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  1. Hi All, I thought I would try and make this more open to the public as Ford seem to be doing everything they can to not tell customers about this issue. I own a 58 plate (Registered 09) Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Duratorq, since the car was new it has suffered from 2 issues. Issue 1 - While driving on the motorway the car will have intermittent hesitations when accelerating. This will usually happen then naturally allowing the car to decrease speed by taking your foot off the accelerator then applying it again. This can also happen when just cruising in 5th. Issue 2 - This cannot be replicated however randomly you can get a violent jolt forward with the error displayed on the dash "Engine Malfunction". The car will go into limp mode then when you pull over turn the ignition off, wait a minute and start again will be cleared and free to drive normally again. My car has been into Ford for this issue during its warranty period and after it expired to be told there were error codes relating to a particular injector however they were telling me all 4 needed replacing at £1500. The issue was so intermittent and could go months without it happening I have not yet had them replaced. I cover 350 miles a week commuting and can got weeks/months with no occurrences of this. Ford have never told me about a known issue with the injectors until recently when I took my car to the Ford dealership in Eastleigh, Hampshire. One of their service department told me they were aware of a known issue with a batch of injectors ending in the part number 3. While my car was in for diagnostics they advised all 4 of my injectors ended in 3 and would need replacing at guess what... you got it £1500. I argued that surely if this was a known issue with a bad batch Ford should replace these. They said not and the car is out of warranty so I will have to foot the bill. I asked whether there was any documentation on this however they said no, even their customer services director categorically told me nothing existed after checking with their service desk. I have since found out online and from help from the guys on this forum and other that there is in fact a TSB (technical service bulletin) released by Ford documenting which cars are affected and saying what I had been told about the injectors ending in 3. The TSB is TSB 27/2012 dated 14/05/12 and affects 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi (Lynx) engines between 2008/2009. It affects the Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Transit connect and Tourneo. The title of the bulletin is "Excessive combustion noise and or hesitation during light load acceleration with the engine at high operating temperature". I don’t believe I can post the bulletin in full due to copyright however I can pm this to anyone interested. The bulletin states that there are PCM calibrations released to try and help the injector nozzle performance however Ford failed to tell me about the TSB or the PCM calibrations once in all the times my car was in for diagnostics. I have raised a complaint with Ford regarding this however they are unwilling to replace the parts at their cost, I have told them I am willing to pay for the labour however I don’t feel I should foot the bill for the parts given they were fitted from brand new faulty. I have so far got them to discount the price from £1500 to £1100 then recently a further 30% off this price. Still not happy as still leaves me with a £6-£700 bill to replace faulty parts they fitted. I would advised contacting Mark Ovende via this email address - He is the MD at Ford Motor Company. Mark will not respond however you will get a call back from the Ford Head Office. I was initially told they wouldn’t do anything however after continuous emails and phone called I have got them to discount the total initial quote by around 50%. It appears Ford are doing whatever they can to not tell customers about this issue so they have to pay out a fortune to replace parts that were not fit for purpose. Ford should issue a recall as this affects a lot of cars and is potentially dangerous. The fact they are not even telling customers there is a PCM update which could help is shocking, the go straight for the replacements instead. A free or £95 PCM update or £1500 to replace all 4 injectors....... disgusting. I want to try let as many people know about this as I can so they dont get lied to and forced into spending thousands when a PCM update might fix it. Ford should replace these parts at their cost not the customers regardless of warranty on the car. This whole situation has put me off buying another Ford especially from the dealerships I have dealt with. Regards Allister
  2. Hiya, I have a bit of an issue with my Transit which was cutting off and there was lack of power therefore I have changed injectors with brand new ones. However, when the engine is cold and working above 800 rpm the van is releasing a lot more smoke than normal and it cuts off until the moment it reaches normal working temperature and there are no problems whatsoever. I have also change the EGR with no positive effect. When taken to a Bosch garage for diagnostics, they said there is no problem when engine is optimal working temperature but cannot diagnose it when cold. I presume that there is a temperature sensor somewhere which sends wrong information to the computer of the van but I have no idea where to find it. Any suggestions or anyone who had a similar problem? Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Hi, so I have a mk3 Mondeo 53 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia, and I have been getting the warning light come on with the engine cutting out if I try overtake/ go shove 3k revs. I have taken it to an auto-electrician and to a garage and both have run tests, and the garage said it was pointing towards the sensor, and the auto electrician said it could be the fuel pump. Now that's cost me £150 for a non definitive answer and its !Removed! me right off. Anybody know what the answe could actually be? It drives fine unless I try boot it, has to work overtime going up hills. I don't know if it would be worth the money sorting it out or not. I have had the fuel filter changed and that hasn't hanged anything but the garages old diagnostics machine pointed to the injector, but his recent one that's better lead to the sensor. Anybody else had the same problems or know what it could be!? Thanks The warning light is the far left one and it flashes and if I try accelerate whilst it's flashing, the engine cuts out and all power goes and power steering and then the engine management light will come on
  4. Hi i have a 1.4 tdci fiesta titanium Ive recently required this car back from my ex wife obviously shes totally neglected the car. NO 4. injector was leaking on the seal so i decided to remove them and replace them all i took my time in cleaning and hoovering carbon away whilst doing this. so after replacing them the car obviously took some starting, eventually she ran but on doing so I noticed that every time it started the engine the oil pressure light took around 5 seconds to go out not giving me throttle response until build up. I can understand that as a engine safety feature. First time round it would cut out 10 seconds after the oil pressure was there so I decided to look at the heater plugs and low and behold 3 heater elements snapped in the head so took head off and sorted the plug problem and built it back up only to get the same fault excluding the cutting out. In all of this I never ran the pump dry and always hand primed the system first so OK I thought id take it for a test drive round the block " serious lack of power " I thought I was going to burn the clutch out I had to rev it that much to set off at junctions. I'm a very experienced mechanic but been working on hgvs for the past 10 years and a little loose on the new stuff could anyone shed any light on the matter please. Is it worth a couple of hours diag at ford ?
  5. Evening all, I've bought a bottle of Wynns injector cleaner as recommended by a mate at work (I also bought the DPF regenerator fluid too), but due to the excellent security on the Mk4 facelift's fuel filler cap, I can't get the fluid in! I can't push the white cap out the way. The bottles themselves, despite having a long-ish, thin-ish neck, don't push the cap out the way. I've tried pushing it down using a tent peg and a great deal of force but nothing seems to move it. Can anyone help? I hope that all makes sense. Many thanks
  6. Hi All, I took my car into a garage on Monday because there was a smell of Diesel in the car when stationery. The mechanic changed the seals on the injectors (seemingly a common problem) and the smell is no more. The problem is that now there is significantly less power in the car. The engine sounds fine, runs fine, revs fine out of gear, but when in gear and driving it just doesn't accelerate half as much as it did before. Apparently the injectors have been coded/calibrated since being reattached, the turbo is working fine and the filter has been replaced, but all to no avail. Has anyone had this before and/or have a solution? Its been at the garage now for 4 days and I'm starting to wonder whether I should take it out and move it into a proper Ford Garage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. HI new to this forum and wonder if anyone can help? :( Mondeo TDCi 56 plate 112k miles I know there is a lot out there about injectors but I am at my wits end!! Had all 4 injectors re conditioned by diesel injector 'expert' he said they all needed reconditioning (the car was knocking badly). I re-fitted the injectors and successfully primed the system and she started straight away (I have a good system to prime the filter and rail ...will pass on). However it runs ..but very 'lumpy' and lacks power, in fact I cant drive it. They are the original injectors which I marked and installed in their original positions. I have re coded them with an F Super paying attention to the firing order cylinder number arrangement, matching the numbers on the injectors and confirmed on the rocker cover. I have installed a refurbed turbo actuator a new EGR valve. I have 'cracked' the union nut on the top of the injectors to 'bleed' them several times. The re-furb company is well known and respected and insist they do not need new codes. I have also had a new clutch and DM fly wheel fitted so I need to get it going.. What can I do? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks Neilmac
  8. Mk 3 Engine Problems

    Hi all, My Ford Mondeo MK3 is giving me a headache.The gearbox and engine lights are on.I ran diagnostics on the ECU which returned trouble codes:P0171,P0403,P1131,P0073,P1000,P1432. It seems the car has problems with the Engine Thermostat,,Heated O2 Sensor and ERG Sensor.I don't know where to start.The car drives and it seems when the fuel pump get hot the car starts jerking and refusing to change gears. I would like more advise on what to look out for before I replace these sensors. Many thanks for your advise.
  9. Hi guys, I have two symptoms with my S-Max 2008 1.8 (1.8L Duratorq-TDCi): 1. From time to time the engine jerks 2. From time to time I get the "check engine" light (I think that it is connected with jerking). Sometimes it takes 500km to get one, sometimes I have two on the distance of 2 km. To date, I have spotted the following error codes: P0202, P1202, P0203, P1203, P1204. I could replace injectors, but it will cost me and I have no guarantee that they are cause. Any ideas? :) Best regards, cauchy
  10. Mondeo Injectors Problem

    HI, My mondeo needed 3 new injectors as they were in a bad condition and most diesel went out through the leak of pipes, i bought a set of 3 second hand ones and had the bad ones replaced, after being fitted and coded the injectors wont inject fuel, they have fuel going to them but not into the barrel. Car shows no error codes or anything. I have also checked fuses and they all seem to be fine. Does anyone have a idea of whats wrong with the car? Car has done 160K miles
  11. Glow Plugs And Diesel Injectors Issue

    During the Christmas break i decided to change the glow plugs on my 1.4 Diesel Fiesta (06). When doing so the second one came out minus the ceramic tip (approx 3-4 cm removed with a clear sheer). After looking around the safest bet looks like cylinder removing the head to remove the offending item (I’m sure it’s in the same position and is fixed in position by corrosion). First off has anyone got tips to remove the tip without removing the cylinder head? and secondly looking at all the manuals it looks like the injectors need to be fully removed to remove the head. Is this necessary? Would removing the fuel lines be sufficient? Cheers for any suggestion in advance Mike
  12. Please delete post, duplicated when posting
  13. Hi Guys!! For the last 6 months I have been having a slight 'judder' in my engine. This happens between 1,500 rpm and 2,000 rpm and only once the car has warmed up to its optimum 90degree temperature. the feel and the sound is like before you are about to stall or haven't given enough power when pulling away. I can accelerate out of 2000rpm and its fine, its just between these amounts when it occurs (1500 and 2000 rpm) If I am cursing in any gear between these 2 amounts its a constant judder coming from the engine, the revs are also staying the same (no wobble in the needle). I have been told it may be the injectors blocked but the readings came back equal on on all 4. I have also been told it may be the TURBO clogged or broken that could be causing this!! IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS OR IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS THIS IS A HUGE ANNOYANCE!!!! Thank you!!!
  14. Hi Guys New to posting but have read many posts that have been very helpful indeed! My story is this: 55 Plate Mondeo 2ltr 130 tdci with 146k motorway miles. Firstly like to say that I love this car, it's a great car that takes me on a journey of 33 miles each way to work 5 days a week and gives me 650 miles per tank. Good enough for me for the mileage it's done! I changed the starter motor 3 months ago as I was experiencing the dreaded howl of a dying starter and I'm aware that I will be facing the not so wallet happy task of converting over to an SMF and new clutch. Got a decent price from a local supplier for about £280 for the parts and a good mate with lots of experience to replace the parts for me. The issue's I'm getting are: Smoke on semi hard acceleration Clutch pedal seems to snag occasionally Jumps into limp mode if I have to accelerate above 3k revs when cold. Having read lots of info on the smoke, I am confused over the egr valve blanking plate trick versus having the injectors reconditioned, what works best, if any? The clutch pedal issue I believe not to be that serious but probably a mechanical snag in and around the foot well but yet to properly investigate. The limp mode inconvenience I am putting down to temperature and age or could it be something else??? Any help to the above from your vast knowledge is much appreciated. Cheers Steve
  15. Focus Mk 1 Injector Questions

    hello new guy here. i have been told by the garage that i have a dead injector on number 4 but i am in two minds about keeping the car or spending any money on it so i have a sting of questions so as to help me make up my mind. 1. is it better to try and replace one or should i replace all 4 and the fuel rail? ( 2. will replacing the injector and going back up to 4 cylinders sort out the horrible fuel economy? 3. is it particularly hard to do? i know which end of a spanner is which but am not a mechanic 4. does anyone know where the part number is on mine so i can check or if there is a way to check the one i found on ebay is definitely the correct one as it seems cheaper than others. thanks!
  16. Looking for some advice from one of the many techies we have on this site. I have a 1.6 TDCi Feb 2008. 118K on clock. DPF removed and remapped. EGR Blanking plate fitted (Polish supplier on Ebay). Recon Injectors fitted. Cam belt replaced. Occasionally when accelerating in 4th/5th there is a slight juddering, as if the timing is not quite right. If this has occured then I'll experience thin white smoke when I lift off the pedal and this will continue intermittently for the rest of my journey. If the juddering hasn't occured then neither will the white smoke. Someone ( a commercial vehicle mechanic ) suggested over fuelling, could this be and if so what is the remedy ? The car is not doing a great deal of motorway mileage at the moment and isn't being very fuel efficient which made me wonder about this last point. I'm also getting a bit of engine/diesel odour coming in the air vents. I've checked the injectors and whilst I've suffered injector leakage in the past, there's no evidence of it now. no "pfut-pfut-pfut" and no detectable exhaust blowing up from the injectors. Could this be related to a split or broken pipe somewhere around the engine ? If so what other symptoms might I experience, in relation to the existing ones.
  17. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  18. Bit of a story here..... I changed the fuel filter on my mk2 1.8 tdci, bad idea. Wasn't till the end of the Haynes manual guide that I realised I need a primer. A roadside guy came and he tried the usual stuff to get started including loosening number 1 injector. In the end I was towed to a local garage and he used a primer and it started. My wife did a 250 miles round trip and then parked the car outside the house. The next day I was met with a road full of diesel. I took to a mechanic mate and he noticed that injector was pouring out diesel. The roadside guy hadn't done it back up! My mate tightened it back up and it started up great and I went and put diesel in it and drove it home. Next morning it wouldn't start! I got it towed to a ford dealer and after 3 days they have come to the conclusion that the injector he loosened has a fault and needs replacing! Now I have seen stories on here and other sites with similar problems where people chuck money at the car and doesn't solve the problem. Apparantly their is no air in the system and the fuel filter is a ford one. The mechanic says fuel is getting every where it should. Any ideas or is a new injector the only way??? Thanks.
  19. C,mon its a no-brainer. If youre on here asking about buying a used mondeo,for gods sake,dont go near one. Mines has a new Gearbox,EGR(theres a grand straight away,& the box was under half price!!! I dont rag mines,in fact it gets treated really well. had been averaging 52mpg overall. But the cons are: It still pulls to the left,& eveything has been renewed nearly. Seemingly the rack control valves are prone to be problematic,but ah hell,i can live with that for now. EGR,injector,PCM issues that are just waiting for ya at ur lowest ebb,to appear lol the only pro i can think of is that theyre fairly comfy to drive.(my 406 was the comfiest car ever). That brings me to todays good news.I was hearing a clacking when engines cold,& thought it was lifters or thereabouts,so I put it into a diesel specialist(guys at the top o his game up here),& foned him wee while ago. "Ah the problem is your injectors,theyve been tested(all four),and ALL four are Kaput".He could try a valve repair,but success rate is average & no telling how long they'd last so no guarantee....OR replace all four injectors at a lovely £700. AAAhhhhh Ford I hate your very name. So anyway Ive decided to replace all four. He did say once its done it'll run spot-on 100%. I have no faith in any car made by Ford whatsoever. Even VW/Audi injectors are better(yes you heard me right,even the PD injectors!). Another specialist said that the Delphi's are absolute rubbish,& ford shouldnt have chosen them in the 1st place. A few regulars wont like this because o me rubbishing the Mondeo,but a hell of a lot o folk will agree with me.I just wouldnt like to see anyone else get lumbered with one o these piles a kak. If someone offers you mondy,dont buy it.If its really cheap,definitely dont buy it lol.Theres dozens of em for sale all with misfires(slight lol),erratic idles,electronic issues,& if the owners dont wanna keep em,it tells you something right there.
  20. Hi Folks. I bought an 04 Ford Mondeo Ghia X auto six speed about a year ago with 32,000 on the clock. It's the 2.0 duratorq tdci 130. It's a lovely car and it passed a minor service a few months ago although the local garage who are usually pretty good also noticed quite a lot of old oil collecting in the oil trap under the engine yet everthing seemned pretty dry so assume it's an old fault. I have also noticed more recently a strong smell of diesel possibly spent, coming into the front cabin with a slight diesel mist coming from the front bonnet when stationary. This generally only happens noticeably after accelerating on the motorway for some time. It's definitely getting worse since there is a faint cover of diesel occurring on the back of the car. It also leaks from the front just to the left hand side a good spotting on the ground when left for an hour or so. Researching simerlar symptoms refer to a loose injector pipe or return pipe since the leak is a dark reddish brown and quite thin and there is no discernable loss of power when pulling away. Definately a bit wet on the underside closest to the floor although as you can probably tell I really don't know enough about what might be going on. MPH still seems very reliable at 38-39 mpg. No warning lights. I'm taking it in to the local garage since I don't want to be dumping a lot of greasy fuel on the road. Just wondering if this is going to be a bit of an expensive mare or not. I'll let you know how I fare.
  21. High Fuel Consumption

    Ford Cmax 1.6DCi 2005. Garage recently changed cam belt and refurbished injectors as fumes coming into car. Fixed the exhaust gas smell but car lacking power and fuel consumption fallen through the roof from 52 mpg to 34mpg - sluugish on acceleration but otherwise as smooth as silk. They have re-checked evrything (not cam belt) and reset the computer. No difference. Anyone have any ideas? For instance, is it possible the cam belt has not been put on properly and the timing is out?
  22. Hi All I decided to replace the engine in my 2008 2.2 TDci (PSA variant) SMax TiT due to a cylinder head fault from an overheat. Does anyone know if I need to swap the Injectors & Pump from the old engine to the Donor engine or will the ECU accomadate the changed hardware? If they don't need to be swapped does any ECU re-programming need to be done? Thanks and merry Christmas to you all. Guaire
  23. Fiesta Fuel Injectors

    I have a 55 plate fiesta TDCI 1.4 it has had some trouble passing its MOT due to poor emmmisons it is emmiting white smoke from the exhaust does anybody know what the cause might be
  24. Did you have (or do you have again) the flashing yellow coil light of doom on your mondeo? Was it (or is it once again) going into limp mode? I've found possible solutions all over the forums, but to save everyone allot of time and to try and consolidate things. could you post here, the age and mileage of your motor (when it went wrong), along with with what you did that was successful in fixing it and how long that fix lasted for? ;) thanks.
  25. HI All, I have an 07 plate Mondeo Estate 2.0ltr TDCi 130PS It is just getting to 100k on the clock. A friend just told me I should get rid of it because the fuel injectors go on them and cost a fortune to replace. Can anyone tell me if they have a reputation for the injectors failing and if they are expensive. Many thanks.