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  1. Hello!

    Hey guys First-time Ford owner here (as of this Monday) from deep in the South Wales valleys! Picking up a 12-plate Focus Titanium 1.6 diesel (115), ideal for my family and looking forward to it being part of some great memories for us just as my 06-plate Clio (don't laugh!) has been! I've had a quick browse through the forums and some of the things you guys do to your cars, your knowledge, your experiences, I'll enjoy reading them, interesting to say the least!! Hopefully I'll chat with a few of you over time!
  2. Hello

    Hi everyone just joined so thought I'd better introduce myself. Not ford owner at moment but had several in my younger days Capri mk1 is on my list when I find the right one
  3. Fiesta Virgin

    Hi, I have just accidentally become a 2003 Fiesta owner, My last ford was a Cortina Mk4 2,0 Ghia so there is a very big gap in my ford ownership.
  4. Hello

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would say Hello - I'm Kyle, from Rotherham, technically not an owner yet (pick my 59 plate Focus 1.6 TDCI Zetec up on Saturday) Thanks, Kyle
  5. Performance And Visual Mods

    Ive just bought my first car (1.6 petrol zetec) it already has a sporty look just wondering if any anyone can suggest a good starting point for some performance and visual modifications. A few mods ive already considered are: wind deflectorstinted windowslcd/aftermarket stereo (undecided)underseat sub( unless i can find a suitable solution for fitting a sub built into the boot to be more tucked away) better door speakers wanting a straight through twin pipe exhaust is this possible because at the minute the dual look exhaust is a phoney and just feeds off from the left hand pipe or could the ST/RS exhaust be fitted?any suggestions/ links to any of these parts or alternatives that you would recommend would be appreciated cheers:P
  6. New Ford Owner (unlucky)

    Hi I am a newbie and a new Ford Focus zetec 2006 owner. I just got the car on eBay few weeks ago and it now need a replacement engine. Please does anyone know where I can get a good replacement engine or a reconditioned one? I have contacted lots of companies but they all seem to have bad reviews . Help, thanks Replacement engine code needed is QQDA 1.8 petrol.
  7. Hi there, I'm Dan, I'm new to forum's and am excited to join. I am searching for some advice, as probably most of you all know a common fault on mk6 fiesta's are the injector seals. I carried out the work to replace these injector seals and managed to clean up the area very well, the job went absolutely perfect and I couldn't be happier as I could see instant results although the only problem I am having is that on assembly of the engine cover I wasn't able to put in the two screws on the back on the engine block. For some reason they were too high above the hole that they go into. I checked to ensure that I hadn't got anything trapped that was stopping it from going down fully (not to mention I also replaced the manifold seals and ensured they were seated correctly) although I am a bit stumped as to why I can't get these two bolts back in, is anyone able to shed some light onto this for me at all? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! Dan
  8. Newbie

    Hi there everyone, my name is Bill and I drive a ford fiesta mk7 1.4 2010, this is my first car and i really like it.
  9. Newbie - Galaxy Tdci Ghia

    Just dropping by to say hello... Hope you're all having a good New Year. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Since owning my car - Jan 2010: (2 1/2 years old) My problems include: New Starter Motor- 2014, New Battery 2014, Dodgy Turbo - fixed with cleaner 2013, Dodgy Windows - fixed with new parts 2012, Tyre pressure valves like to fail - two new ones installed 2014. Whole new exhaust last MOT 2014. 6 Cd Player - currently not working :( I need to find an auto electrician i think, Parking Sensors - well i won't go there, currently they are not working but they may start again in a week, very temperamental (and annoying). ******************************************************************************************************************************** I do love my car!!! It carries 2 big dogs in the back - and two mountain Bikes on the roof!( but you need strong arms and a step ladder to get them up there) Thanks Liz x
  10. Hi

    Hi , I live on the isle of wight and my Ford is a Maverick xlt 3.0 V6 24v auto , looking forward to taking part in the forum and getting some help and hopefully being able to help others as well cheers .
  11. Hey

    Hey just signed up at last my names tim and I drive a 1999 Mondeo St24 pic shown
  12. Hello :)

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, my Fiesta Titanium is my first Ford. Really pleased with it and looking forward to picking up lots of knowledge from fellow enthusiasts :)
  13. Mk5 Mods

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum I have a MK5 fiesta flight 1.3. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me some good mods to get better performance out of it. Without spending too much. Thanks =)
  14. Cam Belt Or Chain

    Hi just purchased a x reg mondeo ghia x 2.0 petrol duratec engine are they belt driven or chain please all replies would be appreciated
  15. My Ford Fiesta 2005 1.25 Studio is my first car and I've only had it a few months, I am also not very knowledgeable about cars but am learning. When I got the car it was fine for about 3 weeks but then I started noticing a fresh oil burning smell mostly after a drive once parked up but also when driving. My oil levels are fine and there isn't puddles under the car so I assume it's only a minor but annoying leak. I first looked under the front of the car to discover a patch of oil under the "sump" I think. Here are some pictures of the discovery: I removed the air filter box and discovered some oil in locations around the back of the engine. I then cleaned up all the visible oil I could and waited a day to see if any more would leak. Everywhere seems fine apart from one place which I will show below. I have also included a video to give a better understanding even know my camera skills aren't great. If you have read this far I thank you as I know this is a long post and look forward to reading any suggestions.
  16. Newbie Saying Hi!

    Hi Ford Owners Club! Just about to get my first Ford Fiesta, excited about it. It will either be a: Fiesta Zetec TDCi 1.6 Diesel - 2009/2010 or Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Petrol - 2009/2010 Any particular things I should be looking out for proper to buying upon inspection?
  17. New Member

    Hello my name's Nathan and I own a mk3 fiesta only a 1.1l but was my granddads, I am currently in the stage of repairing the bodywork and getting it in a mot ready state, I am a level 2 trained car technician, any tips greatly appreciated
  18. Hey there, My names Joe, I drive a red 2002 ford fiesta zetec. I haven't had much experience driving as I'm quite young but I am a petrol head.
  19. Ipswich Newbie

    Afternoon! Been a member of the site for a few months now when I bought my 2012 metal edition. Only now getting round to posting a couple of picture and introducing myself though. So far I'm absolutely loving this car! A lot better than the 1 series M sport I had previous to it! Here's a couple of snaps of the car I have: She's got her second service booked in at the weekend, which I managed to get free from a close mate at marshals ford who I bought the car with. I'm looking to eventually have the l.e.d drls installed, which will be one of my questions at the weekend. I was also wondering if any of you know whether you're able to program different functions into the key.? Lights on when exiting the car for example. I look forward to hearing from you all! Cheers
  20. Newbie P100 Owner

    Hello My name is Allen. I live in Grimsby. Lincolnshire. The council say North East Lincolnshire. The post office say Humberside. I don't care what they say it will always be Lincolnshire. Rant over LOL. I own a P100 which is fitted with a special body. I will post pics soon as. The old girl is sick at the moment, cam belt went and took the camshaft and valves with it. I am doing her up and intend to put it back on the road and run it whilst I carry out mods and upgrades. I would like to hear from any one interested in getting together to share information, work and use our P100s. Thanks Allen
  21. He guys, and girls(?) I just joined here, after buying myself an immaculate 53 plate Focus 1.8 MP3 this Thursday. I'm loving it already and I'm surprised by how quick it is in standard spec. Apart from a loose driver side mirror glass and a twitchy instrument panel occasionally (temp and fuel gauges move when switched off) its spotless with 87k which is nothing for these I've seen, as I work in a car auctions. Now I know MP3's all look the same but here's a pic anyway for kicks!
  22. New To The Forum

    greetings to everyone, i am new to the forum, i live in dorset and driving a 2012 fiesta zetec s 1.6tdci. in moondust silver. looking forward to join the club
  23. Irish Newbie!

    Hey guys, just joined the site there after some searching for a diagnosis to some problems I was having with my car brought me here and solved the problem for me! :) Since I've started driving I've always driven Fords, At the moment I am on my third Focus MK1. I've had a 1.6 estate, 1.8 TDCI and now I have a 1.6 Focus Ebony Edition. I've no photos of the car yet, haven't even gotten the chance to clean it yet!
  24. New To This!

    Hi New to this forum! I drive a mk7 ford fiesta 1.25 11 plate and my old car (now my brothers) was a 1.3 mk6 fiesta 02 plate. Hope to get up and running on this forum soon! Scott.
  25. Hi guys, just bought a new fiesta in white, any mods anyone can recommend? Had a corsa before this and that was dire. So happy with the ford, the engine is pretty decent for a 1L(99)!