plugged in there after.¬† The network speed within the home will be 1200MBps via copper power in sockets and RJ45 LAN,¬†the only limiting factor will be the speed coming in to the router in the home. I've recently discovered also that Cat5 cable is outdatedūüėĮ it's capable of transfer speeds between¬†100Mbs & 1000Mbs¬† the new versions are Cat6 and Cat7, they still have exactly the same RJ45 connection and are fully backward compatable, Difference is the cables are thicker core and better shielded capable of higher transfer speeds between devices, CAT6 is apparently good for between¬†1000MBps (1Gigabit) & 10000MBps where Cat7 is designed specifically for 10000MBps (10 Gigabit) Networks¬†¬† I've measured up all locations and purchased specific length Cat6e cables from this supplier:¬†¬† Tidy little 0.5M Cat6e cable connecting Router to Poweline 1200 adaptorūüĎć no excess clutter. Anyway all said;¬†I'm interested to hear from people regarding the Amazon Fire TV Box or stick aswell as create awarness of¬†topgear crew still doing what they do best on an alternative channel with five times more money. Thanks for readingūüĎć ¬† Amazon Fire TV Box:¬† ¬† Amazon Fire TV Stick:
  2. Hi everyone, Wonder if someone can help. I took my car into Halfords to change 2 tyres, tracking sorted and their free 15 point check, now when I went to pick it up I found that my gear stick had shifted to the right so reverse is where 1st was, 1st and 2nd are where 3rd and 4th was, 3rd and 4th are where 5th and 6th was and I obviously can't get into 5th and 6th as the gear stick won't go any further. It was late in the day last night so I'm taking it back later, on the phone they've claimed its a coincidence but I had no trouble what so ever with it before I took it in and the problem was there as soon as I jumped in it. Does anyone now what the problem could be and how it could have occured and whether they may have adjusted anything. It's a Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI (2006). Thanks all, Mark
  3. I have a Gs8000L and I'm trying to work out if the mickey mouse memory card some bum from ebay sold me is the big problem or whether the camera is also to blame... (I suspect the former). I know James also has one of these cameras, so he might be able to help, but anyone else with one, or with a computery mind might be able to help too. I take the camera without any memory card and plug it into the computer with it's usb cable, I get the following options: 'Mass Storage' 'PC camera' Mass storage opens up a window to view the memory files on the camera PC camera is looking for drivers or something - I'm sort of ignoring it - Found drivers and is appearing to tell me that it's now a webcam or something... ------------------------------------------------------------------ Then I unplug the camera, turn it off, put the memory card in, then turn it back on. It shows I have something like 3:45:00 of recording (in full HD 1080 etc) - on the 32gb memory card. I push record and it records. (I haven't seen for how long as I have no power source for it whilst I'm inside)... So then I stop recording, I can go back and view my recording.. all seems fine....perhaps? Of course, lets say I recorded something amazing, or I want to keep that file etc, I would then want to connect it to the computer and take the file off the camera... So I have two options - remove the memory card and put it in the adaptor, then put it in the computer OR leave the memory card in the camera and plug the camera into the computer via the USB cable... neither of which yield any results... It's like the card only exists when it's in the camera and doesn't exist anywhere else...
  4. hi, ive just bought a focus st3 ( 2009 ) , really happy with the car but have noticed a problem, even after cleaning the dipstick and fully replacing it, after a short journey the dipstick pops out from its housing, any ideas anyone ??? thanks
  5. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  6. Memory Stick Playback

    Hello Folks, I've just rushed out and bought a 2012 Focus, c/w Sony DAB radio, and I'm really enjoying having all my music collection at hand. Just one thing, I can navigate to albums, artists, songs etc, but on selecting albums the track play order is alphabetical, rather than by the artist's intended order. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get the playback of tracks in the original album order? Cheers Folks
  7. Hi, I wonder if and how it is possible to flick between songs and albums when connecting a memory stick to the USB port. I just drag and dropp mp3s from the pc to the stick and the were played in the same order from 1 to the last. I found no way to navigate, jump songs ... Thanks for answers.