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  1. Hi there, wonder if anyone can help?  I have a 03 1.6 Streetka that normally runs ok but yesterday started this issue of revs not dropping off when you take your foot off the pedal.  This morning I try it and it runs fine again.  No doubt it will return again when it feels like it!  Likely causes? What to do? Although she normally runs real sweet, she has had the engine light on for a while. The local indy took a look some time ago and suggested it might be one of 2 sensors on the exhaust, but that one is likely to break off when changed and if that happened it might mean replacing the exhaust.  Is it possible to check a sensor?  This morning I have pulled Obd code P0420, which is clearly to do with the exhaust but not sure of the best plan of action?  Could this be something to do with the revving issue or have I now got 2 separate problems to sort. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  2. Blown Turbo

    At the end of a 200+ mile journey last night and 3 miles from home in our Mondeo Mk3 (2003) I suddenly lost power, then one up one hill too many a grating noise coming from the engine (like going over a cattle grid) then all hell as the engine went out of control with increasing revs and smoke coming from the bonnet as we all bailed out in fear that it was about to explode. The revving continued with the ignition turned off but almost at it's peak of revving suddenly stopped. Luck would have it that a local mechanic was passing at that precise moment - he got us home and the car now sits in his garage waiting for inspection. He was able to offer 'blown turbo seals' as an on-the-spot diagnosis and said that 9 times out of 10 that meant a new engine or the end of the car. I'm hoping then, while I await his full and proper diagnosis in the sober light of day, that someone might be able to give some hope to cling to. A fuller explanation of what might have just happened to my car... should we actually be just thankful that my wife, two boys, golden retriever and I are still alive... and if it is as common and unpredictable as the friendly mechanic was suggesting will I be able to drive a turbo powered car ever again?... Frightening, still shaken, everything that was in the car now stinks of burned oil and I have little idea what just happened. Any advice and positivity would be much appreciated at this time.
  3. After changing gear and slightly pressing on the accelerator pedal my car makes a loud excessive revving noise, the accelerometer ticks over yet my car doesn't speed up excessively and when i'm setting off in first makes me sound like I have my foot flat on the accelerator pedal. It is a problem in second and third gear too. If I put my foot any heavier on the pedal it doesn't affect the speed of my car just lets out a loud revving noise, makes it very difficult to drive, is anyone aware of what could be causing this problem? Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a 1.3 Duratec engine in my 2002 1.3 Fiesta. It has developed an over rev. It runs fine for a few minutes then constantly runs at between 2000-3000 rpm, even when idle. The temperature gauge goes nuts (digital type) and the engine light came on as well as the temp light. I cant find anything online about it. Water and other fluids are at normal levels and no leaks are evident. I need to get the top cover off so i can get to the throttle body sensor but it wont come off. I have undone most of the clips but it feels like its secured somehow underneath. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi guys, this is my first forum post and hello to everyone on this forum 😊 To start things off I am having some trouble with my car lately and the problem is forever getting worse by the day, I will start off in first gear and everything is normal, acceleration is normal and the clutch bites instantly, but when I hit 2nd gear if I do it quickly the revs will stay up at 4500 - 5000 rpm, so I have to depress the accelerator to bring it down to its right revs, as soon as I put a little pressure on the accelerator it revs right up to 4500 or higher again. The only way I can accelerate is by dabbing at the accelerator which is very frustrating. I have done a few clutch tests, such as putting the car into 3rd as I am stopped and releasing the clutch so stall it and it does stall when I do this, I ain't very knowledgable on cars myself, any help on this or recommendations would be brilliant, getting very stressful now, thanks a bunch guys, I an upload a short vid clip to show you better to
  6. Ford Ka Stalling Problem

    Hello there Ford owners! So recently my Ford Ka has been letting me down in quite some dangerous situations and I would really like to solve this issue as fast as possible. So I have this Ford Ka, 2001 model with a 1.3 Endura-E petrol engine. Besides the usual rust problems I haven't had any other major issues with it except the following: I'm driving around town for let's say 10-20 minutes, engine is warmed up and all that, I rev it up to let's say ~3-4k rpm, put it in neutral and the engine stalls. Just like that. After revving the engine,it stalls, no matter cold or hot (usually when it's a bit hotter). I've cleaned the ICV (Idle Control Valve) today but no difference at all. The engine doesn't have problems firing up after it stalls, it's starts just perfectly. I'd rather do all the repairs myself as I'm saving on buying a new car and don't really want to spend too much money at mechanics. Here is a link to the video with the problem. Feel free to ask any questions about the problem! Thank you!
  7. Revving Up!

    So...i have a fiesta zetec s, its a diesel 1.6 59plate, i normally drove to work this morning takes about 10 minutes stopped the car still no problems but as soon as i put it into neutral and took my feet off the pedals it reved up continuously and didnt stop, so i turned the engine straight off, left it a minute turned it back on an it was fine! Very strange anyone had something like this before? Thanks charlotte
  8. Hi There!

    Hi all, I am currently driving in a 1.3 Fiesta Finesse which I have had for just over a year and I'm just looking for some advice on things to do to my fiesta to make look a bit cooler and general up keeping of my wee ford. Thanks for reading!
  9. Speedo & ECU - My Story Jan 2013 - Bought: Ford Focus - 1.4L - Mk. 1 - 2001 - 110k miles. Right from purchase the speedo would occasionally cut out. When cut out this effected the ECU. When speedo cut out car would stutter with its fuel injection because ECU is confused. When speedo comes back to life, car is fine again until speedo cuts out next time. Feb 2013 - This speedo starts to cut out every journey + the stuttering. The fuel injection stuttering starts happening even when speedo hasn't cut out. At the same time the engine begins over revving itself when car is stationary. At the same time the engine struggles to accept fuel when putting foot down in gears 1, 2 & 3. I research the issue, bought and fit a new speed sensor: Speedo ceases to cut out, happy days. However the fuel injection stuttering/over revving/ engine struggling to accept fuel remains. Perhaps I left problem for too long: confused ECU has damaged something else? Very common Ford problem. Does anyone know of a solution to the problem?
  10. Hello thankyou for letting me join this very useful community, i be amazed and thankfull if this can be sorted here, here goes, i have a ford focus 2002, 1.4, it revs a little when in neutral no more then couple hundred rpm, but find this annoying the car also has cut out without warning or stalling at very low speeds when not being revved, it also some times won't start unless you either rev the car until it eventually starts or turn the key just before ignition on and off i've had a look at different post and seen the idle control valve could be a problem so i replaced it so far its still the same thankyou for any help much appreciated
  11. High Temp And Dash Light Problem

    Hi, Since yesterday afternoon, I have had the warning light on the dash come on a couple of times and the temp gauge has been fairly high for the majority of the time. its worse when i am on the motorway or travelling over 50 mph. I've noticed that the engine seems to be revving a little higher than normal in all gears. Does anybody have any suggestions what this could be? Checked the coolant and the tank is full. Thanks for any replies
  12. Over-Revving C-Max 2004

    Hi. We have had a problem with our c-max for some months. Initially, it was under-revving and would stall at traffic lights and junctions.No warning lights at all. The local Ford dealer put it on the diagnosis machine which showed no problems. They suggested a new battery. This helped and the car no longer under-revs or stalls - instead of this, it is massively over-revving at 2000RPM, most of the time! Just spoken to Ford and asked them if they could check the ICV, as this is the problem I have noted from much internet trawling, but they inform me that there is no ICV on this model and tyhat it could be the MAF(?) or any of a number of other problems and that it will need re-diagnosing. Could I ask a) if this is correct; B) what else the problem might be; c) how easy is it for a complete novice to remedy; and d) how much would it cost for a garage to sort it out? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Hello I own an R reg Fiesta (1.25 Ghia) and recently whilst driving, my engine over-revs to 3000rpm when stopping or slowing down, usually when I dip the clutch to shift into a lower gear. The revs just climb until I come to a complete stop or change gear and return back to what is normal. The car drives and seems fine but the engine doesn't sound particularly smooth. I've read certain things around on different forums, etc and it seems to be a common problem but I am no where near deciphering what it could be or how to cure this problem. Any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.