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  1. No power to radio

    Hi, looking for some help on the off chance someone can provide some advice. I've got a ford focus 1.6 2009. I've had problems with the stereo. The led remained on and continued to drain the battery. I brought it to someone a year or so ago, he couldn't find the problem, so it was just left. I've now got a new stereo and whilst installing it I discovered there was no power running to the stereo. Any advice?? 
  2. I have a Ford Focus Zetec 2008 with the Sat Nav radio upgrade in it and I'm looking to swap it out for the Pioneer SPH-DA120 (but am open to options). Just looking for some tips on the things I may need to get this fitted, I know this is a double DIN aftermarket radio so I'm assuming I will need to buy a new fascia panel as well as a new cage(?). Does anyone know the type/how to find the type of kit that would make the current steering wheel stalk controls compatible with these aftermarket radios? I see Halford's offer a couple but are simply labelled "ford", are they compatible with all/most models or will I have to find a specific version for my car? Any tips on what to look for here? The current fascia panel I'm looking at is this but I'm going to check to see if the current cage is compatible that houses the Ford one at the moment to see if I can just get the plastic font part instead of the entire cage. Long shot: The sat nav directions from the current Ford radio come up on the centre of my dashboard (a distance to the next turn, an arrow and a road name) as well as on the screen itself, is there anyway I can get this back with an aftermarket system? (I'm assuming not). Thank for your help! Aaron
  3. Ford Android Radio

    Please could anyone tell me if they have had this problem before, I have just fitted a brand new android radio in my focus S 2010, and since then the central locking won't lock with the remonte but will unlock with the remote, and the steering controls for the radio don't work. I havent cut any wires just joined the connector that came with it to the other and when i orded it i told them what car it was for, i'm baffeled please could you help. Thanks
  4. I need some help bad, I have a 2012 focus and the radio has quit I carried it to two ford dealerships one said it was the apim behind the touch screen the other one said it was the touch screen itself. Does all the numbers on the screen, apim or radio have to match what's in the car they all start with BM5T please help me somebody
  5. Hello, I had to change my battery yesterday in my 2007 s-max titanium, so I now have to reset my radio. I have the keycode and have tried following the instructions, but nothing seems to work. I manage to key in the code, but I can't then seem to confirm it. And now I have to wait 30min everytime I start the engine before I can try again! I am missing listening to my radio :-( Thank you
  6. My Ford Mondeo was working fine until today when the radio packed in. It is now switched on showing the clock but with the dash lit up even though the engine is off. I was driving along listening to a CD and had my phone connected to the radio with Bluetooth. A call came in and everything seemed to freeze. I was unable to answer the call but also unable to get the radio to switch off phone mode back to the radio. I disabled the Bluetooth on the phone to disconnect it from the radio. I tried switching to radio. I tried switching the radio unit off. Nothing. I was able to eject the CD. I went to a meeting and parked the car and the radio unit was still on. When I returned (4 hours later) it was still on but the car started and I drove in silence as the radio didn't do anything. I am able to use the steering wheel controls to select channels on the radio or switch to CD but the radio unit doesn't respond. I have now returned home and parked up for the night. The radio display is the clock with a faint background glow. I worry my battery will drain overnight. Is there a way to reboot the radio unit? Will I need a security code if I pull the fuse out - and if I don't have one, where do I get it from. Any help appreciated, Andy
  7. Hello, My Ford Fiesta 4500 RDS headunit , will not change volume ? I have tried another headunit (the same one from eBay) and exactly the same issue . The headunit will turn on and play music but you can not change the volume or turn it off/on . I previously did have an aftermarket headunit in it, which did change volume , Im now reverting back to the standard headunit. Has anyone had this problem or know the fix? Thanks
  8. Hi, This is my first post! I have recently obtained a Ford Fiesta 2003 as a present from my parents as my first car. I am wanting to change the stock radio which came with the car (the triple section 4500 RDS). I have been looking at possible radios to replace the old one with but I wondered if there would be any cable swapping required or whether I would just be able to use an adapter. Here are the radios I am looking at: I would really appreciate any advice you have on fitting these radios! I realise I need to cut away the three sections on the dash and a fascia. Thanks allot, Charlie Wood ************************************************UPDATE***************************************************** I have found out the information required and ordered a radio.
  9. Hiya, our car has a sat nav built in but no digital radio. Does anyone know if you can have both? If so how can I go about adding a digital radio to the car?
  10. I have a 55 plate fiesta zetec 1.2 and the radio has stopped working. I was driving with the radio on and stopped for ten mins. When I turned the car back on the radio would not work anymore. - It still lights up so I presume it still has power. - I have checked all the fuses behind the glove box and the cigarette lighter fuse had blown which I have now replaced. Any ideas what could be the problem? I've been told that the radio has a fuse in the back of it. Is this true? Thanks...
  11. Mondeo Lx Radio Code

    Hi just got a mondeo and changed the battery. I need to no the code now for my radio (no handbook) can anyone help
  12. Hi all, recently ordered an aux in plug for my cd6000 but the one i received didn't fit. The plug didn't look as though it would fit in any of the free openings on the back of the stereo. I have the rounded version of the cd6000 ( i do wish they would give them different names) so I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend an aux in plug which works with this version Thanks
  13. I rather stupidly tried to remove the radio using a coat hanger rather than waiting for the actual keys. Part of the coat hanger has now broken and is stuck inside one of the holes. What do I do?
  14. I was getting mechanical work done to car and upon collecting car I noticed the radio wont turn on its just a frozen screen here is a picture
  15. S-max 2007 6006cdc Radio

    Hi I have tried most things (I think) to enable Blue Tooth on this radio. Is it possible to do it? Thanks SirGuy
  16. Hello forum members :) I'm a new driver and just recently bought a new Ford KA Zetec 2015 model. Really loving the car, perfect for city driving. My only problem is the Ford Audio system is really frustrating to use - not sure if other people have found this? There are so many different versions and finding information and support has been really tricky. I looked at the audio system before buying the car and made sure it had Bluetooth so I could stream audio directly from my android phone. For anyone with a bluetooth speaker this is normally a pretty simple thing to do. Alas, all I can do is precariously play mp3 files that are stored on the phone as a usb device or cd by plugging in over the usb. On the specifications for the car it clearly states "using a Bluetooth connection, you can also stream music wirelessly from a smartphone or mp3 player to your car radio". But how? There are no instructions on how to do this in the manual. I am close to getting a radio transmitter! Which is something you might expect to have to do in an old car, not a new model with Bluetooth. Any suggestions would be really useful to myself and maybe others as well. I have tried: 1/ I have connected to the cars FORD AUDIO bluetooth using the system menu, which is navigated by talking to Miss Ford. 2/ I can make calls over the Bluetooth easy once connected so it is working. 3/ When connected over the blutooth I have tried pressing the CD button (which changes the source) but it says NO SRC, unless I'm connected over usb at which point it says MEDIA. 4/ When connected over MEDIA I have tried playing Spotify but it simply does not work, Media only let's me play existing MP3's. 5/ I have tried all the system menus for the Media Player but none of them are settings for connecting directly in order to stream music. Thanks :D :D
  17. Hi all, I am new here and I have recently bought a second hand 2011 Fiesta. I would like to know if the 2011 fiesta have radio code? I asked from the dealer I bought with and he said the new fiesta does not have radio code. Can someone confirm it? Thanks.
  18. Shaker Radio Reprogramming

    Hello everybody, i am recently the owner of a V8 pony japan import, i have a problem with the radio, the frequency is limited to 90Mhz, so i have only one classic station The dealer told me that there is a possibility to reprogram the radio, it is about 200 Euro. but i am quiet sure that there is a possibility to do it without passing to see the dealer, by accessing to the service menu maybe (i don't know how) or even downloading the firmware and putting it on th eusb key and updating. Any ideas where i can find the firmware update ? Thank to you all for help !
  19. Stereo Defaulting To Radio

    I have a focus ecoboost 2012 model, with the standard radio (not marked as Sony). I currently have an ipod plugged into it, and this is what I listen to 95% of the time. When I turn on the stereo, it starts where I left off, on the ipod (aux) - but then after a few seconds it ALWAYS switches to the radio - then I have to click the aux button to get back. Does anyone know why it is doing this and how I can stop it. I have read the book and fiddles with lots of different settings - with no luck. I just want the stereo to be on whatever it was when I last turned it off, and stay there. Thanks James
  20. Hi, I'm new to this forum and am after some help with my new car. I have just bought a 2011 Ford focus Titanium. I'm having issues with the stereo. At first all was good and I added my iPhone to the bluetooth menu and everything seemed to be going ok until the other night. I got into the car and it started to search for my phone. I realised I had turned the bluetooth function off on my iPhone so turned it back on and waited for it to pair. Since then all I seem to get is 'Unknown caller' come up which takes over everything on the stereo and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do?? I read a load of forums and they said that this is an ios issue on my phone, which although I find hard to believe I will upgrade and try. It also said to debond the phones, which I have done and also to take the fuse out, which I have also done. None of this seems to have worked. I can now use the radio, although I can't see what radio station I am selecting, but it still has the 'Unknown caller' over the comp screen?? Can anyone recommend anything to help me with this? Regards Joe
  21. Had an incident in the car where a pole I was transporting (not the nationality) slid through between the driver and passenger seats and bashed the radio. It clonked the display and the 'ink' spread across an inch or so of it inside the glass/plastic. Subsequently, I can't read what station it is or search or do whatever to the menu. It's a bog standard 6000 radio cd player. I enquired with a local car radio guy and he says it'd cost £100 to sort it. Is there a cheaper way? I'm not that technically minded to be installing a new one or a replacement and actually thinking of selling the car (the button on the handbrake has slightly come apart too) but is there a handy or more cost effective way of sorting it?
  22. Fiesta Zetec 2009 Aux

    Bought this car second hand and the radio has the option for aux and the port is below the grear stick. Plugged my phone in using a 3.5mm jack and nothing happened. Took the panelling of and there is no internal aux wiring. Took it to ford today and they quoted me nearly £200 to take it all apart to find out why there's no wire. Soo Came home and took it apart myself. Now i have no clue what im looking for and this probably wasnt a wise idea on my part. Wanting to know if anyone can tell me if aux was an optional extra on this car and maybe have a look at pics i took and see if you can shed any light on this for me. Thanks
  23. Hey guys, So I am just new to this club and I don't actually have my Fiesta as of yet - picking up a 62 plate white, three door, 1.25 Fiesta Zetec on Friday - however I do have a query about something I would really like to change on it. That is the colour of the text on the small radio screen (that is the really annoying orange/ red), I was wondering if there was a way I could change the colour of this screen? There probably won't be but I was just wondering because it is really annoying. I would like to change it to the blue text colour that is the text colour of the newer Fiesta models. If there are any alternatives I would also like to be made aware of them, I was looking online at actually replacing my centre console to the black centre console that is in the newer models and also changing the screen but not sure if this is possible? Thanks guys!
  24. Aftermarket Headunit Mk7.5

    Hey, I was looking at the aftermarket head unit from "Drive Audio" it seems to be the best looking one i can find, where i don't have to move the current display to a new location. Does anyone have it? Seems to integrate with menus and so fourth out of the box. Or does any one have any other kind of head unit? Thanks! /Mick
  25. Afternoon everyone. My first post, so please be gentle! I picked up a 15 plate Titanium X today, all very nice :) So I'm trying to configure all the toys and get as far as the Sony DAB I have a DAB radio in the house and so I know there are quite a few channels available. But this is the first car I've had with the functionality and the manual is sadly lacking; all I see are "Block 5A" in each of the presets. How do I actually get channels? I tried pressing "service" which then tells me it's searching for channels but it comes back with nothing. Any pointers? Thanks in advance xx :)