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  1. Escort Mk6 Engine Swop Mondeo 2.0 Mk2

    Hi I'm doing a escort mk6 van as project Git a donner Mondeo mk2 2.0 petrol go in it Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice The vans log book has 1.4 petrol which I thought was weird Someone has already started a conversion but never finished Appreciate any advice Thanks dean The black van is one I did befor regretting selling it The blue one is the project as found.
  2. just signed up so thought why not break the ice with a video (slide show) i made from ford fair 2015 also have 1 from 2013 but any way my names tizzy and hello to all who read this post and thanks for checking out the video please let me know if you find your car in any of my videos i may have some better photos as i have a few that did not make it to the video
  3. Hi I am looking for a parts cataloges or parts suppliers for my new 1971 escort project? If all are on line are better! carlos
  4. Work In Progress, Escort Saloon

    Here are a few pics of my 96 escort serenade. It's only done 68,000 miles and wanted to do a few little mods but keep the originality intact. Think I've carried it off. So far fitted a mk5 orion rear bumper then refurbed some mk6 escort van wheels and installed a rev counter.
  5. Escort 1998 Finesse For Sale

    I'm selling my Escort Finesse 1998, in silver. Only two previous owners, myself and my mum. It's done under 50,000 miles. The clutch is slightly wearing and may need a new battery we're testing at the moment, but everything else is in great condition. Also comes with working AC and CD player. Looking to sell for around £150, that's what the garage will give us to scrap it, but that seems as shame as it's in such good condition. If anyone is interested please let me know as soon as possible as the garage are planning on towing it away next week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  6. I saw this video as a recommendation on YouTube, thought you lot might like it. It's an American Carshow for Ford's, but there are some old UK Ford in there too, along with the new Mustang & Focus RS :D PS Yeh I know that Focus RS is in a hideous colour, I didn't particularly like that flat blue they are parading either, What are Ford trying to do to the RS?, they keep splashing it with rubbish colours!!
  7. Escort Gti 3 Door Breaking

    hello iv just bought an escort gti but unfortunately as I cant weld myself it is too costly to repair (quoted 500 quid) :( both rear chassis rails are completely gone and also pretty much both the sills, all the way along have gone where sills meet floorpan. shame really as I have not seen a 3door escort mk6 for years, and my plan was to revive it. front and rear bumpers no good. so basically vehicle is for breaking or will sell as a whole for 250 ono list of parts (pics on request) but all parts available.. all in moondust silver. prefer collection please but will deliver items for cost. 5 good condition (couple have minor scuffs) escort gti 15" alloys, with centre caps aswell. 150 delivered rs/gti side skirts 3 door model £25 delivered (one has a scuff on lower edge) rs/gti rear bumper spats 20 delivered in good condition bonnet in good condition 30 wings in good condition 25 each boot spoiler 20 delivered mirrors 10 each delivered black half leather interior in ok condition,no rips to seats just grubby and need a clean 100 collected basically everything available just ask :) contact me on or 07496796038 thanks piccys to follow.....
  8. Just thought I would post my findings on a 1600 Sport I got. So I thought to begin with any mk2 would do, then decided I would not be as happy with a 4 door as a 2 door, then decided it would have to be the 1600 Sport, so after much searching worldwide thinking of Importing one, in the course of all this I had completely fried my wifes brain. I found it purely by chance just at the moment I was giving up on a Sport, and only an 800 mile round trip away, I rang a chap near Edinburgh that had a 2 door and a 4 door on eBay, both were out of my price range as they were mint, but I wanted a project, so he said he had a couple of project cars So it started with a 2am alarm call from a very ill wife, loaded up 2 children and a wife that had a sickness bug at 2.45am, arrived on the Scottish border at around 9am with a rather bad feeling in my jacksie, oh dear I just developed the bug that my wife was just getting over SERVICES QUICK! After some much needed relief and another couple of stops finally get to have a look at the cars on offer, arrival around 11am then to be told that one of the cars had gone, but there was another I could look at, the wife was drawn to this barbie pink 2 door, turned out to be a sport, had a look round seems like a good base with no major issues, ended up getting it cheap as he didn't like the colour or some nasty looking body kit that had been put on it. Next a trip to Glasgow to drop off some wool my wife had sold, debated staying at a hotel, thought it a bad idea with the "Pink Panther" on an unlocked open trailer, last thing I wanted was it nicked the day I bought it, so off home it is then, lots of Coffee and 796 Miles later arrive home at around 12.30 that night just slightly tired but I got a 2 door Sport well worth it, I will be adding pics as I go along athough I have already stripped the interior before taking any pics, but the rest will have to do
  9. Starting Problems

    So now and again very rare I will go up to my escort mk6 1.8 ghia. And turn the key. There are lights on the dash and u get all power. However u don't hear the fuel pump cut in. Then you turn the key and there is no starter motor kicking in. U only hear a small click. Then more often not very. You are driving along and it just dies. Try turning it back on same happens as I I said up above no fuel pump no starter. Help Also inside the engine by the firewall the only way I can describe it is as a piston. It's a cylinder shape and a metal rod that gets pushed inside when the key is turned on to the ignition. However when the problem happens and you turn the key u get dash lights but that pistion dosnt push in. What is this piston
  10. Turbo For Escort Orion

    Please do not laugh .. i have a Ford Escort Orion LX 1.6 lts diesel. Is it possible to install a turbo on the engine? Also what and where can i get such a turbo Kit?? it'd be good if i could get a moded exhaust manifold too. Please reply with you comments... Thank you!!
  11. Escort

    hi ive got a ford escort gti when i start the car it goes to 3000rpm then cuts out but if i unplug the idle control valve it keeps running but revs its self could anyone help me out please thanks
  12. Hi guys. I'm getting married in dec 2016 and looking for a few mk1 or mk2 escorts to take myself and groomsmen to the venue. I've tried looking online to find any companies that do it but there's nonen(that I can find) out there.
  13. Hello fellow club members, I 've opened this post as a last resort in my attempt to find the owner of a BLUE 5 door 1993 Escort TDX 1.8. The car has been of the road for a good 15 years, so just in case anyone knows something, your help will be appreciated (pm or reply). Registration plate is K11 KER. Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
  14. hello im new to forums and would like some help with an ignition issue i have on a 1994 reg escort lx 1.6efi 16v which i recently acquired from my dad, before he stopped using it it had an electrical issue where the rev gauge and radio would die then a mile or so down the road the car would cut out and refuse to start but now when trying to start it the battery light is very dim and there is no oil light but all other electrical systems work that should yet the starter wont turn or even click. im at a total loss with the car ive tried everything including removing the aftermarket alarm, so any help wold be very apreciated
  15. Help Please

    hello im new to forums and would like some help with an ignition issue i have on a 1994 reg escort lx 1.6efi 16v which i recently acquired from my dad, before he stopped using it it had an electrical issue where the rev gauge and radio would die then a mile or so down the road the car would cut out and refuse to start but now when trying to start it the battery light is very dim and there is no oil light but all other electrical systems work that should yet the starter wont turn or even click. im at a total loss with the car ive tried everything including removing the aftermarket alarm, so any help wold be very apreciated
  16. 1998 Escort

    Hello good people of FOC, This is my first post on your forums since I have just inherited my Granddad's 1998 Escort, I'm hoping that you guys will be able to assist me over the next year or two that I plan on owning this car :) I saved the poor car from meeting the scrap heap as my granddad managed to blow the head gasket and took it upon myself to fix it. After a few weekends of work I managed to get it all fixed and running again, but there is still a problem. The radiator fan isn't kicking in when the temp picks up, which is probably the cause of the blown gasket. I have found that the fan is still functional by shorting the wires to the fan switch and therefore blame the fan switch itself. Now, the switch looks new.. which means that it may not be a Ford part and therefore may not be rated to the correct temperature as the original switch. The switch is rated at 100-95°C for low fan speed and 110-105°C for high. I want to know what temperatures the switch is meant to operate on an original part. If there are any MK VII owners out there can you please help me out by checking yours? Should I buy a lower temp rating to help prevent overheating? Thanks in advance
  17. Evening all, I'm a new member on here but have been a member on escort OC, Mondeo enthusiast group - remember them! And more recently the fiesta OC and Kuga OC. So I've had a few fords and my most recent is a Kuga MY15.25 which we collected just before Xmas, we also have mk6 fiesta and an A6 Audi avant. I'm joining up for all the useful info I might find (or need). I'm based in Crawley, West Sussex!
  18. hi guys, can anyone help, recently purchased a escort van 1.8 non turbo, 2000 to save my st from the commute/ tools etc, but I cant find where a wire leads to, I have the wire coming from the headlight area main loom, its black/white and single, it then clips to the fan housing at the bottom right as you look from the front, I cant find the rest of it, need to know where it leads to if anyone can help. tried the Haynes manual but, yanno scoobied, 2 of us took the engine out but neither know what happened to the wire, if I can backtrace it, might help. many thanks brian
  19. Ford Escort Mk2 Restoration

    I am wanting to start a restoration project on an Mk2 Escort, bearing in mind I have little to no knowledge of how to restore a car but I have a family member who has been a mechanic practically all his life (I don't know how much help I will get off him other than advice as he is busy, I will be doing most of the work myself), I may be able to get some help from friends, how difficult would this be considering I am willing to take my time on the project to learn not just to build the car? And how expensive would you say it would be from past experiences? I'm also thinking of spraying it Ermine White, I know its not an orginal colour but 2 of my mates have both got Ermine White Mk1's and I think it would look pretty sick having those 3 cars together at a car show etc? What is your opinion? Thanks
  20. Returning Ford Owner

    Hello All, After a gap of nearly 20 years, I collect my 56 plate 2.0 Ghia Focus on Saturday. It's in pretty good shape, FSH @ 69,000 miles. Back in the late 80's and up to about '98 I had a MK2 Escort. It started out as a 1.3, but I soon put a MK1 Mexico 1.6 engine in there, lowered 2 inches, 4 spoke revolutions. It was awesome but eventually I reached the point where it was going to cost too much to get rid of the rust. The Focus already has the Sony radio, but I'm thinking about a switch out for something with Bluetooth. Any recommendations? David
  21. Hi

    Hi guys and dolls i hope i am in the new member introduction my name is Imraan from southafrica capetown i just got a ford escort 1978 model 1,6 GL automatic in a mint condition always wanted 1 as my first car was a 1600 escort mk2 sport
  22. hi guys and dolls my name is Imraan from southafrica i just got my ford escort 1600 Gl automatic 1978 model in mint condition
  23. Hello, I have a 1990 ford escort eclipse for sale. Currently SORN but MOT'ed until the 27th September. 69,000 miles. Need a bit of love and attention. I have owned it for 8 years and it has been used daily until a week ago never let me down. Anyone interested? Thanks J
  24. Help Needed

    Hi can any help me I'm trying add electric windows to my escort van does anybody know how to do this Are there any guides available Cheers john
  25. Van Respray

    Well resprayed the van today went with artic white first ever respray think iv done a good job What do you think