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  1. What should I look out for?

    Hi all Just about to finally pick up my first Ford on Monday, it's a 12-plated Focus Titanium 1.6 diesel. Ideal for me and my small family. As I'm new here I'm just wondering if there's any tips, ideas, advice, or anything worth knowing about the car - Quite a vague question I know, but anything you guys can tell me would be of benefit and greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance Jody
  2. Hello!

    Hey guys First-time Ford owner here (as of this Monday) from deep in the South Wales valleys! Picking up a 12-plate Focus Titanium 1.6 diesel (115), ideal for my family and looking forward to it being part of some great memories for us just as my 06-plate Clio (don't laugh!) has been! I've had a quick browse through the forums and some of the things you guys do to your cars, your knowledge, your experiences, I'll enjoy reading them, interesting to say the least!! Hopefully I'll chat with a few of you over time!
  3. Hey, I've got a (new to me) '62 plate focus estate titanium X, 1.6TDCI (115) stop-start engine with keyless entry and keyless start button. it has around 120k on the clock. Timing belt/chain has just been done. I've had it arpund 2 weeks. I have a problem where the car will not start using the button (have not tried the emergency key yet) it takes many attempts for the car to start. A faint, but dull click can be heard after pressing the button - sounds a bit like  the starter motor solanoid -but don't read too deep into that. it cut out at the weekend when I was on holiday - it was either stop-start kicking in, or me fumbling about and made it cut-out, or it just cut-out its self - I'm not sure. either way it wouldn't start, all signs pointed towards having a flat battery, that's what it felt like. THe AA came out and couldn't start it either, eventually it just started by fluke.140miles later after getting going again it did the same thing when I turned the car off to pick the dog up, got in the car and it would not start until about 8 tries of pressing the button, each time there was a faint, dull clicking noise from the engine bay. there's no warnings that I can see, but I did see *something* about hill-start assist on the display as I got into the car for the first time on the day it first broke down. here's a video (car was warm - I'd just stpped it to nip into doctors)     The AA ran diagnostics but their system didn't read the ford codes and he said there were 5 electrical faults in the memory but he could not tell me what the errors meant. (p.s I'm not talking about the ~4 sec delay between pressing the button and waiting for the coils to warm up where the engine fires its self after the short pause. This happens with a warm car too)
  4. Hi all, First post! I've just bought myself a 58 plate Titanium, I'm massively pleased with it, I made sure it had some of the gadgets I wanted such as cruise control, parking sensors etc. knowing that I could have a go at retrofitting the bluetooth myself (and for an added bonus get USB support! - fingers crossed). I know this is a heavily discussed subject, but please bear with me, I have done my research. So, I have the Sony single CD (no DAB) with MP3 support, and I've checked the firmware (press and hold 1 & 6 together then turn on stereo) and it's 05-03-03 so I think I'm also good for USB support. I've also got the correct light housing for the microphone and it looks like I have a wire stowed up there to clip the microphone into. I've taken the glovebox out and I'm pretty positive I don't have the wiring loom for the bluetooth/VC module so this is the only sticking point so far. I'm just about ready to email Ford Parts UK to get a quote and place an order and could do with a few pointers before I go ahead. Any help is hugely appreciated. I have the microphone wire, where does this come out? I had a 3 pin black and red socket taped to the existing AUX input cable, it had white/black, yellow/black, and black cables attached. Is this it? Once I've confirmed, how am I going to attach this up to the new wiring loom? I found an excellent guide to fitting USB in the glovebox with an original bezel to hold the USB here http://www.fordxr5tu...p?topic=12187.0 It says the the Nokia bluetooth module has been replaced with a Novero (1726157 Module (AU7T-19C112-AR) is this OK for my stereo and will it give me full USB/ Voice control support? Once I've got it all installed what do I need to ask Ford to program with the WDS, I've seen various things posted, but I get the feeling I'd turn up and they wouldn't know what I was on about? Can anyone tell me exactly what to ask for? I've gathered part numbers from all over the place, it looks like they get replaced with never versions, can anyone confirm the below? Bluetooth: 1726157 Module (AU7T-19C112-AR, 2010 Module Bluetooth BT/VC+USB Connect) 1353218 Module Bracket 1355147 Screw For Bracket x 2 1318965 Steering Control Stalk 1532666 Bluetooth Mic 1467152 Retrofit patch loom for universal fit. (there seems to be different versions of this for focus/fiesta??) USB: 1543691 USB cable 1543450 USB socket 1550778 Glovebox bezel Finally if anyone can recommend anywhere to get hold of some of the parts other than Ford Parts UK that would be appreciated, I've not had much luck sourcing stuff on ebay.
  5. Hi all I'm new to this forum sorry if this has already bin covered.  I've recently become the owner of focus 2013 2.0 diesel titanium x and really like the motor. But I'm wanting to change my cornering light bulbs and main beam to match up with the 'cool white' look from the drls and xenon headlights  Am I right in thinking cornering bulbs are H1 and main beam is H7.  I'll be changing indicator bulbs to silvervision too
  6. Hi guys,  new on here so any help i sappreciated. Bought a Focus st and few minor issues Firstly electric mirrors do not work at all Secondly interior lights do not come on when i open the doors (switch is in correct position) Rear interior lights do not come on either at all, even when i switch on manually (fitted new bulbs) 12volt also doesnt work (prob just a fuse though) Thanks for the help  
  7. Warning Light

    Hi, my s max when locked the hand brake warning light stays on and a red flashing light has appeared in the center of the top row of warning lights. the hand book doesn't show this warning light. also I now have a 'Low battery' warning when turning vehicle on. Has anyone any ideas?
  8. Both my mirrors don't fold in or out when locking/unlocking the car but i can hear the motors working away and no movement. The mirror glass is adjustable on both sides via the control knob so i don't think its the fuse. In order for me to reset them i need to move them but they wont budge in or out at all for me to do so. If i really put all my effort in,it would probably break the mirror mountings which i don't want to do. Luckily they are stuck in a position where i can see clearly the traffic behind me whilst driving but would love for them to work instead of hearing mirror motor noises and then nothing. This is different car which i bought in a rush (same spec as mine) for my daughter so forgot to check the mirrors when viewing/testing it. So its been like this since we bought it and have never seen them folding in or out. Any ideas where i should start.
  9. New Member

    hi there all . My name is P.J. and I have just joined the club . I am the proud owner of a Ford Focus Titanium Mk2.5 , it is a 1.8 tdci and it is an 09 model . I have been a ford fanatic now for many years , owning many fords from the mk1,s and 2,s to serria,s and for the last 2 and a half years my Titanium . I have been watching this forum now for a while and have learnt a lot from it so far , I have enjoyed my Focus as a standerd model with all of it,s extras since I bought it and I now wand to do a few mod,s to it . I want to start with the basic and easy ones first them move onto putting a kit onto it , I have already done a few easy ones like rear parking sencers , wind deflectors on the front door windows and DRL,s but now want more . I have now gotten the bug from reading here about things to do . I would love to hear from other members about things to do to my baby .
  10. Hey Guys, Hope someone can help and advice. I am driving a Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport 61plate (build 2012) and it has the standard Sony Dab stereo installed as picture attached. However I want to change it to the sat Nav version. As attached. Would that be possible? Also can you confirm the latest sat nav from Ford can be installed as well. The new one has the parking buttons at the bottom and my ones at the top. The layout is different too. Please help. Been looking to change for a while.
  11. Hi, just bought an 2010 1.6 Titanium Focus. Got 2 keys only one works 😐 How do i check what's wrong with it? Tyre pressure warning light came on..what should tyre pressure be ? When I close the boot or passenger door I can hear a rattle underneath, any idea's? Thanks in advance DEANO
  12. Ford focus

  13. Multi Stack Cd Unit

    Hi, has anyone got any info on fitting different multi stack CD unit. i have a Pioneer multy stack and am hoping to marry it upto the sony head unit. Ricardo48
  14. The passenger side central locking is constantly clicking so unplugged passenger side fuse and it stopped. The passenger side windows won't work either. I think it may be water in the panel but I need some advice?
  15. Okay so on my travels through the world wide inter-web thingy I have stumbled across some cheap parts for what could be an interesting retrofit project. Basically the components to create puddle lights in the wing mirrors as follows: The cost works out at £25. I can imagine it requires the mirror unit to be removed to cut out the hole, then running some wires to the control unit. I have noticed before that there is a square marked out on the underside of the unit for the puddle light unit so would just be following the lines. Any feedback welcome, not sure if I will go along with this, but as money is tight and I really want to have a go at some sort of car based cheapish project. if those words can be used in the same sentence :P
  16. Hi Guys, I have the clear rear lense type with LED rear lights (Part of the assembly) I'm looking for the bulb code for rear brake lights on this unit. The actual bulb has to be red as the case is clear. Tried Halfords but they directed me to the wrong one (Returned easy though). Any ideas?
  17. Hi there, I have a Sony DAB headunit in my Fiesta Titanium and I need to figure out which one is the ignition wire behind it because I need to patch in the sub to it. Any ideas lads?
  18. Has anyone seen or fitted a Zetec S body kit to a MK3 2012 Titanium Focus? Been searching the net and cant even see them for sale anywhere. Any one seen them and any ideas of price. Can they be had from ford dealers? Thanks
  19. I am wanting to replace my rear diffuser with either one off a Zetec S or ST, but on my car the middle two parking sensors are actually in the diffuser, rather than above it on the rear bumper itself where they seems to be on most fiesta's I have seen. I have been looking for rear diffusers for sale that already have the two parking sensors incorporated but cannot find any. I have now decided it is probably quicker to move the sensors onto the car bumper itself and then buy any diffuser. I'm assuming that all I need to move is the sensor which is just connected to a single wire? Has anybody attempted this before? Was it an easy home job or is it better for a garage to do? Cheers.
  20. Wing Mirrors Wont Fold

    Hi I have just bought a 2008 Fiesta tdci from what I have read although it has electric adjustable mirrors the presence of a dot on the adjuster indicates that the mirrors do not fold automatically. My question is should the mirrors fold in manually as mine seem to be fixed thank you
  21. Hi all New to this forum. I currently own a 2003 ford focus 1.6 zetec, great car but looking to up the years a bit. I have seen a 2007 ford focus titanium 1.6 (115) petrol, ti believe that's a mk2 and it's got low miles (58k), for £3999. however I'm wondering is it better to spend a bit more and go for a newer titanium version say 2009. I do like the titanium spec. My question is there much difference in quality and drive of the 2007 to the 2009 due to the facelift and change in mk? Thanks!!
  22. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of a great website for my ford mondeo mk 4 2.0 ecoboost titanium x sport in regards to performance parts and exterior styling like different grills or side skirts. And if anyone has any pictures of a there done up Mondeo as inspiration that would be great.
  23. Heated Door Mirrors

    When I engage the heat rear screen I would expect the door mirrors to warm up too. but they feel very cool to the touch. My question is how easy is it to remove the mirrors to check the connections? thanks in advance Rob
  24. Footwell Lights?

    may be a stupid question, but how do i get the bulb out of the footwell lights on a mk7.5 fiesta titanium? Easy enough to twist them out of the holders but how do i actually get the bulb out? Want to change them, cheers for any help
  25. Hi All, Got myself a new to me 63 plate Ford Focus Titanium X eco boost the other week from our local Bristol Street Dealer in Panther Black. Really enjoying it at the moment. Thought I'd say hi been lurking for awhile now.