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  1. Hi all, I've got a mk2.5 focus with the standard 1 bulb interior light in, now I was just wondering about changing it to one with map reading lights, I've seen some on eBay and I'm not sure if it's the correct one for my car or not and just wondered if they just plug straight in or will have to rewire, if anyone knows I'd just like a bit of advice 😊 Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a fiesta mk7 zetec s. I'm looking to change my main beam, dipped and fog lights. Can someone give me a link to some? I'm just looking for a more bright white light, preferably with a hint of blue if possible? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. I took my focus in for some work doing on the electric seat They fixed the seat but did a software change to the reversing system that has caused it to operate differently to when I first got the car. It now has a black dotted line on the camera screen that it never had, it now displays the grid that I used to have to select if I needed it and the rear half of the cars sensors no longer show up on the small pictograms in the top left of the camera screen, has anyone else had this issue or know why Ford made this change without informing me Any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  4. 2.5t Clutch Change

    Hi All, I have recently bought a 2008 plate Titanium X 2.5T model which drives like a dream, however, my one little issue is that it's done 110,000 miles and has a full FSR history but the clutch pedal doesn't seem to have to be depressed very far to change gear. Is this normal for this type of car as I drove a TDCI C-Max before this car and therefore I have no history? Clutch doesn't slip in any gear but I'm just being mindful and would like to hear other people's views.
  5. Hi Changed oil and filter a few weeks ago, had problem removing old filter. Do not want same problem next year. Does anyone know what type/model number of cup removal tool I require for my car and where to purchase it from amazon or e-bay, not a lot of clearance to fit a tool, my chain type worked but was difficult. All help appreciated, Barry T
  6. Focus 2012 Clutch

    Hi all does any one know how long it will take a dealer to change a clutch Master cylinder ? our 2012 focus titanium has done 40535 miles and the clutch has failed ?? they say it is the master cylinder but they have stripped the car over a week ago ??
  7. Changing Front Grilles

    I'm trying to change the front upper and lower grill on my fiesta Zetec S 2014 ecoboost 1lt but not too sure exactly how to get the old ones off? Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  8. I've changed all the ambient lights except the top two little ones where the ceiling light is. How on earth can I change them??? It's the only red part in my car!! Annoying! Please help
  9. Recently serviced my 03 sportka, euro car parts had an offer on Shell Helix so I went for 5ltrs of HX6 (5W30), ever since the oil change once the engine is warm its started being a bit noisy around 3,000 rpm, sounds a bit like tappets to the untrained ear. Car previously had some very good value tripleX which is euro car parts own brand cheap oil, engine ran nice and quiet on this. Realise the cars getting on in years and its just topped 73,000 miles so not looking for perfection but it just feels a bit too noisy. The engine is a 1.6 8 valve Duratec (Zetec Rocam), everything I've read on these engines points to them being pretty tough lumps, and the cars not a hard life. any suggestions welcome, currently planning on swapping out the oil and reverting back to cheap and cheerful tripleX Cheers, Ed
  10. Support 1996- 2015 Ford Lincoln Mercury. Easy and accurate with step by step procedure. You save time and money for Oil Maintenance Light Reset. Get it on play store:
  11. Oil Change For Focus 2.0 Tfci ?

    Hello guys, my time for changing oil has finally came and i need your advece. I have a Focus 2.0TDCi 2006 with 119k km on the oddometer.What oil should i buy, witch is best recomended? i live in Greece with a good climate, warm in summer and normal cold in winter. my suspision is that they might have changed the "Km" on my oddometer and it might have 219k km. Anyway in the too cases please tell me what oil to take? 119k km diesel------- >>>> ???? 219k km diesel------- >>>> ????
  12. Ford Focus Cambelt Change

    I have a 2007 Ford Focus 1.8Tdci estate on almost 97,000 miles. When should I change the cambelt and approx. how much should it cost?
  13. Guide to changing wiper blades on ford focus 2005-2011 now available to download in PDF format below: Guide Wiper Blade Change Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5.pdf
  14. Oil Type 913-B Or 913-C?

    Hi, I have a Fiesta manufactured April 2008, with the 1.25 Zetec-S/Duratec DOHC EFI(75PS) engine. When attempting to select the correct oil for it I've had some confusion. It seems that 2008 was the last year ford made my shape which overlaps with the first year of the new shape. When entering my reg into oil suppliers I have had conflicting results. All suggesting 5W30 but with different combinations of WSS-M2C 913-B, WSS-M2C 913-C, Fully synth and Part synth. Does anyone know what I should be going for? Thanks! Mitch
  15. Hi so I have this problem that most garages seem to not actually have heard of. The clutch goes hard when not being used. If I drive around town for a while where I am constantly changing gear, i.e using the clutch, it works great. If i spend half hour or an hour on the motorway in one gear, i.e not using it, the clutch pedal goes stiff when i finally do. It's not impossible to depress but harder than it should be, as soon as I depress it a few times to change gear, it recovers. I was preparing to put a new clutch in towards the end of the year anyway as the pedal seems high but i need an opinion on the fault. Also it intermittently doesn't go into 1st gear! Only intermittently though, i have to retry and usually 2nd or 3rd time it slides into gear as it should. Same thing happens in reverse gear (which is the 1st gear but backwards i believe). It's a 2003 1.6 Zetec petrol and these are the only niggles on an otherwise fantastic car, like a Bentley compared to my old Corsa! Thanks in advance. One love
  16. Hi there i have a 53 plate ford fiesta durashift which wont start and has the code p0810. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a detailed run down of how to change it to manual??????
  17. Dear all, I would like to ask you if someone can help me - how many liters and what kind of oil do I need for gearbox in FORD Focus 2.0TDCi, hatchback, champion X Powershift, p.81 kw, a6, automat, year 09/2010? Thank you very very much! Martin
  18. Mrk6 To Mrk7 Light Conversion

    hi, i am thinking of putting on the bubbly headlights onto my mrk 6 ford fiesta but not sure if the functions will still be working properly after i change them .. can anyone help?
  19. Hi all, Does anyone have any guides, diagrams or videos on how to change front discs and pads on a 2010 Ford Fiesta. Many thanks
  20. I have a 2003 Mondeo Estate with a 1.8L Duratec petrol engine which recently has started misfiring. The misfire appears to occur between 1500 and 3000 rpm and is more noticable during gentle/normal acceleration and less so under hard acceleration. The fault appears to have started after changing the spark plugs, but the plugs look to be working OK. Engine management light now on and looking to see if I can get the error codes read. Any experience of a similar problem and how it was fixed. Many Thanks Alan
  21. Hi everyone, recently my heater is blowing cold air and the heat control knob feels like it's trying to "spring" back a little. I've heard that there is a cable behind the panel that can "kink" causing the issue. Can anyone advise how to remove the facia or radio to access behind please? Thanks.
  22. 2.4 Tdci Transit

    Hello everone I have put new rocker arm's in, fairly easy job half of the old one's were knackered, roller's wobbling about put it back to gether and it started after a couple of turns and ran alot quieter But I should have changed the whole thing as in the alloy ladder that they all run in as I've still got the tappet clatter I was trying to get rid of, any way that's the next job to do, it started up and ran well after the surgery took it for a run thinking of got to do this again when I get the tappets, BUT this morning it started from cold a bit and I ran it for 10miles up the road dropped some stuff of and it would'nt start lett it and me cool down and away it went got home and the same thing? let it cool down and it started so I got out the spanners and cracked the injector feed pipe it stopped and now turns over but won't firer up , befor I pull the rest of my hair out any one been through this, can take it to the local Ford garage I,m in sunny Bulgaria for the winter, I've no problem's with the spanner part of the job but the electrikory is new to me
  23. Hi, I have to admit that I am a complete newbie on cars ( I´ve never changed a wheel ) Now I have to do it and Ive found the hydaulic jack , the tool required and I thing I can do it..... but the real problem its I cannot remove the spare wheel from bottom of car... dont know how to do it. I attach 2 photos where there is the spare wheel, and other in the trunk with a screw that I dont know if its needed to liberate the wheel. Also.. I have been spinning that screw , but it seems to dont do anything... I can spin it with fingers also but allways its at the same hardness . so also its possible Its defective. Many thanks to all for help my and sorry cause my english is not very good. Happy new year ;)
  24. When First Time Oil Change

    Dear friends i have fiesta 1.6 2011 car since i brought it , 12,000 km pass , so i think to chage my oil for first time but... please any one tell me 12,000km is too far for change oil or less and please tell me what is the reccomaned KM for change oil in first time thankx regadrs
  25. sorry if this is up on hear but i am new and just need some help think my car has done about 72k its the mk2 1.6tdci 110bhp zetec focus is it due a change and is there anything else due for a change be realy greatfull for some help cheers