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  1. was wondering if anyone knew how to keep the footwell lights on when your driving the car in question is a mk7.5 black edtiom
  2. Mk2.5 to mk2 rear lights

    I am wanting smoked rear lights to my mk2.5 focus, and all the better looking units ive found are apparently for the mk2. Do these fit? They look VERY similar! Thanks
  3. Hi guys,  new on here so any help i sappreciated. Bought a Focus st and few minor issues Firstly electric mirrors do not work at all Secondly interior lights do not come on when i open the doors (switch is in correct position) Rear interior lights do not come on either at all, even when i switch on manually (fitted new bulbs) 12volt also doesnt work (prob just a fuse though) Thanks for the help  
  4. Hi Guys I have just had to use my rear fogs since i purchased my car last year on returning from a journey i noticed the lefthand/nearside one was not lit reading on talkford forum it appears there was a change from Mk3 twin rear fogs to Mk3.5 single rear fog, if that is the case, is there any parts i can purchase to bring it back to twin rear fogs, it looks stupid with a red lens cover on thaf side if not working or in use, please advise if anybody has done this conversion and any part numbers used ??, best of the 2016 season to all fellow members huey45
  5. It is interesting how many Fusions have bad water ingress in the rear lights. Mine is a 2009 with water in both, despite sealing the bulbholder and everything else. Looking at Ebay and scrap yards I've found most of them to be the same when you ask or examine on a wet day. Even a 2011 car with water in both lights. Is it a manufacturing problem as a local dealer said he had replaced stacks of them. Nice, as they are £100 each inc fitting or £75 if you do it yourself, and only a 12 months warranty. I have had cars all my life and never any water ingress, only plastic fading on son's 2001 car. The Fusion lights must be badly designed or very cheaply made!
  6. some pictures and video of my projector retrofit to my Focus MKII 2006
  7. Hi all, I need to get my rear and front fogs working for the MOT test but for the life of me I can find the fuse for either and nothing is mentioned in the fuses section under fuses, can anyone help? Not sure if relevant but the light on the button for rear fogs doesn't illuminate when pressed however the front fogs button does. But as I said neither front nor back fogs light up! I even checked every fuse on the relay panel and they're all fine. I did see a fault diagnostic page for a streetka which mentioned [CHECK fuse F27 (20 A) (CJB).] Does' anyone know if such a fuse exists on the streetka? And if so where it would be located?
  8. Fitting St Rear Bumper

    Hi Everyone, think the forum is fantastic and you guys certainly know your stuff, found so much info that has helped me so much, its been a god send. I am a newbie on here but was hoping that you guys may be able to give me some advice. I bought a new focus 2.0 titanium tdci and loved the inside and spec, (previously owned a mk1 and then a mk 1.5.) I don't want to offend anyone but the outside of the mk2 in my opinion was a bit of a disappointment did not like all the black plastic lower bumpers- so started off colour coding. Then coming across this place I started to get the urge to take things a little further so along came a set of ST alloys, then decided to get the Side skirts , and then the front bumper and now just collected a complete rear bumper. Which brings me to my question. Sorry I do tend to babble a bit. On the current bumper I have the reverse sensors but on the St bumper there is no holes I have seen the guides on here and also noticed the guides on the inside for drilling but was wondering will the existing sensors come out of the original bumper and be able to use them on the ST one? I did have the panel off for spraying but did not really pay much attention to them. Or will I need to buy any brackets etc. With the weather being so bad I don't really want to take the panel off until I have finished spraying the ST bumper and ready to fit the new bumper. Thanks for any advice you can give me. :)
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    From the album My Fezbomb

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    From the album My Fezbomb

  13. Hi all, I have recently purchased some upgrade l.e.d tail light units from ford. Took 4 weeks to arrive as ford didn't have them in stock, this is very true as the manufacture date on the units is dated 8 days after my placement of order last month. Guide now available in PDF Format see link: Tools Required: 1 x Philips head screwdriver 1 x socket driver 1 x Torx T25 Screw driver bit so in the big box we find two smaller box's with ford fitting instructions, These units are very light weight at only 2.4kg including packaging. Ford instructions are not very helpfull as you can see below lol So let's see what's inside the inner box's To my surprise they are supplied with bulbs, But I don't like the fried egg effect of the indicator bulbs so I'm immediately fitting some silvatec BA++ offset bulbs. Before: After: Much better :) As above images only opposite side, If purchasing these from a breakers or ebay; you can strike lucky and pick up a bargin as some sellers are not aware of the l.e.d units value. Such as this seller: pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item338207c6f0 Notice the difference in the lens; the ford l.e.d unit has straight lines etched on the lens. The standard dual filament bulb units have a diamond etched lens.
  14. Hi, I have a 2007 Transit Connect Torneo LHD, I had a problem with the n/s/r stop and tail lamp connections, they kept touching when the bulb was inserted and blowing the fuse, unfortunately when I tried to move the contacts on one occasion I had left the lights on, this caused something to blow, not the fuse that had blown previously, I now can't find any fuse that is blown and I have now side lights. Any ideas please. Cheers Steve
  15. Hi, I've just acquired a Smax and found the reversing lights do not work. the lamps are good and the reversing camera and parking sensors work. I linked out the switch wire at the gearbox and the camera came on and sensors worked. I thought maybe a fuse, but the reversing lights are on with the raising headlights and that's work also. I'm a bit stumped as to what to check next. Any ideas please????
  16. Hi guys hoping one of you may be able to help me. I've read a few threads on here about problems with interior lights stopping working for no apparent reason but none of them seem to have the solution on them. So today all my interior lights have stopped working. They were fine this morning but tonight nothing. No boot light, no rear interior light, no front interior light no map lights. Strange. So obviously first thought is "ahh the fuse has gone." Get out the handbook, guess what, you got it no fuse is listed for interior lights? Only one that remotely could be is fuse 1 which includes a dome light? whatever that is but also controls the ignition and heated windscreen which both work fine so can't be that one. Some threads mention that there is no fuse for this circuit which is a little odd. Of course it's pitch black as well so I can't easily start checking every damn fuse in the fuse box to try identify the little blighter so I'm hoping someone knows? If there genuinely isn't a fuse how the hell do you get them to work again or am I destined to pay several pounds to my dealer to get such a simple problem fixed. Also I've realised my offside headlight has stopped working tonight as well. Can't be a coincidence can it? There's no fuse for them listed other than the full sides exterior lights and the DRL and rear light work fine. Could just be the bulb but I don't believe in coincidences so any help will be appreciated. Frustrated fez owner!!!!!!
  17. Lights And Lorries

    Now the dark nights are on us and with the clocks going back the hour last week. Why is it if I put on my lower fog lights ( I know FOG Lights are for Fog only )for a bit of extra illumination and the local traffic officers are around I get stopped, and warned about using fog lights and run the risk of a fine, Yet I`ve seen numerous lorries lite up like a Christmas tree with lights and lights in there cabs of all colours yet nothing is said to them ?. Fair enough I would`nt like a lorry to be just running on side lights as this could be dangerous .But some of them driving along the motorway especially on the opposite carriage way can be a distraction. Opinions anyone ? And I`ve already said I know your lower fog lights should only be used in fog ,but surely every bit of light helps. Oh on that note ,Followed a car on my way to work .No Rear lights at all ,Flashed the driver 3 times no response ,Finally pulled along side it at the lights and got them to drop there window .Told them they had No rear lights and the response was .Well they are automatic and come on by themselves ?. Well its dark and they haven`t .Oh and it was a female driver . Glad I was going in the opposite direction
  18. Hiya I have just brought a Fiesta Zetec S 2007 Model and I am trying to work out what bulbs I need for the rear drivers side brake light and for the central high level brake light? If anyone could tell me which bulbs to buy for each brake light that would be brillant Thanks in advance
  19. Hi I'm new to the forum so be nice lol, Just orderd my new red edition and will be picking it up on Monday/Tuesday!!!! Dealer told me it's the new "16" model and has drl's and new rear lights, along with a colour screen and a new net pocket!!(didn't get that one). Can anyone shed any light on this or even better have any pictures of the new changes? Cheers
  20. Okay so on my travels through the world wide inter-web thingy I have stumbled across some cheap parts for what could be an interesting retrofit project. Basically the components to create puddle lights in the wing mirrors as follows: The cost works out at £25. I can imagine it requires the mirror unit to be removed to cut out the hole, then running some wires to the control unit. I have noticed before that there is a square marked out on the underside of the unit for the puddle light unit so would just be following the lines. Any feedback welcome, not sure if I will go along with this, but as money is tight and I really want to have a go at some sort of car based cheapish project. if those words can be used in the same sentence :P
  21. I've a Focus 1.6 tdci 2009 and I have a big triangle light up filling the whole display say 'Engine Malfunction' The car seems to be running fine and the engine sounds like it always did! I wondering why this light has come on and what I can do about it!
  22. Ford Fiesta MK7 - Fly eye tint on lights

    New to forum, not long had my fiesta, put fly eye on lights, wasn't easy, few creases, but not a bad job for first time. The shape of the lights is a pain!! Show me yours.

    © Jacobht

  23. Hi all, I purchased a 59 plate ka mk2 at the weekend and noticed tonight that the temp and fan controls don't light up on the centre console. I'm assuming that this isn't normal? Do I need to replace the heater control unit? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Footwell Lights?

    may be a stupid question, but how do i get the bulb out of the footwell lights on a mk7.5 fiesta titanium? Easy enough to twist them out of the holders but how do i actually get the bulb out? Want to change them, cheers for any help
  25. Good Evening everyone, I am fairly new to this forum as I have recently purchased a rather clean Ford Focus mk1 as I thought it would be the best option for a first car. Everything about the car is fantastic despite its age, good brakes and smooth gearbox and overall a safe option considering my experience. However, there are one or two problems that plague my car, specifically the rear brake lights, they do not light up when the brake pedal is depressed, only the boot brake light works. The odd thing is that when the exterior lights are turned on, these lights also turn on. From my understanding, when the brake pedal is depressed, these tail lights are to shine brighter in this situation, but they do not do so. First thing I checked was the bulbs to see if they were defective, and they looked fine (from my untrained eyes). Next thing I check were the fuses for the rear tail lights, and the fuse was intact. After a lot of head scratching, I thought it would be best to see if anyone else has experienced any of these problems before. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a Ford Focus LX 1.6 Hatchback from 2002 in a sort of burgundy red that I don't fancy very much but still a great car nevertheless. :)