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  1. Hello. First time poster here. This august I'll be heading to the Nürburgring to drive for the first time. I'll be driving in my Red Edition. I'm going with a friend who has done a lot of laps down there, and he suggested to me, to swap the original pads for some that would be more track oriented. The car will be on Conti Sport Contact 5's. I was wondering if any of you know of some better pads. I might upgrade the brakes overall later, but I probably wont be able to track that often, and if some upgraded pads are sufficient (to my needs) it would be more cost-efficient. I am already changing the braking fluids, so at least that won't be the deciding factor. Cheers from a track virgin who is lost on brake pads
  2. 52 plate Focus Ghia 1.8 tdi 5 door hatch. Going to be replacing fron brake pads when better weather comes in, not desperately needing them just now as it just passed mot. I want to replace the two front discs while I'm at it. Anyone had any issues ordering parts from Eurocarparts? I have a store a couple of miles away so I can buy over the counter ...I hope. I see they have different brands ranging from £9.54 to £25.00, Pagid, Eicher or Bosch. I'm familiar with the Bosch brand name but never heard of the other two., which would be best? I see the same brand names for pads with the addition of Textar, again varying prices between £11.00 & £40.00, the dearest being Bosch, is this paying for the brand name or are they better quality. I don't mind what the rest of my car looks like but I'm very fussy about the braking performance of it. I'm a old codger so I don't race about like a boy racer :-) As usual with mot's on older cars advisories about brake pipes, I'm considering swapping steel piping for copper piping, I've heard Kunifer copper/nickel will take longer to corrode than normal, is this true? My son will be doing this work for me, he has the tools for shaping/flaring brake pipes etc. Thank
  3. 2015 upgrades planned for the car. Would love to hear your thoughts: 1. Upgraded disc pads from EBC Green stuff. If anyone has any experience with these, I would love the hear them. I decided I might as well get something better than the stock pads. Any other suggestions or alternatives? 2. Upgraded brake discs as my ones look a bit worn and have a lip at the edge. Thought about these as they are drilled and grooved. Alternatives to this one welcomed. 3. New battery as my current sound system is putting a strain on the stock battery of over 4 years and it's starting to take a little longer to star the car on cold mornings and I fear that the battery is on the way out. Lenny suggested the Bosch S5 battery. My current ICE setup has 2 amps running and I would need a better battery than the current one to cope with the increased demand. 4. Summer time, I will strip the car interior and apply Silent Coat sound deadedner and Dodo Mat sound barrier on the floor and boot area to further quieten the ride. 5. Timing belt and water pump due at next service. 6. Bisltein Eibach B12 Pro-Kit still on the cards at the tail end of this year. 7. If there's any funds left, planning on remapping the car and getting rid of the DPF since the car is at 103,500 miles and I fear the DPF as well might be on it's way out. 8. Whiteline rear Anti Roll Bar - still debating the benefits of this one. Thanks
  4. Hi, i've never replaced brake pads/disks before seen as this is only my first car and so I'm not sure if this looks right. I thought the pads would make good contact with the disks and be flat/flush against the disk but instead they look at an angle and tapered. Is this normal?
  5. Hi guys I wonder if you might be able to assist. We have a 97 (R Reg) 1.2 auto. A brilliant wee car. The front brake pads needed replacing. I do this kind of thing all the time on my motorcycles so wasn't daunted about the car's but I've never had this problem. In fact it's been a litany of things really. The first issue came with the bizarre Ford liking of the 7mm hex key to remove the caliper bolts. The Haynes Book Of Lies doesn't mention you need a 7mm. So it was back on with the wheels. The following day I had bought the 7mm hex. The pads had already arrived in the post. Jacked up the car, removed the wheel, this time removed the caliper bolts, took out the worn discs, went to replace the pads and they were too small. On with the wheels again. I went straight to local parts supplier (ABM Motorparts in Plumstead) and they told me it is a common issue as there are two different sizes of pads listed for this car. Being a crafty sod I had taken the ones that were too small with me. He sold me a pair that were slightly larger and said if they didn't fit to take them back to him and he'll think of something else. Back to the car, jacked up, wheel off, caliper bolts off, pads off, new ones fit nicely. So, I copperslipped the reverses of the pads, fitted the outer pads, pushed the piston back with a g-clamp (having first removed the cap from the brake master cylinder) fitted the rear pads which clipped nice and easy into the piston ( I was expecting to have to use a bit of muscle on this but they fit really easily) I put the caliper back on, tightened the bolts, replaced the plastic caps, re-inserted the spring clip (what a pita that is) replaced the wheel and tightened the bolts. Then did exactly the same for the nearside. It was all over in less than an hour. Great. I replaced the master cylinder cap, asked the missus to pump the pedal a few times and we drove the car to the front of the house... hear the most horrendous clanking and knocking. A car enthusiast and experienced spannerer also had a look at what I'd done and he can't figure out what the problem is either. Any ideas? Thank you Joe
  6. Hi, I have just had a new set of discs and pads fitted on my 59 plate Fiesta Zetec S and since then my offside front wheel is making this horrific squeaking when driving at low speeds. I have had a mechanic take a look, even took the brakes off and refitted differently to see if the squeak can be stopped! This obviously hasn't worked and even he is stumped by my predicament! It is is best described as a rotational squeak and it sounds like a giant mouse is squeaking as the wheel is turning, however it stops making the noise after I get over 30mph. It seems to only do it once I have been driving a little while in start/stop traffic! Does anyone have any ideas what it could be, or had the same problem? Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!
  7. Rear Pads On 2001 Focus

    Hi, I have a 2001 focus hatch, 1.8. I need to change the rear pads and I need to get the rewind tool to push back the caliper, but what I'm not sure on is, do the calipers rewind clockwise or anticlock, and would that be on both side? many thanks
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have any guides, diagrams or videos on how to change front discs and pads on a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Many thanks
  9. Brake Pads

    Had the car serviced a few months ago. Now the brakes squeak with the smallest amount of pressure. Ive had the pads checked and they are still at a pretty good level. Had my mechanic look over the system and he said nothing is obviously wrong with the car. Can anyone suggest anything note worthy: Better brand of Pads Share their own experience and resolution with me Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  11. Hi all, how long will (should) it take me to change the discs and pads at the front. Also if anyone has the knowledge anything I should be aware of? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi. Im looking to replace my brake pads. looking online I'm seeing there are quite a few different makes etc. I wondered if anyone could tell me who is best to go with? I don't want to be spending loads of money but at the same time I'm not going to skimp seeing as brakes are pretty important!! :) Also where is best to buy them from? One more thing at the risk of sounding stupid is there any merit to doing all 4 of them at once or is it okay to say do just fronts first then a month later or something the rears? I'm pretty new to doing a lot of car maintenance myself but lately I'm very up for new challenges and saving money! Thanks in advance for any advice and help.
  13. Is it a simple job to replace front brake pads on a 2001 Focus, any surprises in store?
  14. Ok noob question I have just had to get new front pads put in anything I should do or shouldn't do while they get driven in properly
  15. Hello All, I'll start with a honest opinion... My Brakes are SHOCKING!! or at least they are compared to my old mk1.5 Focus and my partners mk2.5 1.8. I have put this down to the fact both there have discs all round. Now, on my new car I have drums on the rear, despite being serviced and looked at, i still dont feel confident in the Brakes. Anyone taken the discs and assorted bits from the 1.8 or 2.0 TDCi and put them on their 1.6?? If so what bits do i need and how easy is it?? Cheers! Dave